The predominance of Bree probably stemmed from its location at the intersection of two major roads: the Great East Road and the old North Road. The latter had been most important during the early Third Age when the Dunedain passed between Fornost in the north down to Tharbad, and beyond to the realm of Gondor. After the fall of Arnor the road was seldom used and became known as the Greenway for it was grass-grown. The road-crossing was just west of Bree-hill, and as with many ancient settlements the Breemen had attempted to protect their village with physical obstructions. They built no walls, but dug a deep trench or dike with a thick hedge on the inner side. The Great East Road passed through the village, so a causeway was built across the dike at the Road’s entry in the west and exit in the south. At the hedge the Road was blocked with sturdy gates, constantly tended.

-The Atlas of Middle-Earth


He's cool as an elf, he's got the heart of a hobbit, and he's mad like a wizard!
-Orlando Bloom describes Peter Jackson, "The Lord of The Rings" DVD

Peter Jackson has a 22 Destiny Path
The symbols for the 0 and 22 often represent the human race and the human condition. As the egg and the circle of stars [shared root word with circe] some links with the legend of Arthur surface in the story. The unmanifested or pre-creation aspect is also present along with the No-Thing: the undifferentiated Power preceding all manifestation; absence of quantity, quality, or mass; freedom from every limitation; changelessness; the unknown, immeasurable, unfathomable, infinite, eternal Source, the sacred ellipse representing the endless line of Eternity.

Sun: 7° Scorpio 20'
Mars: 20° Scorpio 07'; Mars sextile Saturn w/i 5°, and forms a wide conjunction with Neptune
Uranus 29° Leo 57' [conjunct alpha Regulus] and Pluto [wide] 9° Virgo
Business planets Jupiter and Saturn are both in the last decan of Capricorn



The Hobbits escaped the Nazgûl and signed in at The Inn of The Prancing Pony. Note that the part of Frodo is played by Elijah Wood, the only one of the four with strong fixed sign staying power [probably a Scorpio Moon, though his birthtime is unknown], and his three companions are fortified by energy generated by mutable sign stelliums.

• Frodo Baggins - Elijah Wood, Aquarius stellium: Sun 8° Aquarius 45', Mars 22° Aquarius 43' conjunct Mercury
• Samwise Gamgee - Sean Astin - Pisces Sun, Sagittarius stellium: Neptune 3° Sagittarius 03' conjunct Jupiter 5° Sagittarius 27', Mars 21°Sagittarius
• Meriadoc 'Merry' Brandybuck - Dominic Monaghan - Sagittarius stellium: Sun 16° Sagittarius conjunction Mars and Neptune, Sun trine Saturn and sextile Pluto
• Peregrin 'Pippin' Took - Billy Boyd - Virgo stellium with Sun 5° Virgo 09' conjunction Jupiter, Pluto 22° Virgo 01' combust Mercury and Venus, Jupiter and Uranus conjunction Pluto


Frodo sees the Nazgûl in their real state of corruption when he puts on the Ring of Power

"Long ago they fell under the dominion of the One, and they became Ringwraiths, shadows under his great Shadow, his most terrible servants."
Fellowship of the Ring, The Shadow of the Past

Note the deep gash between Jupiter and Saturn fingers & mounts and the same markings around the base of each finger, denoting corruption of energy associated with the entire upper hand. Loss of integrity, sense of justice and humanity. Jupiter-Saturn are mystic inter-active forces of expansion and contraction. They control the cosmic flow, an alternation between increase and decrease in the created universe and the heart of creation beating in and beating out. When in balance, they alternate as per their orbs and cycles, beginning everything at Kether and developing their blueprints until they secure all possible elements in the surrounding environment as their ally. Successful people overcome their personal, inner paradigm coordination problems represented by Jupiter-Saturn, and play the win-win formula. They know when to hold their cards, when to play them, and when to fold them. When out of harmony with each other, Jupiter-Saturn bring physical and mental differences to the surface. Their conflict generates a world in which people wrestle with rapid changes, demands for food, clothing, shelter and fuel, in short, nearly every possible element that is required for physical survival. The first heaven mentality prevails: only the strong should survive.

Jupiter and Saturn function at the higher octave level of universal law and encourage evolutionary growth without risking loss of raw materials. One of the symbols of cosmic balance is a [white, as the ideal discipline for the feminine principle] "prancing pony" - in contrast with the armor laden black stallions [untamed masculine principle, undisciplined sensorium] of the Ringwraiths.

If Jupiter and/or Saturn are compromised, it is not possible to pass tests related to addiction; in this case, the nine Nazgûl cannot overcome the obsession they have with the Ring of Power. Even their security thought forms and sensorium are dominated by the One Ring. They cannot extracate themselves from the hold the ring has over them.
[implied metals in combination: tin and lead].

The Inn of the Prancing Pony is the meeting place chosen by Gandalf the Gray, the wizard who summons graceful Shadowfax, at the edge of Fangorn Forest. "The Lord of all horses" remains with Gandalf through all the battles, until Aragorn approaches Sauron at the Black Gate. The White Horse is also the symbol on the banner of Rohan. Tolkien may have suggested a link between the Rohirrim and those in ancient mythology who tamed Pegasus, leader of Jupiter's winged herd.

Perhaps an instruction about horses from Tolkien comes through the character of Strider, the Ranger, when he encounters feisty Brego in the stables of Edoras. The sensorium is disciplined through application of clear Venus and Saturn, as Strider says to Brego: "Fast, quiet now. What is your name?" A key to his gift is held in his ring, an heirloom known as The Ring of Barahir.


Ranger concealed as 'Jupiter when he walks among mortals'
Strider in the Wild waits for Gandalf and the hobbits


Strider speaks to Brego in Sindarin [he was taught by Elves in Rivendell] after he learns from Éowyn about the former owner of the horse, King Théoden's son. Strider applies a Jupiter formula, asking, "What did you see?" Later, Brego remains with Strider after he falls from a cliff and saves his life by taking him to Helm's Deep.

Éomer on patrol in Rohan




An alternate reality

at the Inn, Frodo puts on the ring and hears Sauron speak, "You cannot hide. I see you."



Changing ~ When Tolkien began his Middle-earth storyline his Mars changed to Sagittarius, check with the 1913-14 Progression Analysis for Tolkien and Jackson.

Peter Jackson's MTV Awards Speech * J. R. R. Tolkien's Map of Middle-earth

Comment from The Kove: I have taken the liberty of dividing the following comment into several paragraphs because the content is concentrated. The whole text helps to explain the significance of Mars [IRON] in some of his possible dispositions. Mars in transition is particularly potent, especially if he moves into zodiacal expressions governed by Mars - Aries [fire] and Scorpio [water].

When Mars is positive or pure [Iron without variables] we have Galadriel leading her people through the frozen world to their destination, Gandalf facing down the Balrog on the Bridge of Khazâd-dûm, Sam defending Frodo against Shelob, and Strider defending the hobbits on Amon Sul. During the Battle of Pelennor Fields Aragorn is an exorcist leading the Army of the Dead, and at The Black Gate he is a general creating a diversion for Frodo and Sam.

When Mars is compromised, retrograde, intercepted, or in a critical mode, we meet The Nazgûl when they attack the hobbits on Weathertop, Saruman and the deathly creatures that made up his army, or 'The Mouth of Sauron'.


Elessar at the Black Gate


Peter Jackson's Scorpio Sun provides the full spectrum life force expression at three levels of awareness pursued by the zodiacal sign of initiation. They are: spiritual (eagle/phoenix), intellectual (cobra, salamander, dragon), and physical (scorpion.) Special effects further the storytelling so that complex superimposition of elemental factors with 'textural tapestries' relate innate ring frequencies experientially. However, the ultimate key to Jackson's success resides with his empathic knowledge of Tolkien - insightful appreciation of the written and spoken word.

Jackson's most interesting cinematic feats of daring-do faithfully portray representations of mysterious phenomenon we all wonder about - that include elusive aeythers, elders, and ancient wisdom.

Jackson and his team cultivated Hobbiton and the whole Shire just as Tolkien describes it, an inner child's idyllic cloud nine from the astrosome to the silver screen. The contrast between the lush green summer-like dream scene that is the backdrop for Bilbo's birthday party and the 'flip side' world Frodo engages each time he wears the Ring, is tremendous. Once Frodo dons the ring he is thrust into a Wraith-world primarily composed of wind, fire, akasha and magnetism wherein he is invisible to mortals and has mastery over numerous magical properties. The experience seems to suggest Mars in a new element, sign of the zodiac, or type of unfamiliar atmosphere. Frodo is instructed by Gandalf the Grey to only carry the ring. Even though he remains constantly in touch with it, he can never wear it. Elf-Queen Galadriel also cautions the ring-bearer in her golden glade - get the extended DVD for an uncut version of this perfectly rendered tour into an alternate world of illumination.

Most metaphysical studies embrace "soul unfoldment" as a process during the incarnation. The experience, many believe, is to introduce everyone to all the lessons of every spoke of the zodiacal wheel, and all experiences implied as the journey advances through the twelve rays. [If you believe in the thirteen sign zodiac or the fourteen sign zodiac, the hidden mysteries associated with Mars will not be found in exoteric literature.] There is a direct effect on Mars [Iron] during Rubido [in the alchemical laboratory and dream scenario] that is akin to The Hero's Journey as defined by Joseph Campbell. It should also be noted those who study metaphysical wisdom [the reference here is from a Theosophist, but most theories are parallel to the suggested guideline] do not separate people in any manner since all of us will experience the same things eventually. There would be no point! - Kova


Mars is the planet ruler of kinetic mechanics [and memory] in our physical anatomy. This was probably the life-saver faculty responsible for transporting Aragorn from the edge of the river to Helm's Deep in The Two Towers [with the help of Arwen, who established the correct Moon/Mars ratio for his resuscitation.] The keyword for Mars is "I AM" - the reflex action to "WE ARE" as the primary negotiating urge of the objective paradigm. Aries, the sign of new cycles, is symbolic of the first move made that will advance us toward objective reality manifestations; in more subtle terms, Mars symbolizes the energy to be put to use, and by extension, the first seven years of the physical incarnation.

In Scorpio, the result of all the struggles carried forward during the seemingly endless pilgrimage around the zodiac or wheel of life is brought to a point of climax, again through the activity of Mars which has not appeared actively in the intervening signs between Aries and Scorpio as far as the reversed wheel is concerned.

The disciple has now to demonstrate the strength, character and quality which he has unfolded and developed within himself during his long pilgrimage. He started in Aries with Mars ruling, and the great war between the dualities which constitute the man began. The pairs of opposites were thus brought into relation with each other.

In Scorpio, with the same planet ruling his interior life, the war is on and in this case Mars rules not only the physical body but the entire form vehicle, which we call the personality in the three worlds. All aspects of the lower nature are involved in this crisis, for Mars is the esoteric ruler in Scorpio and the tests applied involve the form nature - gross and subtle, integrated and potent.

Mars, therefore, rules Aries from the orthodox angle and Scorpio esoterically, and does not again appear in the life of the individual except as that individual responds to mass vibration in Sagittarius, where Mars appears as ruling the sixth Creative Hierarchy, the lunar lords of the form nature who must eventually be sacrificed to the higher spiritual aspect and brought under the control of the solar Angel. The effect of Mars is, therefore, largely mass effect and group results, producing great struggles but leading finally to great revelation.
           Full article:

check The Jupiter Table



Lord of the Rings Tour

Every element of Middle-earth is contained in New Zealand…When Peter Jackson travelling through New Zealand on a train, he read Tolkien for the first time. He noticed landscape resembled Middle Earth but waited 20 years to share his vision with moviegoers. Since the operators in Queenstown area created three tours to visit magical landscapes where scenes were shot:

One of the safaris offer half day tours, going to Wakatipu [Misty Mountains, Pillar of Kings, Ford of Bruinen, Road to Mordor] over Glenorchy sites [Seat of Seeing, Amon Hen, Lothlorien, Isengard]. If you’d rather fly than drive, Trilogy Tours offers a 2-3 hour helicopter ride over the same sites.

Queenstown Journals



Tolkien stated that bree meant hill, a term appropriate for the locale, but it may also have been a dual play on words, although it was not mentioned, for bree is also Scottish for liquor or broth, both of which were served by Butterbur in large measures.

-Karen Wynn Fonstad

Elvish 'mantra' while preparing "cool carrot" bread. Reliable stand-by for any age:


and ever-popular Hindu or Buddhist chants

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare/
Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare


"Carrot bread works for me!"

Second Breakfast

Plan B

Prancing Pony adaptation of an unusual, delicious dish from Jamila's on Maple Street in New Orleans. To vary the recipe, serve it on a bed of lettuce or spinach.
Serves 4 hungry Hobbits


1 pound baby carrots
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 tablespoons red-wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon cumin
1/4 teaspoon each caraway and fennel seeds
1/2 teaspoon cayenne
2 cloves garlic, minced
2 7-ounce cans chunk light tuna in water
Juice of 1-2 lemons
Chopped mint, parsley or cilantro
Drizzle of olive oil
Capers, pine nuts and chopped cilantro or parsley for garnish

Cook carrots in the microwave in a little bit of water for 4-5 minutes, until softened but still crunchy. Drain. Coarsely chop warm carrots in a food processor by pulsing about six times.

In a large bowl whisk together olive oil, vinegar, cumin, seeds, cayenne and one clove of garlic. Add carrots to dressing and toss until well covered. Refrigerate.

Drain tuna. Combine in a medium bowl with lemon juice, herbs, clove of garlic and olive oil.

To serve, spread carrot mixture on a platter and put the tuna salad on top. Garnish with capers, pine nuts and chopped cilantro or parsley.

To tote for the road to Rivendell, package carrot base and tuna mixtures separately.


Lord Elrond named the Company of the Ring, who set out in opposition to the nine Nazgûl, 'The Nine Walkers.' Their purpose was to destroy the One Ring in Orodruin. They were:

• Aragorn - Strider in the Wild
• Boromir
• Frodo Baggins - Frodo up close and personal
• Gandalf the Grey - Gandalf the Wizard
• Gimli Elf-friend
• Legolas Greenleaf
• Meriadoc Brandybuck
• Peregrin Took
• Samwise Gamgee


Tolkien up close and personal

MASK ~ Liv-Arwen Dedication To The Garden ~ Liv's Star Chart





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