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"Then a small rainbow like a trellis gate, A very small moon-made prismatic bow,
Stood closely over us
through which to go."

-Robert Frost, from Iris By Night



Before driving to Loch Ness we documented Aviebury Stone Circle in downtown Inverness [posted at TDN homepage], literally in a resident's back yard, next to a clothesline of fresh washed laundry. The mid-afternoon light held out... we felt the calm before the storm (an expression that may have originated in these parts). At Tor Burr (Glastonbury) the 3 day celebration of the Autumn Equinox (in The Chalice Well Garden) brought me 'to the water' and opened my mind to thoroughly experience this Highland site.
The night sky was like clear blue sapphire. Everyone was dressed in white, gliding in long candlelit lines around the water. The priestess began the ritual that mainly consisted of bringing us all to the serene pool so we could experience a healing and renewal through direct contact with the ancient waters. Later, when I wrote in my journal a vivid picture came to my mind in measure and detail, as though I could close my eyes and return to the event as a participant on the site. An extraordinary series of symbols appeared to me after washing my face in the water, most of them timeless or from ancient Greek mythology - a continual theme enjoyed at most of the ancient highland sites I visited on the way.

Boleskine photos with the graveyard nearby, provide a view of the property in its current incarnation. Similarities between this gate and Garcia's suggest Cabieri ~ brother metallurists ~ same materials, style, almost identical dimensions, and lined by the same earthy greens. In dowsing and geomancy, chi enters any space by patterns that will prevail about the whole area you are entering. The gates here are the epitome of perfect design for enchantment. As international stars, both musicians have projected personifications as the peerless master of rhythm and phrase. Serving as high profile role models from golden circles of beautiful people, both suffered through demands due to augmented touring agendas. As artists they required and never found the break in demands that accompany immortality in the public eye nor were they able to claim serene solitude.

Deeper study of both castles provide something of an instruction for anyone to design blueprints of a paradox template. Other super-impositions that use both terrestrial retreats share status as get away spots for disincarnate entities - specifically male entities with that infamous caustic and contrary characteristic. Both abodes are regularly reported as haunted.

Garcia's entry lane and gate form a straight line from street to foyer door, and facilitates straight arrows and burning, rushing hot chi, into the house. The estate plan supports this traffic line, frequently evident in sites known for 'paranormal' reports, such as The Marin Academy, also in San Rafael. The school is located at the end of a long, dead end street, the same effect as experienced at Garcia's - situated where dump trucks unload incompatable "mass".

When there is no ability to screen out unhealthy energy, manually introduced exists must be provided. There are also energy jams demanding attention inside the structure. A vulnerable aura is projected out from Garcia's building to the sidewalk. Separated driveways that lead to both homes on Garcia's estate cut chi in half at the sidewalk to split benefits and luck options.
above, a small salamander

Hot chi running through Page's Highland retreat hall has been modified through use of antique overhead lighting fixture prevalent in 'Dramatic Winter' decor. These interior placements had been further modified after construction prior to the 2000 Winter, according to guests who stayed at the B & B.

Jimmy Page was born with a Scorpio Ascendant [architecture, rennovation, make-over, FSBOs, Moon in his Eighth House] with Venus* in his First House. The keyword "I Am" describes the First Department of Life as the native himself, his opinions, what he is like when he is by himself in his preferred environment. Page's Scorpio Ascendant is aptly represented in Led Zeppelin's concert film, The Song Remains The Same. We follow the messenger as he tries to locate Page along a narrow country road that runs out to the edge of the lake behind Plumpton Place in Sussex, formerly owned by Edward Hudson and with certain parts of the house also designed by Edwin Lutyens. This house features in the Zeppelin film "The Song Remains The Same" where Jimmy is seen sitting on the lawn playing a hurdy gurdy. Autumn leaves seem to be changing colour. Venus in Sagittarius carries this dramatic picture through what appears to be closing hours of the afternoon. Page is sitting on his 'magic carpet' and seems to be composing an unusual tune on a type of music box as black swans float past him. His dramatic ascent up the mountain side the night of the Winter Solstice is shot directly behind Boleskine for "The Song Remains The Same" - the quest for self-realization.

Venus in the Ascendant [Rising Sign] governs the first seven years of life, and describes the way the native will initiate anything he wants to take on. The details of childhood environment are contained in both zodiacal signs, as well as the planet. The metallic and mineral qualities of Venus favor substances which reflect and take a high polish, as the surface of the lake. Also note many choices of stage wardrobe that fit Page's personality so well, especially in the concert film, "The Song Remains The Same." One of his black embroidered outfits seen in the film is displayed at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame [inducted in the crystal pyramid twice, with The Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin], along with several other keepsakes. Venus is social and tends to establish an ideal that was first encountered in very early life, sometimes during the birth experience itself. Venus in the First House usually describes people who are connected with centers of art and entertainment.

If a strong Lunar influence is felt, the feeling of love will greatly alter the astral fiber of the dream body itself; both Luna and Venus active in the star chart indicate devotion, good judgment concerning the real value of all things, a cheerful disposition, gracefulness, and the simple joy of living. The lodge itself is a testament to Luna's constant cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. See Phoenix Flicks for more information about the cycle portrayed on the big screen.

Akasha [breath, spirit] flows in a modified approach path to Page's retreat, gentled by the gate just off the main road. The arc design [summer] prompts, and blends chi into Sif's graceful curves of beauty (known as the S curve), popular among ancient Druids. as seen on sites linked to their ancient tombs, such as Newgrance. It is often portrayed via a water line in Eastern art (Roerich especially) as the river/stream S curve. Western art may mirror the landscape of the mind with the 'emotional climate' of magnetic summer and winter, especially in modern film making. Led Zeppelin used the idea throughout their concert film.



Aside from Abramelin as The Ancient Druid, we know tradition allocates Trump IX The Hermit to the Great Work. Think of the first philosopher, Pythagoras whose name was a blessing from Pythia at Delphi before birth. Pythagoras believed, "All is number." (Ancient Oracle) Priests of Thebes taught him the secrets of mystical music on stringed instruments, as well as the engineering secrets of the universe in the Temple of Isis [where Moses the engineer, Prince of Egypt, was initiated.] The properties of this instrument may parallel the unusual oriental harmonies designed to balance anyone within an environment of 5 elements, by plucking a single note. David the psalmist-shepherd used a similar harp, sometimes symbol of New Jerusalem [Zion in The Matrix trilogy], Labyrinth construction [center sphere], and ancient Ireland. Star Wars was just a twinkle in the eye of George Lucas so Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon are not contenders, though there are parallels. Joseph Campbell's, HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES offers contributions; we obviously want pre-flood mythology in this instance because Nessie embraces symbolism way back when the North Star was in the constellation of Draco.

The ancient 'belt priests' probably drew their power from the atmosphere. The most compelling link, our multi-coloured rainbow, refers us to the belief humanity is provided divine signals in our sky. 'Signs' in the atmosphere have always been followed from Earth.
Return of the King images
Gandalf and Pippin Looking out over wall.
Minas Morgul signal. The smokestack forms as a negative male vortex moving in an anti-life pattern.

go Etheric Double
Hogwarts Ghosts for the House Ghosts
Winchester Mystery House below


The Healing Aura - Restorative Atmosphere
Places known for healing powers are often linked to close contact with space, similar to the 1904 meteor falling from the heavens, or a large rock stimulating water in a lake or desert where is now a crater. Such places are sought by those on a quest to find the 'fountain of youth' or the universal agent. The original Star Trek series brought this theme into play in the story about an Earth astronaut who discovered warp drive in the episode Metamorphosis.
left, The "Companion" appears in the form of a cloud-like creature, as the protective agent responsible for saving the life of Zefram Cochrane, legendary Earth scientist and explorer.
TOS 031 - Metamorphosis
See more at: http://www.startrek.com/database_article/metamorphosis#sthash.RKJMaPvm.dpuf
The Companion, noncorporeal, acts like a planet deva, an entity of a feminine nature who created a 'safe haven' atmosphere around the famed scientist Zefram Cochrane that prolonged his lifespan for 150 years past normal life expectancy.
In 2117, the Companion discovered Cochrane drifting in space near death, and brought him to her planetoid in the Gamma Canaris region. She rejuvenated him and became his only friend on her isolated world.
Stardate: 3219.8

The atmosphere may be altered by transforming 'inner weather' circumstance via color and sound.


For their 1994-95 reunion, Page & Plant's 'No Quarter' video features the hawk in flight over the countryside, heading to the rainbow's end. Various posters and photographs of Robert Plant with a dove, one during a concert at San Francisco's Kezar Stadium, as a modern day "dove priest" are offered online. [Check Neal Preston/Corbis PN004894.]

It is important to keep in mind the phoenix symbolism binds a metaphysical hawk and dove together as one, both considered the same nature force, and represent the same soul gifts.

Not by coincidence, Rudolph Valentino's high, wide rainbow belt refers to the ancient annointed sun priests. Valentino named his wonderful private estate in Los Angeles the 'Falcon's Lair.'

The hooded man [Robin Hood legend] could be linked to the ancient Celtic 'belt priests' as they were sometimes called, and the ancient races in Tolkien's Middle-earth. Legends tie in with the Abramelin, Dreaming God, and Herne archetype. Some ancient references to Druid alignments are provided in a brief on Trump IX THE HERMIT. Elocution from Page (Mars in Gemini), draws in a whole list of 'inner guru' themes about philosophy & higher soul powers.*

Pythagoras, whose name was a blessing from Pythia before birth, fits many models given to Trump IX perfectly. The priests of Thebes taught the mystical temple music on stringed instruments, secrets of cosmic power within the Temple of Isis. The instrument may parallel the unusual oriental harmonies designed to balance anyone within an environment of 5 elements, by plucking a single note. Star Wars was just a twinkle in the eye of George Lucas so Obe Wan and Qui-Gon are not contenders, though there are parallels. Joseph Campbell's, HERO OF A THOUSAND FACES offers contributions; we obviously want pre-flood mythology in this instance because Nessie embraces symbolism from the North Star in Draco. ENOCH, Patriarch of the 7th Dynasty, qualifies as a pre-flood Genesis figure we tie into the non-dead status associated with Arthur (Grail) and Osiris (Sojourns) mysticism throughout the region.

Noah, first patriarch after the flood, provides insight into Page's character primarily as a mirror for ancient Norse rainbow father-gods; Noah's wife, Vesta, is traditionally linked with the great Salamander God (father of Zarathustra). Salamanders live in fire and serve the philosopher (calling to mind the eternal flame tended by the Vestals). Sub-text themes reminiscent of the Old Testament stories may be tracked through the film, 'Dragonheart' (Sean Connery, the dragon, Julie Christie as the queen, and Dennis Quaid, the knight). Perhaps there is a clue into a triad between Abramelin, The Holy Guardian Angel, and the great guardian of Loch Ness? The Rainbow Bridge constructed by Jimmy Page in the Zeppelin film could be superimposed over themes of Doner and Thor, the Viking storm, and Odin's commute between Valhalla and mortal realms. The inner weather cycle in balance with the external god of the storm seems to be achieved [and conveyed to the audience] in an obvious ritual using the Aquarian Age instrument known as a theramin. No physical contact is required to play it, and the sound suggests a mystic, intimate contact with an essential 'music spirit.'

Iris, as Hera's radiant messenger, traversing the way, paints the prismatic bow created via classic "Storms of Zeus," the thunder that will always suggest a significant musical point origin. Jimmy Page at the time he purchased Boleskine, the location selected for the Operation of Abramelin The Mage.



The home and property are now in the hands of the MacGillvray family, 'whose ancestors distinguished themselves at the Battle of Culloden fighting for Prince Charles Edward Stuart'. Local gossip circulated various and sundry stories of disrupted daily lives at the 'hands' of a local poltergeist, shell, or hauntings. Reports of distortions in energy, flying objects and displacements seem common. The history of the area goes back to misty times before the magical 'Brigadoon' and 'The Lone Piper' ~ legends were born anew about the site's power as recently as the last century when several colorful owners** took control of the property.

Recognized theories to develop relate to the Nessie sightings that have been documented. Telekinetic evidence marries dimensional bleedthroughs with the external world. The White Buffalo/Cosmic Pipe prophecy was shared among international guests the evening of the Equinox in The Chalice Well Garden at Glastonbury. Check on the sets of young white buffalo calves born recently in Montana, heralding The Age of Illumination. Some of my personal memories surfaced about such stories/legends. When I lived with Hopi (60s AZ) conversations were frequently about ancient Native American prophecies. Subtle, perceptive teachers link Nessie's legend and Indian predictions. When I lived with Hopi (60s AZ) conversations were frequently about ancient Native American prophecies. Subtle, perceptive teachers link Nessie's legend and Indian predictions. Interdimensional phenomena reports aren't new in America or Scotland. But they are news! We can relegate them to a superstition and fear based theory. Are we ready to awaken when these spiritual signs materialize and challenge us at our conscious reality level?

My dowser grid for this property was set on 1" squares from Loch Ness up to the large buildings (now the B & B) including the road and entry to the house. The graveyard and road have no wierd electrical wiring or black boxes, that often distort electro-magnetic wavelengths around structures like this [such were superficial irregularities during the year of 'Mothman' sightings in West Virginia in the 60s] ~~ no signs of complications or geopathic zones pumping in toxins. There were no lines or firm' dynamics to compromise the integrity of any Deva protecting the site, nor was there a vortex.

The next physical 'walk through' dowsing was in the graveyard, down below the road. There was the answer to the problem in the home. One gravesite, without a name (or it had worn away) was the source of the bizarre materializations in the house. My rods flew over the gravesite where there is an uneasy soul.


We captured a Q and A sequence on video. The map picture comes together like connect-the-dots once the graveyard starting point site is identified.

It should be noted that the B & B Deva is independent of the garden Deva, but neither of both steward Devas under the heading of Boleskine is the Deva protecting the graveyard at the hill base, near the Loch.

Shells (near grave sites) act as tape recorders, run looped tapes, and even act like the poltergeist from the movie of the same name, although that degree of extraordinary phenomena is not found in the reliable reports about this house on the hill. The graveyard row with a disturbed grave rests onsite here. We did a short vacation film, under an hour, providing visual details with brief historical accounts of locations mentioned herein. It later transferred well to VHS-bring your own popcorn.

Led Zeppelin Act III
The 1980 ‘Feather In The Wind’ tour over Europe has been documented in detail in a new Led Zeppelin book, with plenty of backstage, up close and personal, Dave Lewis (TBL) notes. This inside glimpse of the people “behind the curtain” who contribute so much to a smoothly running tour is a must read for all Zep fans. Here's a bit from the show at Eisstadion, Mannheim, Germany [show date July 2 and 3, 1980].

Jimmy Page’s personal tech, Raymond Thomas, sits in there [backstage reception area], looking as if he’s just been strutting his way through a two hour set. In a way, he has. It’s his job to ensure Jimmy’s guitars are in tune and functioning as they should. Not an easy task. He’s been working for Jimmy for nine years. Used to be with Robin Trower, at Chrysalis, before Zeppelin came along. With all the name checks Robert has given him on stage (“Ah Raymondo” – remember Knebworth?) he’s become another unseen, faceless legend of the Zeppelin set up. A friendly Scottish character, he’ll be back up to his native Edinburgh when the tour finishes. Tonight he’s less than happy with the sound Jimmy had during Stairway – not that I noticed myself. “Maybe I was trying too hard,” says Raymondo.

Harvey Goldsmith comes into the room. What’s the tour been like for him so far? – “Quite an experience” he tells me looking pretty exhausted. “It’s only if things go wrong that I know I haven’t done my job properly.” When you’re responsible for 10,000 kids, that’s quite a strain. A strain and pressure that one can only appreciate when on the other side of the barriers. Raymondo has a date with Jimmy back at the hotel and minutes later we’re speeding through the streets of Mannheim passing by happy punters coming home from the gig. Outside the hotel Robert is surrounded by about twenty fans signing autographs. After which he runs off to an awaiting car that will be heading for Munich. Mannheim hasn’t been much of an attraction for Robert really.

-Dave Lewis
Led Zeppelin
Feather In The Wind - Over Europe 1980

I had the pleasure as well as the great privilege of setting out from Inverness on a bright crisp September morning in company with Dr. Alexander Carmichael, the well-known folk-lorist of Scotland, to study the Fairy-Faith as it exists now in the Highlands round Tomatin, a small country village about twenty miles distant. We departed by an early train; and soon reaching the Tomatin country began our search—Dr. Carmichael for evidence regarding rare and curious Scotch beliefs connected with folk-magic, such as blood-stopping at a distance and removing motes in the eye at a distance, and I for Highland ghosts and fairies.
Our first experience was with an old man whom we met on the road between the railway station and the post office, who could speak only Gaelic. Dr. Carmichael talked with him awhile, and then asked him about fairies, and he said there were some living in a cave some way off, but as the distance was rather too far we decided not to call on them. Then we went on to see the postmaster, Mr. John MacDougall, and he told us that in his boyhood the country-folk round Tomatin believed thoroughly in fairies. He said they thought of them as a race of spirits capable of making themselves visible to mortals, as living in underground places.

-W. Y. Evans Wentz, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries

* Jupiter is often considered the frequency of the sacred syllable 'OM' and maxima, the white light, source for the rainbow. Note the introduction to Alan Leo's second lecture on Jupiter ~ "Jupiter and the Great Life Wave - Comparison of Jupiter with the Trinity: 'The Seven Beings in the Sun,' says the SECRET DOCTRINE, 'are the Seven Holy Ones, self-born from the inherent power in the matrix of Mother-Substance. It is they who send the seven principal Forces, called Rays, which at the beginning of a Universal Night will centre into seven new Suns for the next Life-cycle. The energy, from which they spring into conscious existence in every Sun, is what people call Vishnu, which is the Breath of the Absoluteness." There is a Unity underlying all things, which a faith in the Stars reveals, although it may not be intelligible to our physical senses." Alan Leo, JUPITER (Samuel Weiser, Inc. New York)

** One of the recent residents of the labortory, The Master Therion (A. Crowley) records in his magickal journal the following entry c. 1903:
"In the year 1899 I came to Boleskine House, and put everything in order with the object of carrying out the Operation of Abramelin The Mage. I had studied ceremonial magic for years, and obtained very remarkable success. My Gods were those of Egypt, interpreted on lines closely akin to those of Greece. In philosophy I was a Realist of the Qabalistic School. In 1900 I left England for Mexico, and later the Far East, Ceylon, India, Baltistan, Egypt and France. Idle here to detail the corresponding programs of my thought. Passing through a stage of Hinduism, I had discarded all Deities as unimportant and in Philosophy was an uncompromising nominalist. I may call myself an orthodox Buddhist.
With the reservations:

(i) I cannot deny that certain phenomena do accompany the use of certain rituals. I only deny the usefulness of such methods to the White Adept.
(ii) Hindu methods of meditation are possibly useful to the beginner and should not therefore be discarded at once (necessarily).
With regard to my advancement, the redemption of the Cosmos, etc., etc., I leave for ever the "blossom and Fruit" Theory and appear in the character of an Inquirer on strictly scientific lines."
(Crowley's diary, June-Aug, 1903 E.V., typescript, prefatory remarks. "Blossom and Fruit" refers to Mabel Collins' The Blossom and the Fruit.(1889) ~ The Chogo Ri Expedition, 1902

background to Lodge Wars

Editor's Comment: Count Zeppelin's first airship flight in 1900, in the air for 20 minutes, was initiated
during his Mars sextile Jupiter, Mars opposition Moon (the airship was wrecked in landing.)




The Art of Abramelin: It should never be forgotten for a single moment that the central and essential work of the Magician is the attainment of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. Once he has achieved this he must of course be left entirely in the hands of that Angel, who can be invariably and inevitably relied upon to lead him to the further great step—crossing of the Abyss and the attainment of the grade of Master of the Temple. (Magick Without Tears, Ch.83)
Abramelin's Lab - Background ~ See The Transparency Wave

BALNUARAN OF CLAVA ~ Way To Glamis and Glamis Castle

left, Dijon, links with the race of Elves in the J. R. R. Tolkien series, The Lord of the Rings, go the Tolkien shortcut. Jack o' the Green is played by Tom Cruise in, Legend.
Mystical 'green' symbolism is also linked to Herne, an ancient forest figure with the horns of a stag. Robin Hood legends Star Charts for actors who have played Robin Hood on TV and in film.
Trump related: The Green Woman and The Green Man are linked to nature and potent resurgent power contained within the forest realm, represented by Trump III and Trump IV respectively.
Liv Tyler and Arwen's Garden, herbs-trees

Dowser Gemstones,


Legend Jimmy Page - Jimmy Page enter
Jimmy Page SRTS solstice sequence

The Lodge Wars

Robert Plant Official Shop - Robert Plant enter



Rabalais: Benedictine Monk, Metaphysician, Doctor
His credo: 'Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law'.
Modern translation: 'Follow Your Heart' & 'Follow Your Bliss', Love What You Do and the rest will follow

Sanctuary 7th century B.C. Athena and Poseidon at Sounion and "Sounion Hiron" - monuments. The sanctuary of Sounion is first mentioned in the classic epic poem, The Odyssey, it was the place where Menelaos stopped during his return from Troy to bury his helmsman, Phrontes Onetorides.

The Tower House Architect: William Burges (1827–1881)
Tower House address is 29 Melbury Road
Holland Park, London W14 8AB United Kingdom

The Tower House is a late-Victorian town house, built between 1876-1877 in the 13th century French Gothic style, designed by Burges for himself. Right, an image of the bedroom.

It has been said the reputation of Burges rests on his extravagant designs and his contribution to the Gothic revival in architecture in the nineteenth century. Tower House was occupied until the period of time that began in 1962, when it was unoccupied and damaged by vandals. Restoration began in 1966 with the aid of grants from the Greater London Council and the Ministry of Housing and Local Government.

This is a Global street map lay-out that illustrates the unique character of the building and its strategic location in the neighborhood. The hot, powerful solar lines running through the neighborhood act as an energy skeleton for both streets parallel to Melbury Road. The most concentrated influence of solar energy is directly in front of Tower House, leading to the entrance.
Solar lines are straight so these lines act as the backbone for links in a chain that bind Tower House to the building across the street, Stavordale Lodge at 10 - 12 Melbury Road. This effect pulls everything in line like pearls on a thread, from the street, buildings and trees behind Stavordale Lodge, across Melbury Road, through Tower House and extended beyond to the street behind it. The intense solar energy connects the entire neighborhood so all structures, trees, and traffic lanes operate as a cohesive unit. Change one thing, everything changes and then readjusts. This is crucial due to a renovation dispute between two neighbors living at the heart of this community... according to a blog on facebook, it is a long running building dispute between West London neighbours Jimmy Page and Robbie Williams, because renovations Williams wants to undertake would require use of machinery that would cause damage to the entire street and underground area. The blog points out Page is a connoisseur of historic artifacts, great architecture and English culture. He also owns Deanery Garden at Sonning, near Reading, another magnificent house with a garden that was once open to the public (but is no longer), this one designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens.

In 1972 Jimmy Page acquired several 'historical' fixer uppers during his first Lunar Return, including the Tower House in West London, bought from Irish actor Richard Harris. If you look at the house
from an angle, in a certain light, it does resemble the tower at Hogwarts with Professor Dumbledore's office. Harris purchased the Tower House for £75,000 in 1968. He employed the original decorators, Campbell Smith & Company Ltd. to carry out extensive restoration work on the interior. Many of the decorative items designed by Burges for Tower House were dispersed following his death. Several pieces from the collection of Charles Handley-Read, who was instrumental in reviving interest in Burges, were acquired by the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery. Items in the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery from Tower House include a pair of cabinet doors, the Narcissus washstand and a wardrobe, the latter designed for the nursery at Tower House, and Burges's bed, in which he died. Items from Tower House in the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) include Burges's washstand and Golden bed.
Jimmy Page is an avid enthusiast of Burges, commenting in an interview, "I was still finding things 20 years after being there - a little beetle on the wall or something like that, it's Burges' attention to detail that is so fascinating."
Tower House is located at 29 Melbury Road (formerly number 9) in Kensington, London and is a Grade I listed building as of the 29th July 1949.
see: Crook, J. Mordaunt. William Burges and the High Victorian Dream. Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 1981.



* Finding Sean Connery home @ The Divining Nation - includes Name of the Rose
Jones boys and Trump V at Indiana Jones and Trump V
Finding Forrester - My Name is William Forrester 2:39 youtube HD

21st Century Trump IX Hermit - varied contributors - Meditation Room @ Jimmy Page

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Interactive Dig is produced by ARCHAEOLOGY Magazine
Current Archaeology, Britain’s leading archaeological magazine - read the The Lod Mosiaic, crafted c. AD 400

Winchester Mystery House
Oliver Winchester b. 1810 d. 1880
Inventor. Created the repeating rifle and the manufacturing of firing arms. He and his family RIP in Evergreen Cemetery, New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, USA

Sarah Lockwood Pardee Winchester b. September, 1839 d. September 5, 1922
An American folk figure and wife of William Wirt Winchester (son of Oliver Winchester), she became an eccentric in later years, legend has it, because she inherited the heavy burden associated with the Winchester rifle in the 'wild west' era. She consulted a guide who suggested she compensate for negative Mars by employing positive Mars in equal volume as an appropriate counterpoint. The constructive use of Mars is often recognized as the family profession of Jesus, the carpenter of Nazareth. Engineers and builders arrived at the home and began building the now famous "Mystery House" in San Jose, California. In a tiny and completely insulated room [rounded, without windows or a view of outside activity] Sarah consulted the "spirits" daily, going over blueprints of her property and micro-managing every bit of space she owned.
Her love of the number 13 is evident in stain glass, windows with 13 panes, walls with 13 panels, stairways with 13 steps, daisy designs, and Venetian porcelain sink with 13 drain holes. The crescent-shaped boxwood hedge is still in the garden outside her bedroom. The grounds are full of statues, fountains, and exotic flowers, plants, and trees from around the world.

The central theme imparted by the "spirits" became the foundation of her life: in order for her to atone for the people killed by Winchester rifles she would have to continue adding rooms to her house and develop everything around the grounds, garden, and fountains 24/7, so she would balance the books for her clan. She did so for 38 straight years. Her architectural, recycling, and energy innovations are quite astonishing. The house ran on recycled water filtered from the roof level throughout the entire building, with enough to irrigate the garden. She also installed an independent energy source exclusive of the rest of the city. Sarah died of natural causes at the age of 85 and a house with more than 160 rooms. Her will was 13 pages long and signed 13 times.


* Some other men who have Venus in their Ascendant include: Ben Affleck, Orlando Bloom, George Clooney, Jean Cocteau, Mahatma Gandhi, Hugh Grant, Jeremy Irons, Tobey Maguire, Paul Newman, and Luciano Pavarotti.

Women with Venus in their Ascendant: Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Queen Elizabeth II, Judy Garland, Angelina Jolie, Linda McCartney, Helen Mirren, Kim Novak, Charlotte Rampling, and Grace Slick.


10 Forward Trek galley, Bat Cave, Colour Us Inn, Indiana Jones Menu, Innholders' Company, It's All In The Sauce, Jupiter Table
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