Kennedy Center Honoree Led Zeppelin and friends

October 17 Led Zeppelin - Celebration Day * Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day - Official® Trailer [HD]
audio / DVD & Blu-ray from 19th November, 2012 on
Led Zeppelin - Kashmir - Celebration Day
December 10, 2007 Tribute to Ahmet Ertegun Reunion


The Hermit Trump IX Jimmy Page Jupiter return, Knebworth
The Enchantress Trump XI Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, EmmyLou Harris, and Robert Plant

Grammy News for Robert Plant - Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, Raising Sand
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss were awarded two of Grammy Night's
highest honors – Album of the Year for Raising Sand and
Record of the Year for "Please Read the Letter." The duo also took
home awards for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals for "Rich Woman."

It Might Get Loud
Three guitarists share creative patches of musical history,
affection for, and personal encounters with, their electric instrument:
the Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White.
Jimmy Page tours one of his English country homes, where
Zeppelin’s fourth album was recorded

KASHMIR chords - Jimmy Page, Jack White, & Edge
It Might Get Loud on DVD, Blu-Ray

STARSHIP and Led Zeppelin Star Charts



Cartouche ~ Led Zeppelin Ancient Egyptian Signature * Guide to Welsh language briefs
The Deva of Raglan Castle & Deva of Hammerwood Park I * and Part III * Star Chart for Robert Plant ~

Early Heraldry - road to Raglan Castle

In The Field With Dowsers ~ Houses With Spooky Residents (Features homes of Jimmy Page, in Highlands, Jerry Garcia, and The Winchester Mystery House)

How Many More Times video - Led Zepplein in Denmark 1969, posted Lemon Squeezings facebook

John Paul Jones Aura - Star Menu pages are now under construction
TBL 25 Exclusive: THEM CROOKED VULTURES - John Paul Jones talks to TBL on life in the new best band in town
Them Crooked Vultures - Them Crooked Vultures Softcover
Inv #: 14037603 - Published by: Music Sales America
Transcriptions in notes & tab for all 13 songs off the self-titled debut by this Stone Age-Zeppelin-Fighter supergroup composed of John Paul Jones, Dave Grohl and Josh Homme.

Led Zeppelin * They were booked as The Yardbirds. They performed as The New Yardbirds. They became Led Zeppelin. Lithographs of the first performance
Led Zeppelin Star Menu * Tangerine
LEGENDS: The Magic of The Page And Plant Tour reposted August
LEGENDS: Performers From The World Stage
The Lodge Wars and mountain
Mercury's Children featuring Led Zeppelin and other adept musicians from the world stage

* Live Jimmy Page enter
From RockLine Page on Page and Black Crowes, Puff Daddy - ALMOST FAMOUS Crowe on Zeppelin
Palmistry - go to Ancient Key to Character and Intuition
Jimmy Page award from the United Nations

John Bonzo Bonham Destiny Path 4 - John Paul Jones Destiny Path 6
Jimmy Page Destiny Path 1 - Born January 9
Robert Plant Destiny Path 5 - Born August 20
Number Key 1 - 10
Super Numbers 11-22-33


Led Zeppelin - The Battle of Evermore
Robert Plant enter - pages include Star Chart and lyrics
with Plant fROOTS Interview Nos. 206/207 (Vol.22, Nos. 2 & 3)
Ship of Fools lyrics
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Golden Gate Park
Steve "The Lemon" Sauer -

Ramble On - Foo Fighters, with Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones

Erte's Zodiac Suite zodiacal girdle sign by sign*

Tolkien 'The Two Towers' ~ audio recording August '52
Links 'Lord of The Rings' @ Enter Middle-earth Inn


Good News and Bad News About Your Sign

Led Zeppelin decided to omit a name for their fourth collection of songs
Attorney Regina "Reggie" Love [Susan Sarandon] lists the various ways to sort
and file Zeppelin #IV - 'Untitled' - in The Client Do you what they are?

Source IMDb


Mark: I bet you've never even heard of Led Zeppelin. I bet you're just one of them grown ups who just pretends to like really cool bands just to get close to little punks like me.

Reggie: Well, I think we've covered just about everything...

Mark: Ok, what's you're favorite Led Zeppelin song?

Reggie: um... Moby Dick, live version. Bitchin' drum solo.


Tarot Trump of interest: Tarot 0 or 22, Sometimes called 'Unnamed' or 'Unnumbered'




From an old dust laden disk, something for Led Zeppelin affectionadoes:

'Black Dog'
'The Rain Song'
Stairway to Heaven lyrics-tabs
'What Is and What Should Never Be'
'Whole Lotta Love'
Guitar Tab Universe * 'Carouselambra' (In Through the Out Door)
~ 'Train Kept-a-Rollin,' their first song, many more
Harmony Central OLGA TABS includes 'The Song Remains The Same' and 'The Rain Song'





ABC Trust
BBC Glastonbury The Edge Glastonbury guest appears with The Muse
BBC music review enter
fROOTS essential folk, roots & world music * fROOTS Plant interview
GUITAR WORLD - lessons, video, tabs GW Facebook
MOJO UK Board - article: Plant Food 27/07/2010

Official Led Zeppelin home
Percussion - Drum Cd Led Zeppelin - Songs That Made Led Zeppelin Famous
Q Special all about the band * click special questions for
Sir Bob Geldof, recommended by LZ History
Tab Site
TBL recommended: Feather In The Wind Over Europe, by Dave Lewis
TBL Celebration Day Countdown daily newsletter is up now at TBL web

You Tube *

ULTIMATE Led Zeppelin Page [350 radiant links]
Who in his right mind would rave about computer controlled technology? TransPerformance



Glastonbury August 1 2012 London Games, opening ceremony: "We tried to get the Glastonbury Festival feel into the ceremony" There's a great story in the Wells Journal today about the London 2012 Opening Ceremony, which was attended by Glastonbury organiser Michael Eavis. Michael told the Journal, "We were there from the start to the finish, sat right by the side of the Tor. I think Danny Boyle was trying to capture the spirit of Glastonbury Festival. read full article here

Michael Eavis, a farmer in a Somerset valley stated that he decided to host the first festival, then called Pilton Festival, after seeing an open air Led Zeppelin concert at the Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music 1970.

Glasto Highlights 2011 - Glastonbury 2010 The Edge Interview
Glastonbury Festival for the Performing Arts - official homepage
The Spiritual Site @ Stonehenge


Global citizens believe in a world without extreme poverty #by2030. join us

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