Mimi Farina

Star Chart Solar Aspects

Sun 10° Taurus 29' - Moon 22° Sagittarius 54'
Asc 17° Sagittarius 39' - Midheaven 5° Libra
Destiny Path: 8

Festival Oscar nominated documentary
Murray Lerner 1967

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People say Mimi Farina has made a difference in quality of life
Sun in Taurus, The Winged Bull [earth]       Moon in Sagittarius, The Centaur [fire]

Following are notes about artists who have contributed their time and talent to Bread & Roses. Some information is based on internet resources. If you're aware of any changes to be made, or wish to suggest any star chart be included, please email me

Most of the charts included here have dominant Taurus and/or Sagittarius, in keeping with Mimi... the same and similar active Taurus - Sagittarius aspects, among multiple artists, combine well with the Farina vision of community service. One point seems consistent - the make-up and temperament of these star charts balances the magnetic (Taurus/Scorpio) and the electric (Gemini/Sagittarius) combinations.

For those new to astrology, each of the twelve signs is given thirty degrees. Those 30 degrees are further divided into three segments, of ten degrees each, that are called decans. For the most part, they are useful for interpretation, comparison star charts, and mathematical notation.

Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan write, “Bread & Roses holds a special place in out hearts. We made our first gift at the recommendation of our friend Tom Jans, a close friend of and musical collaborator with Mimi Farina, Bread & Roses’ founder. We keep on giving because no one can argue with the power music has to open hearts and comfort minds … "

Odetta's melodic Taurus Moon, over Mimi's Sun, blends competitive and power visions. Mimi's Bread & Roses Foundation gives Odetta an opportunity to express the soul-nurturing, quintessential spiritual-rose-essence for those sorely in need of support and compassion. Venus, the social planet and ruler of Taurus, symbolizes the law of magnetic attraction, a bond that holds the physical universe together. As Odetta says, "We need as much putty, spit or glue as possible to bring us together. Only you can give of yourself. Oh, to help better the world through what we do."
Odetta's Moon 18° Taurus 50' is deposited in her Third House, summoning the powerful EMPRESS archetype. This section of Taurus, Orion, is the Virgo Decanate of Taurus, indicating success will be achieved after conflict, many obstacles, and challenges.
Her Lunar aspects include [w/i 5 degrees of perfect] Moon trine Mercury [ruler of the Third House of Communication, intuition, tour-agenda and the quest within a community], Moon sextile Pluto [power of self-resurrection, The Phoenix archetype], Moon square Mars [imparts gargantuan strength, see Rivendell relationship], and Moon sextile Jupiter, a thoroughly humanitarian urge that contributes to the collective good in general.

Boz Skaggs has Mercury deposited in the last decan of Taurus @ 25 Taurus 24', that has the name of the charioteer, Auriga, Capricorn Decanate of Taurus.
Auriga drives a chariot and holds a baby goat in his other arm, representing control and protection of the weak. This Capricorn decanate of Taurus ruled by Saturn is concerned with attaining skills and managing resources. One may be in positions of authority and responsibility that can be used for healing and great benefit to those in need. The keyword is Mastership.
His Neptune @ 1 Libra 28' rx is conjunct transneptunian Poseidon @ 6 Libra 23' rx. Many people in the counter culture social network have the Neptune-Poseidon conjunction. Actually, most of the hippie movement is based on this ability to perceive layers and variable light [vibrational] frequencies that transfer into colour and sound improvisation. Certainly the 60s and 70s rock posters represent the development of amplified guitar vibrato.
DOB: Thursday, June 8, 1944 in Canton, Ohio
Source Boz Skaggs: IMDb

Richie Havens' Jupiter and Saturn (business planets) are in the first decan of Taurus, a mediumistic decanate implying the acquisition of magical powers through a professional masterpiece. Stage for the great work, co-created by Bread & Roses, allowed the audience to watch Havens' "unorthodox open tuning that enables him to play a variety of chord patterns beyond the reach of standard tuning." His unusual skill is better appreciated in a live performance. Bread & Roses writes, "He brings a quiet dignity and humanitarian sensibility to his performances that touches the deepest spiritual and emotional needs of his audience."

Both Hoyt Axton and Kris Kristofferson have Venus in Taurus, for confident and dependable creative motivation. This is thought to be Orion's huge arm with a club, wielded so that obstacles crumble. Since Venus coordinates activity regarding The Bull, champions are valued as friends and allies ~ this kind of personal standard reinforces Farina's sense of equilibrium and refreshes the pool of resources that abound in Marin, California.

Kristofferson's Jupiter in second house generally increases his chance for success through government, responsible business affairs, luxury [entertainment] products, and tends to gain through law, philosophic pursuits, science, education, literature and travel. Money acquired for Bread and Roses through second house events has a kind of therapeutic effect. Acquisitions are offset by reflex action - Scorpio directly across the chart from Jupiter [involves surrender and ‘letting go’ of past karma patterns.]

Additionally, Kristofferson's Sun is deposited in 1° Cancer 14', with a Moon at 17° Leo 00' conjunct his 13° Leo 25' Midheaven, and his Jupiter in Sagittarius influences the natural home of Taurus. Mimi Farina's dominant signs are Sagittarius = 23.8%, Aries = 18.9 %, Libra = 15%, so interactive chemistry on a stage devoted to world service is positive and intensely wonderful. Kristofferson's Sun relates well to the "caring professions" that influence subconscious mood changes, intuitiveness, and Luna's sign has the greatest number of fixed stars within its arc. Many geniuses have been born when their Sun or Ascendant is in this part of the zodiac with its multiple fixed stars prominent.

Venus in Taurus seeks greater self-realization through profession and social commitment from a community viewpoint. Sagittarius in the second house [Kristofferson] emphasizes the phase of worldly attainment by honors, matter material and animation that pertains to national wealth, resurgence, and security, the strength found within one's [partner as a symbol of the/your] objective reality.

I would be remiss if I fail to mention that Bonnie Raitt, Odetta and Kristofferson have precise conjunctions with the constellation of the Peacock @ 23 Capricorn, an extremely significant herald of success ~ Bruce Springsteen and many more share the benefits of this prosperous augury related to the 'Philosopher's Stone,' as only a step from achieving the alchemist's gold. Judy Collins, with Sun 10° Taurus 33' and Moon 17° Libra 03', both Venus ruled, has her Mars exalted @ Mars 21° Capricorn 12', in her Sixth House. Mimi Farina always considered Judy Collins a steadfast friend, someone who would always be there for her in good, difficult, and grey weather.

Bonnie Raitt, born with the 33 Destiny Path [master builder of the first city] has her Midheaven conjunct the Peacock, a early Piscean Era symbol of wisdom, the higher mind, and developed soul power. Taurus in her first house indicates love of beauty, harmony in the environment, music, singing, drama, and opera – to name a few personal preferences. Her Sun @ 16° Scorpio 16' suggests belief that work and friendship are divine treasures.

Right, Bonnie Raitt and John Lee Hooker

Bonnie Raitt was born with 2° Taurus 10' rising, and Venus in the ascendant - they represent love of justice, a refined nature, and generous spirit. Her Midheaven 19° Capricorn 54' highlights the Peacock constellation; the star chart is structured to suggest one able to pass initiation and tests that require wisdom associated with collective effort that may have been left 'incomplete' in a previous life.

Early sacred writings also use a symbol of the rainbow or double rainbow, and a unicorn, universal images of uncompromised covenants. Bonnie Raitt has a way of drawing good luck and energy into anything she is doing; she listens well and probably knows many elusive secrets and sub-texts that conform to their foundation. She can be earthy and full of wonder and still challenge people with intellectual points of interest. Her stage presence rests with Venus, the universal magnet, in her first house, and the sign Taurus on the cusp. The eccentricities of living with her personal desire to reform or correct 'what is broken' blend with her unique beauty - that combination is always appealing to the masses.

Neptune and Pisces are associated with the rainbow, angel of peace, unicorn garden, and by extension, the phoenix [also linked to Scorpio as the feminine face of the eagle]. Judy Collins has her Jupiter 28° Pisces 02', in her Eighth House of surrender, letting go, letting up, and giving back. Emmylou Harris has Venus exalted 3° Pisces 21', in her Eighth House with Mars 22° Pisces 50', in her Ninth House of the higher mind. Harris has her Neptune [spiritualized Eros, the higher octave of Venus] 9° Libra 22', in her Third House - this combination suggests sophisticated vocal skill, diplomatic ability, and love of travel to a cross section of the country.
more about the Pisces placement of Mars and Jupiter here

Robin Williams, the 'Mork from Ork' guy, always appeared when Mimi asked him to participate on the bill for Bread & Roses events. He's a special kinda guy, an accomplished performer, and a good parent who likes to drive his children to school in the morning! In Robin's star chart, Jupiter is in Taurus, over Mimi's Solar Power.

Robin Williams was born on July 21, 1951 at 1:34 PM in Chicago Heights, IL
His Sun is @ 28° Moonchild [Cancer] 13' and Moon 9° Pisces 32'
Ascendant 12° Scorpio 43' - Midheaven 22° Leo 16'
Destiny path: 8
Mercury exactly conjunct MC 22 Leo conjunct Pluto with Neptune in Libra 16 degrees 54’ in his 11th House



Neptune in the Eleventh House

This position of Neptune in the star chart usually indicates friends of the native and affiliations through organizations, clubs, and large groups. Neptune in Libra is attracted to those who love science, especially the metaphysical arts, have an interest in magic and motion pictures, social and economic equity.
Neptune in this department of life adds an elusive factor to most relationships formed within larger collectives, favourable attachments and friendships, attractions and associates. Generally, the house defines something of the self-wish that accompanies the saying, "Show me your companion and I’ll tell you who you are."

Neptune is precognitive, but emotional. The planet suggests idealism, and in the Eleventh House may also carry in its train seductive friends and alliances, that enter the picture with the loyal friends, reliable advisors, and strategic counsel represented by the planet of the Utopia theme.
There could be losses and troubles thereby, or any downturns may be amplified by friendship. These same losses may be suffered by friends or associates and indirectly have a severe impact on the native’s life. A possible practice of raja yoga may be indicated, especially when progressed Luna covers the planet. The philosophy would be: What happens in my life effects you, and what happens in your life effects me. What happens to me happens to you, and what happens to you happens to me. This is a strong link with foundational ideas that support of The Iroquois Law of the Confederacy.
In addition, there are often friends among mystics, psychics, poets, musicians, those who work on the silver screen, swimmers, yachtsmen, and night-club workers. Gain through mediumistic, humanitarian, or spiritual friends is likely.

Robin Williams has three dominant zodiacal signs that act as focalizers for his star chart. They are

Leo 33.9%, Moonchild 23.9%, and Pisces 12.1% of his chart

Williams top three departments of life are the Tenth House 42.2%, the Eighth House 14.3%, and the Fourth House @ 13.6%



Bob Dylan, forever young and challenging the music industry to dream up new awards to give him, is a fond supporter of Bread & Roses. He appeared 'incognito' at the 25th Anniversary, to the delight of Mimi and all the guests. Dylan is known for his quick-witted communication style that is so typical of The Twins. His gifts are required by the scribe; he has the silver tongue of a nimble messenger, and ‘people skills’ of a versatile manager. Gemini natives are like the troubadours of old. They love to travel and collect folklore from every quarter, then reduce themes to small word units so they can be reforged into song lyrics. This is partly why Dylan the poet has such a far-reaching influence – everyone can relate to the songs he sings.

Bob Dylan was born on May 24, 1941, at 9:05 PM in Duluth (MN)
His Sun is 3° Gemini 31' and his Moon is at 21° Taurus 31'
Sagittarius is rising at 20° Sag 20' - Midheaven 17°Libra 51'
Destiny path: 8

The Sun denotes @ 3° Gem, a good clear thinker, writer or speaker. Sol and Venus are both deposited in the Sixth House [harvest, physical work]; the indication there will be many accomplishments. The Sixth House Sun translation will include artistic gifts, an ability to write or paint, and strong passions, which influence the work. Co-workers, those employed by the native or who help with the work he performs, all have similar influences, although their benefits may not be as significant without the native's intense perception of sound and colour. The Sun is sextile Pluto [60 degrees separation], the aspect of a successful troubadour, minstrel, player with a "wandering desire," both mentally and physically. The native can grasp imponderables because there is a clear understanding of life’s processes from the standpoint of destiny. Inner comprehension of the principles of transformation and of the changing of forms, physical and spiritual, is assisted by the sextile. Harry Potter fans would recognize this ability under the heading of either a wizard with his own unique Animagus form or perhaps an Auror, or both.

Mars 5° Pisces 59' is deposited in the Second House of individual property, determination, and the fuel one prefers that will produce the type of energy sought for use in private and professional life. Dominant aspects include three powerful squares [90 degree separation] Sun square Mars, Mars square Jupiter, and Venus square Mars. Mars Square Jupiter is an indication Dylan's natural courage will continue to be fully expressed throughout his life. Due to extent patterns in play, risks - physical, emotional and of a business and financial nature, will be taken and there will be a reliance on the element of luck or providence should the effort head south. Most setbacks in life are avoidable if he learned early to measure twice and cut once. Mercury 23° Gemini 03' in the Seventh House contributes an additional factor, that is loosely translated as, someone who has the ability to deal with difficult situations forcefully and decisively, who can "take the bull by the horns". Another ancient saying contributes the reputation of one with certain skills who is able "to break the horn of the bull", that is, "to break the power".

Paul Simon's Sun in Libra is a golden addition to a Farina line up that operates above the black and grey latitudes. Libra prompts Simon to mediate, negotiate, or try to unite those who are quarreling. Many Librans are prominent in the arts, diplomatic professions, and public relations. They are intelligent, loyal, and display a sympathetic attitude to those less fortunate. Librans live a high standard for the quality life they desire, with harmonious atmospheric conditions. They usually respond best to positive reinforcement rather than negative stimuli. Simon’s Gemini Midheaven helps to project an image of the great communicator, like Dylan, and with Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Nadir in his radix star chart, the message is sent to the whole Monad like an arrow in flight to the bull’s eye. His Moon [Moonchild, her sign] tends to favour the line of least resistance, yet receives the empathic layering of a Bread & Roses audience without alteration.

Paul Simon has a changeable and aesthetic Libra quality (air sign ruled by Venus) anchored by Saturn and Uranus conjunct in the last decan of Taurus (earth sign ruled by Venus), that of the charioteer [international figure]. With one hand he guides the chariot of his soul and with the other, protects and ministers to the weak and needy. Simon's appearance at the Tribute to Heroes, following 9-11, aptly serves as the symbolic role model. New York has always been noted for outstanding citizen participation in the department of life dedicated to city services. [Chuck Mangione, honored by New York Governor Mario Cuomo, as a role model of an excellent community worker at the neighborhood level, is focused on the basic activity of a responsible citizen. Mario Cuomo has his Sun in Gemini with a Taurus Midheaven, and Mars in Taurus at the Midheaven – steady as a rock.] Mangione was awarded for his for humanitarian service and inner city efforts; he delivers positive messages and assistance to those who are on the look out for a way to better their lot in life. His Jupiter/Saturn in the first decan of Taurus, and the powerful aspects of the final decanate, further illustrate the capacity for selflessness associated with this gentle and domestic sign.

Likewise, Sting's vigorous participation in Amnesty International benefits [and the September 18th telethon] represents an exteriorization of his consistent Libra Sun, Saturn and futuristic Neptune ~ common sense support to benefit the universal good.

Sting was born October 2, 1951 at 1:30 AM in Wallsend UK
Sting is a double Libra, his Sun 8° Libra 01', and his Moon 19° Libra 46'
Leo is on the Ascendant @ 10° Leo 27', with the Midheaven point @ 17° Aries 15'

Sting has his three dominant star chart influences with equal power

Sun 13.7%   and Jupiter 13.7%   Neptune 13.4%

Dominant Signs: Libra dominates at 45.4% of the chart, next the sign of the Sun - Leo @ 23.1%, and the sign Virgo @ 14.4%.



John Cipollina and Nick Gravenites [Thunder and Lightning], left
Elvin Bishop, The Doobie Brothers, and many other artists perform for Bread & Roses throughout the year. Tom Johnston and daughter, Lara performed together at the Bread & Roses benefit.
see Teatro ZinZanni in San Francisco, and One Reel Productions [Seattle]




  MIMI FARINA, aka Mimi Baez Fariña DOB: April 30, 1945 at 10:55 PM, in Palo Alto, CA  

            DOD: July 18, 2001 in Mill Valley CA

Sun 10° Taurus 29' and Moon 22° Sagittarius 54'
Ascendant 17° Sagittarius 39' and Midheaven 5° Libra 54'
The Seventh House also called the Descendant has 17° Gemini 39' on the cusp
This is the sphere of the objective reality, partnership, marriage, contracts, relationships with the audience,
the outer world. This is the department of life where we find titles associated with the personal and public names.

Sun 10° Taurus 29' in the Fifth House
Sun square Pluto
Sun sextile Saturn
Sun trine Jupiter

Moon 22° Sagittarius 54' in the Ascendant [First House]
Moon trine Venus
Moon trine Mercury
Moon square Jupiter
Moon square Mars - some information @ Rivendell - Galadriel passes the test

Venus 17° Aries 50' in her Fourth House
Mercury conjunction Venus combust - see Women Rock Mercury in Your Sign
Moon trine Venus

Mars 28° Pisces 46' in her Third House
more about Mars in Pisces here
Mars opposite Neptune
Moon square Mars


Venus, Planet Ruler of Taurus, The Winged Bull ~ Mimi's Sun Sign

VENUS is thought to be an indicator of those emotions and aspirations arising from within, rather than those that track to Mars, the planet of action, and she links with subtle octave frequencies of love and nature [copper, a conductor of energy.]
The highest expression of love is associated with the planet of altruism, Neptune, as the higher octave of Venus, and the goal of most spiritual aspirants. Neptune and Venus* refer to boundaryless states and the oceans of the world. The antidote for Venus is Saturn, the discipline of time and space management. Several interesting theories about Venus and Neptune surface as we begin to close the door on our Piscean Age. Among them, and of interest to astrologers especially, this inspiration for both esoteric and exoteric communities generally:

As a central force within man she stands for the human soul or higher subjective mind polarized within the heart.

Aspect: Sun Square Pluto

The focus is on an ability to transform the outer world. Mimi Farina probably considered her objective reality as one of her most important partners. She had a compelling relationship with her early life audience that expanded to embrace universal relationship blueprints by the time Bread & Roses enjoyed its 25th anniversary celebration. Her commitment to her Marin foundation communicates to everyone the essential value of the open heart. Opening the heart is a process that allows an individual, dedicated to the call, to evolve with the project while being cultivated. It works as a two-way street and what would be thought of today as the ideal 'win-win' situation.

However, there are friction points with this square of Sun to Pluto. Frequently, daunting obstructions originate within the external environment one is trying to improve or renew. Mimi was deeply concerned when the government announced there would be sharp cuts in allowed tax deductions for people who support the arts. As Mimi pointed out, she would face hard times once the climate grew more tense & tight and all previous encouragement to concentrate on culture waned. Mimi explained the situation she feared after she and her Bread & Roses team analyzed possible repercussions for people in the arts, local charities, and service for the community. Bread & Roses was barely holding it together with the provision for tax deductable donations at the time we spoke.

Prior to the legislation cuts, anyone on the fence might give more to help keep B & R shows on track, but fewer were likely to give if the incentives were removed entirely and a lid on community service programs enforced. The spirit of unity within an entire county could unravel in some parts of the tapestry due to the suspension of support by the state. It wasn't just Bread & Roses either. Mimi was concerned that everyone in need of B & R shows for human kindness, to bring a few hours of joy and hope each year, are no longer protected and shut out.

Remember, California had serious problems at the time. The typical reaction to social rescue missions such as safe havens for battered wives and children, during the 80s and 90s, was to cut funding needed and close all the doors. During the same period, the threat of excommunication loomed over those [Catholics] who wanted to help very young girls forced to live in sexually abusive situations. Congress had the power to financially assist them, but there was little other hope at all. Robin Williams and others [Whoopi Goldberg and Billy Crystal] began to work on fund raising programs for the homeless.

Mars in the Third House
When Mars is in this House he invariably increases the desire for short term travel, but also the liability towards accidents en route. Local tours [San Francisco to Big Sur to Los Angeles, etc.] that consist of short sprints come under this heading. Short or medium long distance journeys are denoted as part of a daily routine [messenger & mail service, delivery personae, short trips by truck] and these can be by road, rail, air or water according to the elemental nature of the Sign on the cusp of the House.

Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius and Capricorn are more connected with road travel, Gemini and Leo with rail travel. Sagittarius is also associated with long distance and trans-continental rail travel and with sea travel. Gemini being an Airy Sign will link with air travel, as will Libra and Aquarius [includes hobbies & sports like hang gliding]. The Watery Signs Moonchild [Cancer], Scorpio and Pisces are, naturally, more connected with water travel [includes hobbies or sports like wind surfing].

Apart from travel the Third House governs relatives and neighbors, one’s own relations etc., as distinct from the relatives of the marriage or business partner.

Correspondence, literary and journalistic interests respond to the Third House vibration and Mars therein enhances the more expressive side of the mind, causing the native to say and to write things which can be productive of community movements. When well aspected by other heavenly bodies, Mars brings recognition of the views and opinions expressed despite their argumentativeness or any controversy caused by them, as in cases where conflicts arise between manager and artist.




WHO Mimi Fariña & Richard Fariña
WHERE Carmel Valley CA
WHEN April 30, 1966

  RICHARD FARIñA was born on Monday March 8, 1937 New York City, New York [solar chart - dawn]  

           DOD: 30 April 1966, Carmel, California, USA

Pisces stellium: Pisces: Mercury, Sun, and Saturn

Taurus: Venus [cusp of Aries/Taurus], and Uranus, the planet of change and electrification

"Richard Fariña, 29, a rising literary voice, and wife Mimi, 21, musician and kid sister to folkie troubadour Joan Baez, possessed brains and talent. The New York Times had named their album Celebrations for a Grey Day a Top 10 pick the previous year. Bob Dylan was a close friend.

Such bohemian connections and critical kudos had brought them, as Richard observed, "publication in all the usual quarterlies and invitations to very whispery cocktail parties." But this morning neither the society pages nor the book review section mattered. The couple was experiencing the domestic strains three years of marriage often bring.

Today was Mimi’s 21st birthday, but it was also the launch party for Richard’s promising first novel, Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up to Me. Richard, at the mirror, pouted about his hair and the cut of his new black jeans. Ignored, Mimi sobbed quietly in the shower.

Richard’s book signing, held at Carmel’s Thunderbird Bookshop, proved a triumph as a large crowd lined up to buy his novel. Afterward, the couple and their friends retired to Mimi’s sister Pauline’s place, where there was, finally, a birthday cake. Mimi’s day brightened. Richard noticed a red Harley-Davidson and asked to go for a spin. Willie Hinds, the marine biologist who owned it, said sure, and the two set off.

Richard never returned. Off of Route 1, in the Carmel Valley, Kinds, speeding, lost control of the motorcycle. It skidded off the road. Hinds survived, but Richard, thrown from the bike, was killed instantly. An investigation found neither man had a high blood alcohol level, and the death was ruled accidental. At the funeral overlooking the sea, Judy Collins sang "Amazing Grace."

It would be over a week before Mimi returned to the cabin. There, she discovered Richard hadn’t forgotten her birthday after all. A bouquet of roses, a gift of pretty new shoes, and a card had been left on the kitchen table to surprise her when they returned home together.

Mimi subsequently performed occasionally, sometimes with Joan. She founded Bread & Roses, a nonprofit organization dedicated to social change and bringing music to the institutionalized. She died of cancer in July 2001 in Mill Valley.

Source: Forever Young by Andrew Nelson

see also IMDb biography

They recorded their first album fall of 1964. The album was released in April 1965, and they appeared on the eclectic, vibrant, and increasingly competitive Cambridge folk scene of 1964-65.

.... Farina also finished his novel, which was based largely on the experiences of his college years and travels. He completed "Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me" with such agonizing effort that his hand became paralyzed. He recorded a second LP with Mimi, performed at the San Francisco Folk Festival, and was scheduled to appear at the Newport festival in the summer of 1966.




* This central force has been the source of life for the Adept and is correlated to the planet Venus, whose human evolution is far in advance of our own, and now approaching its inevitable apotheosis. Therefore this occult force is becoming too rarefied and introverted to be used as an external spiritual stimulus to our own evolution. Thus an occult metamorphosis both in the Adept and in the advanced man is even now taking place; attuned to the mysterious sign Aquarius and the coming Age. In any case Aquarian forces will cause a repolarization within both sexes; for Uranus influences the minds of men and the emotions of women, whilst Neptune sways the minds of women and the emotions of men. Thus the old occult method of neutralizing the forces of Mars through those of Venus is rapidly becoming abortive and will be completely obsolete before the end of this century.

-David Anrias, MAN AND THE ZODIAC (Samuel Weiser, New York, 1970)



Tribute for a beloved singer

Musicians, friends remember Farina

By Leah Garchik, Chronicle Collumnist

"After yesterday's memorial service for Mimi Farina at Grace Cathedral, when the crowd of 2,000 had filed outside and gathered in the sunshine of the courtyard to share their personal memories, men stood around swapping stories of how they'd fallen in love with her.

The year was 1964 or 1965, and novelist Tom Sanchez was sitting at the Big Sur hot springs, when "suddenly appeared this extraordinary apparition, a luminnous creature." She reached down and lifted up a "small black cat, and picked it up to her face. There was all of this black hair flowing down around her and the cat, and I thought, 'Oh, I've met the woman of my dreams.'" And then Richard Farina (her husband at the time) appeared "and he said, 'Come on, baby, let's go.'"
Sanchez still sounded wistful. "I'm sure everybody has a story. You could put a book together: the first time I fell in love with Mimi Farina."

It was apparent from the service that affection and respect for Farina, who died July 18 at age 56, came in many forms. She was a well-known public person committed to a cause. Bread & Roses, the nonprofit foundation she founded in 1974, brings live entertainment to isolated audiences. The ceremony was in part a formal tribute from Farina's colleagues, who continue that work, and fellow musicians and entertainers, who had participated over the years. Kris Kristofferson was there, as well as Marsha and Robin Williams, Don Novello, Paul Kantner and rock photographer Jim Marshall.

More painfully, the service reflected the piercing sense of loss for those closest, who had surrounded and supported her during the years of her illness. Her sister Joan Baez recalled the wit of dying Farina. "You know," she told Joan, "I think you're really much more involved in this than I am." Baez also spoke fondly of their sister Pauline, who calls herself "the other one," and acknowledged the knotted relationship between the two singing sisters.

Farina's partner of four years, Paul Liberatore, described her "achingly gorgeous singing voice" and said, "She could transform the simple act of walking into a room into a moment of exquisite beauty." And a friend, state Sen. John Burton, described conversations in which Farina (sibling of a famous older sister) and he (whose famous older brother was Rep. Phillip Burton) shared notes about being the little kid.

Farina believed that to reach people, "you don't have to preach or say anything," said Lana Severn, former executive director of Bread & Roses. "You just have to be there and make music." So it was fitting that the plaintive sounds of the singers' voices soaring through the vaults of the cathedral's ceiling seemed the holiest presence at the ceremony. Judy Collins, Maria Muldaur, Holly Near, Boz Scaggs and Jackson Browne performed, the dramatic echoes eerily suggesting that Farina's spirit was near.

After Farina's death, she was dressed in the silvery gown she had worn to the 25th anniversary of Bread & Roses, as she had planned, and her body was placed in a casket decorated with roses painted on it by her sister Joan.

But she still seemed present at the service, which started when the cathedral was filled with the sound of her voice singing, "Quiet Joys of Brotherhood," and concluded with peals of her laughter, recorded a few weeks before her death."

"You'll have to let her go some day," Browne had sung, in his own composition. "Don't you want to see the angels appear?"

Taken from The San Francisco Chronicle article on Wednesday, August 8, 2001
Email Leah Garchik at:



"Whenever Bread & Roses gives a show, a community of caring is created. Bread & Roses is our legacy to future generations. Together, let's celebrate that and all of us who choose to help our fellow human beings. Thank you for helping set the stage for human kindness."

~ Mimi Farina, Founding Director Bread & Roses ~
25th Anniversary

"They all came out. Eight-year old patriarch Pete Seager and the beatific folk queen Joan Baez were there. So were rock stars Jackson Browne and Bonnie Raitt, the sedate Boz Scaggs, and the rough-hewn Kris Kristofferson. Comedians Robin Williams, Lily Tomlin and Father Guido Sarducci leavened the earnest atmosphere.

Mimi Farina put out the call to her peers and colleagues in acoustic music to join her 25th anniversary celebration for Bread & Roses, the Marin County based organization that brings light and music into prisons, hospitals and nursing homes. They came..."

- Joel Selvin, San Francisco Chronicle

UK Magazine fRoots 21st Anniversary Edition Review of
‘Pack Up Your Sorrows: The Best Of The Vangaurd Years’
Vanguard VCD 79538-2
By Ian Anderson

Like excellent sleeve-note writer Ed Ward, I too was entranced by Dick and Mimi Farina when an impressionable teenager back in the mid 1960s. Dylan towered over everything then, most of his New York/New England songwriter contemporaries seeming insignificant by comparison, and every album a revelation. But in among them snuck this Vanguard LP (Fontana here) called Celebration For A Grey Day, which was disarmingly different. The Farinas centered their sound on hard-strummed Appalachian dulcimers, autoharps and acoustic guitars wrapped up in proto-folk/rock, featuring attractive harmonies, beat lyrics, and the inestimable guitar of Bruce Langhorne.

They had a bit of left bank mystery about them, something rather more intellectual that hinted at late-night discussions on life, the universe and everything wreathed in clouds of suspect smoke – they sounded groovily sophisticated and like they probably wore berets. As well as fine originals like the title track, they also re-wrote traditional songs in a way that got hooks in, notably The Falcon which was an anti-war spin on The Cuckoo. Oh, and as Ed Ward noticed too, Mimi (Joan Baez’s sister, but even that we couldn’t hold against her) was a bit beautiful. Hell, that mattered to teenagers…

It was rather shocking to hear that Dick Farina – first encountered on a (very re-issuable) recording with Eric Von Schmidt, done down in Dobell’s basement, singing the likes of Xmas Island – had been killed in a motor bike crash before we’d even had a chance to read his remarkable novel, ‘Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me.’ That put an instant halt to a real "what if" career path: the Buddy Holly of folk.

Much water under many bridges: how d these recordings culled from Grey Day, it’s follow-up Reflections In A Crystal Wind and a couple of other sources stand up in the high-tech 21st century? Very well indeed is the answer. They still sound original, timeless rather than dated, the funkiest dulcimer playing you ever heard, and streets ahead of what the large majority of today’s self-obsessed singer/songwriters are churning out daily. Object lesson, history lesson, and downright pleasurable and inspiring music all in one package. And Mimi…sigh…


Mimi Farina and Elizabeth Cotton



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