W O M E N        R O C K




The planet Mercury veils the mystery of unfathomable light. The task of this winged-footed messenger of the gods is to weave the undulating threads of brightness which bind the raw stuff of space into the vibrant web of intelligent activity. Shuttling back and forth with wavelike motion, he communes with the heights and plunges to the depths, binding the frayed edges of the universe in a nerve-tight network of shining strands. As emissary for the central Sun, Mercury traces an intricate spiral pathway throughout the entire system until the seamless fabric shimmers
like a robe of glory.

The figure for Mercury is triple, being made up of the moon surmounting the sun which in turn is placed over the cross of the Soul. Mercury represents the mind, but it is still crowned with matter. Hence, the Mercurial intellect remains under the sway of the lunar instinctive desires. Mercury mediates between the pairs of opposites. If the sun is the cosmic father and the moon is the cosmic mother, then mercury is their child, neither positive nor negative, but capable of adapting to any exigency.
See The Line of Intuition

Human progress begins with Mercury because through the mind man can control his own evolution. He can invent, verbalize, manipulate Matter. Mercury is the capacity for knowledge which gives rise to “homo sapiens”, the thinking human, who can discover not only the universe, but oneself. If, therefore one wishes to know the manner in which a person thinks it is necessary to look to the placement and aspects of Mercury in the star chart. Thought can be used to divide or rejoin the scattered fragments of creation and make life whole once more.

Mercury: Quicksilver

Mercury reveals something about your thought flow, patterning style, the process you use to acquire, classify, and store information, and how you communicate [hear and speak]. Here are a few tips about Mercury in active and passive mode.

Consciously [mentally] stand back and observe how you manage any flow of information in your life. Mercury may play up a tendency to hide thoughts and withhold information. Purposely dissemble or attract people who withhold information from you. In addition, Mercury may hide intelligence; may tell people what they want to hear, and allude to things rather than speak directly.

Self-expression creates problems when Quicksilver is not perfectly clear. Mercury tends to say things that displease others. Mercury gets into trouble because of views or because of the way Mercury says things. Attracted to ideas which others will resist, feels misunderstood; others misrepresent Mercury and distort the meaning Mercury intended to communicate.

Difficulty in communication may crop up if there is personal uncertainty about the veracity of working file of data, incomplete body of knowledge or fear that others will ridicule Mercury when [if] speaking. May be reluctant to speak up or ask questions because fears others will consider the questions or remark stupid. May become important for Mercury to prove intelligence to others.

Difficulty in accepting criticism. Tendency to take criticism of original ideas as a personal attack. This makes it difficult to discuss things objectively with Mercury. Tends either to gossip or the victim of gossip; fears or anticipates slander; may become the victim of slander.

Manner of speech. May speak in extremely blunt or defiant manner, which precludes opposition to Mercurial ideas. May sometimes use a humorous or self-deprecating approach. This, too is an attempt to allay opposition.

Well known women with strong Mercurial skill, known for an ability to intellectually relate well to others. They are renown for their social grace, adaptability, and love of their friends. Good humor, updated trivia files, and wit also help to carry on an intelligent conversation.

Mercury occupies the same sign as the Sun or the sign that precedes or follows your Sun. For example, if you were born with your Sun in Aries, your Mercury may be in Aries, Pisces [before Aries], or Taurus [after Aries]. The zodiacal sign Mercury was deposited in at birth helps to define the preferences, accents, and associations used in thought/speech, and your delivery style. Usually Mercury's sign provides a pattern or formula to help define how you think. Mercury moves more than one degree for each year of your life, so your quicksilver intellect may have acquired additional skills since your nativity.




Women with Mercury in Aries

Rabbi Solomon and other eminent Jewish commentators tell us that one of the clusters of stars in Capricorn is named Gad, but it is probable that Aries was the sign of the tribe of Gad. The sun was fabled to be born anew at the winter solstice, December 24, and as such was figured by the Egyptians under the form of the young god Harpocrates, who was said to pass into the upper hemisphere of light at the vernal equinox [spring]. The sun after passing through the lower regions of winter, comes into the upper in summer, and contends for the first place again, which is shown by the figure of a butting ram. The first month of the Hebrew year was Nisan, when the sun was in Aries.

Aries is the first zodiacal sign, the "I AM" theme as an assertion of personal identity, sign of the Spring Equinox. Thoughts about health, wealth, and happiness facilitate your ability to launch a career as an extension of your personality, with self-titled music CDs, autobiographical film, and signature products, such as, Liza with a Z. Almost Famous explores the lexicon of attitudes and projections related to the rebirth event. People who reinvent themselves, and seize the day when a new door opens, think with Aries enthusiasm. Last Chance Harvey is about people who accept the golden gift of a second chance in life. Flip side of the crystal clarity is subtle sub-text developed through the film, Lost in Translation. People who hex and who exorcise victims in direct confrontations appear in the TV series, Medium. Elektra, an exorcist wearing a warrior mask, survives a near-death experience; she portrays a fantasy character we all keep somewhere in our dream team repertoire. The desire is to succeed by doing right, according to your personal game plan. ‘The force is strong in this one.’

Ann-Margret, Destiny Path 11; Patricia Arquette, Destiny Path 9; Pearl Bailey, Destiny Path 33; Christine Baranski, Destiny Path 6; Lake Bell, Destiny Path 8; Candice Bergen, Destiny Path 7; Valerie Bertinelli, Destiny Path 7; Jane Campion, Destiny Path 8; Keisha Castle-Hughes, Destiny Path 1; Tracy Chapman, Destiny Path 8; Julie Christie, Destiny Path 33; Judy Collins, Destiny Path 1; Sofia Coppola, Destiny Path 1; Sheena Easton, Destiny Path 1; Elizabeth II, Destiny Path 7; Linda Evangelista, Destiny Path 9; Mini Farina, Destiny Path 8; Jennifer Garner, Destiny Path 22; Barbara Hale, Destiny Path 8; Kate Hudson, Destiny Path 22; Holly Hunter, Destiny Path 1; Ashley Judd, Destiny Path 11; Melina Kanakaredes, Destiny Path 5; Coretta Scott King, Destiny Path 5; Keira Knightley, Destiny Path 7; Andie MacDowell, Destiny Path 3; Ali MacGraw, Destiny Path 8, Shirley MacLaine, Destiny Path 9; Elle Macpherson, Destiny Path 33; Liza Minnelli, Destiny Path 8; Florence Nightingale [Royal Marriage in Taurus], Destiny Path 1; Sarah Jessica Parker, Destiny Path 22; Michelle Pfeiffer, Destiny Path 11; Amanda Plummer Destiny Path 3; Debbie Reynolds, Destiny Path 2; Diana Ross [Fifth House], Destiny Path 11; Talia Shire, Mercury trine Pluto is character Connie in The Godfather trilogy, Destiny Path 4 with hidden 22; Gloria Swanson, Destiny Path 1; Emma Thompson, Destiny Path 7; Sarah Vaughan, Destiny Path 1



Women with Mercury in Taurus

The bull was on the banner of Ephraim. The great star Aldebaran is called the Bull’s eye, and the word BENOTH in the text, which is translated daughters, should be rendered Pleiades, which are called Sukkoth, Benoth, or Benat Alnash, and as such they are figured on the Persian zodiac as a hen and chickens. The Persians represent the fruitful earth as a bull.

Traditional thought, logic, endurance and perseverance is based on your selection of fuel – physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual. Physical fuel will provide dedication to ‘the family business’ with the core values we see in the film, Country, and what changes when we discover them, Waking Up in Reno. Flip side entanglements are Poison Ivy/Dr. Pamela Isley, in Batman & Robin. Emotional and intellectual fuel, as the Little Women enjoy produce a positive future for all concerned. Spiritual fuel enables the ‘I and Thou’ consideration that leads to happiness and an open heart. Energy you produce should, when possible, marry with an evolved sense of form, a practical delivery system, and appropriate style of construction. Deliberation, patience, and thoroughness help maintain a healthy lifestyle, sound financial bookkeeping routine, and sense of regulation in the home and work place. Taurus governs personal finances and property [include physical vehicle and all domesticated animals], and how you acquire assets [your work ethics, principals, including moral codes] so thoughts are often based on foundational formulae – how building blocks should be placed.
above rt., Emma Watson as Hermione Granger with Crookshanks in, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Jessica Alba, Destiny Path 33; Francesca Annis, Destiny Path 1; Mika Brzezinski, Destiny Path 3; Calamity Jane [b. Martha Jane Cannary-Burke], Destiny Path 22; Cher, Destiny Path 9; Joan Collins, Destiny Path 8; Penélope Cruz, Destiny Path 8; Judy Davis, Destiny Path 11; Daphne du Maurier, Destiny Path 8; Kirsten Dunst, Destiny Path 9; Tina Fey, Destiny Path 4; Ella Fitzgerald, Destiny Path 11; Megan Fox, Destiny Path 9; Melissa Gilbert, Destiny Path 33; Sharon Gless, Destiny Path 8; Linda Goodman, Destiny Path 22; Katharine Hepburn, Destiny Path 7; Jean Houston, Destiny Path 8; Olivia Hussey, Destiny Path 1; Janet Jackson, Destiny Path 7; Wynonna Judd, Destiny Path 1; Gladys Knight, Destiny Path 33; Patti LaBelle, Destiny Path 11; Jessica Lange, Destiny Path 11; Kate Mulgrew, Destiny Path 8; Maureen O'Sullivan, Destiny Path 7; Mary Pickford, Destiny Path 5; Valerie Plame, Destiny Path 33; Lily Pons, Destiny Path 33; Natasha Richardson, Destiny Path 8; Barbra Streisand, Destiny Path 8; Uma Thurman, Destiny Path 5; Jeanne Tripplehorn, Destiny Path 8; Donatella Versace, Destiny Path 9; Emma Watson, Destiny Path 11; Renée Zellweger, Destiny Path 9



Women with Mercury in Gemini

Avenar, the Jewish astrologer, names Wolf [zeeb, the word in the Hebrew text] as the Oriental sign of the constellation Gemini, and figured by the Egyptians and Greeks by two men, or a man and a woman, and by the Hindus as two girls. The Egyptians fabled that the god Anubis had his station in this sign, and he was the type of the planet Mercury, which was a morning star at one time and an evening star at another season of the year. Joseph and Benjamin are the sons of Rachel, and the word rachel is Hebrew for sheep.

Gemini is the air sign governed by Mercury, the messenger, healer, and PR spokesperson. This sign is concerned with matters of the hood [As Good As It Gets, The Gift, and Four Weddings and a Funeral] and the local grass roots movements that convene to beautify your public roads, parks, and beach. The recruiter mode may lead to the less frequently sought encounter and circumstance, as with the film, Wanted, about an account analyst who joins a club that manipulates him into cashing in all his chips. Mastery of the will to happily unite thought and action dispels scattered thought tendency that may exist. Mercury rules the Line of Intuition, and the intuitive gifts linked with foresight. Gemini rules both hands and shoulders, ergonomic co-ordination of movements to objects, adaptable designs, games, and clothing. Novelties, gadgets, and new appliances turn on all your lights because your curiosity can take you to new levels if you have a hobby or interest in science and technology. You probably have your nearest Apple Store on speed dial.
above, left, Rosemary Clooney

Bea Arthur, Destiny Path 6; Mel B, Destiny Path 11; Josephine Baker, Destiny Path 7; Cate Blanchett, Destiny Path 8; Helena Bonham Carter, Destiny Path 8; June Carter Cash, Destiny Path 5; Rosemary Clooney, Destiny Path 3; Isadora Duncan, Destiny Path 9; Enya, b. Eithne Patricia Ni Bhraonain, Destiny Path 3; Nora Ephron, Destiny Path 3; Jorja Fox, Destiny Path 11; Anne Frank, Destiny Path 3; Jerry Hall, Destiny Path 3; Susan Hayward, Destiny Path 9; Audrey Hepburn, Destiny Path 3; Lena Horne, Destiny Path 9; Helen Hunt, Destiny Path 22; Angelina Jolie, Destiny Path 5; Grace Jones, Destiny Path 1; Heidi Klum, Destiny Path 9; Shirley Knight; Lee Meriwether, Destiny Path 3; Kylie Minogue, Destiny Path 3; Marilyn Monroe, Destiny Path 7; Stevie Nicks, Destiny Path 8; Archie Panjabi [exact Gemini Sun-Saturn conjunction], Destiny Path 1; Jane Roberts [Seth], Destiny Path 7; Gena Rowlands [Ninth House], Destiny Path 11; Rosalind Russell, Destiny Path 9; George Sand b. Amantine-Aurore-Lucile Dupin, aka Baroness Dudevant, Destiny Path 3; Meryl Streep, Destiny Path 33; Kristin Scott Thomas, Destiny Path 9; Jessica Tandy, Destiny Path 5; Catherine Tate, Destiny Path 5; Leslie Uggams, Destiny Path 11; Lindsay Wagner, Destiny Path 33; Ann Wilson [Heart singer, flute], Destiny Path 22; Debra Winger, Destiny Path 5



Women with Mercury in Moonchild

Moonchild or Cancer
The sign of Cancer is assigned to Issachar, and the reference to the Ass indicated Typhon, and the Egyptians in the month Payni, when the sun was in Cancer, baked cakes bearing the figure of an ass bound; and the Greeks fabled of two asses in the sign of Cancer, near the Manger. In the ancient Egyptian calendar this sign was marked by an Ibis, a kind of hawk, and the word Issachar in the Hebrew may be read as Sakar, a hawk. In the summer solstice in Egypt, the Nile rose to its highest under the sign of the Ibis.

The Moon has 28 faces, so Mercury encourages transfiguration, shape-shifting, and unusual contracts with characters of a mysterious nature. Your adaptability, innovative ability, and keen perception are enhanced via Lunar variation simpatico and diversity. Hyper-sensitive awareness of the four phases of the Moon each month, especially how planet Earth, located between the Sun and the Moon, is effected by each face, provides Jungian insight. The Golden Compass highlights maternal [Lunar] women on opposite sides of a great battle over control of the essential elements. The United States was born with the Sun in the Moon’s sign of rebirth, so patriotic figures, history of the continent, and national treasures are central to your interests. Collectors probably have mint stamps, coins, and memorabilia tucked away in the attic. You may not think like a packrat, but prefer a fair and even trade today over long term dividends. The underground caves and storehouses discovered in National Treasure films are typical of the Native American Kiva theme – Merlin’s Cave, Rivendell in Middle-earth, the metaphysical gemstone cache of the magical dwarf in Snow White and Rose Red.
rt., Eileen Atkins, Eleanor of Aquitaine in Robin Hood

Eileen Atkins, Destiny Path 3; Alice Bailey, Destiny Path 3; Kathleen Bates, Destiny Path 11; Meredith Baxter [Sun Gemini, double Leo], Destiny Path 3; Polly Bergen [Double Moonchild, Pisces Moon], Destiny Path 7; Pearl S. Buck [Sun and Moon in Moonchild, Mercury in Fourth House square Ascendant], Destiny Path 7; Leslie Caron, Destiny Path 22; Diahann Carroll, Destiny Path 33; Barbara Cartland, Destiny Path 9; Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall, Destiny Path 9; Cécile de France, Destiny Path 1; Diana, Princess of Wales, Destiny Path 7; Phyllis Diller, Destiny Path 33; Missy Elliott, Destiny Path 8; Melissa Etheridge, Destiny Path 33; Edith Falco, Destiny Path 22; Vera Farmiga, Destiny Path 7; Judy Garland, Destiny Path 3; Eva Green, Destiny Path 3; Debbie Harry, Destiny Path 9; Arianna Huffington, Destiny Path 1; Iman [b. Iman Abdulmajid], Destiny Path 7; Nicole Kidman, Destiny Path 22; Alice Krige, Destiny Path 8; Diane Kruger, Destiny Path 9; Cyndi Lauper, Destiny Path 1; Julianna Marguilies, Destiny Path 9; Kelly McGillis, Destiny Path 11; Brigitte Nielsen, Destiny Path 5; Mariane Pearl, Destiny Path 8; Natalie Portman, Destiny Path 7; Franka Potente, Destiny Path 5; Phylicia Rashad, Destiny Path 11; Della Reese, Destiny Path 9; Isabella Rossellini, Destiny Path 5; Jane Russell, Destiny Path 22; Eva Marie Saint, Destiny Path 9; Zoe Saldana [see Avatar @ Trump XIII Metamorphosis], Destiny Path 5; Mia Sara [b. Mia Sarapocciello], Destiny Path 3; Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Destiny Path 3; Carly Simon, Destiny Path 5; Nancy Sinatra, Destiny Path 1; Martha Stewart, Destiny Path 8; Sally Struthers, Destiny Path 11; Hilary Swank, Destiny Path 22; Twyla Tharp, Destiny Path 5; Helen Thomas, Destiny Path 6; Liv Tyler, Destiny Path 5; Sela Ward, Destiny Path 3; Martha Washington, Destiny Path 2; Venus Williams, Destiny Path 5



Women with Mercury in Leo

The Lion was painted or embroidered [Ex. xxxv. 35] on the banner of the tribe of Judah, who was promised exaltation among his brethren. When the Bull was the first of the signs of the year the summer solstice occurred when the sun was in Leo, as may be seen on the Circular Zodiac from the great temple at Dendera, Egypt, as also on that of Esne. The Sun in Leo was adored by the Egyptians as Osiris, the King; by the Syrians as Adonis, the Lord; by the Tyrians as Melkart; by the Greeks as Hercules, slayer of the Nemean lion; and by the Assyrians as Nimrod [who also strangled a lion]. See Gen xlix. II for Jacob’s Blessing.


Arlene Dahl, cerebral type  Esther Williams, olympic type


Mercury in Leo highlights the powerful capabilities co-ruled by Mercury and Apollo: competition, music, poetry, prophecy, and drama. This extravagant Mercury has stage presence, love of amusements and pastimes for children, and provides us with marvelous, miraculous stories. Scripts can convert from the page to legitimate stage, independent film, and the film industry. Storytellers spin yarns about the most colourful characters, sometimes fashioned after people you know personally. The hierophant, narrator of the mysteries, can create personifications of natural energy within the context of a dramatic scenario to teach the laws of heaven and earth. You select trusted friends from organizations, groups, or troupes who accept and reject the same rules of the game you do. Your associates share your fascination with gaming, speculation, and high tech contests, in business or play. Loyalty, oaths and vows are central to relationships. As queen of the universe you would probably acquire the combined powers of your best photogenic Wonder Woman, The X-Men, and The Spice Girls – with a little night dancing on the side. Otherwise, social interests lean to romantic comedy and themes that look to the bright side of life [sometimes to the far side].

Anne Archer, Destiny Path 8; Kathleen Battle, Destiny Path 7; Gina Bellman, Destiny Path 3; Halle Berry, Destiny Path 8; Karen Black, Path 3; Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, later Queen Elizabeth, Destiny Path 22; Sarah Brightman, Destiny Path 11; Sandra Bullock, Destiny Path 8; Delta Burke, Destiny Path 22; Lynda Carter, Destiny Path 11; Claudia Christian, Destiny Path 3; Patsy Cline Destiny Path 5; Lynn Cohen Destiny Path 7; Suzanne Collins Destiny Path 9; Arlene Dahl, Destiny Path 3; Rebecca de Mornay, Destiny Path 7; Cameron Diaz, Destiny Path 3; Kathie Lee Gifford, Destiny Path 33; Geri Halliwell, Destiny Path 33; Dorothy Hamill, Destiny Path 9; Anita Hill, Destiny Path 22; Anjelica Huston, Destiny Path 22; Xeni Jardin, Destiny Path 3; Countess Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, Destiny Path 11; Alison Krauss, Destiny Path 3; Cheryl Ladd, Destiny Path 8; Janet Leigh, Destiny Path 5; Peggy Lipton, Destiny Path 4; Gina Lollobrigida, Destiny Path 3; Jennifer Lopez, Destiny Path 11; Marlee Matlin, Destiny Path 8; Carrie-Anne Moss, Destiny Path 7; Connie Nielsen, Destiny Path 22; Maureen O'Hara, Destiny Path 1; Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Destiny Path 11; Anna Paquin, Destiny Path 33; Beth Riesgraf, Destiny Path 3; Diana Rigg, Destiny Path 3; Ginger Rogers, Destiny Path 8; Linda Ronstadt, Destiny Path 33; Kyra Sedgwick, Destiny Path 3; Fiona Shaw, Destiny Path 22; Lina Wertmüller, Destiny Path 22; Cindy Williams, Destiny Path 33; Esther Williams, Destiny Path 11; Natalie Wood, Destiny Path 3



Women with Mercury in Virgo

Translation of the blessing on Naphtali reads: "Naphtali is a tree shooting forth, producing goodly branches." If the sign of Virgo was given to this tribe, it meant that the Sun had begun the descent from the north toward the equator, which would find the sign of the Virgin in the west, as said in the text.

Mercury in his grounded earth sign is the probable author of at least one insightful care and maintenance manual. Your rule is: measure twice, cut once. This rule is suspended if you are cooking a gourmet treat based on an Italian recipe. In that case your feast will be adapted, according to taste. Very practical thought forms, combined with an adherence to precise detail, stats, and timing, promote your status to indispensable for any group. People think you succeeded hacking the Bat Computer. Specialized skills help you extricate yourself from The Chamber of Secrets, Labyrinth, The Matrix, and teatime on the patio with The Women. Your analytical gifts, if applied to colour, design, and ergonomics, may lead to foundational, historical review of architecture, art, cosmetics, fashion, gematria [composition], landscape, metallurgy, and textiles. You stride on the highroads of life, physically and intellectually, for fitness. If you set pen to paper beyond the world of design and practical application of various & sundry topics, you may excel in music, political cartoons, and theatrical critique.
above, rt., Gloria Estefan, singer and humanitarian

Joan Allen, Destiny Path 22; Tori Amos, Destiny Path 22; The Princess Anne, Princess Royal, Destiny Path 11; Lucille Ball [Leo Sun, double Capricorn], Destiny Path 8; Angela Bassett, Destiny Path 11; Monica Bellucci, Destiny Path 5; Helena Blavatsky, Destiny Path 33; Carole Bouquet, Destiny Path 3; Kim Cattrall, Destiny Path 5; Coco Chanel, Destiny Path 11; Fran Drescher, Destiny Path 7; Gloria Estaphan, Destiny Path 5; Nona Gaye, Destiny Path 7; Liz Greene, Destiny Path 33; Melanie Griffith, Destiny Path 3; Greta Garbo, Destiny Path 33; Salma Hayek, Destiny Path 33; Taraji P. Henson [Mercury trine Saturn, conjunct Sol], Whitney Houston, Destiny Path 9; Chrissie Hynde, Destiny Path 5; Jennifer Lawrence Destiny Path 33; Myrna Loy, Destiny Path 7; Evanna Lynch, Destiny Path 8; Amy Madigan, Destiny Path 8; Madonna, Destiny Path 11; Rosie Perez, Destiny Path 8; Jada Pinkett Smith, Destiny Path 9; Kelly Ripa double Libra, Destiny Path 11; J. K. Rowling, Destiny Path 5; Claudia Schiffer, Destiny Path 5; Mary Shelley, Destiny Path 8; Elisabeth Shue, Destiny Path 8; Alicia Silverstone, Mercury trine Jupiter - Destiny Path 1; Patricia Tallman, Destiny Path 8; Audrey Tautou, Destiny Path 22; Mother Teresa [born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu], Destiny Path 9; Rachel Ward, Destiny Path 7; Dinah Washington, Destiny Path 8; Mae West, Destiny Path 9; Amy Winehouse, Destiny Path 8; Fay Wray, Destiny Path 5; Jane Wyatt, Destiny Path 22



Women with Mercury in Libra

The banner of Asher bore the Balance [Libra], which is said to indicate the season of joy and happiness, when harvests are ripe and fruits plenty. Two of the sons of Asher were Jimnah and Ishuah [the names meaning the weighers of anything].

Life may be an open book for you [or not] but people seldom know your true thoughts, regardless of your oratory. You are unlikely to intentionally misrepresent important facts, though Libra governs treaties of war and peace, open enemies, and some participation in government. For you, the justice system is inextinguishable. Professional pursuits may direct you to follow a life in law, mediation, or international interpretation. You weigh all the information you can gather before you make a choice. Life does not always provide enough time to allow for the ideal analytical process; there are sometimes extremes in play. In that case, review complications represented in, The Client, Public Enemies, or the song of sadness and Murder on the Orient Express. Relationships with your significant other tend to the script of My Fair Lady, rather than Rebecca or Entrapment. There are notable exceptions. You respect obligations, probably draw up a reasonable contract, and refuse opportunities to investigate The Picture of Dorien Grey. If you dodge The Terminator and Star Wars, you will remain in a poem or saga to tell your grandchildren. above, Maria Shriver

Karen Allen, Destiny Path 22; Ammachi, Destiny Path 9; Caitriona Balfe Destiny Path 22; Brigitte Bardot, Destiny Path 9; Sarah Bernhardt, Destiny Path 5; Annie Besant, Destiny Path 22; Kitty Carlisle, Destiny Path 5; Dame Agatha Christie, Destiny Path 33; Marion Cotillard, Destiny Path 7; Joan Cusack, Destiny Path 3; Cleo de Merode, Destiny Path 3; Catherine Deneuve, Destiny Path 22; Elizabeth I, Destiny Path 1; Cass Elliot, Destiny Path 7; Carrie Fisher, Destiny Path 7; Joan Fontaine, Destiny Path 5; Mira Furlan, Destiny Path 9; Linda Hamilton, Destiny Path 5; Rita Hayworth, Destiny Path 1; Miriam Hopkins, Destiny Path 22; Jennifer Hudson, Destiny Path 22; Catherine Jackson, Destiny Path 7; Margot Kidder, Destiny Path 22; Beyoncé Knowles, Destiny Path 5; Ricki Lake, Destiny Path 9; K. D. Lang, Destiny Path 3; Angela Lansbury, Destiny Path 7; Annie Leibovitz, Destiny Path 8; Sophia Loren, Destiny Path 1; Virginia Madsen, Destiny Path 1; Penny Marshall, Destiny Path 5; Lady Linda McCartney, Destiny Path 3; Natalie Merchant, Destiny Path 1; Maria Montessori, Destiny Path 1; Martina Navratilova, Destiny Path 22; Olivia Newton-John, Destiny Path 3; Linda Purl, Destiny Path 22, Valerie Perrine, Destiny Path 11; Joan Plowright, Destiny Path 5; Kelly Preston, Destiny Path 5; Emily Procter, Destiny Path 33; Tanya Roberts, Destiny Path 9; Susan Sarandon, Destiny Path 7; Jean Shrimpton, Destiny Path 33; Maria Owings Shriver, Destiny Path 1; Mira Sorvino, Destiny Path 33; Gwen Stefani, Destiny Path 11; Nancy Travis [exact conjunction Mars and Mercury], Destiny Path 11; Ivanka Trump, Destiny Path 5; Barbara Walters, Destiny Path 1; Naomi Watts, Destiny Path 7; Sigourney Weaver, Destiny Path 5; Serena Williams [Mercury 29° Libra 39'], Destiny Path 9; Kate Winslet, Destiny Path 1; Catherine Zeta-Jones, Destiny Path 5



Women with Mercury in Scorpio

In the Targum of Jonathan it is said that a basilisk as drawn on the banner of Dan, but Aben Ezra says that it was an eagle, but more critical examination shows that it was a scorpion. The Egyptians said the reign of Typhon, the Greeks that the death of Orion, and the Persians that the celestial bull was emasculated under this sign.

If you had three wishes and could have anything in the universe, one wish would cater to your nocturnal social nature. You'd shop for a sleek wardrobe - evening exclusives [includes boots], charter a jet to the most popular hot spots around the globe, solve a secret that has puzzled scholars for years, or maybe save the life of someone you love [lots of legendary & mythological characters select this one]. You always feel drawn to a mystery, what has been veiled, occult and high risk. The location of the bat cave may be less an interest than retrieve and rescue work - the computer analyst who helped bring a spy in from the cold in, Jumpin’ Jack Flash, Erin Brockavich, who unmasked a deadly threat to the health of a rural community, and the underground railroad that saved life for the future of the human race in, Children of Men. Your take on life is often viewed wearing your 'show me', 'prove it', or 'not a problem' glasses. Your mind is penetrating, with some skepticism that will fuel an effective research regimen. If interested in the political arena you prove yourself an efficient activist, reformer, and public servant. above, rt., Whoopi Goldberg of The View

Jean Arthur, Destiny Path 1; Tyra Banks, Destiny Path 9; Kim Basinger, Destiny Path 11; Lisa Bonet, Destiny Path 5; Tina Brown, Destiny Path 5; Hillary Rodham Clinton, Destiny Path 3; Gwendoline Christie Destiny Path 9; Dorothy Dandridge, Destiny Path 7; Patti Davis, Destiny Path 3; Linda Evans, Destiny Path 9; Sarah Ferguson, Sarah, Duchess of York, Destiny Path 22; Jodie Foster, Destiny Path 3; Lillian Gish, Destiny Path 9; Whoopi Goldberg [double Scorpio], Destiny Path 8; Meta Golding Destiny Path 22; Grace, Princess of Monaco, Destiny Path 8; Kathy Griffin, Destiny Path 22; Daryl Hannah [Mercury sextile Venus] Destiny Path 22; Valerie Harper, Destiny Path 8; Anne Hathaway, Destiny Path 7; Persis Khambatta, Destiny Path 7; Carole Lombard, Destiny Path 7; Sophie Marceau, Destiny Path 5; Stephanie Miller, Destiny Path 10/1; Andrea Mitchell, [Mer @ Scorpio 29 – 00 Sag cusp]; Joni Mitchell, Destiny Path 8; Radha Mitchell, Destiny Path 7; Demi Moore, Destiny Path 22; Julianne Moore, Destiny Path 22; Sinéad O'Connor, Destiny Path 33; Georgia O'Keeffe, Destiny Path 5; Julia Roberts, Destiny Path 7; Meg Ryan, Destiny Path 11; Winona Ryder, Destiny Path 3; Monica Seles, Destiny Path 8; Grace Slick, Destiny Path 8; Jackie Stallone, Destiny Path 8; Statue of Liberty, October 28, 1886, 9:53 AM, Destiny Path 7; Amandla Stenberg Mercury trine Jupiter Destiny Path 33; Loretta Swit [tripple Scorpio], Destiny Path 8; Natalia Tena, Destiny Path 33; Mary Travers [Sun conjunction Mercury, House XI see The Enchantress], Destiny Path 3; Judi Trott, Destiny Path 22
Star Gazer Research: Venus Williams [Pluto in Ascendant] is a former World No. 1 ranked tennis player and Olympic gold medalist who has won 13 Grand Slam titles, including 5 singles, 6 women's doubles, and 2 mixed doubles titles. Williams is the older sister of fellow former World No. 1 tennis player Serena Williams. The Williams sisters are both noted for their power game, and Venus holds the record for fastest serve ever recorded by a woman in a major tennis match.



Women with Mercury in Sagittarius

Sagittarius, the hunter, was on the banner of Manasseh [Deu. Xxxii. 17] the use of astronomical symbols in conveying his prophesies in beautiful and poetic language did not take away from their truth, but rather increased their force and insured their preservation.

Mercury in Sagittarius stimulates interest in journalism, especially with regard to politics [State of Play, The Pelican Brief], the justice system, and sports. Sign of ‘The Paper Chase’, Sag emphasizes higher education or specialization in a topic considered elite by the mainstream. Mercury shines a spotlight on education to cultivate the higher mind, place an accent on traditional social, philosophic, or religious initiation rituals or self-realization with guidance of a guru. Interests include meditation, foreign affairs, foreign languages, success working with strangers; any pursuits that suggest the far-sightedness of Jupiter’s sign. Legal eagles thrive, often utilizing chemistry, technical and logistical study for supplemental reinforcement of an assertion. Mercury is searching for an honest man and woman, affordable and fair trials, jury selection, health and human rights legislation. Some distance from tedious left-brain machinery is required at regular intervals.
see also Trump IX The Hermit - guideline
above left, Nichelle Nichols, Star Trek, Enterprise Communications

Christina Aguilera Sun/MC Sagittarius, Destiny Path 3; Sandahl Bergman, Destiny Path 5; Kathryn Bigelow, Destiny Path 9; Louise Brooks, Destiny Path 5; Maria Callas, Destiny Path 11; Kate Capshaw, Destiny Path 5; Petula Clark, Destiny Path 5; Maria Curie, Destiny Path 22; Jamie Lee Curtis, Destiny Path 11; Cote de Pablo, Destiny Path 22; Judi Dench, Destiny Path 11; Alison Doody, Destiny Path 8; Sarah Douglas [cusp Scorpio/Sag 0], Destiny Path 5; Susan Estrich, Destiny Path 9; Calista Flockhart, Destiny Path 33; Gloria Foster [Mercury 0°24' rx], Destiny Path 33; Connie Francis [Mercury conj Ascendant], Destiny Path 9; Nelly Furtado, Destiny Path 3; Goldie Hawn, Destiny Path 33; Katherine Heigl, Destiny Path 33; Marg Helgenberger, Destiny Path 5; Katie Holmes, Destiny Path 1; Famke Janssen, Destiny Path 1; Scarlett Johansson, Destiny Path 1; Diane Keaton, Destiny Path 8; Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, Destiny Path 33; Billie Jean King, Destiny Path 5; Gelsey Kirkland, Destiny Path 22; Diana Krall, Destiny Path 11; Vivien Leigh, Destiny Path 3; Lucy Liu, Destiny Path 11; Jena Malone Destiny Path 9; Marie Antoinette, Destiny Path 22; Rachel McAdams, Destiny Path 8; Brittany Murphy, Destiny Path 9; Bebe Neuwirth, Destiny Path 3; Nichelle Nichols, Destiny Path 11; Julia Ormond, Destiny Path 8; Vanessa Paradis, Destiny Path 8; Clémence Poesy, Destiny Path 7; Paula Poundstone, Destiny Path 11; Eleanor Powell, Destiny Path 9; Lee Remick, Destiny Path 8; Daniela Ruah [Mercury conjunct Neptune], Destiny Path 8; Saint Therese de Lisieux, the Little Flower of Jesus, Destiny Path 22; Carla Bruni Sarkozy, Destiny Path 22; Patti Smith, Destiny Path 8; Britney Spears, Destiny Path 33; Marlo Thomas, Destiny Path 7; Tina Turner, Destiny Path 5; Cicely Tyson, Destiny Path 11; JoBeth Williams, Destiny Path 22



Professor Minerva McGonagall teaches Transfiguration Class

Women with Mercury in Capricorn

Of Zebulon it is said that he shall be a haven for a ship, and in explaining his connection with the sign of Capricorn, Kircher and Sir W. Drummond say that when Argo [the constellation of the ship] descends, the sign of Capricorn rises. "His border shall be unto Zidon, "is explained by supposing it to mean that his place is next to Sagittarius, the hunter, as it is in the zodiac.

Your efforts will be crowned with success, sooner or later, - later will do if things shift into slow gear. Power, fame, and fortune won't corrupt you, even with an elegant wardrobe. Suspension of laws - specifically, of physics re 'terra firma', as in Close Encounters of the Third Kind - and your adroit ability at manipulation in time and space windows, rival the power chess skills of the Palladian and Jumper. Did Professor McGonagall give you a 'time turner' or are your excellent multi-tasking skills the way you do it all so well? You are a quality person who will choose essentials, clean surfaces, and work toward perfection. Trains run on clock time and the budget computes. People think you stand head and shoulders above others as a role model though they seldom call you ‘goddess’. As guide and matriarch for family and friends, low key, you can get to the truth like Grandmother Georgia in, Georgia Rule. If long suffering you triumph eventually, as does the wife of the psychiatrist with a young patient claiming to be the great lover, Don Juan.

Mercury in Capricorn: Aaliyah, Destiny Path 7; Amal Alamuddin (Clooney) Mercury opposite Mars, inconjunct Jupiter and Saturn, Destiny Path 3; Joan Baez, Destiny Path 7; Anita Baker, Destiny Path 5; Linda Blair, Destiny Path 11; Ruth Brown, Destiny Path 33; Amal Clooney Destiny Path 3; Natalie Cole, Destiny Path 5; Jennifer Connelly, Destiny Path 5; Katie Couric, Destiny Path 3; Ellen DeGeneres, Destiny Path 5; Marlene Dietrich, Destiny Path 5; Allison DuBois, Destiny Path 8; Faye Dunaway, Destiny Path 3; Sheila E., Chris Evert, Destiny Path 7; Marianne Faithful, Destiny Path 7; Roberta Flack, Destiny Path 5; Destiny Path 1; Bridget Fonda, Destiny Path 3, Jane Fonda, Destiny Path 8; Zsa Zsa Gábor, Destiny Path 8; Ava Gardner, Destiny Path 5; Teri Garr, Destiny Path 5; Betty Grable [double Sag, Moon in Libra], Destiny Path 11; Teri Hatcher, Destiny Path 22; Milla Jovovich, Destiny Path 33; Eartha Kitt, Destiny Path 1; Diane Lane, Destiny Path 8; Annie Lennox, Destiny Path 11; Laura Linney, Destiny Path 9; Gisele MacKenzie, Destiny Path 3; Penelope Ann Miller, Destiny Path 7; Mary Tyler Moore, Destiny Path 33; Patricia Neal [Mercury exact opposition Pluto], Destiny Path 3; Michelle Obama, Destiny Path 11; Odetta, Destiny Path 11; Dolly Parton, Destiny Path 4; Vanessa Redgrave, Destiny Path 6; Sade, Destiny Path 5; Maggie Smith; Sissy Spacek, Destiny Path 33; Donna Summer, Destiny Path 11; Marisa Tomei, Destiny Path 9; Maria von Trapp, Destiny Path 6



Women with Mercury in Aquarius

The figure of a man given to Reuben is the sign Aquarius, and hence it is a type of the son who was associated with water in motion. These are the sons of Bala, whom Laban gave to Rachel, his daughter. Associated with a cluster of stars in the constellation Aquarius Bulba.

Aquarian thought patterns float above the mix and match realities most of us coordinate during day to day life. This goes beyond, The Devil Wears Prada, E.T., and Star Trek. Dimensions can be superimposed on each other, stretch to bizarre proportions, or the edges transform to a bridge connecting the everyday with fantastic possibilities. Aquarians are great scriptwriters, production designers, directors and producers. If you master a documentary lens it follows you will answer the call of independent filmmakers or a business world where advertisement, publication, or commercials need your talent. Any attraction to the paranormal, unusual, or unexplained is usually from a scientific angle. If an experience has a direct impact on you there you begin a search for someone with magic in their life. A close encounter will intrigue you; its range extends anywhere from Bell, Book, and Candle to Zardoz. Aquarius governs boundless space so patterns of thought contain many ‘exit’ doors on the path to your destination, tucked away Somewhere in Time. Time travel and displacement based on conventional experiments are possible so ‘The Lost Horizon’ may be discovered. Altair [alpha Eagle constellation 0° - 1° Aquarius] marks the junction of the right wing with the body of the eagle, symbol of transcendance. 5° to the eastward of Altair lies the radiant point of the Aquilids, the meteor stream, an indication of space age tech networks.
see The Enchantress Trump XI
above, Mary Lou Retton, spokeswoman for fitness and sports, first woman outside Eastern Europe to win the All Around Gold Medal in women's gymnastics at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the first American woman ever to win a gold medal in gymnastics. In addition, she won several silver and bronze medals.

Maud Adams, Destiny Path 6; Jennifer Aniston, Destiny Path 11; Pernilla August, Destiny Path 11; Tammy Faye Bakker, Destiny Path 8; Tallulah Bankhead, Destiny Path 8; Drew Barrymore, Destiny Path 1; Jessica Biel, Destiny Path 8; Claire Bloom, Destiny Path 22; Emily Blunt, Destiny Path 1; Chaz Bono b. Chastity Sun Bono, Destiny Path 5; Christie Brinkley, Destiny Path 5; Ruth Brown, Destiny Path 6; Dyan Cannon, Destiny Path 7; Stockard Channing, Destiny Path 6; Rae Dawn Chong, Destiny Path 11; Sheryl Crow, Destiny Path 22; Adelle Davis, Destiny Path 5; Geena Davis, Destiny Path 7; Jeanne Dixon, Destiny Path 11; Natalie Dormer Destiny Path 6; Dakota Fanning, Destiny Path 3; Mia Farrow, Destiny Path 3; Farrah Fawcett, Destiny Path 7; Isabelle Fuhrman Mercury conjunct Venus Destiny Path 8, Eva Gabor, Destiny Path 33; Jean Harlow, Destiny Path 9; Barbara Jordan [Luna 19° Aquarius 12'], Destiny Path 6; Jackie Joyner-Kersee, considered by many best woman's all around athlete, dominated women's track and field, Destiny Path 6; Sybil Leek, Destiny Path 33; Alicia Keyes, Destiny Path 9; Carole King, Destiny Path 9; Nastassja Kinski, Destiny Path 6; Jennifer Jason Leigh, Destiny Path 7; Sarah McLachlan, Destiny Path 8; Eva Mendes, Destiny Path 11; Kate Middleton, Destiny Path 11; Jeanne Moreau, Destiny Path 8; Anaïs Nin, Destiny Path 11; Kim Novak, Destiny Path 22; Merle Oberon, Destiny Path 33; Rosa Parks, Destiny Path 11; Victoria Principal, Destiny Path 1; Charlotte Rampling, Destiny Path 9; Dana Reeve, Destiny Path 1; Rihanna, Destiny Path 3; Mimi Rogers, Destiny Path 22; Jeri Ryan, Destiny Path 3; Saint Bernadette Soubirous, Destiny Path 7; Jane Seymour, Destiny Path 6; Cybill Shepherd, Destiny Path 8; Margaret Truman [Sun 27° Aquarius 56'], Destiny Path 8; Gloria Vanderbilt, Destiny Path 2; Julie Walters, Destiny Path 3; Betty White, Destiny Path 5; Nancy Wilson, song stylist, blues, jazz, Destiny Path 6; Nancy Wilson, Heart [Mercury 8° Aquarius 39' sextile Ascendant], Destiny Path 6; Oprah Winfrey, Destiny Path 22; Joanne Woodward, Destiny Path 6; Bonnie Wright, Destiny Path 3



Women with Mercury in Pisces

The sign of the Fishes is assigned to Simeon and Levi, who are called brethren by their father, who says, further, that instruments of cruelty are in their hands. This is explained to mean that at the same time the sun is in Pisces [fishes], Sagittarius rises, and Scorpious sets, Andromeda is still threatened by the monster, and the reign of Typhon was near. As marked by ancient astrologers, emblems chiefly associated with it suggest violence and pain.

Pisces in Neptune’s watery sign that actively utilizes the power of the global collective. Professions are likely to follow trends in conversation, global themes such as hunger bank, prevention of AIDS, treatment of third world maladies as the sign of the world server, heartwarmer, and volunteer in public service. Many humanitarians, poets, and prophetic visionaries have Mercury in this hyper-sensitive sign. Creative gifts extend to mastery of arts that operate on the basis of illusion and suspension of belief; perhaps you are an interpreter with an ability to think in both higher and lower octaves simultaneously. Mercury signs [Gemini and Virgo] square and are reflex action for Pisces. Mercury in Pisces may pressure you to make sacrifices or refuse obligations not in tandem with your heart’s desire, spiritual quest, or bent of your nature.

Ursula Andress, Destiny Path 5; Maya Angelou, Destiny Path 1; Elizabeth Banks Destiny Path 6; Juliette Binoche, Destiny Path 5; Susan Boyle, Destiny Path 22; Elizabeth Barrett Browning [Sixth House], Destiny Path 6; Chelsea Clinton, Destiny Path 11; Glenn Close, Destiny Path 7; Cindy Crawford, Destiny Path 8; Bette Davis, Destiny Path 9; Céline Dion, Destiny Path 3; Aretha Franklin, Destiny Path 8; Lady Gaga, Destiny Path 1; Jane Goodall, Destiny Path 6; Emmylou Harris, Destiny Path 9; Patricia Campbell Hearst, Destiny Path 5; Jennifer Love Hewitt, Destiny Path 22, Jennifer Jones, Destiny Path 7; Chaka Khan, Destiny Path 8; Lucy Lawless, Destiny Path 11; Rachel Maddow, Destiny Path 7; Anna Magnani, Destiny Path 1; Reba McEntire, Destiny Path 33; Elizabeth Montgomery, Destiny Path 8; Rosie O'Donnell, Destiny Path 6; Yoko Ono Lennon, Destiny Path 9; Kiri Te Kanawa, Destiny Path 9; Robin Wright Penn, Destiny Path 7; Pauley Perrette, Destiny Path 1; Lisa Marie Presley, Destiny Path 9; Leontyne Price, Destiny Path 22; Queen Latifah, Destiny Path 11; Christina Ricci, Destiny Path 5; Miranda Richardson, Destiny Path 11; Buffy Sainte-Marie, Destiny Path 1; Renata Scotto, Destiny Path 7; Sharon Stone, Destiny Path 9; Wanda Sykes, Destiny Path 3; Elizabeth Taylor, Destiny Path 8; Lana Turner, Destiny Path 5; Rachel Weisz, Destiny Path 1; Dianne Wiest, Destiny Path 8; Vanessa L. Williams, Destiny Path 22; Reese Witherspoon, Destiny Path 3











Blue through Indigo and White foods: Allen Cohen, Baggins Party,   
Crescent City, Holiday Recipes, Indiana Menu, Star Wars Star Inn,   
X-Inn - Cornucopia Inn   

Mercury films include: A River Runs Through It, Bagdad Cafe, Butch   
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Deja Vu, Fried Green Tomatoes, Grand    
Torino, Green Dolphin Street, Impromptu, Indiana Jones-Raiders, Lord   
of the Rings-Fellowship, Mask, Star Trek II & III, Star Wars V-Empire,   
Swing Vote, Thelma and Louise, Working Girl, and Vantage Point.   



The Number 12

In Masonry great emphasis is laid upon the number 12. The 12 functions of the Lodge are presided over by the 12 sons of Jacob and connected with the zodiac. Thus Ruben opens the lodge, Simeon prepares the land, Levi gives the signal, Judah presides over the entrance, Zebulun the prayer, Issacher the circumnambulation; Dan the advance to the altar, Gad the obligation, Asher the entrusting, Naphtali the investment, Joseph the N. E. corner and Benjamin the closing of the Lodge.





Donna Kova

Excerpts from The San Francisco Pocket Astrologer

   Aries, the Ram: ruled by Mars, the Aggressive Urge
Cardinal Fire
First house, the ascendant, rising sign: "I Am
Head, face, 5 lower senses, blood, adrenalin, cortin, testosterone
Positive thought-cell activity is leadership. Negative: officiousness.
Mercury in Aries makes the intellect keen, quick at repartee, and inventive

[ARIES will] always strive to express a strong sense of personal identity and may seldom slow down long enough to let others get a word in edgewise. One of the main outlets for their entrepreneurial nature is work – they sometimes worry about getting things done by deadline. The popular question, “You want it when?” was undoubtedly coined by an Aries working toward an executive position.


   Taurus, the Winged Bull: ruled by Venus, the Social Urge
Fixed Earth
Second house: "I Have" or "I Persevere"
Throat & voicebox, veil, venous system
Positive thought-cell activity is stability. Negative: obstinacy.
Mercury in Taurus gives a good memory, steady, love of art or has a cool hobby

[TAUREANS want] their partner to feel comfortable, settled in, and fixed in that patterning. If they have reason to doubt the steadfastness of their partner, they are going to worry up a storm. Just as they are passionate in their work and passionate in their love life, so they are passionate about their problem-solving – especially if it starts to destabilize them.


   Gemini, the Twins: ruled by Mercury, the Analytical Urge
Mutable Air
Third house: "I Speak" or "I Think"
Mercury in Gemini is not content with abstractions, but fond of realities.
Lungs, hands, shoulders, nervous
Positive thought-cell activity is versatility. Negative is changeability.

Unlike the other signs that worry about how to handle too much change or too much action, Gem worries when there is lack of either one in their lives. This is because of the way their nervous system is set up. Geminians must have action and reaction constantly to remain calm... and centered.


   Moonchild, the Crab, Shellfish [Cancer]: Moon, the Domestic Urge
Cardinal Water
Fourth House, Nadir: "I Feel" or "I Wait"
Mercury in Moonchild gives a very retentive memory and summarizing view of things, inventive, tactful.
Back pituitary gland, breast, stomach, psyche seat of power
Positive thought-cell activity is tenacity. Negative is touchiness.

[MOON CHILDREN are] is interested in the balance between career and their nest. They worry about why the interior and objective reality of others does not blend and frequently retire from career life in high powered and high profile positions for this reason. They do not see the work-a-day world as compatible with sanity. After this phase they usually start to worry about money.


   Leo, the Winged Lion: Sun, the Power Urge
Fixed Fire
Fifth House: "I Will" or "I Rule"
Front pituitary and heart, aorta
Positive thought-cell activity is kindness. Negative is domination.
Mercury in Leo intellect is clear, speeches, talks have desired effects.

[Because LEO is] able to 'move mountains' at times, natives think they can continuously try to solve the problems of the world singlehandedly. They would worry less about things if they could get the realist and idealist into equilibrium and think both horizontally as well as vertically when problem solving.


   Virgo, the Virgin, Earth Mother: Mercury, the Analytical Urge
Mutable Earth
Sixth House: "I Analyze" or "I Heal"
Lower back, intestines, kundalini at base of spine
Positive thought-cell activity is analysis. Negative is criticism.
Mercury in Virgo makes the intellect practical, good critic, apt to admonish, fond of scientific research.

Virgo is the sign of the zodiac traditionally given to worry, along with Capricorn [although Virgo really takes the blue ribbon in this category]. Most Virgoans worry about changing their faults into virtues through methods and systems that use practical application of factual information.


   Libra, the Scales, the Balance: Venus, the Social Urge
Fixed Air
Descendant, Seventh House: "We Are" or "I Balance"
Liver, kidneys, venous system, skin, yoni
Positive thought-cell activity is affability. Negative is approbation.
Mercury in Libra gives correct intuitive view of various matters, including articles of commerce.

Libra is the sign ruling business and marital partnership, and most of all, these natives worry about being lonely or becoming isolated. Although they often complain they have little time to themselves,, if left alone for any length of time [about two hours max] they will be on the phone or in the car headed out to visit someone…


   Scorpio, the Scorpion, Cobra, Eagle/Phoenix: Pluto, Universal Urge
Fixed Water
Eighth House, "I Sense" or "I Desire"
Pineal gland, reproductive system, lingham
Positive thought-cell activity is resourcefulness. Negative is troublesomeness.
Mercury in Scorpio gives a well developed, penetrating intellect with interest in all that is hidden.

Scorpio powers of observation are almost unlimited, and since they have such insight into everything they have more to worry about. You could say they have thins thing about giving up control. One of the things Scorpio will usually worry about is manipulation by other people.


   Sagittarius, the Centaur, Archer: Jupiter
Mutable Fire
Ninth House "I See"
Purity of the blood, leg, insulin, pancreas, "the bank"
Positive thought-cell activity is loyalty. Negative is sportiveness.
Mercury in Sagittarius shoots apples off heads - quick and apt to say things earnest and prophetic.

Sagittarius attends t o duty first,, setting aside personal considerations in order to get the job done well. Later they worry and realize they might have stepped on someone else’s toes. Frequently they will do this with people they love a great deal [you always hurt the one you love] and appear too ethereal for many.


   Capricorn, the Goat, Sea-Goat, and Mountain Goat: Saturn, the Safty Urge
Cardinal Earth
Midheaven, Tenth House, MC: "I Judge" or "I Use"
Skeleton, teeth, and cartilage [hearing in one ear]
Positive thought-cell activity is diplomacy. Negative is deceitfulness.
Mercury in Capricorn: the concrete mind, clear and logical faculty of thought.

Capricorn worries about getting to the top of the heap. Cap is often late starting out; there are inhibitions to overcome early, and there is plenty of obstruction on the way up the ladder of success. When the top is reached, there is loneliness and frequent worry the solitude could have been avoided.


   Aquarius, Cup Bearer, Old Water Bearer: Uranus, Intellectual ESP
Fixed Air
The Eleventh House: "I Know"
Nervous system, inner plane magnetism, leg, ESP
Positive thought-cell activity is humanitarianism. Negative is nervousness.
Mercury in Aquarius gives a very active mind, original with glimpse of genius.

Aquarius is one sign that tends to gloat above earthly worries. This is not to say they don’t worry – they do, but not about material things. Aquarians tend to worry about why they can’t get more motivated to work for money. Whether domesticated or no, they settle.


   Pisces, the Fishes: Neptune, the Search for Utopia
Mutable Water
Twelfth House: "I Believe"
Inner plane balance, emotional ESP, soma, some layers of astral body, the feet
Positive thought-cell activity is compassion. Negative is hyper-sensitivity.
Mercury in Pisces makes for a layered intellect, poetic, mediumistic, skilled in illusion

Pisces worries about confinement, being in too small a space, too restricted a life, too limited a relationship. Like Virgo, Pisces tends to have a medicine chest filled with bottles of pills, ointments, salves and herbs, when all they really need in many instances is a good pair of shoes that fit and a comfortable hot tub.


Life is a Learning Experience

[just for the girls]

Words of Wisdom

"I’ve learned that humming a tune when you’re upset can ease your mind."
-Age 14

"I’ve learned that if you smile at people, they will almost always smile back."
-Age 81

"I’ve learned that you can never have too many friends."
-Age 16

"I’ve learned that you should never be too busy to say 'please' and 'thank you."
-Age 36

"I’ve learned that all women love to get flowers, especially when there’s no particular reason."
-Age 33

"I’ve learned that the trick is to live a long time without growing old."
-Age 73

"I’ve learned that kindness is more important than perfection."
-Age 70

"I’ve learned that you can be in love with four girls at the same time."
-Age 9

Timeless Archives

[alphabetical order]

"When women are depressed they either eat or go shopping. Men invade another country."
-Elayne Boosler

"If men can run the world, why can’t they stop wearing neckties? How intelligent is it to start the day by tying a little noose around your neck?"
-Linda Ellerbee

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then."
-Katharine Hepburn

"In politics, if you want anything said, ask a man; if you want anything done, ask a woman."
-Margaret Thatcher

"I have yet to hear a man ask for advice on how to combine marriage and a career."
-Gloria Steinem


Catwoman - Girls of Gotham

Need a new do? Here are some Hair Don'ts

Judy Chicago The Dinner Party - Golden Circle

Mercury's Children - Quicksilver Messenger Service
Quicksilver 2 John Cipollina and international musicians with Mars in Gemini and Virgo

The Miraculous Pitcher by Hawthorne - short story from times long ago
about Jupiter and Mercury as wanderers who meet Philemon and Baucis



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It's All In The Sauce, Jupiter Table, magic spice, Mercury Table, Oracle's Lab
shrmx, smoothie, Star Inn - Star Wars, Tangerine, vittles, Western Inn, Zeppelin Diner


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