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Prescious stones are minerals distinguished for their durability, colour, brilliance, transparency, and rarity. It is above all their rarity which distinguishes them from semi-precious stones. Nowadays many stones can be imitated synthetically. Fashion plays a part in deciding the current value of a stone. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, rubies, sapphires, emeralds and chrysolite were the most highly prized stones.

Crystal-clear fresh air jewelry, mobiles and metal art are best when universal stones and materials are used. Go see Colour waves
Check Jade Jagger's line [Garrard's on London's Albemarle Street] and also check outdoor work: see poolside totems, outside doors, & landscape figures and sculptures - Sun Sign Astrology




MAN AND HIS SYMBOLS, Carl G. Jung's 1964 masterpiece about dreamer and dreaming, discusses the function of dreams, recurrent dreaming, and dream comparisons. After considering the words of both The Oracle and The Architect in THE MATRIX RELOADED, the wisdom in the pages of this beautifully compiled study have even more meaning today - the morning after!

left, King Tutankhamon amulet

From the chapter titled, The Self: symbols of totality

"...According to Christian ecclesiastical symbolism, Christ is "the stone that the builders rejected," which became "the head of the corner" (Luke XX:17). Alternately he is called "the spiritual rock from which the water of life springs" (1 Cor. X:4). Medieval alchemists, who searched for the secret of matter in a pre-scientific way, hoping to find God in it, or at least the working of divine activity believed that this secret was embodied in their famous "philosopher's stone." But some of the alchemists dimly perceived that their much sought after stone was s symbol of something that can be found only within the psyche of man. An old Arabian alchemist, Morienus, said: "This thing [the philosophers' stone] is extracted from you: you are it's mineral and one can find it in you; or, to put it more clearly, they [the alchemists] take it from you. If you recognize this, the love and approbation of the stone will grow within you. Know that this is true without doubt."

The alchemical stone (the lapis) symbolizes something that can never be lost or dissolved, something eternal that some alchemists compared to the mystical experience of God within one's own soul. It usually takes prolonged suffering to burn away all the superfluous psychic elements concealing the stone. But some profound inner experience of the Self does occur to most people at least once in a lifetime. From the psychological standpoint, a genuinely religious attitude consists of an effort to discover this unique experience, and gradually to keep in tune with it (it is relevant that a stone is itself something permanent), so that the Self becomes an inner partner toward whom one's attention is continually turned.

The fact that this highest and most frequent symbol of the self is an object of inorganic matter points to yet another field of inquiry and speculation: that is, the still unknown relationship between what we call the unconscious psyche and what we call "matter" - a mystery with which psychosomatic medicine endeavors to grapple. In studying this still undefined and unexplained connection (it may prove to be that "psyche" and "matter" are actually the same phenomenon, one observed from "within" and the other from "without"), Dr. Jung put forward a new concept that he called synchronicity. This term means a "meaningful coincidence3" of outer and inner events that are not themselves causally connected. The emphasis lies on the word "meaningful."

.... As soon as we notice that certain types of event "like" to cluster together at certain times, we begin to understand the attitude {transcriber note: in summary, the reader is referred to associations of varied and sundry things under heaven so they are linked, in stead of the question about what causes/sparks an event},

One can see much the same underlying theme in astrology, and in the way various civilizations have depended on consulting oracles and paying attention to omens. All these are attempts to provide an explanation of coincidence that is different from one that depends on straightforward cause and effect.

In creating the concept of synchronicity, Dr. Jung sketched a way in which we might penetrate deeper into the inter-relation of psyche and matter. And it is precisely toward such a relation that the symbol of the stone seems to point. But this is still a completely open and insufficiently explored matter, with which future generations of psychologists and physicists must deal."



Aries, The Ram ~ Ruler: Mars

Mars: Agate, Alexanderite, Bloodstone, Ruby - Agate or Achates: Emblematic of health and wealth. Agate is said to alleviate hostilities and promote goodwill. To all venomous things, enemy. Assuages thirst, gives victory, repels storms, sharpens sight, renders gracious, eloquent, strong. Facilitates digestion, cures coughing tuberculosis, dissolves kidney stones, potent against scrofula and skin diseases, prevents skin contagions. Disposes solitude and secures the favor of princes. [see also Gemini]

Moss-Agate is a beautiful stone with markings in it resembling trees and vegetation. Much prized by the husbandman, who wears a moss-agate on his right upper arm, and places one in the right horn of each of his oxen, to bring in an abundant harvest. Alexanderite: Increases self-esteem, good luck. Bloodstone: Symbolizes wisdom, firmness; long life, prophecy. Stops hemorrhage.

Ruby: Love; diverts mind from sadness, sensuality; protects friendships, wealth, gives happiness and long life, an antidote for poison, cholera, restores pulse, allays thirst; color changes when misfortune is near. Amazon princess Wonder Woman wears a ruby at the centre of the red star on her tiara. When she wants to speak to her mother on Paradise Island [in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle] she presses the ruby and instantly opens a comm link.
Green Aventurine quartz, often given to Aries, is said to relieve anxiety, calm one's emotions, attract luck in gambling, and enhance creativity and leadership qualities. Green Aventurine quartz, also said to have been used successfully in psychotherapy, treating disorders of the lungs and heart, helps increase muscle flexibility. Hyacinth amulets [Aries, Taurus, Sagittarius] were worn on the neck, and bezels in rings assisted women in childbirth, drove away bad dreams, and banished grief and melancholy from the mind. A kimono, decorated with metallic thread with these stones should be comfortable for day and evening. April 15, Blood-red Carbuncle [or kadkod] Gad (a robber band) has the month of razzia, when the corn is invitingly ripe, raiding month


Taurus, The Bull ~ Ruler: Venus

Venus: Earth sign attunements include: Amber, Star Ruby, Turquoise, Yellow Sapphire - Amber: Priceless if you're interested in creating a Jurassic Park sequel; the fossilized resin of conifers is usually found in various shades of yellows; sometimes it is greenish, brown, blue white or even colourless. Traditional uses are varied since amber was thought by ancients to hold trapped lightning; used primarily for energizing, good fortune, and healing, assuages pain in stomach, cures jaundice, disorders of throat, internally taken, pulverized, purges kidneys; in wine acts as contraceptive.
It is found chiefly on the Baltic and North Sea coasts.
Amber under the name Electrum also applies to Aries and Capricorn: Curious legends prevail, but there is also metallic electrum, known to the French as Orbas. Pliny said a cup of this discovered poison by exhibiting certain semi-circles, like rainbows, and sparkling and hissing as if on the fire. A black species of electrum or amber is the proper gargates of Pliny and the jet of modern day.

Turquoise: Sign of success, protects against accidents; health, as ointment on eye, restores vision; cures all diseases of heart and head. The Indians of Mexico and the Southwestern United States used turquoise to guard burial sites. Turquoise is believed to relax the mind and relieve mental tensions, calming the emotions and easing stress. [see also Libra] Yellow Sapphire and metals radiating yellow assist self-control and Solar Plexus care and maintenance. Hyacinth amulets were worn on the neck, and bezels in rings assisted women in childbirth, drove away bad dreams, and banished grief and melancholy from the mind. Silk cloth with metallic thread works with any Taurean wardrobe. Interesting metallic pendants, medallions, and antique coins. Various types of Jade are also attributed. Also Moss-Agate [Aries]; See Nature Spirits. May 13 Lapis Lazuli - Levi (set apart) has the 8th month of peculiar holiness, the first summer month, the 'sappur', translated to 'sapphire'


Gemini, The Twins ~ Ruler: Mercury

Mercury: Air Sign attunements include: Agate, Beryl, Chalcedony, Jasper, Star Sapphire - Agate: said to enhance one's perceptiveness and to stimulate analytical capacity, and to provide balance between one's physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual states. Wearing agate was also thought to give pleasant dreams and cure insomnia. Early Greeks made amulets of agate for protection from the elements of the sea. Agate was believed a help with treatment of disorders of the pancreas and to improve circulation. [see also Aries] Beryl: said to preserve wedded bliss, good as a medium for magical vision. Chalcedony: maintains nervous system equilibrium, balances moodiness, informative dreams, increases intuition, improves concentration and creative conceptualization. Chalcedony was used in medicine in cases of fever, and was supposed to render the passage of gall stones easy. It was supposed to give a peaceful and equable disposition, and protect from the Evil Eye.

Jasper: Prevents fever and dropsy, strengthens the brain, promotes eloquence; preservative against defluxions, nightmares and epilepsy; often met with in the East as a counter-charm. "That like the emerald" is most noted for its magical virtues, according to Marbodaeus. A considerable number of rings made of red jasper, red faience, and red glass have been found in the tombs of Egypt; all are uninscribed and all have a gap in them. Some believe they were to prevent, or protect during, conflict or work near enemies, or to prevent, slow or control bleeding. Try to add more of this to your wardrobe: opera coat - hand-dyed silk noil with metallic gold and gem trim. June 10 White Carnelian - Asher (royal dainties are on his plate) has the royal month because his name is connected with the Ashera, the terebinth groves of the midsummer sacrifice

Garden Herms (pair), by Herbert Adams [1858-1945]


Moonchild, or Cancer, The Shellfish [Crab, Tongs] ~ Ruler: The Moon

The Moon: Pearl, Moonrocks, Moonstone, Jade - The Pearl: The Bible compares the Kingdom of Heaven to a pearl of great price. Favorite of Queen Elizabeth I, who wore pearl studded gowns, and enormous pearl earrings and necklaces. Pearls signify health and long life, the psyche, and were once used as a medicine to combat poison. Moonstone: Potent love charm, bestows clairvoyance. Aids memory, cures epilepsy. May be worn with sheer, embroidered fabrics adorned with satin stitches and French knots. Jade: The ruler of the fifth heaven holds the jade scepter. Nephrite Jade: Used in Mysticism and occult matters of great potency. Healing stones are this color. Special to Moon children as charm. Note: Antipathes, either black coral or jet, was supposed to keep the wearer from suffering.
July 8 Yellow Cairngorm - Simeon (the bloody brother whose anger is fierce)
CORAL, the marine polypus corralium rubrum is found in large colonies in warm oceans. The bunches of coral are picked, sorted and polished. Both the Romans and the Gauls used corals as ornaments. In ancient times coral necklaces were also worn as a protection against infectious diseases. In the Middle Ages they were used mainly for rosaries.

The Philosopher’s Stone
[traditionally associated with fire]

By the end of the 16th century, medicine was divided into warring camps of Paracelsians and anti-Paracelsians, and the alchemists began to move en masse into pharmacy.
Paracelsian pharmacy was to lead, by a devious path, to modern chemistry, but gold making still persisted although overshadowed by this development. In the 15th century it entered its most picturesque period, for then the personal reminiscences of alchemists began to appear. Most famous was the Paris notary Nicolas Flamel, who dreamed of an occult book, subsequently found it, and succeeded in deciphering it with the aid of a Jewish scholar learned in the mystic Hebrew writings known as the Kabbala. In 1382 Flamel succeeded in the "Great Work" (gold making), evidence of which is the fact that he became rich and made donations to churches.
-   Alchemy, Encyclopaedia Britannica, Volume A- p 431
-   Gemstones, Amulets, and Talisman by Colour
-   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone @ Mercury, Line of Intuition - Navigation
-   Indiana Jones, Harrison Ford


Leo, The Lion ~ Ruler: The Sun

The Sun: Diamond, Clear crystals for the prism, Cat's Eye [Tiger Eye] - Diamond: Called "Crystallized Lightning", the Greeks called "adamas" the unconquerable. Symbolizes innocence, purity and victory over evil. During Middle Ages, protected owners from poison, pestilence. A diamond worn on the left arm chased away ghosts and demons -- provided the wearer was virtuous. Softens anger, strengthens love, assures justice, a help for women in childbirth if tied around thigh.
The Sun King, Louis XIV established the diamond as the most precious stone of all, and since then the diamond has reigned supreme.
The Blue Diamond of The Crown, stolen from Marie Antoinette, during the French Revolution, was cut into the Hope Diamond we know today. Supposedly stolen from an idol, it is thought to bring misfortune to any owner. See The Stone and also formal and court dress with the richness of metallic thread needlework. Cat's Eye: Soul mate themes are enhanced, balances emotions. Also, the Ruby when the Sun is exalted in Aries. August 5 Banded Red Agate or 'Sebo' - Ephraim (fruitful)


Virgo, The Virgin, or Corn maiden ~ Ruler: Mercury

Mercury: Earth sign attunements include: Carnelian, Fire Opal (not to be worn as jewelry), Garnet, Yellow Diamond - Carnelian: Cheers soul, banishes fear and enchantments, preserves harmony, ensures victory in all contests, excepting love, gives strength, cure for hoarseness, clears voice, cure against bleeding, and tumors; stress reduction.
Garnet: A vitreous mineral found in slate and volcanic rock, and considered a precious stone. The pyrite (Greek = fiery-eyed) or deep red Bohemian garnet is highly prized. Especially known to bring good luck, to dispel poisonous and infectious airs, to preserve health, promote reconciliation between friends, and protect soldiers in battle. Asiatic tribes used them in war as bullets, said to be deadly. Emblem of constancy, it increases riches and honor and works against mental disorders; but, in the case of love, brings discord. As an amulet, garnet protects dreamers from evil and terrifying nightmares. Garnets are set in bracelets, rings, ear-rings, necklaces and brooches.
Chalk and other white stones, or plaster of Paris, in Germany and neighbouring countries are regarded as a protection against evil. Crosses made on objects with chalk, and the initial letters of the names of the Three Kings, C. M. B., written with chalk on the doors of houses on the day of the Epiphany, protect them from witchcraft and the danger from fire. C=Caspar, M=Melchior, B=Baltazar. Travertine [also Sagittarius], the Italian Travertino (from the Latin tibertinus lapis, “Tibur stone”), is a yellowish deposit formed by springs, which in Italy children wear as amulets in little bags to protect them from witchcraft. Coin collections-gold & silver [may be transformed into amulets* and jewelry.] Altar trim and elaborate altar frontal with semi-precious stones - same page shows combined leather, gold and silk thread embroidery on silk satin. September 2 Amethyst - Manasseh (forgetfulness) - the 'wine stone' a 'charm against drunkenness'


Aragorn healing Eowyn after the Battle of Pelennor Fields
click image for 'Strider in the Wild' - Check Ring of Barahir
some traditional healing stones: amber, diamond, emerald,
jade, lapis lazuli, the pearl, and turquoise


Libra, The Scales, or The Balance ~ Ruler: Venus

Venus: Air sign attunements: Emerald, Turquoise, Jade are usually associated with Libra. The Earthy sign governed by Venus [Taurus] responds quickly to stones tending to yellow and yellow-greens. Characteristics of the airy Libra move between the gold of wisdom and the blue of heaven into the central spectrum greens and teal. The Emerald: In White Magic, worn on hands for political and religious matters; used to ease eye strain, cure indigestion, foretell the future, make one lucky in love, protect sailors from drowning, strengthen memory, sharpen intellect, give eloquent speech. Nero used a specially ground emerald to relieve eye strain. Many watchmakers, engravers, and goldsmiths used to take 'emerald breaks' to gaze into restful green depths and rest their vision. The famed Emerald Tablet of the Great Hermes Trismegistis contains all basic precepts for alchemy.
What Jewel Are You? Emerald
Emeralds are beautiful and delicate. You are open and honest, easily giving of yourself to help others. You’re not scared to share your secrets, even though you are quite sensitive and can be easily hurt by those around you. It’s a risk you’re willing to take to be connected with people. You let everything in, the good and the bad. You get excited by new ideas and disappointed when things don’t work out. Your excitement is energizing and inspiring, but it might be smart to be a little more protective sometimes.

Turquoise: To the prehistoric Indian of Mexico and the Pacific Southwest, turquoise, worn on the body or used in ceremonies, always signified the god of the sky alive in the earth, and in that way, it acted as a divining stone. Turquoise helped to restore energy to the earth after harvest. Turquoise is believed to relax the mind and relieve tension, calming the emotions and easing stress. [see also Taurus] White and blue turquoise on sheer material with metal overlaid onto faceted crystal is ideal for Libra. September 30 Yellow Serpentine or 'Tarsis' the yellow-berried ivy month; Dan (like a serpent)

Hearst Castle homepage San Simeon, CA: California State Parks
Hearst Castle [William Randolph Hearst]


Scorpio, The Scorpion, Cobra, and Eagle/Phoenix ~ Ruler: Pluto

Pluto: Black or Grey Diamond, Hematite, Pearls (black or cultured), Mica, Obsidian, Tourmaline, Volcanic Diamonds - Black or Grey Diamond directly effects Kether and Malkuth simultaneously - excellent for inner place balance and health, meditation and calm. Apache Tears [translucent Merikanite Obsidian, nature's glass in rounded shapes - Johnny Cash Song: Apache Tears; Johnny Cash sings Apache Tears YouTube. Hematite: Grounding and stabilizing, steadies the lower energy centers; easy and peaceful sleep. Pearls - generally speaking, Black Pearls are considered unlucky, bring misfortune for owners.
What Jewel Are You? Pearl
My lustrous pearl, you are cultured and refined. You are naturally a bit rough around the edges, but tend to show people a more polished version of you. You seem to coast through life easily and with poise, often inspiring awe and admiration from others. To be your close friend is an honor, you stand up for your friends and protect anyone close to you.

Obsidian and Elf Arrows [triangular flints, Belemnites, legends of which are in Italy and Turkey, and most notably in Scotland] shot by Elves would prove fatal to cattle. Considered a grounding and stabilizing agent. Volcanic Diamonds, especially from Hawaii and Australia, for pineal power and restoration of related systems. Dowse to verify combination of metal contained in each sample [from Australia especially] in harmony with individual carrying these nuggets in their pocket. Powerful balancing tool. Antipathes was either black coral or jet, each of which was supposed to keep the wearer from suffering. Zari, a process of embellishing a sari with metallic threads may be of interest as a hobby or for the antique collector. October 28 Clear Green Jasper (or yasepheh); Dinah (female twin of Dan) another tribe that disappeared early (Genesis 34)


Sagittarius, The Centaur, or Archer ~ Ruler: Jupiter
go to the Jupiter Table

Jupiter: Sapphire (star), Amethyst, Hyacinth [amulet], Topaz, - Sapphire maintains power of the physical temple, makes melancholy cheerful; high priest of Egypt called the sapphire an emblem of truth; wore one on his shoulder; reconciles man to God; amulet for fear; often given an initiate at time of initiations. Held by some to bring some uncertain fortune due to its structure.
What Jewel Are You? Sapphire
Sapphires are one of the most translucent jewels and have a bright sparkle. You have an intensity and zest for life and you like to connect with others and socialize. You make people comfortable with your open and friendly personality. When you have a decision to make, you don’t overthink things, but go with your gut instincts. It works out well for you more often than not. When it comes to insults or confrontation, most things slide off your back, but if someone messes with your friends, he or she better have Obamacare.

Amethyst: The Indian variety is most precious. If made into drinking cups or bound to the navel, prevented drunkenness. Held to sharpen wit, turn away evil thoughts, gives knowledge of future in dreams. Was frequently engraved with head of Bacchus, a favorite of Roman ladies. In potion, expelled poison, rendered barren fruitful. Emblem of sincerity. Comes from the Greek "amethystos", meaning "not drunk." In mythology, name of one of Diana's favorites. Hyacinth amulets [also Aries, Taurus] were worn on the neck, and bezels in rings assisted women in childbirth, drove away bad dreams, and banished grief and melancholy from the mind. Travertine, the Italian Travertino (from the Latin tibertinus lapis, "Tibur stone"), is a yellowish deposit formed by springs, which in Italy children wear as amulets in little bags to protect them from witchcraft. Topaz: Sign of friends, restrains anger, desire, bleeding, increases courage. See also Amiante, a species of fire-proof stone, which Pliny stages as an excellent specific against the charms of magic and that may also apply to the Scorpio frequency. Pretty in pink quartz and special cut crystal. Chalk and other white stones, or plaster of Paris, in Germany and neighbouring countries are regarded as a protection against evil Crosses made on objects with chalk, and the initial letters of the names of the Three Kings, C. M. B., written with chalk on the doors of houses on the day of the Epiphany, protect them from witchcraft and the danger from fire. C=Caspar, M=Melchior, B=Baltazar. November 25 Dark Green Malachite - Naphtali (he strove) the ploughing month


Capricorn, The Goat or Sea-Goat ~ Ruler: Saturn

Saturn: Black Diamond, Jet, Onyx (white and black), Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz - Saturn is usually associated with all stones ashy in colour. Jet or Black Amber: Pliny says in burning, its perfume "chaseth away serpents, and bringeth women again who lie in a traunce by the suffocation or rising of the mother; the said smoke discovereth the falling sicknesse and bewraieth whether a young damsel be a maiden or no..." Jet is a traditional protection against the Evil Eye and alleviated pains in the stomach. In the British Isles, it was additionally believed to protect people from thunderstorms, devils, poison, failure in bodily strength. The Irish housewife burnt jet during her husband’s absence to ensure his safety. In Italy a jet beetle was a protection and the amulet Mano Cornuta was, and still is, often made of jet. The little disks of jet which have been found in India and Egypt also probably served as amulets against the Evil Eye.

Onyx: Properties similar to Jasper; but also said to bring terrible shapes to the dreamer and to remove eye afflictions by contact. Black and White Onyx worn at both shoulders of ceremonial robes represent the Sun and Moon. Antique coins-gold & silver. Antipathes, either black coral or jet, each of which was supposed an amulet to keep the wearer from suffering.
What Jewel Are You? ONYX
Ah , Onyx , a black jewel right!
Actually onyx consists many layers of different colors, just as you are made of many beautiful and varied layers. People often consider you mysterious, but you never quite understand why. You are as content staying home as you are going out and prefer real conversation to small talk. You feel that you lead a rather simple life, doing the things you like and spending time with the people who make you smile, but to others, your quiet confidence is intriguing.

December 24 Red Sard [Rusty-red Edomite Sard, oden, comes first in the year in honor of Adam, the red man] Reuben ('Adam', 'Edom', and 'Odem' all variations of the same word meaning rusty-red).

Sculpture: Aegean Journey, by Wolfgang Behl [1918-1994]
Medium: Sculpture: cold cast bronze; Base: marble.


photo, Golden earrings and necklaces found in Troy worn by Sophia Schliemann.

The main objective of Heinrich Schliemann's work was to find what he called "Priam's treasure." According to Homer, King Priam ruled Troy during the Trojan War.

General rule of thumb: Buried treasure comes under the heading of the Earth Triad: Taurus, the Winged Bull - Virgo, the Virgin - Capricorn, the Sea-Goat.

Sunken treasure [under water] is usually linked with the Water Triad: Moonchild, the Shellfish - Scorpio, Scorpion, Cobra, and Eagle/Phoenix - Pisces, the Two Fishes.
see Trump XIX Soulpower-Soulmates


Aquarius, The Old Water Bearer ~ Ruler: Uranus

Uranus: Chrysolite, Unusual Clear Quartz Crystal, Hand-made Gems and Stained Glass - Clear Quartz Crystal: Many uses, sharpens perception, helps with decisions, emblem of strength, long life; said to enhance romance when hung in NE area of bedroom, and bring good fortune when placed in wind chimes at entrance to a home. Chrysolite: In rites of White Magic, set in a ring of gold for ceremonial use.
Citrine stimulates the intuitive self and promotes contact with higher forces of intelligence; helps to clarify issues related to the intellect and emotions, and transmutes negativity.
Stained Glass and artificial coloured glass were both especially popular among ancient Egyptians, used for various life and death purposes. Cobalt Blue and Indigo-blue glass [as the colour frequency and filter of incoming sunlight] or blue track lighting spots, maintain poise and serenity in the office and home. Zari, a process of embellishing a sari or ornamenting cloth with metallic threads or shisha mirror embroidery, the process of attaching tiny mirrors to a textile, may be of interest as hobbies.
go crystal ball in Hogwarts Divination Class

Lady of the Star-brow in Middle-earth: A title of Erendis. Erendis' 'Star-brow' served to found a tradition in Númenor, and we're told that after her time the Kings and Queens would wear a white jewel as a star on their brows, in place of a crown.

January 21 Yellow Chrysolite - Issachar (the strong ass between two burdens)



Pisces, The Two Fishes ~ Ruler: Neptune

Neptune: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Coral, Peridot, Sunken Treasure, Tortoise Shell; metals radiating violet should be acquired [include Manganese, Barium, Rubidium, Cobalt, Titanium] - Aquamarine guards against evil, washes its wearer clean in body and spirit. Offers protection in courts of law, assists against enemies, guards against poison, quickens the mind, preserves and increases conjugal love. Today it symbolizes courage. In Middle Ages, used for divination.
Arrange in pink-gold setting, ideally shaped as part of a lotus flower.

Coral: Changing colour warns of approaching ill health; as amulet, drives away fear and protects against sorcery, evil eye, or poison - also good for Moonchildren; Peridot enhances romantic possibilities, should be set in soft gold colour, ideally in shape of a lily. Pearls on cloth.
Soul Mates and Trump XIX
February 18 Sea-green Beryl - Zebulon ('among the ships')


Breastplate of the High Priest: The transcription of the text is correct, but matching ancient names for the twelve stones with their modern identity can prove difficult. The source for jewel-marked entries is [I think] Robert Graves. Read THE WHITE GODDESS for appropriate metals. Graves remarks the Breastplate traditionally is made entirely of gold in honour of the Sun.

The cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz may be separated into two types; fibrous and microgranular. Chalcedony is the general term applied to the fibrous cryptocrystalline varieties. Agate is an example of a fibrous cryptocystalline banded chalcedony variety of quartz [see Aries]. Carnelian, Chrysoprase and bloodstone are other chalcedony varieties. Chert is the general term applied to the granular cryptocrystalline varieties of quartz, of which flint and Jasper are examples.

Universal Stones in Any Aeon
Jade, Turquoise, and Lapis Lazuli are universal stones, applicable for use within a full spectrum range of energy management/work, however they are selected specifically when skull senses [six and seven] are a topic of research. These three stones are most adaptable for all signs of the zodiac, usually in conjunction with one of the power stones allocated to the ray under consideration. The colour may vary, however, so check to be certain the vibration of the stone you choose partners well with the sign. For example, Jade may be medium to deep green, nephrite green, or white. Turquoise may be blue or white. Lapis Lazuli may be deep blue or purplish-blue.

Native American Indians use Jade and Turquoise together for restoration of energy, particularly when addressing the new year celebration of ‘rebirth.’ Earth energies that run with, or are superimposed on, ley lines, solar lines, and water lines, are reinvigorated by infusion of energy via small grains of Jade and Turquoise. Examples of Jade and Turquoise jewelry, long utilized for the same purpose in relation to the human temple, provide evidence both stones were favorite primary raw materials for a multitude of amulets in ancient civilizations.

The Blue Wave more about blue stones



Stonehenge - pattern of the ancient stones, moved
by Merlin from Ireland to England

Stones are frequent images of the self (because they
are complete - i.e. unchanging - and lasting.)



The eternal quality of stones can be seen in pebbles and mountains

The "Blarney Stone" of Irish legend; it is supposed to confer the gift of eloquence on those who kiss it.

The stone was given to Cormac McCarthy by Robert the Bruce in 1314 in return for his support in the Battle of Bannockburn. Kiss the virtual Blarney Stone!

Women Rock - Mercury in the Signs


* The Zodiac Ring: This consists usually of a flat hoop, plain or ribbed, of gold on which the Signs of the Zodiac, made of gold wire, are soldered; above and below are soldered plain or scrolled flanges. Few, if any, of them are older than the XIXth century. The metal workers of the Gold Coast used to come to travelers and make these rings in their presence. Having obtained two or three sovereigns from the traveler they melted them with a blow pipe and fashioned a ring from them. In the ‘fifties’ and ‘sixties’ of the last century several were brought to Liverpool where they found a ready market. The forms of the signs were taken from Arabic manuscripts.



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