People once believed than when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead.
But sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.

~THE CROW ~ The Motion Picture



Nativity Information


Chris Robinson, December 20, 1966 Atlanta, Georgia
Sun and Mercury found in Sagittarius, The Centaur-Archer, so zealous, sincere, independent;
Venus: Capricorn, The Sea-Goat, The Goat;
Mars: Libra, The Balance

VENUS is the key to romantic, artistic, musical and social activities. Venus in Capricorn indicates the way Chris Robinson considers and handles all these concerns, with a combined practicality and sensuousness in all matters pertaining to his 'unity' template. There is a perfectionist hidden not too deeply beneath the surface. Quality and durability are important in artistic productions and performance at the most accomplished level that can be achieved within his group. It’s still considered a plus for men to expand social actualization potential via associations based purely on sex. Gemini and Sagittarius often channel this type of magic through writing and music, as well as pure spontaneous delivery from living stage to their enthusiastic audience. More about the Gemini-Sagittarius axis at Quicksilver ‘Mercury’s Children’ page ~ part 1 & 2. As a dynamic songwriting team, both musicians share an early maturity of sex and rock & roll. Rarely off target if following a hunch, CR may well be acting on impulse when he’s in his 80s. Communication form is lite, brief and frank. Diplomacy (and law) would be good research material – it works for professionals who frequently interface with the press.

Rich Robinson, May 24, 1969 Atlanta, Georgia
Sun and Mercury in Gemini, The Twins, so versatile, dextrous, quick witted;
Venus: Aries, The Lamb or Ram;
Mars: Sagittarius, The Centaur, Archer

VENUS in the fire sign Aries often involves a leadership role, and at the very least, pivotal career moments speak to the leader and coach most likely to deliver a 'half time' pep talk in the green room. Inspiration in moneymaking ventures leads to profit, provided the words 'destiny' and 'destination' are connected at the hip. Gemini and Sag are mutable signs so one of your keys to success will be to ‘grok’ at times, that losing the battle to win the war is the champion’s strategy. Along with a desire express a degree of parental control in business - from opposite points of view – both Robinsons manage to dish out steaming hot, live rock and roll with time enough to invent and record ‘metal gospel’ on their new CD! Chris has a managerial perception, sometimes represented by the ancient ankh that has been associated with Capricorn. Rich composes music to mirror the universal Gemini rhythm – creation breathing in and breathing out. Between the two, the sound ‘OM’ rings true. In the East, RR’s subtext is referred to musically by the tabla; through astrology symbolism, it appears as the form of a gateway to a renewing horizon. The brothers repeatedly liberate fans with passionate performances, and unique interpretations in their own musical style.

Johnny Colt, May 1, 1968 Cherry Point, North Carolina
Sun, Mercury and Mars in Taurus, The Winged Bull, sign bestowing thoroughness in creative & career plans, patience & discrimination;

Venus in the fiery sign Aries, The Lamb & Ram adds spirit and dash to the powerful determination of routine-oriented Taurus. Venus in Aries is often dissatisfied with the imperfection in reality, perhaps calling to mind John Lennon's thought, "Reality leaves a lot to the imagination." Aries is independent, yet practical and business conscious with the Taurean steadiness so dominant in Johnny Colt's star chart. Taurus often imparts the 'banker's routine' with an eye on value codes, and a plan guaranteed to stay true to higher soul power. Earth and fire blended in this style frequently produce the idealist.

Steve Gorman, August 17, 1965 Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Sun and Mercury in Leo, The Winged Lion, so strong likes, dislikes & opinions ~ optimistic;
Venus: Virgo, The Virgin, Corn Maiden; Mars: Libra, The Scales, The Balance

VENUS in Virgo suggests the organizer, list maker, and critique monitor. Steve Gorman seeks intellectually stimulating and sharp exchange of ideas in social groups and personal relationships. Extroverted Leo Sol and Mercury play the role of perfect host-M.C. or the individual receiving an honor-award. Supervisory ability often based on inner codes and principles. Leo holds to the conviction that to ask anyone else to carry a load too heavy for him amounts to devious behavior. (Watch out for Arnold with all that Leo in his chart.) Status and comfort may equate with wonderful, rare, magical possessions. Always on the lookout for Aladdin's lamp at a good neighborhood estate sale...

Marc Ford, April 13, 1966 Los Angeles, California
Sun and Mars in Aries, The Ram and The Lamb, so ingenious, leadership skills and inspired speech;
Mercury and Venus: Pisces, The Two Fishes

Powerful fire-water combinations 'rock the boat' and provide that different drummer's beat for Marc Ford. MERCURY (how you think) and VENUS (social bonds) in watery Pisces impart altruism and empathy, so there is probably a well-deserved reputation as for being a shoulder and good listener. If not satisfied with a mainstream paradigm (exoteric) certainly Aries-Pisces will unearth the essence of ancient wisdom (esoteric) on that topic as a matter of course. An idealist, he might work with illusion & imagery in refined mediums like acting, film or photography.

Eddie Harsch, May 27, 1957 Toronto, Ontario
Sun and Venus in Gemini, The Twins denotes love of originality, aptness of thought, novelty
Mercury in Taurus, The Winged Bull;
Mars: Moonchild/Cancer, The Crab, Tongs

Gemini is the sign of the conscious and unconscious invested in teamwork in order to accomplish something of value. Just as Taurus is the sign of ploughing the field in yoke with the Absolute (yoga) so repetitive images surface with Gems, targeting cooperation and co-created productions. Esoteric truths usually passed over by others are personal discoveries you draw from as inspiration and food for thought. The star chart for Eddie Harsch suggests strong interest in the feeling and psychology of others. Although the tendency is to stick to a standing opinion and game plan (Taurus) Gemini loves to see 'the times they are a changin,' an assurance there will exist sufficient opportunity to show off a legendary talent for chameleon-like adaptability.



Formation of The Original Line Up ~ 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia

Self Propelled Tour Management Begins, May, 1991

Pivotal Event, Atlanta, April, 1992
Transits: Mars: Pisces, The Two Fishes; Jupiter: Virgo, The Virgin & The Corn Maiden; Saturn: Aquarius, The Old Water Bearer Trine Apollo in Libra (Ceres in Aquarius conjunc 'The Eagle'); Uranus and Neptune: Capricorn, The Sea Goat-Mountain Goat @18 exactly conjunct

The influence prompts love of 'the zone' and the 'cutting edge' Page and the Crowes favor. A scrutinizing, clear view of business, interest in electro-technics and psychology, fixed earthiness of Capricorn which transmutes the solitary hours (can include blocks of detailed work leading to drudgery) to enthusiastic work that benefits community collectivities. This aspect anticipates deformity to the knees (Cap) the feet (Neptune/Pisces) or accidents to the legs - all of the above forces of nature indicate high tolerance levels with regard to responsibility and tension. (See next date for developing scenario) * Pluto and Cupido: Scorpio, The Scorpion, Cobra, Eagle/Phoenix @22 exact.


Robert Plant introduced The Black Crowes to Jimmy Page when
they played London’s Royal Albert Hall in 1995.
Article with an interview and the background
about musical collaborations @ The Black Crowes Star Menu.

1999 ~ Black Crowes in New Orleans

Jimmy Page, thoroughly enthusiastic about his collaboration with The Black Crowes, put it this way, “It’s very musical isn’t it? The Black Crowes are really known for jamming and ad libbing. And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I’ve been playing. So it’s complimentary. And I know people respect the fact that there’s musicians trying every night to put themselves right on the edge.” Both brothers share “the zone” interest and philosophy related to Eastern wisdom schools’ thought and order. Implied interest in a Buddhist theme is suggested by the beads both Robinsons don, from their cover picture with Jimmy Page for ‘Total Guitar’ September 2000.

High Profile Mystical Symbolism Helps Offset Drawbacks in Struggles
December 2000 GOLD mark for Live At The Greek

Jimmy Page and The Black Crowes for NetAid ~ John Lennon's BD 10/9/99

Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes appear on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Summer 2000 Following this appearance, chronic back complaints Page suffered through the tour were pushed to the limit. Although back, knee and ankle injury are common during a Saturn return (Bing Crosby, Shirley MacLaine) performers often maintain with "the show must go on" attitude until Saturn stops them.


Teaming Up With Jimmy Page For Concert Tour & Classic CD
1999 - 2000
Nothing but Net release date February 29, 2000:

Sun and Mercury Retro conjunct in Pisces, The Two Fishes indicating premonition or second sight - a look ahead based on key warning notes, not the same as 'the self fulfilling prophecy'; Luna conjunct Vesta: Capricorn, The Goat ~ The exoteric reads as the caprice of musical masters; The esoteric reveals plans for constructing a temple of sound. Jupiter and Saturn (both business planets): Taurus, The Winged Bull
Neptune(conjunct Eagle), Venus (Social Attraction), and Uranus in Aquarius, The Old Water Bearer: origniality, the intuitive factor
~ unselfishness, spontaneity, living out ideals regarding the love of humankind.
Somewhat eccentric, fond of dressing in unusual styles; when negative, possible cramps in ankle and leg, possible accident.
Sign of The New Millennium and the Great Collective, sparking the desire to improve the lot of humanity and share/appreciate 'the good life' with others. The Aquarian image of good will toward all was clearly conveyed to the public throughout the tour, to a great extent this attitude probably accounted for the immense popularity of the CD
Pluto & Cupido Retro Sagittarius, The Centaur, Archer ~ traditionally read as a need to word carefully any 'Act of God' clause in contracts related to group destiny paths. When especially strong tendency exists to seek contacts among a cross-section of the musical spectrum, attorneys should understand karmic links of a musical temperament
Juno conjunct 'The Eagle' in Capricorn @ 29 The Weeping Degree ~ can indicate spontaneous tears without any conscious association. Capricorn's last degree could be referred to by students of anatomy as the "muscles have memory" degree of the zodiac.

The Rolling Stone release date July 4, 20000

In the Moon's sign of loyalty and steadfastness, so that regardless of the complexity of Mercury in retrograde the prevailing mindset that 'the show must go on' wins out, until the band is detained by Fate - symbols for Moonchild are Tongs (similar to the claws of the Crab and Scarab)

Sun & Mars conjunct exact @ 12 and Mercury Retro conjunct Venus in the 2nd decan;
Jupiter @ 0 Gemini, The Twins; Saturn: Taurus, The Winged Bull;
Neptune and Uranus: Aquarius, The Old Water Bearer (networking, universal karmic truth)
Pluto & Chiron conjunct Cupido: Sagittarius, The Centaur, Archer, Philosopher

Black Crowes leaving nest for a break Canoe story January 9, 2002

Crow's Nest Leap Year Interview ~ Page & Black Crowes

Looking after nativity for Jeff Cease, Audley Freed, Sven Pipien, Greg Rzab



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