Greg Elmore - drums, Gary Duncan - guitar, vocals, John Cipollina - guitar, David Freiberg - bass, vocals
click for Quicksilver Messenger Service - Smokestack Lightning (Live Fillmore West) 1968

Quicksilver Lightning ~ Mercury's Children

"Just For Love" John Cipollina


Cipollina photo (Ed Perlstein) from BAM interview about Raven, with Phil Allen ~

"I consider myself a music technician, really into electronics and crafting guitars. I only play so I can buy more pearl inlay…" JC heroes- Link Wray, Les Paul, Mickey "Love Is Strange" Baker and Fender wizard Doc Kaufman.
More top of the list bluezy inspirations: alot of blues... Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, later....Leadbelly.
Click photo - go to SF Haight.

A star is born! John Cipollina was born John Holland Mallett, III, in Berkeley CA under the royal star REGULUS. His Sun rose the morning of 8/24/43 parallel to the zodiacal doorway that binds Leo, The Lion to The Corn Maiden, Virgo (Demeter, Ceres). The alchemical implications are sometimes distilled as Trump XIV, Temperance, that would be, in psychedelic era terms, 'The White Rabbit' and 'The Red Dog.' The esoteric symbols are The White Eagle and The Red Lion.
Art forms: the Leo/Virgo theme is represented as the Lady, the Lion, and the Unicorn. Visit The Cloisters [Met, NY} for tapestry example. Go Hogwarts [Harry Potter] for Gryffindor Commonroom, and The Order of the Phoenix.

JC Mercury conjunction with Crater, the Cup and hidden symbolism within the name, Cipollina

Some blessings linked to the dynamic Leo/Virgo cusp: insight into archetypes, acting, musical theory that unlocks doors Pythagorean style, an inner integrity of brass, interpretive gifts (poet, musician Mercury with pipes & lyre) and prophecy. And for the audience ~ measured taste in style, dress, and story-telling. A dash of luck to the mix ~ the right combination for the players who would set the stage for America's most significant sequel to France at her apex during the 1880s! And JC would prove the beckoning pied piper on the mythic bridge that was the Hashbury era, an evolving window of power in the San Francisco mystic triangle. He always favored earth over cement.

Mercury Linked With The Two Tribes Of Benjamin and Naphtali

Avenar, the Jewish astrologer, names the Wolf [zeeb, the word in the Hebrew text] as the Oriental sign of the constellation called Gemini, and figured by the Egyptians and Greeks by two men, or a man and a woman, and by the Hindus as two girls. The Egyptians fabled that the god Anubis [Psychopompus and patron saint of embalming, dreamers, and psychology] had his station in this sign, and he was the type of the planet Mercury, which was a morning star at one time and an evening star at another season of the year. The Egyptians had names for all the various phenomena of nature, and the horizon just after the setting of the sun was called Anubis, who is figured with a jackal’s [wolf’s] head. He is called the golden, in reference to the golden tints of clouds at this time of the day. Joseph and Benjamin are the sons of Rachel, and the word, ‘rachel,’ is Hebrew for, ‘sheep.’

Gemini and Leo are two zodiacal signs linked with the wolf [rulers Mercury and Apollo]
left,Wolf, Sue Coleman - click for musicians with Mars in Gemini

check Quicksilver: Just For Love, "Wolf Run" parts 1 and 2

Reading the latest translation of the blessing on Naphtali: “Naphtali is a tree shooting forth, producing goodly branches.” If the sign of Virgo [mysteries, agriculture, and the harvest] was given to this tribe is meant that the sun had begun the descent from the north toward the equator, which would find the sign of the Virgin in the west, as said in the text.

Birthdate: Super number 22: Shapeshifter-transmedium, 22 Destiny Path. The 22 Destiny is a Master Number in the field of numbers, an infusion of power and mastery that, when positive, reveals a master musician, statistician, or diplomat, and would undoubtedly give a fine speaking voice and a helpful disposition. From an esoteric viewpoint, the 22 designates the condition which precedes action. Cheiro writes, "In music it is silence; its mineral is earth and its color black." It is essentially a glimpse into the sphere of pre-creation wherein the potter's world is fashioned.
listen to Quicksilver Messenger Service live music interpretation of Trump 22 'The Fool', 12:11
Musician sampler of Mercurial characteristics.

Mercury Tarot Trump
Trump III The Empress, Unveiled Isis, Queen, The Green Woman, associated with Mercury, his air sign Gemini, The Twins
Trump VI The Temptation, The Lovers, The Forest Lovers, Two Paths, The Choice: Mercury, his earth sign Virgo, the Corn Maiden, Virgin


Trump XVII The Star
see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for more about Mercury in his signs: Sherlock Holmes
Check Trump 22/0
The Fool or Pilgrim is often pictured with an animal at his heels, such as a wolf, dog, tiger, or crocodile.



The line between Leo and Virgo, the cusp, is what Cipollina represents best through his musical range, a wide angle talent. His vision of 360 degrees suggests the eye of fiery Leo viewing everything strung like pearls on a strand of thread - sorted, dramatic, styled mechanics, recognized as Virgo. This point is effectively refered to in Jung's dream analysis study as the 'centre' ~ "where the consciousness meets the psyche." Gary Duncan's perfect conjunction of Mercury and Moon along this route of heaven, late in the Leo degrees, refers to one of Quicksilver's magical trademarks, the Goddess aloft on the winged horse - or is she a Valkyrie? Bobby Weir of the Grateful Dead has an exact mirror of this Mercury/Moon aspect in the sign of transformation, suggestive of the lightning skull, 'Steal Your Face.' The identical aspect appears on the event of Chopin's Lunar Return (superimposed on Sting's Rainforest Initiation, the match is exact.) Phil Lesh and Robert Plant have similar aspects as well.

Radiant images projected by the Sun with Regulus at this degree attracted to JC early on those game scenarios and players tuned to similar frequencies. We often find beautiful that which we can recognize within ourselves. Perhaps this power degree simply animated Cipollina's 'genre fusion' work - the natural discriminating bent to his nature to properly assign value to each musical repertoire he learned. Cipollina's Moon in Gemini, like that of Grateful Dead bass Phil Lesh, is drawn to innovation and the electrical spark associated with St. Elmo's Fire (electrical phenomena on ship riggings during storms at sea) so typical of Haight lifestyles. Gary Duncan's Mars/Polaris conjunction in Gemini is exact so the security factor of the great North Star is combined with the silver-akasha of his Mercury/Moon, providing the ultimate frequency for 'Shape-Shifting' powers of the shaman and ancient Cabieri. Mystery dramas instructed the masses and elite about these cosmic forces. They were dedicated to Ceres/Demeter, anciently the Terran Goddess governing the constellation Virgo. Cover art from 'Just For Love' set in Hawaii. 'Quicksilver Messenger Service,' released May 1, 1968 is still considered classic psy-rock and so is 'Happy Trails.' Song titles on both highly rated CDs reflect the star charts of band members.

Duncan shares a star chart Regulus (Alpha Leonis) tie-in with numerous rock & roll musicians, to conjunct Cipollina’s Sun, probably giving rise to the ‘dueling guitarist’ image. The Quicksilver delivery system legend is certainly benefited. Early in Duncan’s career his powerful Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Libra established the allies needed to bridge any gap from opacity or coarseness ('To live outside the law, you must be honest' as Dylan says.) In the classic texts this is referred to as, "a great love of humanity, the abillity to give love to those who are in need of it, the enjoyment of moulding or shaping things, and an interest in metaphysical and religious problems."
Duncan's ascendant suggests chemistry, charishma, metallurgy with his Jupiter (higher mind) hub that is central for this dynamic, lean, clean machine ~ several overtones of the Gilgamesh/Hercules mythology resonate within the emerging pattern. So the conscientious churning of SOMA (liquer of the brow) works to circulate talent through the mainstream. See the Neptune and Libra influence of The Grateful Dead as well.

Every twist and turn throughout Cipollina's career is clearly linked with Solar patterning changes. He helped form Quicksilver Messenger Service in 1965, when his Ascendant moved into zero degree of his Sun. When Cipollina left Quicksilver on October 5, 1970 his Midheaven (the public image, reputation, destiny) shifted to Gemini at zero degrees, exactly above his Mars. Cipollina's pet wolf exemplified the qualities of this point, the sensitivity associated with the 6th sense abilities, and routinely demonstrated a similar natural aversion to mortals of less than truthful character.

('To live outside the law, you must be honest.' Dylan)

Anciently, the wolf is Gemini's pet. Of course, there were rumors and other reasons that justified the wolf-like characteristics... but most people discussed those over the back fence.

People watched the public image shift in 1970, to take up a routed Gemini aura at that career intersection; this juncture began the 'Man of A Thousand Bands' phase that would continue throughout the following two decades. See Mercury, Line of Intuition


Gary Duncan spoke about The Fillmore and The Avalon in an interview at San Rafael’s ‘Power Lounge’: "If you just look at them, you’d see it. I think it was Phil Elwood, that made this observation, and it pretty well says it.

He said, ‘When you walk into the Fillmore, and you looked up the stairs, you saw Bill Graham standing there.
Like the Colossus of Rhodes. When you went into the Avalon, you saw Chet Helms walking around, and he looked like Jesus…’ That’s where it was at, just two totally different kind of places."

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Full Concert 1:34:20
Recorded Live: 12/28/1975 - Winterland (San Francisco, CA)





Quicksilver Messenger Service & Big Brother and The Holding Co.






The Tribal Stomp, in the spirit of 'The Twins' Gemini, San Francisco's traditional Sun Sign, was first promoted by Chet Helms. One of the best ‘gathering of the tribes’ happenings during the psychedelic era, eminent acid rock bands were always featured.

Peter Albin (Gemini Sun, Jupiter and Mars in Leo) would later be Big Brother’s rep in The Dinosaurs, one of Cipollina’s favorite 80s bands. Jerry Garcia, Leo native of The Grateful Dead, another frequent musical collaborator, shared melodics bestowed through Sun, Mars and Mercury in Leo resonance. Transcription of Chet Helms on "People Are Talking." Go to San Francisco Haight-Ashbury page.

The peculiar 'ship at sea' experience felt by many in 1090 Page power spaces is captured within 'What About Me' cover art. Famous sister bands poster from the "Gurley Mountain Man - Lord of The Earth" roll of film shot in an elegant Marin forest setting: Quicksilver Messenger Service/Big Brother & The Holding Co.


See The Blue-Violet Wave and The Silver Rose for more about the colour of San Francisco's deeper coloured night sky.


Gary Duncan
The 5 Destiny Path
The pentad – 5 – is the union of an odd and an even number (3 and 2). Among the Greeks, the pentagram was a sacred symbol of light, health, and vitality. It also symbolized the fifth element –ether--because it is free from the disturbances of the four lower elements. It is called equilibrium, because it divides the perfect number 10 into two equal parts.
The pentad is symbolic of Nature, for, when multiplied by itself it returns into itself, just as grains of wheat, starting in the form of seed, pass through Nature’s processes and reproduce the seed of the wheat as the ultimate form of their own growth. Other numbers multiplied by themselves produce other numbers, but only 5 and 6 multiplied by themselves represent and retain their original number as the last figure in their products.
The pentad represents all the superior and inferior beings. It is sometimes referred to as the hierophant, or the priest of the Mysteries, because of its connection with the spiritual aeythers, by means of which mystic development is attained. Keywords of the pentad are reconciliation, alternation, marriage, immortality, cordiality, providence, and sound. Among the deities who partook of the nature of the pentad were Pallas, Nemesis, Bubastia (Bast), Venus, Prometheus, and the messengers of Jupiter. To increase, to bless, charismatic; theatre, whole-hearted enthusiasm, animation, transmuting the elements of emotion into matter sufficient to enlarge the mass of the magickal image.
See Numbers 1-9 for Energy Pattern key to TREES by Zodiacal Sign, Aries through Pisces, and Robin Hood
Gary Duncan's birthday on the Roman Calendar

John Cipollina 22 Destiny Path
John Cipollina's birthday on the Roman Calendar
Quicksilver Part Two

NY Times Dinosaurs article 1988 reads
Rock: The Music of the 60's From the Dinosaurs By Jon Pareles
PSYCHEDELIC-ERA nostalgia arrived Friday when the Dinosaurs, a group of San Francisco rockers with a 1960's pedigree, headlined an evening of music, lights and reminiscences... The Dinosaurs include Barry Melton (from Country Joe and the Fish) and John Cipollina (from Quicksilver Messenger Service) on guitars, Peter Albin (from Big Brother and the Holding Company) on bass, Merl Saunders (who has worked with Jerry Garcia) on keyboards and Spencer Dryden (from the Jefferson Airplane and the New Riders of the Purple Sage) on drums. Jack Casady, another Airplane alumnus, replaced Mr. Albin for a few songs, giving the group an electrified jug-band feeling. While the Dinosaurs played mostly blues and rock chestnuts rather than former bands' material, its anything-goes jamming showed that psychedelic rock is by no means extinct.
Keepin' candles burnin'


Dinosaurs Live at Oakland Auditorium are on - 1982 * Gold and Silver pretty lightshow * and related You Tube - Thunder & Lightning - John Cipollina: You Tube


Before Jurassic Park there were The Dinosaurs

Relix asked Barry Melton how the Dinosaurs came together. Melton first explained about the board of directors he and Spencer Dryden were on, a non-profit corporation in Marin called the Freedom Foundation. They held monthly meetings in San Quentin and “were concerned with examining the claims of people innocently incarcerated.”
“At the first Freedom Foundation jam, I had a drummer who cancelled out, so Spencer came in for a couple of days. I was working with Peter Albin from Big Brother and the Holding Company.
The first date we did together was out in Guernville, by the Russian River. We showed up as a trio, and we got ourselves the name ‘cause I made some Dinosaur joke in the set.”

Barry Melton often played ‘Fish and Chip’ gigs in North Beach with John Cipollina and Peter Albin. According to Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll, Country Joe and the Fish formed in 1965 and signed to Vanguard in late 1966. The band was always considered a Berkeley band, probably because they were one of the most overtly political bands to emerge from the Bay Area during the sixties psychedelic scene. Check out the Monterey Pop Festival film and DVD and see one of their electrifying performances.


In Greek Mythology, the Titaness from the generation which preceded the Olympians - Selene, was carried through the sky by her two-yoked chariot [biga, also an element of Mithraic iconography] pulled by oxen or steeds: sometimes white and black, white and brown, or two white winged horses. According to the Archaic Greek poet Hesiod, Hecate originally had power over the heavens, land, and sea, not as in the later tradition heaven, earth, and underworld.

Astrology note
The zodiacal signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are no longer the cardinal signs, because through the precession of the equinoxes, they have retrograded 1 sign, making the signs which precede each, – i.e., Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn the cardinal signs for the present age.

Women with the Moon in Cancer [Moonchild] Drew Barrymore, Mary J. Blige, Emily Blunt, Rosemary Clooney, Geri Halliwell, Janis Joplin, Chaka Khan, Eartha Kitt, Patti LaBelle, Courtney Love, Olivia Newton-John, Aimee Osbourne, Sharon Osbourne, Clara Schumann, Shakira, Nancy Sinatra, Gwen Stefani, Taylor Swift, Mae West, and Nancy Wilson

Men with the Moon in Cancer [Moonchild] Desi Arnaz, Ornette Coleman, Jeff Conaway, Elvis Costello, Bing Crosby, Ray Davies [The Kinks], Mos Def, , Billy F. Gibbons [ZZ Top], Dhani Harrison, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Hope, Julio Iglesias, Jermaine Jackson, Jerome Kern, , LL Cool J, Harpo Marx, Roger McGuinn, Keith Moon [Who], Van Morrison, Willie Nelson, Jason Newsted [Metallica], Donny Osmond, Niccolo Paganini, Jimmy Page, Oscar Peterson, Cole Porter, Giacomo Puccini, Dennis Quaid, Django Reinhardt, Kenny Rogers, Kurt Russell, Erik Satie, Pete Seeger, Paul Simon, Terence Trent d’Arby, Keith Urban, Tom Waits, Jack White, Steve Winwood, Bow Wow [Shad Gregory Moss], Weird Al Yankovic, and Peter Yarrow

a more complete list of men and women with Luna in Moonchild


Right, Ceres [Roman Demeter] is the daughter of Kronos and Rhea, Olympian goddess of the agricultural cycle [especially cereals, named in her honour], mystery plays, and secrets of nature. Her priestesses with the Olympic flame. Ceres and Diana [Artemis] often shapeshifted into composite characters during the mystery plays, partly as 'soul guides' on the sacred journey with the candidate.

Ceres is the mother of Proserpine by Zeus and oversees the most important of the ancient mysteries, believed to have originated fourteen hundred years before the birth of Christ, that eventually spread to Rome and Britain. She governs the occult archetypes associated with 'Mother Love' [see Molly Weasley character in the Harry Potter series], the earth sign Virgo, and all pertaining to care of the physical temple.

Scholars allocate the Lesser Mysteries [Spring] at the annual festival, to Persephone. The Greater Mysteries [Autumn] at Eleusis, dedicated to Ceres, were held every five years. Observances probably coincided with the celebration of the Equinox. Ceres is pictured variously with symbols linked to both her parents, Mystery Play themes, and the Olympic games: a poppy garland, corn at harvest, a sheaf of grain, polos, scepter, torch, and sacrificial bowl. During the Mysteries she rides in a chariot drawn by winged serpents.

The Summer of Love was a time the Haight and, for that matter much of California, explored diets attributed to the philosophic strata, so menu experimentation with Buddhist, Hare Krishna, and macrobiotic ratios, all Ceres* ruled. Many pass over the 'lesser' revolutions that were popular during the middle of the twentieth century, such as close attention to labels and contents in food, drink, cosmetics, and wardrobe, partly due to nutrition guru Adele Davis, and to the growing awareness it was becoming necessary to question authority [and the status quo].


How Do We Respond to the Cancer Moon?

The Sixties and Seventies marked our official entry into the Space Age. We experimented with boundless space as reality within and outside the skull. Future astronauts were given a battery of tests to prepare for space flight that included sensory deprivation.

During preliminary tests that would simulate life in space, we rediscovered links between our physical anatomy and the Moon. The sympathetic bond once relied on by ancient physicians, psychiatrists, and embalmers [in the Temple of Anubis] had been resurrected in our modern world. It often happens that the quest for a new horizon will cause us to become reacquainted with our distant past. Space exploration is such a field of study.

The Piscean Era patterns established [most frequently utilized thought forms] as of the new century usually rely on the lower octave sensory system. The five lower senses are most responsible for gathering information that is conveyed to the brain. It seems that, without them, our physical [body] mind reverts to Luna as the default system. The cycle of the Moon then automatically acts as a source for updates about change in time and space.

The objective paradigm is interpreted intuitively by way of Lunar input, once the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and skin are "insulated" and their link with the brain is "muffled" or entirely suspended. Experiments show we revert to subtle information "feed" in place of solid physical knowledge collected and carried to the brain via the lower five senses.

Our personal relationship with the Moon is very important. Luna has resumed the role of a reserve survival system. In the past, when Luna combined the power of mobility to travel to subtle areas of the universe, especially with the Sun and the planet Mars, cultural changes were obvious. Ancient mythology, architecture [stone monuments, observatories, and temples] and ingenious ritual initiations addressed the movement of heavenly bodies in formal and daily life.

The significance of the resultant co-created spiritual, political, and social calendars, all superimposed on each other, and based on the Moon, emerged as the unification of the masses in all walks of life. Everyone was literally on the same page - 24/7 – because the calendar acted like glue that held everyone and everything together. Though we had the widest choice of possible approaches to any situation, everyone knew the day meant certain things that were exact to us all, across the board. The concept of "I and Thou" felt more intimate that it does now.

From The Moon Sign Book

You may feel a distinctive sense of peace when you glance up and see the Moon. Your Cancer Moon is a natural link to the rhythms of life, which may give you an easy pathway into your inner self. You’ve always known the value of your intuitive sensibilities, and may feel a deep commitment to the fulfillment of your soul’s destiny. Family and home hold the central focus in your heart, but you tend to become intimately involved in all your commitments –at work, with friends, and to your goals. When others seek comfort, they may be innately drawn to your gentle embrace—even if it comes disguised as a bowl of chicken soup.

You understand the value of the things that tie people together: family traditions, heirlooms, gathering around the dinner table, genealogy, or mementos of milestone events. In fact, you may be the family historian, company archivist, or record-keeper for your special interest organization. In relationships, you may prefer to take the initiative, since that way, you can keep your own shields up until you feel safe. Once you establish trust and love is flowing, you can become quite tenacious. Your need to be there for your children is lifelong. Yes, letting go is tough for you, and you may hate the idea that those you love have left the umbrella of your protection. Sometimes, letting go of things is difficult, and you may invest a great deal of sentiment in whatever surrounds you. Your home is likely a reflection of all you hold dear, and you’re really into comforting amenities. Your work space needs to be comfortable, too, since when you and others are at ease, you just get more done!

Despite your capacity to dance with the ever-changing rhythm and melody of life, you may feel anxious in the face of change, or when you’re heading onto an unknown path. Once you get back into the sway and merge with the river of life, you’ll feel the contentment of knowing timeless truth. The eternal ebb and flow cradles your soul, and you are, once again, complete.

--Llewellyn, Moon Sign Book

The Moon governs the cycles of life, themes, and patterns that is often associated with Trump IV and Trump XVIII described in The House System Check Jupiter exalted in Moonchild [Cancer] @ Harrison Ford for information about methods and techniques to help improve quality of life.

Note: Cipollina's morning time of birth was provided by his mother, who was kind enough to share her personal thoughts in a few phone conversations about her marvellous clan. The star chart for Duncan originally posted at this site has been adjusted since the accurate evening time of birth was provided. Several different online birthtimes are provided for Duncan's nativity so check your info, as always.






John Cipollina recalled:
"Jim Murray and David Freiberg came up with the name. Me and Freiberg were born on the same day, and Gary and Greg were born on the same day, we were all Virgos and Murray was a Gemini. And Virgos and Geminis are all ruled by the planet Mercury. Another name for Mercury is Quicksilver. And then, Quicksilver is the messenger of the Gods, and Virgo is the servant, so Freiberg says, 'Oh, Quicksilver Messenger Service'."

ordering information for "John Cipollina: Electric Guitarslinger",
visit, or email

Jesse Block has also served up the film, 'Grateful Dawg' (featuring timeless collaborations of Garcia and Grisman) and 'Hot Tuna Live At Sweetwater' (1994 MVFF), sponsored by The Sundance Channel. The 73 minute video, 'Strings and Frets Play Great Guitarists' directed/produced by Block also features Jorma Kaukonen in a "musical tribute to some contemporary virtuosos of the instrument without which twentieth century popular music would not exist - the guitar."

Mona (1969) - Quicksilver Messenger Service on DVD with "West Pole"

Note: The White Rabbit and the Red Dog
"We have seen earlier how saloon life dominated the social life at the end of the nineteenth century. It is not surprising then that in 1892, Jack Daniel opened two saloons in Lynchburg: The White Rabbit and The Red Dog. While the explanation of the origin of these names is now lost, we can speculate that ‘The White Rabbit’ was derived from Louis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderlannd. Perhaps there was a favorite dog of Jack Daniel’s which happened to be red; however, ‘The Red Dog’ was more likely a clever way of naming (and advertising) his whiskey. We have learned earlier that the raw whiskey fresh out of the doubler is called ‘white dog’ and the aged whiskey, once it has taken on its distinctive red coloring from the charred barrels was called ‘red eye’ so perhaps, ‘The Red Dog’ was simply another designation for the whiskey which Jack Daniel made and sold in his saloons."

-Mark H. Waymack, Richard Harris, James F. Harris, The Book of Classic American Whiskeys

Jupiter Table
Women Rock Mercury in the Signs - Mercury Table


Gibson SG guitar that belonged to John Cipollina on exhibit at Marin Rocks! museum in San Rafael CA.

San Rafael's Fourth Street animated by Marin History Museum staff, city officials and various luminaries gathered for what will be the home of Marin Rocks someday, the long overdue Bay Area rock 'n' roll museum.
Again we have stall city set up to tangle the Rock 'n' Roll museum in red tape. Paul Liberatore, Marin Independent Journal, wrote in 2013, "The history museum spent three years working on Marin Rocks, envisioning a $5.2 million exhibit in downtown San Rafael to celebrate Marin's rich history as a rock 'n' roll bedroom community, home to such stars as the Grateful Dead, Santana, Van Morrison, Steve Miller, Journey, Janis Joplin, Huey Lewis and the News, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Starship, Bonnie Raitt and many others.
It abandoned the project in 2011 after burning through the $2.5 million, running out of money and laying off half its staff..."
The museum was supposed to open in summer 2010, then over the winter, and then it got shelved. Tick-tock, I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!
Carl Nolte, San Francisco Chronicle columnist writes, May 2015, the board at The Marin History Museum has been out of funds, with only enough to barely survive,’’ board President Jean Zerrudo said in a statement. She said the board had voted to terminate operations as of Aug. 31...
But that is not the end. Save Marin’s History wants to step in and take over the museum. They want to replace the current board and bring new life to the museum. Some of those interested in saving the project have said they have donors who are ready to go, they know the community and how to turn things around.



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More Quicksilver next page: pt. 2 Cipollina continued for Quicksilver Messenger Service and other Cipollina groups
with Link Wray and more.



* Astrologically, Ceres is one of the smaller planets, or asteroids, which are mostly between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. More than 1,200 of these tiny planets have been discovered. Ceres, the largest, was the first to be found. Its diameter is only 480 miles. It was seen by accident on January 1, 1801, by Giuseppe Piazzi, at Palermo. The printer of Piazzi’s new catalog of stars had accidentally listed an extra star. When Piazzi looked for it while checking the catalog, he found Ceres, to everyone’s surprise. The asteroid was lost again, but mathematician K.F. Gauss, a by a new method, predicted the place in the sky where Ceres was discovered again a year later. Ceres is named for the Roman goddess of agriculture, who was the mother of Proserpine. Their mythology that taught Ceres wandered through the world carrying two torches [intuition and reason] looking for her lost daughter [the soul] helped the Greeks explain the seasons.

Click Ceres Priestess above for more about Orpheus, San Francisco Diggers, and the Panhandle during The Summer of Love. Catch a Cipollina cameo in the movie '68 - this is excellent, live music in Golden Gate Park during the phase out segment of hippie influence in classic Summer of Love style! San Francisco premiere of the film was a benefit for Mimi Farina's Bread and Roses hosted by Peter Coyote.





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