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The Robin of Sherwood series is set in an England where magic operates at ground level. Robin is the adopted son of Herne the Hunter, the antlered God of the Forest, Lord of the Trees, and leader of the Wild Hunt. Herne has chosen Robin to fulfill the legend of the Hooded Man who will defend the Saxons against the Norman oppressors and, possibly, defend the old religion against the new, Christianity.

Herne tells Robin, "The powers of Light and Darkness have always been with you." "What do they want of me?" Robin inquires. "Your life. Your strength." "What must I do?" "Act without thinking," he is told.


A N C I E N T    F O R E S T


Came upon an ancient forest
A guiding power had led me there
Walking through the mystic forest
The legend, tale of times gone by.

Once its whisper in the black night
Reflection deep in wooded lands
A floating mist that circles shadows
A legend, tale of times gone by.

Giant trees are are falling night and day
For many years and ages past
Will they ever share the answer
Of legend, tales, and times gone by?

Walking through the mystic forest.....
I'm walking through the mystic forest....

The Mighty Oak Tree
The most famous perhaps is the Major Oak, located in Sherwood Forest and once associated with Robin Hood. Still standing today, although it requires support to prevent it collapsing, it measures 64 feet (20 meters) around its girth. Mainstream legend holds Robin Hood found in Sherwood Forest a hollow oak, that had been struck by lightning, that became his hideout. There he was able to elude the sheriff’s men, one of the clever applications of camouflage that qualify Robin for Trump 0/22 status, as mentioned in The Inheritance, third season ROS. Eventually, the legend says the landmark tree became a meeting place for Robin and his men in green. Also according to history Charles II hid in an Oak tree after his defeat by Cromwell during the Battle of Worcester in 1651, thereafter the Oak was given the name “Royal Oak”.
See The Inheritance you tube

Of old, the strength and elasticity of the Oak made it particularly valuable for house and treehouse building, and shipbuilding. The “Wooden Walls of England” is an old phrase of many connotations; one meaning refers to the stately homes of England, which gave rise to another phrase “Hearts of Oak”, for the Englishman literally made his home from Oak. Edward the Confessor designed his greatest legacy to England, Westminster Abbey, with roof beams of Sessile Oak; they still stand today.
check Arwen's Garden for information about sacred flora, trees, Middle-earth vegetable kingdom

Merlin's Oak is located in a well known historic site, Carmarthen. Merlin is known as the guide and adviser to King Arthur. He's been called a magician, wizard, sorcerer, and a Celtic Priest, Druid and prophet. By tradition, this is the birth place of the mythical magician Merlin, claiming that the origin of the name Carmarthen, or Caerfyrddin comes from Myrddin, the Welsh name for Merlin. In folklore tales from history, one story has it that King Arthur’s Round Table was made from a single slice of Oak, cut from an enormous bole.
Merlin's Oak was probably planted by a schoolmaster in 1659 or 1660, to celebrate the return of King Charles II of England to the throne.



Based on the early computer studies of star charts drawn for movie stars and stage [live] performers, conducted
by Doris Chase Doane

· Birth-charts of movie stars analyzed 100 100%
· Charts with Mars prominent 98 98%
· Charts with Uranus prominent 94 94%
· Charts with Neptune prominent 89 89%

· Fifth House Activity of 100 Movie Stars
· Charts with fifth house active 93 93%

· First House Activity of 100 Movie Stars
· Charts with first house active 91 91%

An energetic personality, the outward expression of unusually active thought-cells of the type mapped by Mars appears to be a requisite for motion picture work. Long working hours under great pressure also need strong Mars thought-cells in order to withstand fatigue, criticism from highstrung fellow employees, and to ward off discouragement. Mars is prominent in 98% of the charts.

Ability to fascinate and express more than ordinary charm, to portray a part so faithfully that others feel it, using better and better methods of portrayal to sway the emotions, requires a magnetic personality. Ingenuity and originality is mapped by Uranus, which is prominent in 94% of the charts.

The constant seeking of an ideal is shown by the prominence of Neptune in 89% of the charts. These thought-cells also map ability used to promote a project, to get recognition for one’s personality, to reproduce a musical symphony, to portray fictional characters; in fact, Neptune prominence indicates the dramatic ability. The actors having Neptune prominent portray a wide variety of roles, while the ability to enact a character played constantly by the same actor does not require the great dramatic talent mapped by Neptune.



Aries - Michael Praed and Peter Llewellyn Williams

Michael Praed ... Robin of Loxley
(11 episodes, 1984-1985)

DOB: 1 April 1960, Gloucestershire, England, UK
Mars, ruling planet @ cusp Aquarius-Pisces
Mercury and Venus [exalted] in Pisces
North Node and Apollo conjunction deposited in Virgo, sign of service and commerce,
indicates a solid connection with worlds of science and trade; strong concern for
less fortunate, the downtrodden.
First and Second Season: Robin Hood, son of Herne The Hunter, Deva of Sherwood Forest

Michael Praed fan

Peter Llewellyn Williams ... Much
(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 21 March 1964, Paddington, London, England, UK
Sun Aries cusp 0 degrees, Mercury 9 Aries, Jupiter 24 Aries
Mars 23 Pisces, Venus 15 Taurus

Aries - (Spring Equinox) March 21 - April 20
1st Cardinal [Fire] sign (Spring Equinox) - Start of year
Planet ruler Mars, the Aggressive Urge
Day: Tuesday
In star chart: the First House of the star chart: the Rising Sign, Ascendant

Aries governs the head, face, blood, and external identity [portrait pix, as driver license, passport picture, etc.]
Flowers and plants: basil, bay, bryonies, eye-bright, honeysuckles, mint, mustard, onion, thistles.
Trees: almond, apple, cherry blossom, hawthorns, thorny trees and bushes.


Jason Connery ... Robert of Huntingdon
(13 episodes, 1986)

DOB: 11 January 1963, London, England, UK
see Jason Connery fanpage

Capricorn - (winter solstice) December 21 - January 19
3rd Cardinal [Earth] sign, the summit
Planet ruler Saturn, the Safety Urge
Day: Saturday, Saturn’s Day
In star chart: the Midheaven the 10th House
visit Jupiter, The Planet and Jupiter in Pisces

Capricorn governs the skeletal frame, especially the knees and cartilage, the teeth and sense of hearing.
Flowers and plants: amaranths, barley, holly, ivy, mistletoe, wild pansies, pansies
Trees: pines and trees that grow near the tree line, alders, flowering ashes, aspens, poplars, willows, yew.


Judi Trott ... Lady Marion
(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 11 November 1962, Plymouth, Devon, England, UK
time unknown

Sun in Scorpio, the Scorpion, Cobra, Eagle/Phoenix, Tarot: Adjustment, Justice
Jupiter in Pisces

Mars 14°27' Leo
Mars square Neptune orb -1°02'
Sun square Mars orb +4°09'
Venus square Mars orb +6°19'

Uranus 4°54' Virgo
Jupiter opposite Uranus orb -1°47'
Uranus conjunction Pluto orb +6°58', see Florence Nightengale
Trump XI The Enchantress

Neptune 13°25' Scorpio
Sun conjunction Neptune orb +5°11'
Mars square Neptune orb -1°02'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb +1°33'
Venus conjunction Neptune orb +7°21'

Scorpio - Scorpion, Cobra, Eagle/Phoenix October 23 - November 21
2nd Water sign [Fixed] - reflex sign: Taurus
Planet ruler Pluto, or Dis Pater "the rich one" the Universal Welfare Urge
Day: Tuesday, a sympathic harmony with Mars
In Star chart: the 8th House of initiation, surrender, and soul powers

Scorpio governs the hidden reproductive system, skull sense of radar, portion of the subtle bodies.
Flowers and plants: broom, cactus, lotus, water plants, geraniums, ginger, ginseng, rhododendrons, thistles, mint tea
if used during childbirth, orchids
Trees: blackthorns, trees that grow in water, bushes.


Nickolas Grace - Robert de Rainault, (17 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 21 November 1947, West Kirby, Merseyside, England, UK, Sun in Scorpio


Taurus - John Abineri and Phil Rose

John Abineri ... Herne the Hunter
(17 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 18 May 1928, London, England, UK
DOD: 29 June 2000, Bath, Somerset, England, UK

"Robin Hood: Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (#1.1)" (1984)
Herne the Hunter: They are all waiting. The blinded, the maimed, the men locked in the stinking dark all wait for you. Children with swollen bellies hiding in ditches wait. The poor, the dispossessed, they all wait. You are their hope. You cannot escape. So must it be. Robin in the Hood!

Veteran actor with the Old Vic Theatre in London, England
his actor profile imdb uk

Phil Rose ... Friar Tuck
(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

2 May 1952, Manchester, England, UK

Taurus, the Winged Bull April 21 - May 20
1st Earth [Fixed] sign - reflex sign is Scorpio
Planet ruler: Venus, the Social Urge
Day: Friday

In the star chart, the 2nd House governs the neck, throat, several vertebrae of the upper spine, often vulnerable as Taurus will use speaking skill in the profession.
Taurus is concrete, realistic, steady, loyal, robust, constructive, and tenacious. You need security, but you can be also stubborn, possessive, and may stay with tradition when it is possible to improvise and modernize a script.
Flowers and plants: daisies, digitales, lily, iris, poppies, primroses, roses, violets.
Trees: ash trees, banyan tree, cypress, fig-trees, pear tree.

Gemini - Philip Jackson, Clive Mantle, and Mark Ryan

Philip Jackson ... Abbot Hugo de Rainault
the Sheriff's brother

(7 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 18 June 1948, Retford, Nottinghamshire, England, UK

Other works
(1993) He acted in William Shakespeare's play, "King Lear," at the Royal Court Theatre in London, England
with Tom Wilkinson, Hugh Ross, Iain Glen, Adrian Dunbar, Andy Serkis, Lia Williams, Saskia Reeves,
Cara Kelly, Peter-Hugo Daly, and Jason Watkins in the cast. Max Stafford-Clark was director.

(1983) He acted in William Shakespeare's plays, "Romeo and Juliet" and "A Midsummer's Night Dream,"
in the Royal Shakespeare Company National West Tour with Penny Downie (R&J-Lady Capulet;
Dream- Titania & Hippolyta). John Caird and Sheila Hancock were directors
Source: imdb uk

Clive Mantle
Little John

(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 3 June 1957, Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, UK

Mark Ryan ... Nasir
(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 7 June 1956, Doncaster, Yorkshire, England, UK more

Gemini - Twins May 21 - June 21
1st Air [Mutable] sign - reflex sign: Sagittarius
Planet ruler Mercury, Analysis
Day: Wednesday

In the Star Chart: Third house of the lower mind, brothers, sisters, the hood, all that is self taught, psychic activity [higher mind: 9th house is theurgy, transmediumship, bibliophile]
Gemini represents communication, logical and rational mind, intellectual skills, in anatomy the arms, hands, lungs, 'dowsing nerve' in the wrist; animation and nervous system. Particular care should be given to diet; cereals and nerve goods being essentials.
Flowers and plants: carrots, dill, honeysuckle, lavender, licorice, mandrake, parsley, St. John’s, Wort, valerian, and all plants whose medicines remove obstructions. Trees: orange, filbert, hazel, walnut


Nasir from Robin of Sherwood
, creator of the Greenwood Tarot and writer of a Robin Hood comic book story.
Conducted and transcribed by Allen W. Wright

AWW: So, how did you first learn about Robin Hood?

MR: It was just very much a part of the local history, For example, there is a place outside of Scarborough called Robin Hood's Bay. Wherever you go in Yorkshire, and obviously in Nottingham but more so in Yorkshire and further north, there's Robin Hood's Well, Robin Hood's Bay, Robin Hood's Cave. Wherever you go in Yorkshire, Robin Hood is literally all over the place. So I grew up with it in my psyche.
Full article

Aquarius - Robert Addie, Jeremy Bullock, and Ray Winstone


Robert Addie ... Sir Guy of Gisburne
(21 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 10 February 1960, London, England, UK
DOD: 20 November 2003, Cheltenham, England, UK


Jeremy Bulloch ... Edward of Wickham
(8 episodes, 1985-1986)

DOB: 16 February 1945, Market Harborough, Leicestershire, England, UK

Ray Winstone ... Will Scarlet
(24 episodes, 1984-1986)

DOB: 19 February 1957, Hackney, London, England, UK
time unknown
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Sun in Aquarius, the Water Bearer, the Cup Bearer, Tarot: The Enchantress

Mars 13°29' Taurus
Venus square Mars orb -3°34'

Uranus 3°53' Rx Leo
Uranus square Neptune orb -1°22'
Jupiter sextile Uranus orb -3°52'

Neptune 2°31' Rx Scorpio
Sun trine Neptune orb -1°55'
Uranus square Neptune orb -1°22'
Neptune sextile Pluto orb +3°20'


Aquarius - Water Carrier, Urn January 20 - February 18
3rd Air [Fixed] sign - reflex sign: Leo
Planet ruler Uranus, Reformer
Day: Saturday, a sympathic harmony with Saturn
In Star chart: the 11th House of boundless space

Aquarius governs the ankles, lower leg, health and circulation of blood, and co-rules animation and respiration with Mercury. Brain and blood building foods are required, but stimulants and fat or greasy foods should be avoided.
Flowers and plants: dancing ladies, moss, orchids, quince, snow drops. Brain and blood building foods are required, but stimulants and fat or greasy foods should be avoided.
Trees: pine, fruit trees.




Creator of Robin of Sherwood
Interview conducted and transcribed by Allen W. Wright

AWW: Why do you think the legend of Robin Hood has endured for so long?

RC: It has elements of anarchy in it which I think everyone finds appealing. It is romantic and swashbuckling. Robin shares a dare-devil cheek with characters like Till Eilenspiegel. He is an archetype of the man fighting against injustice and that makes him immortal.
Full article


The Hooded Man


Tradition has it the European practice was to ask the tree's permission before cutting a branch. The appropriate rhymes, first recited with all due respect, are as follows:
'Owd Gal, give me of thy wood, an Oi will give some of moine, when I graws inter a tree'.


Some of the Robin of Sherwood Locations

· Bamburg Castle (Northumberland) - Castle Belleme exterior (Robin Hood & The Sorceror)
· Barton Hill Trading Estate (Bristol) - 2nd Series interiors like the Hounds of Lucifer's black mass (The Swords of Wayland), Lilith's barn (The Enchantment), the Sheriff's bedchamber and one or two of Prince John's chambers (The Prophesy)
· Brent Knoll (East Brent, Highbridge Somerset) - Rhiannon's Wheel (Robin Hood and the Sorceror/The King's Fool), Ring of the Nine Maidens (The Time of the Wolf)
· Caldicott Castle (Gwent, Wales) - Gwydion Castle entrance (The Swords of Wayland), wall of Caerleon Castle that Will scales (The Inheritance), Grimstone Abbey (The Time of the Wolf); Malmesbury Abbey (Malmesbury, Wiltshire) - Gwydion Castle exteriors in The Swords of Wayland
· Gwydion Castle - Caldicott Castle (entrance), Tithe Barn (great hall), Malmesbury Abbey (exterior) (The Swords of Wayland)
· Ravenscar Abbey - Wells Cathedral (steps, main hall, crypt), St Michael's Mount (exterior), Barton Hill Trading Estate (black mass) (The Swords of Wayland)
· Rhiannon's Wheel - Brent Knoll (Robin Hood and the Sorceror/The King's Fool)
· Ring of the Nine Maidens - Brent Knoll (The Time of the Wolf); BTW: the "stones" were good old theatrical polystyrene!
· Wells Cathedral (Wells, Somerset) - steps to Marion's room in Nottingham Castle (Robin Hood and the Sorceror), steps & main hall in Ravenscar Abbey (The Swords of Wayland), Ravenscar crypt (The Swords of Wayland), cloisters at Kirklees Abbey

source: The Spirit of Sherwood



Nothing's forgotten....nothing's ever forgotten


The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

"Hold!" cried Robin, when at last the other had come close to him. "Hold! Stand where thou art!"

"Wherefore should I hold, good fellow?" said the stranger in soft and gentle voice. "And wherefore should I stand where I am? Ne'ertheless, as thou dost desire that I should stay, I will abide for a short time, that I may hear what thou mayst have to say to me."

"Then," quoth Robin, "as thou dost so fairly do as I tell thee, and dost give me such soft speech, I will also treat thee with all due courtesy. I would have thee know, fair friend, that I am, as it were, a votary at the shrine of Saint Wilfred who, thou mayst know, took, willy-nilly, all their gold from the heathen, and melted it up into candlesticks. Wherefore, upon such as come hereabouts, I levy a certain toll, which I use for a better purpose, I hope, than to make candlesticks withal. Therefore, sweet chuck, I would have thee deliver to me thy purse, that I may look into it, and judge, to the best of my poor powers, whether thou hast more wealth about thee than our law allows. For, as our good Gaffer Swanthold sayeth, 'He who is fat from overliving must needs lose blood.'"

-Howard Pyle, The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood


Concerning Mummers

Like St. George of the mummers plays, Robin Hood became, somewhat later, the centre of a whole cluster of folk drama-and the professional stage has seen Robin Hood not once or twice, but many times, in its four-century history. It is quite likely that the surviving mummers plays also have given rise to, or are descended from, performances once much more substantial and amusing, for there are records of St. George plays or shows performed before Edward III in 1348, at Coventry in 1474, and at Bassingbourne in 1511. But it is fair to say that the folk-material stream (which is by no means fully represented by St. George and Robin Hood), although it is the most ancient tributary, sends the thinnest trickle into the flood of modern drama. Or perhaps it contributes an influence pervasive but difficult to isolate, analyse, or estimate, for the courtly masque, later attractive to the pens of Ben Jonson and John Milton, is at least first cousin to the mumming play; and it need hardly be proved that the masque with its spectacular features and its elaborate stage scenery and machines made a great contribution to the physical stage. The folk influence upon our drama in a word, is Protean and Antæan: elusive in form and shape, and difficult to pin down.



Twelfth Night Mummers

On a global calendar, January 5 is the Festival of Twelfth Night that concluded the twelve days of Christmas. The celebration opened with the choosing of a King and Queen of the Bean by serving two cakes - one to the men and one to the women. A bean, jewel or glass bead was inserted in the cakes. The man and woman who received the beans were declared King and Queen.

When supper was finished, the celebrants gathered to wassail (drink a toast to) the trees. They either went outside to the oldest tree or surrounded a tree placed in the hall. Some assembled around mock trees. They toasted the tree with cider, and each cup contained three pieces of seed cake. After toasting, they ate one piece of cake, and offered the other two pieces to the tree. After this, they sang and circled the tree, then poured out the rest of their cider at the tree's roots. With this done, they shouted and made as much noise as possible.

Celebrations like this were highlighted with mumming. Plays and skits were acted out by performers, some of whom were nobles, others of whom were not. They could be traveling professionals, but usually the mummings were performed by locals. One type of mumming was the hobby horse. A highly decorated wire and straw frame surrounded a mummer who mimicked a knight astride his steed.

For the final event of the night, which was performed at midnight, all the candles were doused. Suddenly a light appeared. It may have been a candle on a long pole, or a lighted chandelier that was pulled along the top of the hall by a series of pulleys. Three actors followed the light and mummed the play of the three magi. Once they defeated Herod, the festival came to an end.



(Reference Guide Only - This List Is Abbreviated - see Arwen's Garden)

SATURN: Lilly mentions 48 plants, including all anodynes and narcotic poisons, which are under the rule of this planet. TREES: PINE, POMEGRANATE, ELM, WLLOW, CYPRESS, YEW; The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: F ~ Saturday, The Alder; M. P. Hall adds: Barley, parsnip, spinach, nightshade, moss, hemp, holly, wintergreen, mandrake, senna, tamarisk, ivy, vervain, and rue.

JUPITER TREES: THE OAK, LIME, LINDEN, BIRCH, OLIVE, MULBERRY, ASH, ALMOND, SEVERAL BERRIES; The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: D ~ Juppiter governs Thursday, The Oak, Terebinth. Lilly records Apples, spice, and 172 others. M. P. Hall adds: Asparagus, sage, leeks, nutmegs, cloves, rhubarb, strawberries, mints, sugar-cane, myrrh, currants, dandelion, daisy.

MARS TREES: THOSE THAT ARE THORNY AND PRICKLY, KERM; The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: T ~ Tuesday, The Holly. Lilly lists Mustard, radish, all pungent and thorny plants. M. P. Hall adds: Onion garlic, hops, horse-radish, peppers, radish, ginger, hemlock, cactus, gentian, all thistles, briars and nettles. Garlic, like Ginseng, cleans the blood, gives positive energy. (Pluto: Belladonna)

SOL TREES: LAUREL, BAY-TREE, CITRUS, WALNUT, PALM. The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: B ~ Birch, Sunday. Lilly lists Vervain, St. John’s wort, orange, hyacinth, 100 more. M. P. Hall adds: Rice, yellow poppy, sunflower, saffron, cinnamon, pepper, peony, marigold, musk, yellow honey, frankincense, and all aromatic herbs. (Additions from Agrippa: Ash, cedar, balm, ginger, gentain, dittany, balsam, sweet marjoram, amber, vine, mint, and more)

LUNA TREES: THE PALM, WILLOW, TREES ABOUNDING IN SAP, (YIN Factor). The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: S ~ Monday. Lilly gives The Moon rulership of Lotus, lily, poppies, mushrooms, vines, and about 200 others; M. P. Hall adds: Melons, cucumbers, pumpkins, cabbage, endive, turnips, sea-weed, hyssop, lettuce, watercress, gourd, rosemary, night-growing plants.

VENUS TREES: THE FIG-TREE, ALMOND, APPLE, APRICOT, ASH, CYPRESS, GRAPES & other VINES, PEACH, PEAR, QUINCE, POMEGRANATE, MYRTLE. Orris Root, several aphrodisiacs and anodynes; Lilly adds myrrh & about 220 more. The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: Q ~ Friday, The Apple. M. P. Hall adds: Peppermint, gooseberry, goldenrod, ferns, wheat, violets, daffodils, roses, lilies, all sweet-smelling spices and perfumes.

MERCURY TREES: WALNUT, FILBERT, HAZEL, ALMOND; Lilly includes Valerian, trefoil, about 100 more. The Days of The Week, according to Graves Tree Alphabet: C ~ Wednesday, The Hazel (or Ash). M. P. Hall adds: Carrots, caraway seeds, calamint, horehound, parsley, licorice, lavender, all plants whose medicines remove obstructions. Cayce readings recommend 5 raw walnuts daily for asthma attacks.

go ARWEN'S GARDEN for information about plant and tree uses in Natural Alchemy - under construction

from part 1 of a West Coast Magazine article by Rev. DonnaKova Dauser
Mystic Tree History, Poems and Spiritual Heraldry as Art


Jason Connery
Michael Praed

Masked World Who was that masked man? Note ROS & Mark Ryan's Greenwood Tarot - go The Zone [part 2] for The Fool Trump, featured in The Inheritance


Robin Hood in Movies

Sean Connery Star Menu
Robin Hood -- Prince of Thieves
Russell Crowe

Colour Palette The Green Wave, Akasha Black, Emerald Green, and Golden Wave, Transparent Wave

index Bold Outlaw
The Robin Hood Project, The University of Rochester


Maid Marian
re Robin Hood and the Sorcerer Wizard and Woman

scenes from Robin Hood Friar Tuck carries Robin across the river
scene from, Robin Hood and His Merry Men Black Knight in the Forest

Sheriff of Nottingham





Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchette - return home from Crusades
Robin Hood backstage
Robin Hood (2010) Official Theatrical Trailer 2:30

Russell Crowe has his Sun exalted 16° Aries 47' - Moon: 1° Aquarius 51'
ASC: 20° Aquarius 33' - MC: 12° Scorpio 07'

If Russell Crowe had lived during the time of the Crusades, his combined of Aries, Aquarius, and Scorpio would support an affiliation with, and commitment to, the Charter as described in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. His Neptune [Utopia Search] conjunct his Midheaven [reputation, public image] actually supports multiple characters [Gladiator, A Good Year, and Robin Hood] for the same reason - the love of El Dorado and the journey that leads to it. How appropriate Cate Blanchette, Middle-earth Lady of the Golden Wood, would be Crowe's co-star is this compelling version of England's challenging passage to peace after the Crusades.

Crowe's Ascendant suggests he is an original thinker, known for his independence of mind but open to discussion during negotiations. The sign Aquarius often sparks inventive genius in experimental film and documentary work, as well as special effects [see Virtuosity] or new technology. There may be a strong attraction to astrology, occultism, mesmerism, hypnotism, spiritualism, psychic research, drugless healing, dream therapy, telepathy, and other areas of interest that run parallel to medical, intuitive, and metaphysical research. The Moon in the Twelfth House of spiritual treasure inclines to poetry, multi-lingual communication skill, the occult, global consciousness, marine life and love of the sea [go Master and Commander].

There may be a wish to observe the curious factor in all things, what is out of the ordinary, the chemistry of all that is new and odd; anything that challenges the status quo will probably hold some degree of interest. This sign is also drawn to inventions, electricity, self-propelled mechanisms, complex points and intersections where diverse orbs converge [A Beautiful Mind]. However, there may be many changes of residence or occupation because of the planet ruler of Aquarius that, like the Sun in Aries, relishes a look at what's "on the other side of the mountain."




10-Disc Complete Collection Robin of Sherwood with 26 episodes, digitally remastered,
runnning 22 hours, with 17 hours of extras. Acorn Media
Robin of Sherwood DVD episode list

Medieval Main Dish * Claret Cup - Medieval Beverage



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