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Source: IMDB
Run time: 121 minutes

Directed by Richard Donner

Writing credits Edward Khmara (story)

Screenplay Edward Khmara, Michael Thomas,
Tom Mankiewicz, and David Webb Peoples
(as David Peoples)

Produced by Harvey Bernhard, executive producer
Richard Donner, producer
Lauren Shuler Donner, producer (as Lauren Shuler)






Matthew Broderick    Phillipe Caston, the Mouse
Rutger Hauer             Captain Etienne Navarre
Michelle Pfeiffer       Isabeau d'Anjou
Leo McKern              Father Imperius the Monk
John Wood               Bishop of Aquila
Ken Hutchison           Marquet


LADYHAWKE Richard Donner, best known for helming the Lethal Weapon series and original Superman I & II, directed and co-produced Ladyhawke. His wife, Lauren Shuler, the producer, who put the whole 'Ladyhawke' package together, had worked for almost four years to get this movie into flight, after having bought up the option from an original script by Edward Khmara. The origins of Ladyhawke date back to a famous feudal legend, recorded as early as the 13th century. Production Team and Cast.

Matthew Broderick's character, Phillipe, [aka 'the Mouse'] quickly made a reputation for himself as the first and only prisoner to escape the dungeons of Aquilla. He is saved from the soldiers of Aquilla by Etienne Navarre, a knight who was once their Captain. The Mouse enters the life of Navarre and Ladyhawke at a turning point, when all the players are about to be transformed. The seeming unending tragedy of two lovers is the center of the story. Isabeau d'Anjou (Michelle Pfeiffer), is cursed to become a hawk every day at sunrise and Navarre (Rutger Hauer) transforms into a black wolf at sunset. They can only meet one another as humans at dawn and dusk. The curse was cast by an evil sorcerer-bishop (John Wood) who publicly proclaimed, "If I cannot have her, then no man shall." Once Navarre learns of the successful escape from the dungeon everything changes. Navarre reunites with an alienated confidant, the bishop's confessor, Father Imperius (Leo McKern) who was trusted by Isabeau and Navarre in happier days. Navarre, Mouse, and the monk join forces. Together they struggle to conquer the villain, lift the curse, and restore Ladyhawke to her human form.


Binary Solution
- several are mentioned in the story

The Eclipse
Hawk and Black Defending Wolf
The reflex relationship between Trump III and Trump IX
Royal Marriage
The Bishop's Staff and Navarre's Sword

Carl Jung wrote about rebirth from an early life perspective; then once he rediscovered alchemy, in his final years. This comment is culled from his first sojourn through the labyrinthine body of material related to the power of self-renewal:

Rebirth: the birth, that is to say, of a “twice born” ego, no longer bound in by its daylight-world horizon. It is now known to be but the reflex of a larger self, its proper function being to carry the energies of an archetypal instinct system into fruitful play in a contemporary space-time daylight situation. One is now no longer afraid of nature; nor of nature’s child, society – which is monstrous too, and in fact cannot be otherwise; it would otherwise not survive. The new ego is in accord with all this, in harmony, at peace; and, as those who have returned from the journey tell, life is then richer, stronger, and more joyous.

The whole problem, it would seem, is somehow to go through it, even time and again, without shipwreck; the answer being not that one should not be permitted to go crazy; but that one should have been taught something already of the scenery to be entered and powers likely to be met, given a formula of some kind by which to recognize, subdue them, and incorporate their energies. Siegfried, when he had slain Fafnir, took a taste of the dragon blood and immediately found, to his own surprise, that he understood the language of nature, both his own nature and nature without. He did not himself become a dragon, though he had derived from the dragon its powers – of which, however, he lost control when he returned to the world of general mankind.
-C. G. Jung, On the Psychology and Pathology of So-called Occult Phenomena 1902

Binary Solutions in Tarot Trump XIV
Trump XIX The Sun soulmate links
Women Rock Mercury in the Signs
What Lies Beneath - environment as a character in storytelling, see Etheric Double


Alchemy and Symbols

Aureole In Sun-Moon Symbolism
~ The golden halos around the heads of pagan gods and Christian saints refer both to their being bathed in the glory of the sun and also to the fact that a spiritual sun within their own natures is radiating its glow-ray and surrounding them with celestial splendor. Whenever the nimbus is composed of straight radiant lines, it is solar in significance; whenever curved lines are used for beams, it partakes of the lunar nature; whenever they are united, it symbolizes an harmonious blending of both principles.

The circular nimbus is solar and masculine, while the lozenge-shaped nimbus, or vesica piscis, lunar and feminine. The same symbolism is preserved in the circular and lozenge-shaped windows of cathedrals...
-Manly P. Hall

Antidote for Discordant Venus
Social Thought-Cells

Love, affection and friendship, while not antagonistic to safety and self-interest, yet possess a vibratory quality which softens their hardness. Observation and experience show that excess of such emotional qualities, or their discords, are quickly and beneficially modified by the application of caution, system and forethought.


Lunar Eclipse Years

Eclipse Calculator ~ long eclipse cycles provided

Note that according to the sources available these dates are held to be reliable:

It is possible to have three total lunar eclipses within one (Western) calendar year. Since the begin of the Christian era, this occurred in 307, 372, 437, 828, 893, 958, 1414, 1479, 1544, 1917 and 1982. The next trio of total lunar eclipses will not occur until 2485.

When partial and penumbral eclipses are included it is possible to have four or even five lunar eclipses within one (Western) calendar year. Since the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar quartets occurred in:
1582, 1593, 1600, 1611, 1615, 1629, 1633, 1637, 1640, 1651, 1658, 1669, 1680, 1684, 1687, 1698, 1702, 1705, 1709, 1712, 1716, 1720, 1723, 1727, 1734, 1738, 1741, 1745, 1752, 1756, 1763, 1767, 1774, 1781, 1785, 1792, 1803, 1806, 1810, 1814, 1821, 1828, 1832, 1839, 1843, 1846, 1850, 1857, 1861, 1864, 1868, 1886, 1890, 1897, 1908, 1915, 1926, 1933, 1944, 1951, 1973 and 1991.

The next quartets will be in 2009, 2020, 2038, 2056, 2085 and 2096.

Quintets are of course much rarer and since the introduction of the Gregorian calendar they have only occurred in 1676, 1694, 1749 and 1879. The next quintet will not occur until 2132.

For eclipses of any kind (but excluding penumbral lunar eclipses) it is even possible to have seven in one (Western) calendar year. Since the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar this occurred in 1591, 1656, 1787, 1805, 1917, 1935 and 1982. The next septet will be in 2094.

N.B. This list is based on Von Oppolzer’s tables and does not include penumbral lunar eclipses.

Rahu & Ketu - Sanskrit epic poem, the Mahabharata

Hindu astronomers, from the time of Gupta (about 300 a.d.), understood that eclipses were caused by the shadows of the Earth or Moon, depending, and that the story of Rahu and Ketu was just a story. However they also understood that an eclipse can only occur only when the Sun and Moon are close to the point in their respective orbits where the path of the Sun crosses the path of the Moon. The Sun moves against the background of stars around the entire sky in the course of a year. This path is called the ecliptic. The Moon moves around the entire sky in the course of about 27 days, and its path is such that it crosses the ecliptic in two places. The place where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic moving northward is called the ascending node and the place where the path of the Moon crosses the ecliptic moving south is called the descending node. Thus the Moon crosses the ecliptic at the ascending node, roughly 14 days later crosses the ecliptic again at the descending node, and roughly 14 days later it is back to the ascending node crossing.

Homer's Epic Poem

After arguing about the point for hundreds of years, historians, astronomers and classicists can finally agree on a central moment in time based on clues in Homer's writing. A new look at details that pertain to ancient celestial [navigation] maps may help define the dates of two main events in The Iliad and The Odyssey, the sack of Troy and the return of Odysseus to his long suffering wife Penelope. Rockefeller University scientists believe they have found some overlooked passages that, taken together, may shed new light on the timing of an epic journey.

Newswire reports that Marcelo O. Magnasco, head of the Laboratory of Mathematical Physics, and his colleague Constantino Baikouzis of the Proyecto Observatorio at the Observatorio Astronómico in La Plata, Argentina, combed through The Odyssey to find specific astronomical references that could be precisely identified as occurring on specific days throughout Odysseus’s journey. Then they aligned each of those dates with the date of Odysseus’s return, the same day he murders the suitors who had taken advantage of his long absence to court his wife.

The final computer reconstruction of the sky at 12:02 P.M. on April 16, 1178 BCE over the Ionian Islands shows the eclipse, and the five ancient visible planets Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn and Mars all visible. This is extremely significant because ancient patterns that involve alchemy are based on the seven metals associated with the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. On the day of the eclipse there may have been a perfect marriage between the final stage of an historical journey and the last step in the philosophic/alchemical operation known as 'The Great Work.' Carl Jung refers to the dream version of this process [as a series of sequential engagements with each ore] in Psychology and Alchemy.

In research published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the researchers describe four celestial events. The day of the slaughter is, as Homer writes more than once, also a new moon (something that’s also a prerequisite for a total eclipse). Six days before the slaughter, Venus is visible and high in the sky. Twenty-nine days before, two constellations — the Pleiades and Boötes — are simultaneously visible at sunset. And 33 days before, Homer may be suggesting that Mercury is high at dawn and near the western end of its trajectory. (Homer actually writes that Hermes — known to the Romans as Mercury — traveled far west only to deliver a message and fly all the way back east again; Magnasco and Baikouzis interpret this as a reference to the planet).

Astronomically, these four phenomena recur at different intervals of time, so together they never recur in exactly the same pattern. Therefore Baikouzis and Magnasco looked to see whether there was any date within a hundred years of the fall of Troy that would fit the pattern of the astronomical timeline. There was only one: April 16, 1178 BCE, the same day that astronomers had calculated the occurrence of a total solar eclipse. "Not only is this corroborative evidence that this date might be something important," Magnasco says, "but if we take it as a given that the death of the suitors happened on this particular eclipse date, then everything else described in The Odyssey happens exactly as is described."

BACK Second Breakfast for more about the solar eclipse that is mentioned in The Odyssey.

Old Farmers Almanac


The Midsummer Oracle

Ladyhawke - the transformation 3:10

On Midsummer Eve any girl who wishes to peep into the future walks backward in a garden and, without speaking a word, gathers a rose. She wraps the flower in a sheet of white paper and does not look at it again until Christmas Day, when it will be found to be as fresh as it was in June. If she then places it in her bosom, he who is to be her husband will come and take it out. But if, prompted by curiosity, she pries into the packet before the appointed time, the charm will be broken.

A rose picked at midnight on Midsummer Eve will tell all about a lover. If it is still fresh in the morning, it shows that the loved one is true. If it is faded, he is indifferent. If it is withered, he no longer loves you. And if the petals fall, he will soon depart from your life.

A very ancient custom in vogue on the eve of the anxiously awaited fourteenth of February is as follows: On the night before Valentine’s Day, take five bay leaves and pin them to your pillow. One goes on each of the four corners, and the fifth goes in the center. If you then dream of your sweetheart, you will be told if you will or will not be married before the year is out.



Michelle Pfeiffer DOB 29 April, Taurus Sun Sign
POB Santa Ana, California

Taurus, the Winged Bull
Planet ruler: Venus, the Social Urge

Within the constellation of Taurus, the great star Aldeberon, the 7 Pleiades, and 5 Hyades
Within the cycle of an entire year: time window from April 20 – May 20, when the bull or ox slowly traces furrows in the soil and prepares for planting; Mother Nature; The Goddess; Venus Genetrix: rest, joy of life, fidelity, might of horsepower

Biochemic Salt: Sodium sulphate, which helps to prevent water retention in the body. Sulfate of Soda and additional supplements can be obtained from eating artichoke heart salad, Bat Cave Pizza, Beef Stroganoff, beets, cabbage, Casamigos Tequila, cassolette of langoustine lobster, cauliflower [especially in the green parts], cucumbers, gingerbread, grapes, honey, horseradish, lasagna, lettuce, onions, peach cobbler, plum pudding, pomegranate kefir, pomegranate liquor, pumpkins, pumpkin seeds, radishes, rainbow trout, rose wine, spinach, Swiss chard, tacos, tequila sunrise, vichyssoise, wine.
Teas are Colt’s foot for dry cough, Echinacea, Figwort [bruised root] applied to bruises thought to reduce swelling, Lemon Verbena, Lapsang Souchong, Lovage, from medieval times the root used to clear the skin [when boiled down and used as a rinse on the face], Thyme will strengthen lungs and settle stomach, White Pine, Yarrow.
Cook with Ginger, Sage, Thyme, Coconut Oil and all sweet smelling spices.

Gemstones: Emerald, Jade, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Hyacinth, Moss Agate Venus Stones may include: Coral, Alabaster, Beryl [check The Stone Gallery]
Metal: Copper

Physical Body: Rules the throat, neck, Eustachian tubes, carotid artery, larynx, tonsils, neck vertebrae of the spine, thyroid gland and lower brain functions. By reflex to Scorpio, Taurus reacts upon the reproductive system.

Bach Flower Remedy: Cherry Plum: to control fear of being out of control
Perfumes: Musk, Rose – Drugs: All anodynes
Affirmation: "My energy is at my disposal."

Movies include: Country, Bagdad Café, Brewster’s Millions, Desk Set, Greed [silent], Inside Man, Intolerable Cruelty, Love Among the Ruins, The Magic Christian, One Fine Day
Passion Flower, Shortcut to Happiness, Tequila Sunrise, The Turning Point, Wall Street

One Fine Day Trailer 2:42
Double Taurus: Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney! - Melanie Parker (Pfeiffer) is juggling single parenthood with a career as an architect. Jack Taylor (Clooney) is a commitment-shy newspaper columnist who only has his daughter every other weekend.

Recommended Reading: The Adonis Complex, The Chalice and The Blade, In Search of the Beloved

Women Rock Mercury in the Signs of the Zodiac

The First Miracle at Fatima, May 13, 1917
Apparation in Aljustrel, Fatima, Portugal

Sun: 22° Taurus 06'
Moon: 14° Aquarius 06' in the Seventh House, conjunct the cusp
Ascendant: 12° Leo 52'
Midheaven: 2° Taurus 56'
Neptune: The Search for Utopia - deposited in the Twelfth House of Pisces [sign of
Jesus Christ, the Dying Water God] in the Sun's sign, Leo @ 2°20' - Neptune is conjunct Saturn [wide]

Note that all the lights and planets appear ABOVE the horizon; that means everything was clearly visible and no concealment or trickery was on the menu - no white-haired wizard behind the curtain. Traditionally, those heavenly bodies in your star chart that appear above the horizon symbolize the characteristics others easily recognize in your personality and are included in your 'public record'.

The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima
Director: John Brahm 1952

There are written, filmed, and DVD versions about The Miracle of Fatima. Three illiterate shepherd children in Portugal experienced visions of a beautiful lady in a cloud. On many levels the spiritual story is a challenging one, regardless of personal philosophy, spiritual affiliation, or scientific assessment of the account of the miracles.

In October, people gathered at the site where the children saw the lady, just outside Fatima. They watched the sun trace designs in the sky while in a collective altered state. Many believers who attended the gatherings did not see anything out of the ordinary. Others not in attendance, who lived over 25 miles away, reported that the sun appeared to change colors and rotate, like a fire wheel, casting off multicolored light across the landscape.

Since the physical sun was seen as part of the phenomena, we know the group watched something that was operating as a lower octave vision. The sun and moon establish our system of time, or more exactly, the measurements we keep of the sun and moon help with the way we mark up time.

Because the sun was reported to have moved in a way inconsistent with the laws of the physical universe, we know the collective was moved to see the heavens 'open' up to the parallel level we refer to as the astrosome, or the environment of our dreams. The astrosome is 'where our dreams unfold' when we are in REM.

There are many places on this earth where the laws of physics do not apply, where they are literally suspended. Some of these powerful points are considered sacred, others are places where ley lines cross, and many are yet to be discovered. We know we have not yet uncovered all the places where miracles occur, nor have we a complete record of all the miracles that have occurred over the history of the human race. It is fair to say that Fatima is a find - one of those places where the laws of physics are not wholly rooted in the solid texture of 'time and space' properties in our material world plane of consciousness.

It is true that the sign Taurus is that of The Temple, or Sacred Place, however we must also be conscious of other sciences that were once part of the Temple of Isis. We must, like Pythagoras, and young Prince Moses, also study methods once used routinely to verify we are building in the right place.

Most people who attempt to discredit the visions at Fatima, specifically the miracle of the sun, do not study dream analysis, or at least seem unfamiliar with the studies of Carl G. Jung and other analysts who interpret parts of the dream as parts of the dreamer. Their comments often begin with historical facts, stats & data, and then skip to a rant about scientific facts that certify the miracle at Fatima could not have happened. True there were no mechanical, technical, and scientific instruments to record and register facts about the miracle of the sun in 1917. But there is nothing in cement that requires anyone to believe the event occurred in the material world plane of consciousness.

The Blessed Virgin Mary allegedly appeared in Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 to three children, Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco. On July 13, 1917, around noon, the luminous lady is said to have entrusted the children with three secrets. Two of the secrets were revealed in 1941 in a document written by Lúcia, at the request of the Bishop of Leiria, José da Silva, partly to assist with the publication of a new edition of a book on Jacinta.

The third secret is one of great curiousity, even now. When asked by the Bishop of Leiria in 1943 to reveal the third secret, Lúcia struggled for a short period, being "not yet convinced that God had clearly authorized her to act." She was under strict obedience in accordance with her Carmelite life, and conflicted as to whether she should obey her superiors, or the personal orders she had heard from Mary. However, in October 1943 she fell ill with influenza and pleurisy, the same illness which had killed her cousins, and for a time believed she was about to die.

The bishop of Leiria then ordered her to put the third in writing. Lucia then wrote down the secret and sealed it in an envelope not to be opened until either 1960, or at her death, whichever came first. She designated 1960 because she thought that "by then it will appear clearer." The text of the third secret was officially released by Pope John Paul II in 2000, although some claim that it was not the real secret revealed by Lucia, despite assertions from the Vatican to the contrary. There is doubt because of the tradition around the secret, and the belief that there were several Popes who opened the envelope, read the prophecy, then resealed the envelope, not to be opened until later on.

The visions culminated in an alleged solar miracle on October 13, the miracle of the sun. In this miracle, the sun allegedly changed colour and zigzagged around the sky and almost came down on a crowd of people. The miracle was supposedly seen by up to 70,000 people who had gathered to be with the children during their visions.

Lúcia dos Santos
March 22, 1907 - February 13, 2005

Born: Lúcia de Jesus Rosa Santos in Aljustrel, Fatima (Portugal)
Sister Lúcia of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart, better known as Sister Lúcia of Jesus, was a Portuguese visionary and Roman Catholic Carmelite nun. She was the last of the children who took part in the Miracle at Fatima. Wikipedia mentions a possible alternate day of birth, "Even though Lúcia's birthday is registered as March 22, 1907, her actual date of birth is March 28. In those days it was required that parents bring their children for baptism on the eighth day after birth or face a fine, and, because March 30 was a more convenient day, the 22nd was chosen as her birthday."

Her Sun 1° Aries 05' and her Moon 9° Moonchild 51'
Ascendant: 24° Libra 36' - Midheaven: 28° Moonchild 11'
Destiny Path 6

· In 1932, the Catholic Church authorized devotion to Our Lady of Fatima, under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary. Since then, thousands of persons have made pilgrimages to Fatima.

From infancy, Lúcia was recognized as especially precocious and was a particular favorite of young and old alike. Buoyed by an open, cheerful temperament and lively intelligence, she organized games, prayers, dances, and other initiatives among the children of the village.
Her sufferings began immediately after the first apparition of the Virgin. She became the principal target of criticism on the part of her family and their friends to the point that she was greatly reluctant to return again to the Cova da Iria for the appointment with Our Lady on the 13th of July. The parish priest of Fatima actually insinuated that she could be a "little instrument of the devil." It was only at the insistence of the other seers that she overcame her fears and journeyed to the Cova as the Blessed Virgin had requested.
visit The Three Child Seers

Personally, having documented the health care debate during the summer of 2009, I consider it a minor miracle that the thousands gathered in the country near Fatima could agree on anything, let alone a miracle of an extremely intricate paranormal nature. Everyone saw the same thing. They all watched something that would challenge the rational mind of any incarnate being - much more than a vague and inconvenient truth. The fact that thousands of people were ready to verify the event when they had to know almost anyone would consider them 'a little loopey' pretty much sums up the liklihood they had a common experience.
The 13th Day homepage
The 13th Day IMDb (Video 2009) Directors: Dominic Higgins, Ian Higgins 2009
110 min



About Your Sign

Taurus, The Winged Bull, Jupiter in the sign

There is a magnetic harmony between Jupiter and the second zodiacal sign Taurus, because their power and constructiveness are alike. The native is fixed in religious beliefs, and opinions generally, and is of devout and warm-hearted nature. A well aspected Saturn will restrain possible flirtation with extravagance and Jupiter will, in exchange, gentle a strong leaning toward Saturnian severity by emphasizing sincerity. This position is fortunate for gain through agriculture, building and mining.

The vibrational tone is very high, so that the placement brings some financial gain and a good deal of social success when other influences like the Moon contribute a positive influence. Without the Moon [or Mercury for faster short term shifts] the influence is probably going to function via indirect modes and vehicles, bringing benefits through others. People who act as channels for such a beneficial vibration may be incarnate benefactors, members of the family like a wealthy aunt or uncle, or even a "lucky" period of time. This person is a very poor poker player and should avoid 'betting the farm' whenever there a crucial issue at hand. The temperament reminds me somewhat of the Russell Crowe character in the 2006 movie about successful stock broker Max Skinner in France, A Good Year. The higher the emotions and feelings are raised the better the chances for success.

Some well known people with Jupiter in Taurus

Cannonball Adderley, Alfred Adler, Ann-Margret, Desi Arnaz, Desi Arnaz, Jr., Charles Atlas, Dan Aykroyd
Meher Baba, Joan Baez, P.T. Barnum, Roseanne Barr, John Barrymore, Monica Bellucci, Pat Benatar, Jack Benny, Bernardo Bertolucci,
Craig Bierko, Orlando Bloom, Ann Blyth, Michael Bolton, Rosa Bonheur, James Scott "Jim" Brady, Rossano Brazzi, James Brolin, Dan Brown, Sandra Bullock, Raymond Burr
Angela Margaret Cartwright (child actress, The Sound of Music [Brigitta, Danny Thomas's daughter, Linda Williams, in 1950s TV series, Make Room For Daddy 1957 to 1964], Graham Chapman [Monty Python], Noam Chomsky, Julie Christie, James Coburn, Buffalo Bill Cody, Jimmy Connors, Philippe Cousteau, Courteney Cox, Robert Edward Crane, Colonel David Crockett
Arlene Dahl, Roald Dahl, Olivia Mary de Havilland, Anthony Delon, Cecil B. de Mille, Brian De Palma, Neil Diamond, Bo Diddley, Plácido Domingo, Robert Downey, Jr., Dr. Dre, [André Romell Young], Faye Dunaway, Jr., Bob Dylan
Eleanor of Aquitaine, Nora Ephron [Silkwood, When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless in Seattle], Susan Estrich
Colin Farrell, Peter Finch, Ella Fitzgerald, Calista Flockhart, Henry Fonda, Anthony Franciosa, Saint Francis of Assisi, Anne Frank
Mohandas K. Gandhi, Janeane Garofalo, Frank Gehry, Melissa Gilbert, Terry Gilliam [Monty Python], Scott Glenn, Jeffrey Goldblum, John Goodman
Valerie Harper, David Hasselhoff, Teri Hatcher, Richie Havens, Audrey Hepburn, St. Hildegard of Bingen. Albert Hofmann, Celeste Holm, Djimon Hounsou, Leslie Howard, Howard Hughes
Pope John XXIII, Sir Tom Jones, James Joyce, Wynonna Judd
Ruby Keeler, David Knopfler [Dire Straits], Chaka Khan, Martin Luther King, Jr., Rodney King [African-American taxi driver vs LAPD], Gelsey Kirkland, Kitaro, Diana Krall, Lenny Kravitz, Diane Kruger, Stanley Kubrick
Diane Lane, Brandon Bruce Lee, Bruce Lee, John Leguizamo, John Winston Ono Lennon, Sergio Leone [Italian director, spaghetti westerns], Meriwether Lewis, Courtney Love, Lorna Luft, Jean-Baptiste de Lully
Manfred Mann, Dean Martin, Henri Matisse, Diane McBain, Roddy McDowall, Donna Mills, A. A. Milne [Winnie-the-Pooh], John Milton, Joan Miró, Pat Montandon, Mr. T, Caroline Myss
John Forbes Nash, Jr., Liam Neeson, Alfred Nobel, Nick Nolte
Ari Onassis, Julia Ormond, Sharon Osbourne, Haley Joel Osment, Clive Owen
Sarah Jessica Parker, Louis Pasteur, Mandy Patinkin, Pele [Edson Arantes do Nascimento], George Peppard, Fritz Perls, Annie Potts, Jane Powell, Richard Pryor
Christopher Reeve, Keanu Reeves, Duncan Regehr, Nina Ricci, Cathy Rigby, Jane Roberts, Chris Rock, Norman Rockwell, Pete Rose, Marion Ross, Isabella Rossellini, Mickey Rourke, David Ruffin [The Temptations]
Antonio Salieri, Jean-Paul Sartre, Robert Schumann, Martin Sheen, Bugsy Siegel, Beverly Sills, Jean Simmons, Nancy Sinatra, Elke Sommer, David Spade, Baruch Spinoza, Ringo [Richard Starkey] Starr [Beatles], Mary Steenburgen, Patrick Stewart, Jill St. John, Leopold Stokowski, Joe Strummer [Clash], Patrick Swayze
Norma Talmadge, Audrey Tautou, Fr. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, Marisa Tomei
Ritchie Valens, Dick Van Patten, Eddie Vedder [Pearl Jam], Johannes Vermeer, Max von Sydow
Bill Walton [NBA Hall of Fame 5-10-1993], Andy Warhol, Dionne Warrick, Samuel Waterston, Raquel Welch, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Elie Wiesel, Alfre Woodard, Keenan Wynn
Trisha Yearwood, Dick [Bewitched] York, Susannah York
Frank Zappa, Robert Zemeckis, Rob Zombie [White Zombie]





I know a bank where the wild thyme blows,
Where oxlips and the nodding violet grows,
Quite over-canopied with luscious woodbine,
With sweet musk-roses and with eglantine:
There sleeps Titania sometime of the night,
Lull'd in these flowers with dances and delight
A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Act II. Scene 1

right Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania, Queen of the Fairies

Venus exalted 23° Pisces 37' in the House of The Enchantress, The Eleventh Department of Life

The Eleventh House is usually given to The Enchantress, Trump XI, who is associated with oversoul as the power that directs the 'animal nature.'

Several faces of the feminine principle, as a goddess, are usually attributed to the oversoul archetype, including Circe, Danu [Danand, known as Don in Wales], Kerridwin, the Welsh Triple Goddess, and others, including Galadriel of Lothlorien.

The reflex action of the Eleventh House is the Fifth House, the natural domain of Leo, The Winged Lion. Any Goddess with a lion-drawn chariot or team of cats, then, is associated with the Eleventh House of foresight, nurturing, and transformation. The central figure on the face of Trump XI, holding the mouth of a lion closed, is considered to be someone who is a bringer of wisdom, guidance, and prophecy.
Michelle's Destiny Path: 11

Taurean Candles

Blue [Pastel Blue with Violets for Venus and Love]
Yellow [Pastel and Lemondrop with Tiger Lily or White Lily for Platonic Relationships]
Jade or Emerald Green [Brilliant green and white flowers to create the atmosphere of a meadow for meditation about career, financial plans, relationship with a good friend].
Centering your heart - go Candles

Venus Flowers and Plants
a few examples of those ruled and co-ruled by Venus

Peppermint, poppy, gooseberry, goldenrod, ferns, wheat, violets, daffodils, roses, lilies, all sweet-smelling spices and perfumes. Generally, all anodynes and aphrodisiacs. Incense: musk and myrrh are usually given to Venus.
Trees: apple, pear, fig, cypress, pomegranate, almond, peach, apricot, grapes and other vines, acacia, ash, and many others.
Visit Arwen’s Garden

Taurus Flowers and Plants

Iris, Lily [White and Tiger], Lotus, Violet; Acacia, Ash, Laurel, Oak, Palm

Iris The Greeks called the rainbow “Iris’s Scarf” which was the pathway the goddess followed from the heavens down to earth.

Laurel The Laurel grows wild throughout the Mediterranean basin. The aromatic lance-like leaves of this evergreen shrub are used in cooking throughout the world. It is believed the aroma of burnt laurel leaves inspired the Pythia in Delphi as she delivered oracles.

Lily [White and Tiger] The pristine white lily symbolizes purity. Originally from Syria and Lebanon, the flower was brought to France by Crusaders; here, religious imagery associated the lily with the Virgin Mary. In pictures of the annunciation, it is often placed in the hand of the archangel Gabriel.

Lotus The thousand-petalled Lotus is a mystical flower, symbol of the crown, Kether, and gradual awakening during an evolving life.

Oak The Oak is the king of the forest, the most powerful of all trees. The Greeks believed that Zeus, the god of all gods, found refuge following his birth under the branches of an oak tree. The bards interpreted the murmuring of the leaves, stirred by the wind and doves nestled in the branches of the sacred oak groves. The Oracles of Jupiter [Zeus] at the Dodona sanctuary, listened to the combination of migrating doves among oak branches. Doves returned to Dodona the same day every year and took up residence in the sacred oak groves, causing the agitation of copper kettles [filled with water] hung from the oak tree.

Druids held ceremonies in the depth of the forest, and it is said that they cut off mistletoe with golden sickles. St. Louis administered justice under an oak tree. The oak symbolizes strength and courage, as well as valour; it crowned warriors. Gold-embroidered oak leaf trim is stitched on the caps of French generals.

Violet The delicate violet flourishes in gardens and woods, and symbolizes modesty and decency. Cultivated violets are larger and have double flowers. The wild violets are intensely more fragrant than the richer, more “tailored” ones.

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Michelle Pfeiffer has her Venus 23° Pisces 37', exalted, at the top of her star chart
Aspects include
Venus square Saturn within 2 degrees of perfect
Moon 14° Virgo 43' opposite Venus [wide orb about 8 degrees]

Catwoman - The Women of Gotham - Transfiguration

Michelle Pfeiffer is, on the record, inspired by
Judi Dench * Catherine Deneuve * Ellen Burstyn

She admires Drew Barrymore for her performance in "Scream", which she used as inspiration for her "What Lies Beneath" performance

Mars in Michelle Pfeiffer's star chart is partly responsible for her three Oscar nominations and many other international honors. As outlined @ Harrison Ford, Mars is the most prominent planet in all analyzed star charts for successful players - both on stage and in films. The place in the star chart [Department of Life], Mars 1° Pisces 52' deposited in the career, public image, and legacy house of her map, compensates for the 'dreamy,' poetic, and multi-dimensional quality of Mars in a water sign. Mars in Pisces is usually affiliated with the appreciation or ability for art, producing beautiful music, and managing the spiritual & power site.

Mars aspects contribute greatly to interpretation of the wolf, hawk, and the cat. Michelle Pfeiffer co-stars* with Jack Nicholson in the suspense-thriller, "Wolf", Rutger Hauer in "Ladyhawke", and as Catwoman in "Batman Returns."

Mars opposite Pluto - one of the most powerful, specific references to the formulae utilized by the will that intends to facilitate an ancient bond between power animals of national significance. This aspect provides internal recognition of methods practiced by early civilization. Success of secret triads like mother and twins [lights] and mother-father-offspring, often reveal the way the wolf and the panther co-exist and co-create facets of the [natioinal] public image. These triads also applied to the city-state during the pre-Christian era of the Mother Goddess.
Mars trine Neptune 3° Scorpio 16' rx
Mars trine Jupiter 25° Libra 14' rx

Jack Nicholson co-star WITCHES OF EASTWICK and WOLF
Born Sunday, 1/21/40 Columbus Ohio
Sun in Aquarius 0, Mercury in Capricorn, Venus exalted in Pisces, Jupiter in Aries

Rutger Hauer co-star in LADYHAWKE
Born Sunday 1/23/44 Breukelen, Netherlands
Sun in Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn, Venus Sagittarius, Jupiter in Leo
Rutger Hauer official home

Sources include: THE FILM EXPERIENCE and IMDb



Make this refreshing punch for a summer party.


1 Bottle Riesling
1 Bottle Beaujolais
750 ml Lemonade (1 1/4 pints)
50 ml Orange-flavoured liqueur (2 fl oz)
1 Dessert apple, cored and sliced
Melon pieces
Orange slices
Crushed ice
2 Tablespoon Sugar, or to taste


Makes about 2.3 litres (4 pints)
Pour the wines, lemonade and liqueur over the fruit and ice in a bowl.
Chill and add sugar to taste.

Serve ice-cold.

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The Blue-Violet Wave and Silver Rose
     -The Transparency Wave

The perfect balance of fantasy and adventure.

Notwithstanding uneducated opinions to the contrary, Ladyhawke is the greatest love
    story that has ever been written.
Ladyhawke fan review

crazy 4 cinema

"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven."
--Eccl. III-1


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