Led Zeppelin Starship

The Starship, N7201U (S/N: 17907), was the first B720 built. It was delivered to United
Airlines on October 1960 and then purchased in 1973 by Contemporary Entertainment.
Both the 1973 and repainted 1975 versions of The Starship can be seen on home video
Jimmy Page: How Stairway to Heaven was written. ‘This was the period when
we were at Headley Grange’ 8:15


Ah, ah, ah, ah, .... I've come from the land
of the ice and snow
from the mid-night sun, where
the hot springs-a flow come out of the cold ....

Immigrant Song
By J.Page, R.Plant 1970

The New Yardbirds were in flight from the very beginning - from their first and only tour in Sweden throughout the course of their colourful career as Led-Zeppelin. The Starship, a Boeing 720B custom luxury jet, replaced their Falcon Jet in early June of 1973.

Following the show at Kezar Stadium on June 2, the band encountered choppy weather on the flight to Los Angeles. Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant resolved to hire The Starship, for the remainder of the tour, and gave it a new destiny.

TSRTS footage of the band arriving at the airport in The Starship and traveling in the motor cavalcade to the concert was filmed in Pittsburgh, before their show at Three Rivers Stadium on July 24 1973.

Grant leased The Starship for $30,000 from singer and co-owner Bobby Sherman* to serve as the band's carrier for the final weeks of their 1973 tour, and their 1975 U.S. tour dates. Their first July gig, in Chicago, [the 6th and 7th] helped spread word about the Starship, and everyone wanted to buy the ticket and take the ride. Grant, indulging the group [and himself] so band members could travel without a care in the world, constantly reinforced Zeppelin's sky conscious theme. In addition to a fireplace, the plane featured an organ, a 30-foot-long couch, and a bedroom with a white fur bedspread. The purchase of the Boeing jet, a steal for $600,000 from United Airlines, also served that same purpose for The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, and many other rock groups in A-list status style.

From the first transformation of the band, names were selected to pick up subtle psyche themes related to the immortal. They range from The New Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin, to Swan Song. One of mighty Zep’s best loved hits, Stairway to Heaven, continues to ascend the heights on radio, ranking on the top ten list of most requested songs. The magic circle includes many friends - Aerosmith, The Black Crowes, Wings and others.

Led Zeppelin was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1995. At their ceremony Neil Young joined the group on stage for a rousing delivery of southern favourite, When the Levee Breaks – a time honored song with highlights about the consequences of leaving mistakes uncorrected. youtube 8:56 - Lyrics here.


Transiting Jupiter in Aquarius in 1973
transits are current atmospheric influences

Generally, everyone felt the heady effect of Jupiter in Aquarius, a sign that improves communication, travel arrangements [especially air/space], and modern technology. This transit had a positive impact on global consciousness, hope for future achievements, and individual capability for the personal make-over. Led Zeppelin was strongly influenced by this transit via the impact of their personal star chart progressions for 1973, when the Starship was acquired. When Rolling Stone interviewed Page and Plant, at Plant's suite at Chicago's Ambassador Hotel, both were asked, "What motivates you at this point?"

Page: “I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. But it’s not. It’s airplanes, hotel rooms, limousines and armed guards standing outside rooms. I don’t get off on that part of it at all. But it’s the price I’m willing to pay to get out and play. I was very restless over the last 18 months where we laid off and worked on the album." Perhaps these circumstances explain how Page selected his character for TSRTS - The Hermit.

Plant: “There’s a constant conflict, really, within me. As much as I really enjoy what I do at home…I play on my own little soccer team and I’ve been taking part in the community and living the life of any ordinary guy, I always find myself wistful and enveloped in a feeling I can’t really get out of my system. I miss this band when we aren’t playing. I have to call Jimmy up or something to appease that restlessness. The other night when we played for the first time again, I found the biggest smile on my mouth.” In the generic sense, Jupiter in Aquarius, a desire to have a positive impact on social problems, is interpreted in the following way:

You possess a great deal of charm, combined with a broadly liberal viewpoint. In the best, most mature and creative sense of the word, you are a true, jovial humanitarian. You sincerely want everyone else to be happy and to enjoy the best there is in life. Yet you are often cold or indifferent to the normal, everyday, matters that are a necessary part of living. This is because you are supremely idealistic, with an unusual progressive and independent outlook. Your personality has an enormous influence on friends and associates. You are open, friendly, easy to meet and truly interested in other people—the more you know the better. Your friends are faithful and sincerely affectionate. You are probably a living example of the adage: "If you want to have a friend, BE one."

You are keenly interested in and gain great pleasure from all kinds of public work, whether it involves institutions, political movements, labor or charitable activity. You are generally refined, far-sighted, at times even visionary. Your congenial attitude and your sympathetic and compassionate nature is jarred by strife, discord or lowly antagonism. You probably have a reputation for being helpful, optimistic, genteel and urbane. Whatever good you desire for the majority of people, you will work hard to bring it about. You will lend or donate your money and time, join organizations that share your broad, liberal philosophical and humanitarian aims and views. You are inclined to follow unusual, sometimes eccentric, lines of thought and study. You like to study the classic and ancient arts, mysticism, science, music and literature from all the ages. You often undergo strange experiences through certain off-beat friends and associates. You will profit well in your profession, particularly if it is connected with congressional or government activity or some form of work for the public good.

-Joseph F. Goodavage, Write Your Own Horoscope



radix and progressed Aquarian placements for 1973

These star chart notes are based on solar charts, constructed for dawn time for Bonham and Jones, actual TOB for Page and Plant. The progressions to 1973 reveal all members of the band were performing with one of the lights in Aquarius, in tandam with Jupiter in Aquarius that year. The conjunction of Sun or Moon with t Jupiter helps to facilitate a study of air travel, tour conditions, and vehicular events compared or reviewed in relation to other planetary aspects by sign and degree. Retrograde planets are not indicated.

After touring almost incessantly during their first two years as a group, Led Zeppelin began limiting their appearances to alternating years. Their 1973 U.S. tour broke box-office records throughout the country [many of which had been set by the Beatles], and by 1975 their immense ticket and album sales had made Led Zeppelin the most popular rock & roll group in the world. In 1974, they established their own label, Swan Song.
-Rolling Stone


John Bonham progressed to June 1973
check out John Bonham - Performers on the World Stage

Sun : 3Can51 - Moon : 19Aqu00
Mercury : 1Can40
Venus : 2Can18
Mars : 17Vir56


John Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin, renowned for his power, speed and "feel" for the groove. He is one of the most influential and respected drummers of the modern rock era and continues to be cited as an influence on drummers of varying styles. His biography is posted @ John 'Bonzo' Bonham Performers From The World Stage.

John 'Bonzo' Bonham
TOB May 31, 1948 at 12:00 PM* (solar - unknown) in Redditch, Worcestershire, England
Sun 9° Gemini 53' - Moon 15° Pisces 30' [time unknown, during the hour of dawn]
Destiny Path 22 - three 22 Pilgrim films are Book of Eli, Driven, and Up In The Air
Bonham early influences include Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich
When 'try-outs' for the 'New Yardbirds' were on the agenda for Jimmy Page and Peter Grant, Robert Plant was recruited first, as the vocal frontman. Plant suggested Bonham, who had already drummed with Plant and knew Page and John Paul Jones from session work. Page and Grant caught Bonham drum for Tim Rose in Hampstead, north London, in July 1968, and were both instantly convinced he was an excellent choice.

Dominant planets: Jupiter, Moon, Mercury & Mars [both 11.2%]

Dominant signs: Moonchild 22.4% - Gemini 20.0% - Pisces 16.0%

Sun conjunct Alpha Taurus, Aldebaran, a pale rose star marking the right eye of the Bull.
Divination: Great energy and perseverance, high material honors but danger of losing them. In all astrology this conjunction is eminently fortunate, portending riches and honor; and was one of the four Royal Stars, or Guardians of the Sky, of Persia, 5000 years ago, when it marked the vernal equinox.

Bonzo has a celestial map associated with the bee and the spider - honey and poison - [anciently] of Taurus and Gemini, traditional allocations for the 'psychic degrees' in a star chart. Bonham's Ceres conjunct the power of The Bull's South or Following Horn, sometimes called "the Driver" is important to the fantasy sequence he wrote for The Song Remains The Same. [Taurus, was called the "Breaker" or "Opener" of the new year when it marked the vernal equinox from about 4000 to 1700 B.C.] The bee is an ancient royal symbol for the ruling household in Egypt, and in France, the symbol used by Joan of Arc, and later the Emperor Napoleon.

Venus, planet ruler of Taurus, was deposited in the second decanate of the sign of the Moon @ 11° Cancer 01', Hydra - the Scorpio Decanate of Cancer.
Hydra was a monster with many heads so poisonous that even its breath could kill. When Heracles tried to kill the monster by crushing its heads, more heads would grow back until his friend Iolaus seared them with a burning branch. The last immortal head had to buried under a heavy rock. This Scorpio decanate of Cancer represents the power and persistence of desires which when repressed can become even stronger. Desires can be sublimated into creative expression, but they cannot be denied without cost.
The keyword is REVELATION.

The most important Venus Aspect within the radix star chart is Venus square Neptune, creating a tension between love of the arts, the stage, pleasure principle, and the spiritualized eros as Neptune, The Search for Utopia.

John Bonham left this dimension at the close of his first, and only Saturn Return. He was 32 years old.
The cause of death was recorded as asphyxiation and a subsequent autopsy found no other drugs in Bonham's body. The alcoholism that had plagued the drummer since his earliest days with the band ultimately led to his death. John Bonham was cremated on October 10, 1980, at Rushock Parish Church, Worcestershire.

The three band members and their manager decided to disband Led Zeppelin after Bonham's death. Their press statement confirmed, on December 4 1980, the band would not continue without its irreplaceable drummer. "We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the deep sense of undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us to decide that we could not continue as we were."

Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience November 9, 2010



John Paul Jones progressed to June 1973

Sun : 10Aqu31 - Moon : 14Cap20
Mercury : 2Aqu46
Venus : 10Aqu08
Mars : 17Can13


John Paul Jones, [b. John Baldwin] is an English multi-instrumentalist musician, musical arranger, and the bassist, keyboardist and mandolinist for Led Zeppelin. He is now performing with his new group, Them Crooked Vultures. An aura field series [Draft #1 and #2] are posted online.

John Paul Jones
TOB: January 3, 1946 at 12:00 PM* (unknown) in Sidcup, Kent, England
Sun 12° Capricorn 31' - Moon in 12° Capricorn 17'
Destiny Path 6
Early Influences include Charles Mingus

John Paul Jones has Venus in Cygnus, the Capricorn Decanate of Capricorn.
Cygnus is the swan who migrates twice a year and floats so majestically on a lake. It should be mentioned herein the large pool in the front entry way leading to Hammerwood [featured in the concert film The Song Remains The Same] was originally designed by Henry LaTrobe to accomodate migrating swans. Swans are very important to those who study celestial navigation. Perhaps for that reason they play an important part in the world of Middle-earth, J.R.R. Tolkien's setting for The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.
This double Capricorn decanate ruled by Saturn can excel in business and politics with economic craftiness and diplomatic skill. Planning and organizing can lead to greater efficiency and profit. Merging various interests together may require ruthless behavior, but the results can be productive. The keyword is ORGANIZATION.
The swan is an important symbol in the transfiguration of Led Zeppelin, eventually the trademark for many successful productions authored by the band.

Jones has a successful solo career as a musician, arranger, and a producer. He plays guitar, koto, lap steel guitars, autoharp, ukulele, sitar, cello, and the three over-dubbed recorders heard on "Stairway to Heaven". His first solo CD is Zooma (1999). In 2001, Jones followed with his second album, The Thunderthief.

When Jones and his band went on tour to promote the release of Zooma, they appeared at the San Francisco Fillmore Auditorium and personified the zeitgeist of the flow from the 20th to the 21 century. At that time I was able to catch several moments that "transcended time" and sketch three different layers of his aura field. Two of the three images are posted online. The field posted at Mirror reflects Zooma's dynamic window in time.



Led Zeppelin - The Song Remains The Same


Jimmy Page progressed to June 1973

Sun : 18Aqu05 - Moon : 4Leo35
Mercury : 23Cap56
Venus : 13Cap13
Mars : 9Gem27


Jimmy Page, [b. James Patrick Page] is a multi-dimensional rock guitarist, record producer, and documentarian. His early contributions as a studio session guitarist in London brought him to the clubs, and subsequently the attention of The Yardbirds. Three renown guitarists played in The Yardbirds - they are Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and, from late 1966 to 1968, Jimmy Page. When the original Yardbirds left the nest, Jimmy Page and manager Peter Grant went on to form The New Yardbirds. The rest is history. Jimmy Page bio notes are posted @ Legend Jimmy Page.

Jimmy Page
TOB January 9, 1944 at 4:00 AM in Heston, Middlesex, England
Sun 17° Capricorn 44' - Moon 3° Moonchild 11'
Ascendant 13° Scorpio 37' - Midheaven 0° Virgo 06' conjunct Regulus
Destiny Path 1

Venus 7° Sagittarius 04' appears in the Ascendant with several dominant aspects that include an exact trine to Pluto, indicating a gift for understanding mystic subjects, even those represented via 'dead languages.' Page has Venus sextile Neptune, an elite pathway to personal growth through musical experience.

Venus is in Lyra, the Sagittarius Decanate of Sagittarius
Lyra is the ancient harp that was played with such skill by Orpheus and David and which can produce heavenly music. This double Sagittarius decanate ruled by Jupiter symbolizes higher consciousness and attunement to celestial vibrations through dedicated effort and practice. Aspiration for the divine and spiritual awareness may be realized by sincere effort. The keyword is DEVOTION.

Jimmy Page is considered the godfather of heavy metal by most, and a key rock & roll Eldar by all. His recent tour de force in, It Might Get Loud provides a bird's eye view of his full spectrum career in the arts.

Delta Blues Museum The Official Delta Blues Museum located in Clarksdale Mississippi. The Delta Blues Museum is the state’s oldest music museum.



Robert Plant progressed to June 1973

Sun : 21Vir26 - Moon : 7Aqu26
Mercury : 15Lib24
Venus : 5Leo55
Mars : 7Sco11


Robert Plant, [b. Robert Anthony Plant] is an English vocalist and songwriter, most famous for his membership in the rock band Led Zeppelin. He is known for his passion, powerful style, often mystical lyrics, and wide vocal range. His successful solo career, after the breakup of Zeppelin, includes his recent Raising Sand, a teamwork collection with bluegrass great Alison Krause. Robert Plant bio notes are posted @ Legend Robert Plant. rt., Plant at Kezar Stadium, June 1973

Robert Plant
TOB August 20, 1948 at 3:05 PM in West Bromwich, England
Sun 27° Leo 26' - Moon 6° Pisces 46' conjunct Alpha Cygnus, Deneb Adige, a brilliant white star in the constellation of the Swan.
Ascendant 1° Sagittarius 09 - Midheaven 27° Virgo 52'
Destiny Path 5

Robert Plant was born with Venus 12° Cancer 23', in his Eighth House, in the same decanate as John Bonham, Hydra, the Scorpio Decanate of Cancer [see above].
The most important Venus aspects also resemble those of Bonham, especially Venus square Neptune exact. Plant's Moon is trine Venus, and Saturn is positive to Venus in relation to his efficient function as an antidote should there develop a problem with Venus - as, for example, in negotiation, with binding legal contracts, and delivery style.

Dominant Planets: Jupiter 17.1% - Mercury 16.1% - Sun 15.7% - Neptune 10.0%
Dominant Signs: Leo 26.8% - Sag 21.6% - Virgo 16.3% - 11.7% Pisces

As the lead singer of Led Zeppelin Robert Plant is often defined as the quintessential rock front man, combining rare musical adeptness and knowledge with a large measure of stage bravado and braggadocio. As a solo artist, he is often credited for his wide range of musical taste and his ability to perform an eclectic range of songs in a refined and critically acclaimed manner. His throat center is influenced by Alpha Phoenix, Ankaa, a star on the neck of the mythical Phoenix.
Robert Plant talks about his musical roots and his meeting with Elvis Presley


Both Arion2 and Orpheus were famous lyre-players turned into swans at death. Arion2, who lived in Corinth was the best citharist or lyre-player of his time. On his return from an artistic tour in Italy he was robbed by the crew of his ship and forced to cast himself into the sea. Against all odds, however, he landed on shore in Greece, riding on the back of a dolphin (Cygnus and Delphinus, the Dolphin, are adjacent constellations).

To be swanlike is to greet one's death with a song of exceptional beauty, as in a famous passage of Plato (Phaedo 84D—85B), where Socrates hopes his own prophecy will match that of swans, "who, though they also sing in earlier times, sing especially well when on the point of death, because they are about to go off to the god whose servant they are."

Their god, of course, is Apollo, famous for his associations with singing swans and their distant northern retreat in the land of the Hyperboreans.

"Indeed, after Phaethon's death, his friend, Cygnus, is metamorphosed into a swan—whose lamenting death song is of proverbial beauty (2.376—80) [p.176-177]."
-Frederick Ahl, Metaformations



Grant and Cole, prologue TSRTS
Peter Grant fantasy segment, shoot at Hammerwood Estate, near East Grinstead - architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe



* NOTE: Owners Sherman and Sylvester invested $200,000 to reduce the Starship seating capacity to forty and install a bar with a built-in electronic organ, seats, tables, and revolving arm chairs. To balance the energy on the opposite wall of the main cabin, they added a 30 foot couch, TV, and video cassette player. The exterior of the plane sprayed with Led Zeppelin emblazoned down the side of the fuselage on video footage at the end of "Stairway to Heaven."



ZEPPELIN FLIES THE BIG SKIES rt, It Might Get Loud, Jimmy Page and The Edge on documentary set


It Might Get Loud
Director: Davis Guggenheim picture Feb 2009 posted here

Plot: A documentary on the electric guitar from the point of view of three
significant rock musicians: the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White. Including vintage reels of Page and U2.

2009 Grammy Winners! February 2009
Album of the Year: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand and Best Pop
Collaboration With Vocals: Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Rich Woman

see also: film cameo of The Yardbirds, from Blow-up - Antonioni the Yardbirds Scene youtube 3:58



Sky Riders

Excerpted from RS 182, March 13, 1975
Physical Graffitti brought to fruition after 18 months of uninterrupted labor

In a Rolling Stone interview with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant, Cameron Crowe asked, “What motivates you at this point?”

PAGE: I love playing. If it was down to just that, it would be utopia. But it’s not. It’s airplanes, hotel rooms, limousines and armed guards standing outside rooms. I don’t get off on that part of it at all. But it’s the price I’m willing to pay to get out and play. I was very restless over the last 18 months where we laid off and in a feeling worked on the album.

PLANT: There’s a constant conflict, really, within me. As much as I really enjoy what I do at home… I play on my own little soccer team and I’ve been taking part in the community and living the life of any ordinary guy, I always find myself wistful and enveloped in a feeling I can’t really get out of my system. I miss this band when we aren’t playing. I have to call Jimmy up or something to appease that restlessness. The other night when we played for the first time again, I found the biggest smile on my mouth.


The Zep Diner is open for business - drop in for a spell!

KASHMIR chords -Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge

Celebration Day
Kashmir video - Led Zeppelin, ‘KASHMIR’ – Top Classic Rock Songs of All Time
Kashmir. Robert Plant has, on more than one occasion, singled out ‘Kashmir’ as “the definitive Led Zeppelin song.”

When The Levee Breaks - lyrics @ Bonzo-Performers From The World Stage
Steven Tyler and Joe Perry joined Plant, Page, Jones and Bonham (Jason) on stage to perform this song when Led Zeppelin was inducted into the 1995 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
Original credits: Memphis Minnie performs with Kansas Joe on the original 1929 track. Memphis Minnie plays the guitar on the recorded version, available as an mp3
download at www.publicdomain4u.com



Led Zeppelin - Dazed and Confused
London 1969 Live 7:34

    Glastonbury Festival

Feather In The Wind Over Europe, by Dave Lewis -subscribe TBL today
Led Zeppelin Twitter? Go www.twitter.com/LedZeppelinNews to catch up


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