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'People Are Talking' sampler of show about 60s style, fads and fashions, dated August 1990. This was one o f the last shows in Channel 5's live 'People Are Talking' series. As I remember, the show received great reviews and ratings for several years, but later suffered during the station's reorganizing line up.

Following are a few introductory comments, taken from my tape of the show. All guests were American and many were bi-coastal. All panel members were involved in the alternate culture and artistic communities at some level.

Teaser: Are the sixties back in vogue? A look back at outta-sight fads and fashions of the sixties as Jennifer Montana co-hosts 'People Are Talking' today at ten.

Ross Magowen: It was a time that set trends for years to come in this country, trends that a lot of people say are surfacing today more than never before.

Jennifer Montana: On the next 'People Are Talking' - are thee 90s going to be a flashback of the 60s? We'll ask some former flower children, and take a look back at some current fashion chic.

Guests in order of appearance: Michael [from NYC, worked Abby Hoffman events], Chet Helms [San Francisco, Atelier Dore, Big Brother and the Holding Company, Avalon Ballroom-Family Dog Productions], DonnaKova Dauser [Tarot Reader at Straight Theatre, Haight Street shops, and Dowser], Cynthia Weynand [UT student, attended Love-In], Joe Louis Walker [Bay Area blues recording artist; would appear at New Year Millennium Celebration with Bonnie Raitt, Huey Lewis and The News and all time rock great Jerry Lee Lewis.]




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