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Sun @ 11°14 Moonchild [Cancer] anciently associated
with protection, empathy, parenthood, tenacity at work.
Moon @ 1°08 Leo, the Winged Lion
ASC 27°08 The Virgin [Ceres, Corn Maiden]
MC 26°36 Gemini, The Twins
Jupiter in Pisces at the Jupiter Table
Saturn in Aquarius
The Mission - The Firm

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Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation


Director: Christopher McQuarrie
Running time: 131 minutes
The Divining Nation rating: 4/5

Rogue Nation is a summer movie parfait – smart with tremendous energy and a compelling, diverse cast. Some scenes could have been skillfully choreographed with off-screen deaths, in Shakespearean style, but by today’s cinematic standards, the textural violence in Rogue Nation roams within expected boundary lines. Where stunt doubles appear there are perfectly masked players - all the action is top notch and seamless from scene to scene.
Not impossible to believe that with techno-kink eye candy and body scanners, drones, and monitoring on every street corner the CIA doesn’t suppose there exists a syndicated network of old world spies. The British keep their trade secrets close to the vest and with good reason. Are missing and ‘presumed dead’ agents actually working for a syndicate? The stretch seems to be more about combat ratio formulae. The hand to hand fights, chase scenes [high caliber-edge of your seat, Class A pedal-to-the-metal] and anti-IMF stalker strike teams seem too uneven at times. Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is better than ever, running on sheer determination to catch the bad guy face to face [the IMF is dismantled by
the CIA], and he adds a sweet surprise at the end - just for good measure.
Get your popcorn early, time flies when you’re having fun.



Who is Jack Reacher? Jack Reacher is a common man with no digital footprint, once in the military and decorated for his service. He rides the bus without baggage, dropped off the grid for the last two years, and has a clean police record. Reacher travels light - one white shirt, a pair of black pants and a jacket; he appears a pauper to a common man, but only to remain a mystery to those he wants to track. He is a “wayfarer,” but what planet in our solar system does he represent? The following clues may help you decide. Find the answer at the bottom of this page.
The first scene is pieced together like parts of a thought, without dialog, but we learn the mindset of several primary characters and their lifestyle by way of visual “seeds” planted in our right brain registry. The first thing we see and hear is a man’s hand pulling a lever, suggesting manual talent, power in the wrist and arm, accompanied by ergonomic specs. We could tie this illustration up by saying, “With a lever large enough, I could move the world,” but that would exceed the scope of this film. The second image on the screen is a van moving down a highway [right to left across the screen] leading to the big city. The picture sends a message to the right brain - the moving thought, intent, or destination of the driver is to move energy, information from one point to another, like current passing between synapses in the brain. These ideas suggest hands-on elite training, blueprints designed for specialized craftsmanship, construction, and communication.

Inadvertently, the element of ‘chance’ or ‘luck’ in a “beat the clock” scenario also parallels this fast paced thriller. The third concept revealed involves what appears to be a bag of grain or seeds full of handmade brass shell casings, suggesting the need for someone to “sort out” the shells from the grain, a classic right brain test in ancient mythology. Who is Jack Reacher?

IMDb Jack Reacher Christopher McQuarrie 2012
Announced: Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Lee Child novel



Edge of Tomorrow | June 6, 2014
Stars: Tom Cruise as Lt. Col. Bill Cage, Emily Blunt as Rita Vrataski, Brendan Gleeson as General Brigham, and Bill Paxton as Master Sergeant Farell
Director: Doug Liman

Matt Zoller Seitz review:
"Edge of Tomorrow" — is less of a time travel movie than an experience movie; that statement might not make sense now, but it probably will after you've seen it. Based on Hiroshi Sikurazaka's novel "All You Need is Kill", it's a true science fiction film, highly conceptual, set during the aftermath of an alien invasion. Maybe "extra-dimensional being invasion" is more accurate. The fierce, octopod-looking beasties known as Mimics are controlled hive-mind style by a creature that seems able to peer through time, or rupture it, or something. When the tale begins, we don't have exact answers about the enemy's powers (that's for our intrepid heroes to find out), but we have a solid hunch that it can see possible futures through the eyes of specific humans, then treat them as, essentially, video game characters, following their progress through the nasty "adventure" of the war, and making note of their tactical maneuvers, the better to ensure our collective extermination.

full review 3 1/2 stars out of 4 stars
Rolling Stone Peter Travers 3 1/2 stars out of 4 stars




Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol

Director: Brad Bird
Writers: Josh Appelbaum, André Nemec, and Bruce Geller [TV series]
Stars: Tom Cruise, Paula Patton, Simon Pegg, Jeremy Renner and Michael Nyqvist
Released: 21 December 2011 USA
Time: 133 minutes

Recorded Voice: Your mission, if you choose to accept it...

The fourth Mission Impossible made for the big screen is a fight for the fire of the gods, found on the battlefield after a great war in the heavens. Ghost Protocol is an appropriate code name for the film. Ethan Hunt and his team must act without being seen even while they generate a higher mind strategy and implement the plan. They must be floating clouds, invisible spirits, and vapours who pass over, under, and through some of the most deadly doors on planet earth.

The Lower Furnace is referred to Trump VI and describes the chemical marriage. The power of the philosopher [higher mind] aptly applied to the scientific workplace [lower mind] creates a binary effect that is transcended by Ethan Hunt, and at the same time eludes the insane extremist Cobalt [Michael Nyqvist] bent on bloodshed and carnage. The quest for this volatile energy always transforms or brings down the seeker.

The set designs and palette of the movie are seamless - my open eye is watching a frame by frame suspense-thriller while my inner eye has checked into a Brent Heighton watercolour gallery. Nice effect.

Extremes are part of the constant movement, from the tallest hotel, built to touch the sky, down to the lowest tunnel that burns like hot pavement through a fired-up oven. All together, there are three missions, if you don't count Hunt's Russian jail brake facilitated by Benji Dunn [Simon Pegg] and Jane Carter [Paula Patton]. Benji electronically undermines the surveillance system in the jail while Jane packs the underground level with charges to break Hunt out at the extraction point. Jane is a shapeshifter or composite character who manages just as well at ground level and above in the skyscraper. When Ethan goes in to bring out a "pal" Jane reminds Benji, “Stay focused – he knows where he’s going.” Clear of the prison, the team carries their "passenger," who fed Ethan intelligence on the inside, to a drop point, and then on to the phone booth for the assignment.

The vital mission is running on a short fuse. The team must infiltrate the Kremlin, reach archives in the heart of security, and gain intelligence about the level #1 strategist known as Cobalt. He is going for nuclear launch codes and has been reclassified from 'person of interest' to enemy #1. Things are hotter with the added complication that Cobalt himself will arrive in the Kremlin to remove his file - in less than five hours.

Naturally, Hunt and Cobalt seem evenly matched, but Hunt is the better man and that makes the difference throughout their series of encounters.




When Neptune is in the Ascendant the intuitive side of the nature is developed through empathic experiences and personal insight into affairs advances in sophistication as a result. This is the planet that determines the integrity of the astrosome [dream world] and some qualities enjoyed by the dream vehicle. There are parallel symbol formulae that lend themselves to every form of glamour and illusion. The nature of the Neptunian atmosphere is certain to be misinterpreted re the essential Truth which underlies its appearance. The descent into the 'underworld' scene is a typical aspect of the sign governed by Neptune, Pisces the Two Fishes. The involution or downward movement into 'the belly of the beast' is wonderfully executed in Ghost Protocol.

The Mission script makes use of the built in, far-seeing, Cruise ability to estimate quickly and accurately. Neptune attracts one to other-worldly and peculiar people, psychic centers and mysterious strange places so Cruise is type cast as part of the Mission troupe. The influence of this planet is always more or less mediumistic so Cruise will either consciously or unconsciously take on the conditions of the surroundings and of those with whom he comes in contact. Neptune gives an interest in and some capacity for psychic development, especially through the stage, creative improvisation, and the arts, all part of the Mission power tool kit. The idealistic trend of mind qualities are filtered through a romantic lens in the recent spy caper, Knight and Day, with Cameron Diaz [Venus in her chart is conjunct Neptune in Cruise Ascendant]. Neptune governs the Twelfth House, the 'potential nightmare' that comes with hidden enemies so Cruise is at home in any well written film that guarantees danger through plots, schemes, enmities and deception.

Neptune represents the Utopia Search and desire to further truth and justice at every level. There is often the quick, natural understanding of psychology, with enhanced ability to influence other people by suggestion. This is a two way street. During the process, others may access a part of the personality that probably harbors some degree of personal sensitivity left in early life security blankets. Some amount of cautious skepticism should accompany important decisions, and precede binding agreements, that could prove trouble due to a misrepresentation based on superficial appearances. Opinions, suggestions and judgments would otherwise strongly influence decisions.
Note for those in metaphysical study: sensing the spiritual aromas is operational in detective work, although most of those who use the inner sense of smell may be unaware they do so.

The art of illusion, acting ability, and a strong voice may combine to cultivate an altogether unique, perhaps intense, personal delivery style when interacting both professionally and in private life.

Other men with Neptune in the Ascendant include
Woody Allen, Fred Astaire, Louis Braille, Richard Burton, Jim Carrey, Jim Caviezel, Jean-François Champollion, John Cleese, Jean Cocteau, Alice Cooper, Ted Danson, Vin Diesel, Placido Domingo, Michael Fassbender, Colin Firth, Benjamin Franklin, Terry Gilliam, Francisco de Goya, George Frideric Handel, Victor Hugo, Jude Law, Louis XIV of France, Mirandola, Piet Mondrian, Yves Montand, Roger Moore, Edward Norton, Luciano Pavarotti, E. A. Poe, River Phoenix, Raphael, Auguste Renoir, Auguste Rodin, Henri Rousseau, Aaron Spelling, Robert Louis Stevenson, Pete Townshend, Eddie Van Halen, Andy Warhol, Denzel Washington, Stevie Wonder, and William Butler Yeats.

Women who have Neptune in the Ascendant include
Paula Abdul, Maya Angelou, Jane Austen, Kathy Bates, Jessica Biel, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, Lynda Carter, Geena Davis, Fran Drescher, Faye Dunaway, Isadora Duncan, Nelly Furtado, Ava Gardner, Linda Goodman, Martha Graham, Anne Hathaway, Nicole Kidman, Nastassja Kinski, Angela Lansbury, Courtney Love, Marilyn Monroe, Olivia Newton-John, Claudia Schiffer, Cybill Shepherd, Sissy Spacek, Mae West, and Debra Winger.



Tom Cruise continued - includes V A L K Y R I E, MINORITY REPORT, Saturn in Aquarius, WAR OF THE WORLDS


Answer to Quiz: Who is Jack Reacher?
Jack Reacher is Mercury [Hermes] personified. His Name Vibration is 11, a Super Number,
and his Soul Urge-Talents = 3 [a number directly linked with Mercury].



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