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Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth (Elizabeth Angela Marguerite)

4 August 1900 – 30 March 2002
Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon became the Queen Consort of King George VI of the United Kingdom and the British Dominions from 1936 until his death in February of 1952. She was engaged to Bertie on January 15, 1923.

She was born August 4, 1900, Waldenbury. Her Sun is 11° Leo 56' [TOB noon] and her Moon approximately 19° Scorpio.

[Note: Sun and Moon degrees vary depending on the TOB used for chart construction - suggested times usually range between 12:30 AM, just after midnight and just before noon at 11:30 AM. Change in the time results in an adjustment of the degrees of both lights, but the signs remain the same.]

Leo - the Sun, day of the week: Sunday
Angelic Intelligence: St. Michael - Fixed Fire Kerub [Winged Lion of St. Mark]
The lion and all members of the feline family, or Hercules. Leo linked with the Nemean Lion of Argolis which possessed an impenetrable hide and was strangled by Hercules in the fulfillment of the first of his Twelve Labours.
The sign esoterically signifies the solar seed.
Reflex action: Aquarius, the Cup Bearer or Old Water Bearer
Tarot Trump: Trump V, The Hierophant, The Pope, Jupiter
House System: The Guest Room

Metal: Gold, Alchemical Gold – Power Gemstones
Leo governs the following places: jungles, forests, parks, forts, palaces, government buildings, fireplaces, smelters, chemical laboratories, distilleries, glass factories and places where explosives are manufactured; bakeries, ‘the royal treatment’.

Emotional characteristics: faithful, rich in emotional life, affectionate, idealistic, proud, empathic, sympathetic, merciful, chivalrous, domestic, foreseeing.
Mental characteristics: commanding, generous, ambitious, self-sacrificing,, optimistic, opposed to secrecy, fixed in opinion yet magnanimous.
Spiritual keywords: the life principle, the will to illumine, the faith which is sufficient, the will to rule.
Physical anatomy: heart, main arteries, spinal column, with its marrow, especially dorsal region, and spinal cord.
Zodiacal Physiology: distribution and interchange, quickening, heart vitality, and vitality especially connected with the blood [Jupiter is associated with purity of the blood - Queen Mother has Jupiter 1° Sagittarius 04', Jupiter's own sign ].

Queen Mum and Queen Elizabeth II have Venus in the First House of their Star Chart
Venus rising almost always indicates diplomatic skill when it is time to enter into negotiations, mediation, and construct binary solutions. The Social Urge is like Copper Ore, conducting energy and linking up different factions in a collective. Personal interests include art, art history, and proper care and maintenance of national art treasures [George Clooney, Monuments Men]. Venus often increases personal wealth via the fine arts, luxury items, and tourism. This type of knowledge eventually helps to determine the 'packaging style' or how the individual will choose to sell a product or service, and deliver a message [Jean Cocteau].
Venus, the Social Urge, is known for her attractive, somewhat hypnotic aura, especially around the eyes. People tend to remember those who have Venus ascending because the eyes are usually large, warm, and soft. There is a little twinkle behind those long, oft times curly lashes. Regardless of the situation, the voice is able to control activity in a room full of people. The tone of speech is capable of drawing people in because it is so attractive and engaging, pleasant to the ear - much like a soft, soothing breeze on a hot summer day. People tend to listen. It is likely that the person who has Venus in the First House [the self, constitution, opinions and delivery style], no matter the sign she occupies, will be the one in a group to bring people together and facilitate a conversation that leads to a win-win scenario. Even when there are divergent points of view, the median position is very clear to such a person, and everyone around will contribute and want to establish central themes for the benefit all parties at the table.

Venus is also known for Amazonian love of self-determination so she can become a strong and faithful ally when the chips are down. She has many characteristics associated with Venus de Milo, the great Goddess of the Amazons. It is important to close loop holes, tie up loose ends, and complete those projects she invests in. Discipline of spirit is very clear once there is a final commitment. Her spirit is similar to modern day Wonder Woman, Princess of Paradise Island. Women with Venus in their Ascendant can use their tone of voice to gain access to the truth [Joan Allen], much like Wonder Woman does with her golden lasso. Men with Venus in their Ascendant usually appear centered and graceful in movement; they are often known for their mild and just counsel. They have the knack for “finding a way” when it seems there is no solution to a problem, much like Captain Kirk [William Shatner] of the Starship Enterprise.
*see a short list of men and women with Venus in their First House

An illuminating five chapter series in Daily Mail newspaper was published with an album of never-before-seen pictures of Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, when she was Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon. The photographs [not seen here**] were taken when Lady Elizabeth was 22 and newly engaged to the Duke of York, the second son of King George V and Queen Mary. In order to see into Elizabeth, the person, as indication symbols appear in her ascending and sixth houses, consider some comments from, The Queen Mother, The awakening of an Empress, By Anne de Courcy.

“It was an era when young unmarried women in her social stratum were guarded zealously. For at least the first two years after Elizabeth was officially launched into society at the age of 18, she was always chaperoned.

… What no one could have expected was that the prophecy a fortune-teller made when Elizabeth was a child would be fulfilled. ‘One day,’ said the seer, ‘you will be Queen of England.’”

Before her husband ascended the throne, from 1923 to 1936 she was known as the Duchess of York. She was the last Queen of Ireland and Empress of India. Her Ascending house depicts immediate understanding of the themes close to the heart of Edinburgh and London, both cities under the zodiacal sign of Gemini, the Twins. The first planetary energy within her Ascendant house is Mars, ruler of the sign Aries, that governs such countries as Burgundy, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Japan, Palestine, Poland, Switzerland, and Syria. There is little doubt as to the reason Hitler was so afraid of Elizabeth – she could out- strategize him at a level of consciousness out of his grasp. [reminiscent of Princess Leia and Governor Tarkin on the Death Star, the operative force at work favored the nobility and grace that defined the free world at the time.]

The sixth house of her star chart [profession, service, and health] anticipated the strengths required for the rough journey Elizabeth would embark on though the shock, courage and amazement of the events of WWII. She was steadied by her ability to ‘read’ people instantly, evidenced by her Moon 14 Scorpio, Jupiter 1 Sagittarius, Uranus and North Node conjunct @ 8 Sagittarius, and her Chiron 19 Sagittarius, all resolute within the sixth department of life that stipulates job qualifications, readiness, and vigilance.
The royal couple were blessed with two graceful and compassionate daughters, Elizabeth and Margaret – the family embodied the spirit of their clan, caring for others, and dedication to world service.

Glorious Day for Britain: For the first time since 1383 – when young King Richard II married ’Good Princess Anne of Bohemia’ – it was decided that a prince of the royal blood should marry in Westminster Abbey.

The laborious process of drawing up a guest list of around 3,000 people began, and the wedding presents flooded in and many pieces of furniture, the item the young couple had expressed a preference for...

For her wedding dress, Lady Elizabeth was careful to include an item that would help a depressed area of British industry – Nottingham lace, machine-made. She also instructed that this was to be used on her two train bearers’ and six bridesmaids’ dresses, as a trimming to the plain white georgette. Each bridesmaid wore a leaf-green tulle sash and her present from the bridegroom – a carved crystal brooch formed by the white rose of York, with a diamond centre of the initials E and A. Their bouquets were made up from white roses and heather. The bride wore a tulle veil, with a wreath of orange blossom and a white rose of York at each side. In the tradition of royal brides, the veil was pulled back from her face, revealing her lovely deep blue eyes and high cheek-bones, as she arrived at her wedding, on the stroke of 11:30.

Sun in Leo sextile Pluto in Gemini

The power of regeneration feared so by Hitler during WWII is partly derived from the relationship between the Sun and Pluto in the nativity. Pluto [Pluton= 'rich one'], a shape-shifting planet, forms a strong conjunction with courageous Mars @ 26 Gemini. While Hitler was attempting to attack, separate, and scatter people, the Queen Mother introduced the precise antidote required to instill determination, confidence, and mental fitness in the mainstream. Pluto was not visible in 1900. The planet had not been discovered for thousands of years, in fact. Then, several people, completely independent of each other, all discovered this elusive planet within the same decade. Pluto is associated with the drama of the 20th Century, good or bad, because the planet itself represents the power of the collective [Jung], working on an unconscious level to manifest something the lower five senses can recognize and measure. In a positive vein, people refer to parallels with the return of the Goddess, or spiritual feminine elders, beginning signs of the Age of Aquarius, and discovery of the atom. In the negative column, coercion of whole populations, first heaven brainwashing [‘Only the strongest should survive’], and prohibition.

If the Queen Mum was born close to Noon on August 4th, the force of the aspect would double because her Sun would have appeared in the center of the sky at the moment she was born. The Sun in Leo has long been considered a sign of noble gracefulness, and royalty. When the Sun in Leo is conjunct the Midheaven at the time of the nativity, the general population will take it as a sign and promise of prosperity, health, and good fortune for all governed by the ruler. Anciently, a new heir would 'ideally' be born under this Sun as a result of careful manipulation by scholars and religious, so to guarantee the moment of birth occur at midday as Sol sojourns the higher center of the sky. A universal sign of a 'Golden Age' unifies the population and has the beneficial psychological effect that accompanies the augury.
The Queen Mother ordered her wardrobe so that she always made an impression on the world stage. Her long wool coats and perfectly-coiffed hair made her a style icon just as much as she was a monarchal figure. She created a royal heirloom, the "Papyrus tiara" also known as the "Lotus tiara," in 1923, fashioned from a diamond and pearl necklace given by her future husband, King George as a wedding present. The Queen Mum asked royal jeweler Garrard to craft an Art-Nouveau-inspired tiara she would wear like a flapper, low and across her forehead. Princess Margaret received the tiara as a gift in 1959 and it became one of her favorites. Recently, the Duchess of Cambridge chose the same timeless diamond laden tiara to wear to a special reception hosted by the Queen, an example of the elegant continuity of this historic treasure.

Pluto in Gemini Sextile the Sun in Leo

Pluto in this position represents an almost inexhaustible spiritual energy, a scintillating, adventurous spirit, a mind bent on research, always making plans; inventive and continuously advancing in knowledge.

The sextile [60 degrees separation] indicates an ability to find weakness in others quickly while managing a pleasant conversation. The nerves are constantly adjusting to every shift of energy in the environment while a calm exterior remains in evidence. There is a curious dual awareness that allows for disassembly and synthesis simultaneously, owing to the analytical power of the Twins. It is possible to observe subtle energy projected by other people, perhaps partially based on body language and speaking ability, while personal challenges are effectively concealed. Good diplomats, judges, and teachers often inspire those near them because they always keep an even keel, regardless of unexpected developments in the scenario.

Some paranormal awareness and gifts for parapsychology research are here; fascinating speakers and writers who arrest attention, are skilled listeners, advertising experts, astrologers and detectives [sometimes investigation into what is unseen, unusual events, or the unexplained] have this intellectual adaptability. The Queen Mother was introduced to the tragedy of war on her 14th birthday, the start of WWI. Her home, Glamis Castle, in Scotland, was transformed into a hospital for wounded soldiers. The aspect helped steady her during difficult times, and gave her the courage to assist those in recovery. The close proximity to Mars suggests she saw many face death or barely return from the brink.
Queen Mum's 100 Scottish Years

Pluto in Gemini
about 1883 – 1914

Brunhubner writes: Generally, great expansion in commerce, trade, and traffic; a period during which people could not make up their minds. A searching and dividing attitude set in, while on the other hand, mankind began to create powerful combinations; individual formations disappeared, making room for corporations, trusts and pools.

If radix Saturn 29° Sagittarius 07' rx, is deposited in her Seventh House of partnership, due to a TOB in the very early morning, the Lord of Time and Space creates a complex set of oppositions [180 degree separation] that describe something about her objective paradigm. Neptune, Mars, and Venus [Venus with a wider 8 degree orb] tell an abbreviated story about several problems indirectly acquired due to the abdication of her brother-in-law Edward VIII. Her Sixth House of service would then benefit by Jupiter @ 1° Sagittarius 04', in conjunction with Uranus 8° Sagittarius 32' rx. Jupiter trine Mercury, a blend of the higher mind and lower mind, allowing developed soul power to emerge at an early age, sharpens the intellect, wit, and tendency to inspire others as a role model.

This powerful reinforcement in the Sixth House of 'the harvest' provided Queen Mum a pillar of reinforced steel required for success with the life long challenges she gracefully accepted. Many with the 22 Destiny Path have an opportunity to shoulder heavy responsibility, but may choose to ignore public life, preferring to renounce the world or act as a witness, messenger, or documentarian.
After her husband's death, she was known as Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother, to avoid confusion with her daughter, Elizabeth II.

Queen Mother Comes Home (1954) -- Brow Energy

The Queen Mother: Her Reign in Colour 1937-1953 (TV 2001)
TV Movie - 60 min - Documentary - 8 October 2001 (UK)
A unique record of the years that transformed the life on one remarkable woman and the course of British history.
Her sometimes gentle, sometimes forceful encouragement of her shy husband, her steadfastness throughout a catastrophic war and her life-long love affair with the British people culminated in the simple national accolade “Queen Mum.”

Monarchy - documentaries about the royal family

Banishment of the Dark Lord: Lady Galadriel vs Sauron 2:17
archetypes interpreted by J.R.R. Tolkien appear in WWII as actual battlelines took shape, the Royal Family vs Hitler
Galadriel vs Sauron Blu-Ray - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Lady Galadriel, Lord Elrond, and Saruman the White take on the Nine Ringwraiths and the Dark Lord Sauron

see The Brow Energy
Eye witness account attack on Pearl Harbor re Trump XV - Trump XVI
see the Study 2c power colours binary solutions


      Prince George [Bertie to family and close friends] and Lady Elizabeth first met – according to her father – when she was about five. They went to the same children’s party, and Lady Elizabeth – whose manners were already impeccable – offered Bertie the crystallized cherries off her piece of cake. He was only nine, but she obviously made a lasting impression for he recognized her at once the next time he saw her, thirteen years later.

      Elizabeth was a graceful and engaging child, with long dark hair, deep blue eyes and a lovely smile. She had natural composure. In his excellent book, Thirty Years a Queen, Geoffrey Wakeford tells the following anecdote of Lady Elizabeth, who, when barely five, greeted her father’s factor, Mr. Ralston: “How do you do, Mr. Ralston?” And then volunteered the information: “I haven’t seen you look so well, not for years and years, and I’m sure you’ll be sorry to know that Lord Strathmore has got the tooth-ache.” Other visitors to the Bowes-Lyon household remember being greeted by a smiling Elizabeth with the inviting words: ‘Shall us sit and talk?’

      -Josy Argy and Wendy Riches, BRITAIN’S ROYAL BRIDES

view video Portrait Of A Great Lady With Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother - 90 Glorious Years


Glamis Castle

In 1372 King Robert II of Scotland created Sir John Lyon "Thane of Glamis" and gave him Glamis Castle which had previously been used as a royal hunting lodge. Four years later Sir John married the King’s daughter, Joanna, and was appointed Chamberlain of Scotland.
Their descendants still live here. Their grandson became Lord Glamis in 1445, the title "Earl of Strathmore" was created in 1606, and the title "Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorn" in 1677. The family name was Bowes-Lyon in 1767.

The five-story "L" shaped pink sandstone was remodeled in the 17th Century. There is a Great Hall with a magnificent plasterwork ceiling dated 1621, a family Chapel built in 1688, an 18th century Billiard Room housing what is left of the once extensive library, a 19th century Dining Room containing family portraits, and the Royal Apartments used by the Queen Mother and the late King George VI – Glamis is, of course, famous as the childhood home of the Queen Mother, who, before her marriage, was Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon. Princess Margaret was born here in 1930.

The outstanding names in literature during the second half of the 17th Century were: Wordsworth [b. 1770], a mystical nature poet, Scott who wrote Novels of the Middle Ages, Coleridge, poet of the fantastic, Lamb, contributed essays of charm, Byron, a poet of romantic verse, Shelley, poet of skylarks and winds, Keats favored beauty and Greek themes, and Carlyle [b. 4 December 1795], who was a philosopher with a vision of a superman model.

Diaries aided The King’s Speech

Toward the end of The King’s Speech, the much-acclaimed movie about George VI’s battle with his stammer, the monarch, played by Colin Firth, has one of his best lines. He has just completed a speech almost word perfect, but then inexplicably stumbles on a W, a letter that doesn’t normally cause him trouble. Lionel Logue [Geoffrey Rush], his Australian speech therapist, wants to know the problem.
“I did it deliberately,” the king replies with a smile. “Otherwise, nobody would know that it was me.”

The quip may seem out of character, especially for George, who was known for his serious demeanor after he reluctantly became king in December 1936 after the abdication of his elder brother, Edward VIII…

Insights come from Logue’s own diary and other documents he collected over the quarter of a century he spent with his royal patient, which have been used by his grandson, Mark Logue, as the basis for a book: “The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy,” which tells the story of the events that inspired the film…

“The reality is that David Seidler had very little to go on about my grandfather when he started out, because so little had been written about him,” says Mark Logue. “He did, however, make some very astute guesses and got right to the heart of the story which was the friendship between the two men. If he had been able to access the diaries much earlier on, it might have resulted in a more historically accurate film, but not necessarily a better one.”

-Peter Conradi
Co-author with Mark Logue of The King’s Speech: How One Man Saved the British Monarchy

2011 Oscar nominations for best actor, Colin Firth, best director, Tom Hooper and best picture, as well as Geoffrey Rush for supporting actor in the role of Logue.



On 30 July 2005, the 'White Wardrobe' worn by Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother during
the State Visit to France in July 1938 went on display at Buckingham Palace.
The fine, elegant crinoline and lace creations caused a sensation in Paris, and helped establish Queen Elizabeth's personal style.
Royal couturier Norman Hartnell's special designs captured the imagination of the international press and became the hallmark of the Queen Mother's style. The romantic gowns and day dresses - which the Queen Mother, then Queen Elizabeth, never wore again - were especially made to take into account the sudden death of her mother the Countess of Strathmore.

Jupiter The Planet
BACK to Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. Jupiter, The Philosophic Urge
Comment from The Salad Days "Boxwood Farm was an absolute gem, built
in 1740 or thereabouts. The boxwood was brought over from England..."


The Queen Mother Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon


Royal News Service


Council for British Archaeology
Research A Short History

In 1943 the tide of war had turned and archaeologists in Britain were beginning to contemplate the magnitude of tasks and opportunities that would confront them at the end of hostilities. In London alone more than 50 acres of the City lay in ruins awaiting redevelopment, while the historic centres of Bristol, Canterbury, Exeter, Southampton, and many other towns had suffered devastation.

In response to a resolution from the Oxford Meeting of the Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, Sir Alfred Clapham, then President of the Society of Antiquaries of London, called a meeting of the Congress of Archaeological Societies (founded in 1898) ‘to discuss the requirements of archaeology in the post-war period’. As a result, it was agreed to form a ‘Council for British Archaeology’ to promote, both collectively and through its members, British archaeology in all its aspects.

British Archaeology – and CBA – web site Electronic journal, Internet Archaeology
Dowser link
Dowser at Glamis Castle coming soon!


Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip welcome President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama
G20 and tea party at Buckingham Palace in London, England, April 2009

Barack Obama and Queen Mum share the same birthday, August 4th.
see the Obama comparison with Lincoln



Official Site of the British Royalty

As Queen Elizabeth, Helen Mirren portrays the British monarch facing changes
in her traditional role during the difficult
period following the 1997 death of Princess Diana.

* Venus in the Ascendant
Women with Venus in their First House include:
Joan Allen, Lauren Bacall, Kathleen Battle, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth and her daughter, Queen Elizabeth II, Carol Burnett, Cameron Diaz, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn, Billie Holiday, Angelina Jolie, Rachel McAdams, Linda McCartney, Laura Dern, Linda Evans, Helen Mirren, Sinéad O'Connor, Charlotte Rampling, Selena, Nina Simone, and Grace Slick

Men with Venus in their First House include: Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Cash, George Clooney, Jean Cocteau, Mahatma Gandhi, Kahlil Gibran, Hugh Grant, Wayne Gretzky, Isaac Hayes, Jeremy Irons, Wassily Kandinsky, Jude Law, Jay Leno, Tobey Maguire, Paul Newman, Shaquille O'Neal, Jimmy Page, Luciano Pavarotti, Norman Vincent Peale, Pelé, François Rabelais, and William Shatner

** Check The Last Great Edwardian Lady, by Ingrid Seward



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