T H E         S T A R S






   Aries, the Ram: ruled by Mars, the Aggressive Urge   Cardinal Fire
First house, the ascendant, rising sign: "I Am
Head, face, 5 lower senses, blood, adrenalin, cortin, testosterone
Positive thought-cell activity is leadership. Negative: officiousness.
Countries: Burgundy, Charlotte Amalie, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Palestine, Poland, Switzerland, Syria, and United States Virgin Islands
Cities: Birmingham, Brunswick, Capua, Dacca (Bangladesh), Florence, London Underground (The Tube UK), Marseilles, Naples, Padua, Rotterdam,San Cristobal, Tehran (Iran), Tokyo (Japan), Utrecht, and Verona
Like: speed, outdoor sports, physical action in general, competition, new places, especially wilderness areas, honesty, frankness
Dislike: Complaining, being boxed in, details and routine
culinary tip: decorate, make it attractive and different. Eye candy.
The Royal Marriage of Sun and Moon: Marlon Brando, Alec Guinness, Gary Oldman; Booker T. Washington; Russell Crowe,
Emma Watson - Hermione Granger


   Taurus, the Winged Bull: ruled by Venus, the Social Urge   Fixed Earth
Second house: "I Have" or "I Persevere"
Throat & voicebox, veil, venous system
Positive thought-cell activity is stability. Negative: obstinacy.
Countries: Asia Minor, Cyprus, Greek Archipelago, Ireland, Persia, Scotland, Sweden, White Russia
Cities: Cambridge (United Kingdom), Cedar Rapids (Iowa), Dublin, Leipzig, Manhattan, New York, Mantua, Montreal (Quebec ), St. Louis, San Antonio, Parma, Stockholm, Vaduz (Liechtenstein), Valparaiso (Chile), and the Channel Tunnel
Like: dependability, personal treasures/valuable possessions, comfort, rich foods, and gardening
Dislike: nonconformity, dirt/chaos/disorder, having to hurry, exercise programs
culinary tip: don’t skimp – meat & potatoes, heavy creams, and breads
John 'Bonzo' Bonham, Bruce Boxleitner Captain John J. Sheridan, George Clooney, Mimi Farina - Bread & Roses,
George Lucas, Michelle Pfeiffer and Ladyhawke


   Gemini, the Twins: ruled by Mercury, the Analytical Urge   Mutable Air
Third house: "I Speak" or "I Think"
Lungs, hands, shoulders, nervous
Positive thought-cell activity is versatility, quick thinking, deciphering symbols, quick wit. Negative is changeability, many routines create restlessness.
Countries: Armenia, Belgium, Flanders, Lombardy, Lower Egypt, Mali, N.E. Coast of Africa, Sardinia, State of Tennessee, Tripoli, United States, Wales, West of England.
Cities: Bruges, Cardiff, Cordova, London, Manchester (UK), Melbourne, Metz, Monterey (CA), Munich, Nuremberg, Plymouth, San Francisco, Utrecht (Netherlands), Versailles, Waterbury (CT).
Like: stimulating conversation, reading, variety and novelty, and gossip
Dislike: sitting still, solemnity, monotony, emotional displays
culinary tip: dishes are conversation pieces; chat over hors d’oeuvres
Helena Bonham Carter, Christopher Lee - Saruman and Count Dooku, Ian McKellen - Gandalf and Magneto


   Moonchild, the Crab, Shellfish [Cancer]: Moon, the Domestic Urge   Cardinal Water
Fourth House, Nadir: "I Feel" or "I Wait"
Moon Trump: Trump XVIII THE MOON
Back pituitary gland, breast, stomach, psyche seat of power
Positive thought-cell activity is tenacity, long standing friendship. Negative is touchiness.
Countries: Carthage, Holland, Isle of Mauritius, Madagascar , Malawi, North and West Africa, Numidia, Paraguay, Scotland, United States, State of Virginia, Zealand
Cities: Algiers, Amsterdam, Cadiz, Campeche (Mexico), Constantinople, Cordoba (Argentina), Cumberland (MD), Genoa, Kabul (Afghanistan 1973), Manila, Manitoba, Manaus, Waterloo (IA), Manchester, Milan, New York, Pine Bluff, Providence, San Diego, San Francisco (CA), Tunis, Turin (Italy), Venice, York
Like: music, antiques, tradition – everything made of silver or glass, culinary skill, ease and comfort
Dislike: modern furniture, aggressiveness, dieting, and double-speak
culinary tip: food is an event, an occasion; the open door policy
Halle Berry, Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, John D. Rockefeller, Trump XVIII Moon


   Leo, the Winged Lion: Sun, the Power Urge   Fixed Fire
Fifth House: "I Will" or "I Rule"
Sun Trump: Trump XIX THE SUN
Front pituitary and heart, aorta
Positive thought-cell activity is kindness. Negative is domination.
Countries: the Alps, Bohemia, Chaldea, Cyprus (1960), France, Hawaii, Italy, Maldives, Northern Roumania, Port of Spain: Trinidad & Tobago, Sicily, South Korea, Turkey
Cities: Bath, Bombay, Bristol, The Bronx (New York), Calgary, Cali (Colombia), Chicago, Damascus, Decatur IL, Dodge City KS, Frankfurt, Miami, Philadelphia, Portsmouth, Prague, Rome, Sacramento, Toronto (Canada), Torquay (United Kingdom), Yuma (AZ)
Like: Compliments, lazing in the sun, grandeur, the theatre
Dislike: being ignored, gloom-pessimism, secrecy-dishonesty
culinary tip: make it dramatic, a real production, extravagant, on a grand scale
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the Queen Mother, Jerry Garcia, Barack Obama comparison with Abraham Lincoln, Robert Redford door and Robert Redford comparison with Ted Williams


   Virgo, the Virgin, Earth Mother: Mercury, the Analytical Urge   Mutable Earth
Sixth House: "I Analyze" or "I Heal"
Lower back, intestines, kundalini at base of spine
Positive thought-cell activity is analysis, psychometry. Negative is criticism.
Countries: Assyria, Brazil, State of California, Crete, Ethiopia, French Polynesia, part of Greece, Malaysia, Malta, Mesopotamia, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Pensacola, Switzerland, Turkey, West Indies
Cities: Boston, Corinth, Heidelberg, Jerusalem, Kolkata (India). Los Angeles, Lyons, Manchester (NH), Monterrey (Mexico), Paris, Pensacola FL Sun 0°23' Virgo, Ponce (Puerto Rico). Rockford (IL), Salem, Singapour, Strasburg, Toulouse, Tunis (Tunisia)
Like: reading, collecting, cats-unusual, small pets; well-organized space, precision
Dislike: dirt/disorder, fuzzy thinking, tardiness, verbal aggressiveness-bossy people
culinary tip: health conscious gourmet cooking to nourish and provide pleasure, easy on the sauce
John Cipollina, Sean Connery and King Arthur, Rupert Grint, Keanu Reeves


   Libra, the Scales, the Balance: Venus, the Social Urge   Fixed Air
Descendant, Seventh House: "We Are" or "I Balance"
Liver, kidneys, venous system, skin, yoni
Positive thought-cell activity is affability, can triumph over thought form addiction. Negative is approbation, postpone decisions.
Countries: Argentina, Austria, Burma, Ethiopia, Japan, parts of India, Indo-China, Northern China, Portugal Sun 18°10' Libra, Russia, Tibet, Upper Egypt
Cities: Antwerp, Bucharest, Cardiff, Wales , Celaya (Mexico), Charleston, Copenhagen, Culiacan (Mexico), Derby UK, Frankfort, Fribourg, Johannesburg, Leeds, Lisbon, Madrid, Orlando FL, Paris, Richmond (VA), San Miguel de Allende, Tegucigalpa (Honduras), Tlaxcala (Mexico), Vienna, Westport CT, Yuma, Zamora (Portugal), Yuma AZ.
Like: wardrobe, works of art, romantic novels & films, having someone fuss over you
Dislike: emotional displays in public, rudeness, possessiveness, vulgarity, disrespect/criticism from amateurs
culinary tip: natural food and lots of colour; delicate flavors, subtle
Richard Harris and Viggo Mortensen


   Scorpio, the Scorpion, Cobra, Eagle/Phoenix: Pluto, Universal Urge   Fixed Water
Eighth House, "I Sense" or "I Desire"
Pineal gland, reproductive system, lingham
Positive thought-cell activity is resourcefulness. Negative is troublesomeness.
Countries: Algeria, Barbary, Bavaria, Cambodia, Fez, Judea, Morocco, Norway, Turkey, and Transvaal
Cities: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Dover, Halifax, Liverpool, Messina, Milwaukee, Newcastle, New Orleans, St. Johns (Newfoundland), Tampa, Washington D.C. – also The Statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island, NY Harbor
Like: mystery stories, winning, silence, fighting for something important, justice and timely reform
Dislike: fickleness, show offs, interruptions, and superficiality
culinary tip: Dining is a unique experience; must have intimate feel
Winona Ryder door and Winona Ryder - Bond Candle, Maria Shriver
George Washington-Abraham Lincoln-Barack Obama


   Sagittarius, the Centaur, Archer: Jupiter   Mutable Fire - Jupiter the Planet and articles
Ninth House "I See"
Purity of the blood, leg, insulin, pancreas, "the bank"
Positive thought-cell activity is loyalty. Negative is sportiveness.
Countries: Arabia, Australia, Hungary, Madagascar, Provence in France, and Spain
Cities: Cologne, Kansas City KS, Nottingham, Rottenburg, San Jose, Sheffield, Stuttgart, and Toledo
Like: honesty, outspokenness, the outdoors, dogs and horses, betting on almost anything
Dislike: confinement, boundaries, greed, deviousness, subtlety, being bored
culinary tip: lunch basket type, buffett, celebrate foods around the world
Kirk Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


   Capricorn, the Goat, Sea-Goat, and Mountain Goat: Saturn, the Safty Urge   Cardinal Earth
Midheaven, Tenth House, MC: "I Judge" or "I Use"
Skeleton, teeth, and cartilage [hearing in one ear]
Positive thought-cell activity is diplomacy. Negative is deceitfulness.
Countries: Afghanistan, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Greece, India, Lithuania, Mexico, and Saxony
Cities: Bradenburg, Brussels, Constance, Marseille, Oxford, and Port Said
Like: giving orders, being punctual, catching time windows, tradition, conformity, dedication to purpose
Dislike: carelessness, reliance on luck/chance, idleness, extravagance
culinary tip: preparation requires patience [slow cooker] – include a ritual
Nicolas Cage, Martin Luther King, Jr., Jimmy Page - Led Zeppelin links; Denzel Washington


   Aquarius, Cup Bearer, Old Water Bearer: Uranus, Intellectual ESP   Fixed Air
The Eleventh House: "I Know"
Nervous system, inner plane magnetism, leg, ESP
Positive thought-cell activity is humanitarianism, collective force sensitive. Negative is nervousness.
Countries: Abyssinia, Arabia, Denmark, State of Kansas in Lecompton (KS), Lithuania, Petrea, Prussia, part of Russia, Sweden, Tartary
Cities: Bremen, Brighton, Dresden (Germany), Hamburg, and Trent
Like: interesting machinery, chess, stimulating conversation, anything novel or newfangled, questioning authority
Dislike: possessiveness, agendas based on clock-time, arguments and unnecessary friction
culinary tip: Goods w/reputation for providing energy’; light & airy like lembas bread
Marty Balin, Neal Cassady, Rosa Parks


   Pisces, the Fishes: Neptune, the Search for Utopia   Mutable Water
Twelfth House: "I Believe"
Inner plane balance, emotional ESP, soma, some layers of astral body, the feet
Positive thought-cell activity is compassion. Negative is hyper-sensitivity.
Countries: Calabria, Normandy, Nubia, Portugal, Sahara Desert, and Tunisia
Cities: Alexandria, Canberra (Australia), Compostella, Copenhagen, Lancaster, Martinique, Mendoza, Ratisbon, Rheims, Seville, and Worms
Like: ease and comfort, music-dancing, romantic movies, marine studies and the sea, compassion, global themes
Dislike: bluntness, rudeness, loud people, being forced to follow a schedule, details/routine, cliques
culinary tip: an exotic dish or one with TLC; use illusions, film set design, and fantasy
Michael Caine * Jack Kerouac * Phil Lesh * Bruce Willis



The Stone Gallery - zodiacal gemstones and metals for signs of the zodiac


H E R M E S   T R I S M E G I S T I S

The Emerald Tablet


The oldest and most revered of all the alchemical formulae is the sacred Emerald Tablet of Hermes, thrice great. The first lines of the ancient tome are reflected in Trump XVII The Star.


-Hermes Trismigestus, THE EMERALD TABLET


The power of the number 12

We think of the number 12 when we divide the Sun cycle into the 12 months of the year, and consider the 12 Labors of Hercules. In the ancient Sepher Yetzirah or the Hebrew Book of Formation, the zodiac is represented by the 12 simple letters of the Hebrew alphabet. And we find our same ideas as to the symbolism of number 12 there corroborated, namely, that the 12 signs are the houses of reflection of the various powers of the Sun which give to it its various aspects of manifestation. Also "the 12 simple letters are ... The foundations of the 12 properties: Sight, Hearing, Smell, Speech, Taste, Sexual Love, Work, Movement, Anger, Mirth, Imagination and Sleep. These 12 Simple Letters he designed and combined and formed with them the 12 celestial constellations of the Zodiac whose signs are Teth, Shin, Tau, Samech, Aleph, Beth, Mem, Oin, Qoph, Gimel, Daleth, and Daleth."



Champions, Fighters, and Gladiators

The Sun

The Good and The Bad News About Your Sign - more Sun Sign astrology: Why Your Sun Sign Worries

Sun opposite Moon Sun in Capricorn opposite Luna in Moonchild

Sun Transit Ninth Dept. of Life with Radix Pluto @ Winona Ryder Star Chart

The Moon
The Phoenix as the Higher Octave of the Moon

Transfiguration, Transformation, Metamorphosis, Shapeshifter

Trump IV The Emperor, The Chief, Osiris, Sovereign, The King

The Phoenix and transformation via relationship with partners

Etheric, Poltergeist, and Ghost @ Etheric Double, with comment about watery environment in film What Lies Beneath


The Palm and Astrological symbols: Thumb and thumb ring
Mercury and Line of Intuition, including Mars and labyrinth
The Three Types of Hand

Harry Potter: House of Black - "Toujours Pur" - Sirius Black, Mercury in Aries and Bellatrix Lestrange, Mercury in Gemini
Mercury in Virgo - Wizard Chess [Rupert Grint - Ron Weasley]

Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs

Beat Generation Men with Mars in Sag and Merc in Aquarius

The Lord of the Rings - Unexpected Visit Baggins Tea and Party Mercury in Aquarius

Dowser Journal In the Field With Dowsers - A Closer Look at the Homes Reviewed in My Journals, includes the Tower House [additions also posted at Richard Harris entrance]


Catwomen of Gotham - Venus in Leo and Venus in Scorpio, Queen of Wands from Pisces 21 to Aries 20.

Ladyhawke and Michelle Pfeiffer - legend of the eclipse and the Miracle at Fatima

Venus in the Ascendant:
Jean Cocteau @ Blue-Violet Additions


Mars/Iron @ Rivendell
The Lord of the Rings Fashion and Women with Mars in Sagittarius

Gladiators Mars: in Moonchild, Sagittarius, Aquarius, and Pisces

Mars in Capricorn exalted The Crescent City

Eric Clapton re Mars in Pisces


Jupiter the Planet and articles, the Jupiter Table
Jupiter and Saturn - Alchemy - Tin @ Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. & Jupiter in the Signs
Harrison Ford and Jupiter exalted in Moonchild [Cancer]
Ian Fleming and Jupiter in Pisces
Aspects @ Rockefeller
Jupiter-Saturn positive/negative

The Centaur - Alpha Centaurus, Toliman @ Babylon 5

traditionally Saturn and detective links tie in with Pluto, Luna, and Mercury

CSI Crime Scene Investigation @ CSI Miami
Crime Scene Investigation - astrology, CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York, a few thumbs up

Person of Interest

Capricorn 20-30 faq astrology for Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac

Saturn and Capricorn govern the midheaven: midheaven faq

Neptune as Trump XIX The Sun influence: Soulpower and Soul Mates
Neptune in the Ascendant: Jean Cocteau @ Blue-Violet Additions
      Tom Cruise Star Menu
      Luciano Pavarotti Star Menu
      Denzel Washington Star Chart

Pluto: link to The Phoenix and transformation via relationship with partners

Robin Hood - Robin of Sherwood stars


Star Trek The Captain - thumb nail files

Star Wars Episode I The Phanton Menace numbers; George Lucas Star Chart of a writer


TRUMP 0-22: Tarot 0/22
Tarot Guide
Trump XI The Enchantress mind over matter - reflex action Leo-Aquarius
Trump XIV [Intelligence of the Moon] Equilibrium and Spontaneity
The Star XVII Footnote - coach Trump XVII Star Q & A
TRUMP XVIII details House System; Trump XVIII Q & A; go Late Autumn-Early Winter for more about The Moon
Trump XIX The Sun - Soul Mates, Past Life Stimulation, Mystic study

Queen of Cups: Lothlorien - The Gift 21st degree of Gemini to the 20th degree of Moonchild/Cancer.
The Prince of Cups: Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade; the Prince of Cups rules from the 21st degree of Libra to the 20th degree of Scorpio; also see Crater and the Fixed Star Alkes.
Queen of Wands: Catwomen of Gotham, from 21st degree Pisces to 20th degree Aries.
Prince of Disks: Martin Luther King, Jr., from 21st degree Aries to 20th degree Taurus.




Considered to be the finest example of Medieval manuscript illumination of the fifteenth century, Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry is an exquisite richly decorated Book of Hours - one of the most famous of all International Gothic illuminations - which was commissioned by John, Duke of Berry, around 1413. This was a collection of the text for each liturgical hour of the day - hence the name - which often included other, supplementary, texts. Calendars, prayers, psalms and masses for specific holy days were commonly included. The meaning of each Limbourg brothers illustration is below.
Painted in gouache on parchment (vellum), The Tres Riches Heures includes 416 pages, 131 of which have large miniatures, while many more are decorated with border illustrations or large historiated initials, as well as 300 ornamented capital letters. Comparable, as a work of fine art painting in miniature, with the likes of the Mona Lisa, this work of art is now in the Musee Conde, Chantilly, France (Ms.65). The creators of this outstanding example of 15th century French religious art were the Flemish Limbourg Brothers, Pol (Paul), Herman (Hennequin) and Jean (Jan or Jannequin) - nephews of Jean Malouel, court painter to the Duke of Burgundy - all three of whom died of plague in 1416.
Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry - with its subtle variation of line, painstaking technique, and minute rendering of detail - marks the highpoint of book illustration in the stylized, courtly idiom known as the International Gothic. Its creators based many of their motifs on elements from the classical antiquities, Flemish tapestries, gold metalwork, Lombard miniatures, and drawings of Tuscan frescoes from the Duc de Berry's art collection.
The pictures in this directory, such as the example above, December, are from the calendar section of the Tres Riches Heures. This was painted some time between 1412 and 1416 and is arguably the most beautiful part of the manuscript; it is certainly the best known, being one of the great art treasures of France. The collection is considered to be the pinnacle of the art of manuscript illumination.

January is the month of giving New Years' gifts (a custom which seems to have died out now). Jean de Berry himself can be seen on the right, wearing the brilliant blue robe.
February winter in a peasant village. The inhabitants of a farm are shown warming themselves by the fire, while in the background daily life - cutting wood, taking cattle to the market - goes on as normal.
March brings the year's first farm work, sowing and ploughing and such. The chateau in the background is that of Lusignan, one of the Duc's favourites.
April heralds the arrival of spring, hope and new life - the grass is green and a newly betrothed couple are exchanging rings in the foreground, accompanied by friends and family. The chateau is another one of the Duc's, that of Dourdan.
The May jaunt, a pageant celebrating the "joli mois de Mai" in which one had to wear green garments known as livree de mai. The riders are young noblemen and women, with princes and princesses being visible. In the background is a chateau thought to be the Palais de la Cite in Paris.
June is harvest time - the peasants are moving the meadow in unison, with the Hotel de Nesle, the Duc's Parisian residence, in the background.
July continues the harvest; the sheep are being shorn and the hay is being reaped. The chateau behind them is that which formerly stood on the Clain at Poitiers.
August is the month of hawking; the nobles, carrying falcons, are going hunting while in the background peasants are harvesting and swimming in the river. Behind them is the Chateau d'Etampes.
September, probably the most famous of the calendar images. The grapes are being harvested by the peasants and carried into the beautifully detailed Chateau de Saumur.
October - Tilling and sowing are being carried out by the peasants, in the shadow of the Louvre - Charles V's royal palace in Paris.
November is the only calendar image executed by Colombe. The Limbourgs painted only the zodiacal tympanum above it. The picture shows the autumn acorn harvest, with a peasant knocking down throwing sticks to knock down the acorns on which his pigs are feeding.
December in the forest of Vincennes, fabled for its game. A wild-boar hunt has caught a boar which is being torn apart by the boarhounds. In the background is the Chateau de Vincennes, long a residence of French royalty.



Calendar Name Origins – What Did They Mean?

January - ME Januari(us), OE Januarius, translation of Latin Januarius, named after JANUS, two faced god of gates, doorways, beginnings. “Janua” means the outer door of a house.
February - ME OE Februarius from Latin Februarius, named for Februa, the Roman feast of purification on February 15.
March - ME March(e), from Latin Martius, (month of) Mars, god of agriculture and later, war.
April - ME Averil, OF Avril, Latin Aprilis mensis (month). “Aperire” means “to uncover” and “to open”, as in the buds of spring. The name may derive from the Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite or Etruscan “apru” from Aphro, an abbreviated form of the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.
May - ME OE Maius, Latin Maius mensis (month), from the Greek Maia, goddess of spring (growth), daughter of Faunus and wife of Vulcan, mother of Mercury the Winged Messenger of the Gods.
June - ME Jun(e), OE Iunius, from Latin mensis Junius, named after the goddess Juno, Queen of the gods, the Roman Junius clan, related to the name of the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter and protector of women.
July - ME Julie, OE Julius, from Latin Julius (Caesar) after whom it was named in 44 BC. July is also from Iulius, name of the Roman clan formed by the descendants of Prince Aeneas of Dardania and Troy. The original name was quintilis, fifth month in the early Roman calendar.
August - ME OE Augustus from Latin Augustus (Caesar) 8 BC. The original name was sextilis, sixth month in the early Roman calendar.
September - ME Septembre from Latin “septem,” means “seven” – when the Roman year began in March. September, seventh month in the early Roman calendar.
October - ME OE from Latin October, eighth month in the early Roman calendar November - ME OE from Latin November, ninth month of the early Roman calendar, from novem NINE.
December - ME Decembre from OF and Latin December, tenth month of the early Roman calendar (decem TEN + membri from mens MONTH + ri suffix).

ME = Middle English    OE = Old English

OF = Old French        OHG = Old High German







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