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THE LAST SAMURAI The Last Samurai Theatrical Trailer

The Last Samurai IMDb
Director: Edward Zwick
Stars: Tom Cruise, Ken Watanabe, William Atherton, Billy Connolly, more

Tom Cruise!

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~ Samurai Ken Watanabe pages on The Last Samurai, set during the Meiji Restoration in Japan.

Note ~ There may be a subtle suggestion about the WWII spiritual/diplomatic complexities that pertain to the Divinity of the Emperor at the close of the war.
History buffs with an eye for between-the-lines blueprints can find several clues about the vows in back of and underneath the reason Japan would not have surrendered.





Some requests for background information about L. Ron Hubbard's star chart have been received, enough so that I have included the following in TDN Summer Newsletter. These are for astrologers and those REALLY interested in supplementing an early history of Dianetics.

This is a short clipping from an extensive article, but will provide some insight for those interested in a study of various and sundry techniques that came to the [globally conscious] surface during the 1950s and 1960s – there were many, yet only a few have survived.

Note: March 13, 1950 L. Ron’s progressed Sun was exactly on the cusp of Taurus at 0 degrees 06’ in his fourth house, with his progressed Saturn in Taurus.

p Ascendant was 27 Capricorn 21 conjunct Uranus 29 Capricorn 17, the weeping degree [surrender, molting, recycling]. His p Moon was 25 Capricorn conjunct his p Ascendant, but in his progressed twelfth house [natural domain of his radix Sun, home of the poet, prophet, and pilgrim].

p Mars in Aquarius was intercepted in his second house, Leo, intercepted in his eighth house contained no standard planetary influences.

In 1954 he formally incorporated his theories into a religion: The Church of Scientology. By 1974 he claimed a membership of 3.2 million, with 22 major churches and 100 missions.

Excerpts from an article about the star chart of L. Ron Hubbard by Doris Chase Doane
published 1977

L. Ron Hubbard was born March 13, 1911, at Tilden, Nebraska, at 2:01 a.m. He has a fortunate chart for a writer. Note the grand trine in the watery signs of the zodiac. His Pisces Sun is in conjunction aspect with Mercury, and they are both in trine aspect with Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Cancer [Moonchild]. The conjunction occurs in the third house – a house which is important in a writer’s horoscope, because it rules the actual writing as well as the objective thinking. Neptune in Cancer, in trine as it is with Mercury and the Sun, maps the inspirational contact with inner-plane information and also stimulates the imagination. Jupiter is the natural ruler of the ninth house of publication and public expression, and here Mercury rules the cusp of his ninth house. When these tendencies are stimulated—as they are here in a trine aspect – they add much to the success of a writer.

When I asked him how many books he had written, he answered that he has written eighteen million words. I still do not know how many books he has written. Most of his output has been for the science-fiction magazines. This type of writing takes the imagination mapped here by Neptune trine Mercury. The detailed description necessary to convey mental pictures of other-world environments is revealed by the Moon in analytical Virgo in trine aspect with penetrative Saturn in Taurus. In fact Hubbard’s imagination and ability to tune in became so keen that he was writing about things for his stories that shortly came to pass through inventions. One of his fans who has followed the sci-fantasy writing for years told this about Hubbard.

Healing energy is indicated by the tie-up of exalted Mars and Uranus. However, these two are in square aspect with Saturn –a driving power—and the energies have worked out so in his life. For years he has started work at seven in the morning and worked long into the evening. Mars-Saturn afflictions often drive a person in such manner. He calls it a dog’s life—being a writer—but adds, with a twinkle in his eye, that he loves it. It’s not hard to believe him after you realize that he has published eighteen million words. You will note that Mercury the ruler of his sixth house of work, is located in the third house of writing, and that Saturn, ruling hard work and responsibility, is posited in his fourth house, indicating his home. For years he has worked at his profession at home.

.... Early in 1950 Dianetics first came into the spotlight. Hubbard published a 16,000 word summary of it in a science-fiction magazine he had been contributing to for years. This writing earned him a living while he carried on his experiments in Dianetics.

After his article appeared, it was only a short time until that issue of the magazine was sold out. The publishers pricked up their ears to ask "What goes here?" On the one hand a group, and a small one at that, was denouncing the principles he had set forth. On the other hand, an avalanche of letters descended, asking for an explanation about this part or that part of the technique. The general trend seemed to be, "This is for me. Now just how do I go about it?"

In view of the astounding response, his book was published ahead of schedule. Now in its sixth printing, it has graced the best-seller list ever since. His progressed aspects at the time were revealing. The Ascendant had progressed up to the second house natal conjunction –stimulating the money department. Progressed Mercury, the planet of writing, had semi-sextiled Venus—which rules his Midheaven of station and honor in society--and was sextile Neptune. Progressed Sun, which natally is a member of the important grand trine, had moved into orb of trine the natal Moon, the planet important as far as public reaction is concerned.

At his public lectures he explains and elaborates the principles of Dianetics. His patience and attention to detail are characteristic of the Virgo Moon trine Saturn. Even though the book has 180,000 words—a heavy tome—he goes on using more words to explain it. Mercury, the planet of talk, makes an aspect to all other planets save the Moon and Pluto, and it forms a square with the Ascendant.

He has spent his life in mercurial pursuits—engineer, mathematician, philosopher, and writer. He classes himself as an independent thinker, a rebel against the orthodox. His actions have proven his words. While attending George Washington University and studying for his science degree, he found his attention wandering more and more often from the parroted lectures to what he, himself, had witnessed of human behavior.

Coupled with his early conditioning, these wandering thoughts stretched his mental muscles. As a teen-ager he had traveled in the Orient with his dad—a Navy officer—and had been exposed to the Asiatic philosophies, which stimulated his thinking along unorthodox lines.

He claims it was while he was at college that the first gleanings of Dianetics came to him. The underlying statement being: the Dynamic principle of Existence is Survive. Survive was the word that intrigued him, and his studies led him into semantics and then into endocrinology. These fascinating investigations had a great pull on the lad. Tired of listening to the parroting authorities, he decided to quit school. He doesn’t think much of a college education, but considers it as superficial surface scratchings.





This projected dawn solar chart for TC and the production team that worked on the film, LEGEND, is constructed to illustrate the grouping of heavenly bodies aligned the day of the "Bond Studio" fire.

Solar Chart review is the safe bet if the time of birth, meeting, or the event in question is a variable, uncertain, or the window is more than an hour.



    ~ COMMENTS ABOUT ‘LEGEND’ and the film
Star Chart

   Critics of this film must be students of Freudian psychology. If you know anything at all about the dream sequence experienced by the psyche during the Piscean, or military, Era (see Jung, Perls, Blade Runner, et al*) LEGEND is an elegant, inventive presentation of a classic fairy tale variation from the Garden. Also see Trump VI The Two Paths, The Lovers, or Temptation for more about the "pre-creation" implications linked to an Arcana that indirectly refers to Enoch, patriarch of the seventh dynasty. Though corrupted, these Trump symbols continue to capture many aesthetics of the essential prince and princess. The mainstream has lost recorded information - memory of, and contact with - these symbols. Most know little of the seventh heaven.


During our current military age light and darkness are viewed as opposites as opposed to basic ratio formula model-types. Ridley Scott organized his "Legendary" forest laboratory for experimentation, deep scientific study, and low tech phenomenon. He managed somehow to produce a very impressive masterpiece - perfected Piscean fastasy.    Once we emerge from this time of ignorance (officially around the year 2330 A.D.) we begin anew. The Unicorn will again refer to 'The Incarnation' and apply to equality and equilibrium between the initiating and negotiating forces [electric and magnetic] in the physical universe. Essentially, the center of the labyrinth may again be considered feminine or masculine, for all, according to the bent of your nature.

We anticipate a return to normal association, commitment to the two lights as the model for inner soul power as much as the objective paradigm [marriage.] Some simple references are constant. The circle is the symbol for Monad, the Sun symbol for concentrated Spirit, and the crescent 'cup' or two halves of a circle, Lunar symbols, represent the Soul.

The waking conscious mind will find harmony, weigh the binary solution, and implement moderation easily. We will simply restore to natural status all the Romans burned, destroyed, or miscommunicated to the masses. Some knowledge will seem like lightning flashes illuminating the twilight landscape, even if only playing in the back of our collective memory. Tom Cruise has both lights in the zodiacal signs ruled by the Sun and Moon, qualifying him as the ideal messenger or 'delivery system' during our current Age of Pisces. His Sun is in the Moon's own sign, and his Moon is in the sign governed by Sol. The balanced interaction between both lights provide him with 'common sense' interpretation of his surroundings, those in his sphere of influence, and a variety of viable options in any given situation - all in about three seconds. His powerful Mercurial Ascendant and Midheaven provide many benevolent aspects to a lightning quick intellect throughout his acting career. Cruise may eventually write, produce, and direct his own story.

Archetypes associated with the Age of Aquarius, will redefine light and darkness as pure ore - gold and silver - known as the alchemical marriage of the Sun and Moon. The Earth, directly between both lights will also redefine her position in the solar system, the galaxy, and the whole created universe.

At that future date, few will understand modern mythology woven from threads spun in our Era. After all, how much do we understand about civilization before the Romans?

Today we find there are few schools to offer Latin or Greek in their standard course line-up. Both language and culture are last-trace elements of pre-Roman pantheon or late Aries Age context. In the US we don’t mention Arian constants. They seem unimportant - especially after blockbuster movies like ‘Gladiator’ - connected with formulated, antiquated passages that are often ignored. They descend from an era that has long been buried, built on number and chemistry reserved for secret clubs - absorbed, exhausted, or excised.

Another example of our tragic misread of the Piscean closure might be the ‘editing’ treatment of ‘Cleopatra’ [1963 version, Joseph L. Mankiewicz]. The whole eight hours, reduced to a two hour box office draw, sought to phase out of all remnants of the Age of Aries (Cleopatra’s empire during it’s closure) that were originally featured as film highlights. We have no idea what could have been had the pact between Caesar and Cleopatra been successful.

Once we immerse ourselves in new archetypal associations built on Aquarian urges, how could anyone fathom light and darkness at odds with each other? With very few documentary examples like ‘Legend,’ our place in history may seriously be in question. The DVD for ‘Legend’ is a true eye-opener providing a clear view of Piscean atmospheric conditions on the verge of evaporation.



Legend - Jack, Lily, and the unicorns 5:22
Montage from the movie Legend 1986 with Tom Cruise. Music is the Unicorn theme song from the soundtrack.

Real 'Siberian unicorn' remains found - CNN reports on March 29, 2016 that long believed fantasy creatures who dwelled only in the imaginative world of the astrosome, lived in the material world. New excavations have found evidence that the unicorn, like the griffin recently discovered in China, freely roamed the earth several thousand years ago.

The well-preserved fossilized skull found in Kazakhstan reveals the unicorn to conform more to the sacred herd of Neptune than the flying horses of Jupiter. The unicorn was a shaggy creature, still alive and walking this earth a mere 29,000 years ago, according to a study published this month in the American Journal of Applied Sciences.
The article continues, what environmental factors played a part in the eventual extinction of the species, and what role migration played in its survival up until that point.
Something they think might come in useful considering our current climate change situation.
Climate change and the importance of 2 degrees

                   *The unicorn is not a single, clearly defined entity but a fabulous being wi with
                   a great many variations: there are, for instance, one-horned horses,
                   asses, fish, dragons, scarabs, etc. Therefore, strictly speaking, we are more
                   concerned with the theme of the single horn (the alicorn). … The language of
                   the Church borrows its unicorn allegories from the Psalms, where the unicorn
                   stands in the first place for the might of the Lord, as in Psalm 29: 6: “He
                   maketh them also to skip like a calf; Lebanon and Sirion like a young unicorn”;
                   and in the second place for the vitality of man as in Psalm 92 : 10: “But my
                   horn shalt thou exalt like the horn of an unicorn….”
                   -C. G. Jung, PSYCHOLOGY AND ALCHEMY Princeton University Press


                   New version of LEGEND! - still wistful and dramatic - this DVD takes the story along
                   the original path to the right ending! LEGEND FAQ
                   Original vision of Ridley Scott on DVD * Site with pictures of movie ~ storybook come to life!

                   Mission Impossible 2 * Mountain climbing to die for!

                   Trump IV The Emperor, some Tom Cruise Star Chart alignments


Answer to Quiz: Who is Jack Reacher?
Jack Reacher is Mercury [Hermes] personified. His Name Vibration is 11, a Super Number,
and his Soul Urge-Talents = 3 [a number directly linked with Mercury].

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