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To Die For - James Bond is the character Connery was born to portray though we love him in each and every picture he ever made. Connery is a double Virgo with Capricorn ascending, salt of the earth trines to steady his upward climb on the mountain. Both earth signs are ambitious, thorough, and will take time to serve should circumstances warrant he have concern for others.
Sean Connery's rising star genesis from "South Pacific" through "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" is basic viewing for big screen fans. His fifty year career includes early musical, "Darby O'Gill And The Little People," American westerns, and research chemist "Medicine Man." Connery has an ease with the international audience that is natural - check this count down for Sean Connery's top 10 performances. Top Ten with honorable mention 11:54

Connery's Sun (@ 1 Virgo) bonds with Royal Star Regulus (latin, 'little king'), and Neptune (global consciousness) effecting departments of life that define his range of intriguing, captivating characters. Mars (action) and Pluto (invisibility) related activity, trading in mystery, veils and nocturnal life are related to James Bond style camouflage.

John Patrick Mason [The Rock], Bartholomew 'Barley' Scott Blair [The Russia House with Michelle Pfeiffer], and Oscar-winning character James Malone [The Untouchables], represent covert professions attributed to Scorpio, Connery's public image. Flip-side are the visible professions. Somewhat reclusive, still savvy and in "public-mainstream": research chemist, "Medicine Man" Dr. Robert Campbell, the king's alchemist-turned-mentor, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez in, "The Highlander,"
and schoolmaster for Russian Navy in The Hunt for Red October. see quiz

Virgo represents the rituals once reserved for sunset when nature introduces balance between the magnetic power of the earth and the electricity of the sun. ‘Heal thyself’ as the sun and earth infuse a large amount of natural lithium into the atmosphere [Sting’s “Lithium Sunset”]. In the setting designed by Dr. No, the meaning of sunset has an alternate interpretation - the horizon is less than healthy and on Crab Island, the environment radiates danger and death. Director Terence Young, at the helm for the first 007 thriller, introduces James Bond - fully capitalizing on the power of his name and number in the double 0 branch of the British Secret Service - 007 and James Bond are one person - the two phrases are interchangeable.
Many long standing editors, political cartoonists, and journalists are found in this sign; they often take the role of critics of literature, the arts, and interior design. Finding Forrester, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Name of the Rose, and The Russia House allude to a scholar’s gift for surgical thought.
back Gladiators - Mercury 29° Virgo 01', Virgo aspects - First Knight

Trump VI is linked to keys that combine intricate mathematical formulae, chemistry, and measurement. Use of magic seals, geometric solids, symbols, and analysis of these subtle tiers of study are allocated to designs known as: Temptation, The Two Paths, The Lovers, The Choice, The Forest Lovers [Robin and Marian] and other lesser used titles.

Traditionally Trump VI and the Sixth House governed by Virgo concentrates on balance related to race and clan karma, and natural law that governs harmony in the garden, once known as natural alchemy.

The Moon 23° Virgo 53' adds steadiness through a predictable style of adaptation, and practical editorial oversight regarding the working script in play. As a rule knowledge is not valued for its own sake but applied to retrofitting functional blueprints, as well as ethical and belief systems. Evangeline Adams writes, “He has a keen sense of truth, and is, generally speaking, ready to face facts.” Virgo is the harvest time when we reap the benefits of our labor – parables about the sower and worker in the vineyard are derived from events that transpire during this time of year. The ancient mystery plays that employed agricultural themes were held when the Sun entered the sign of the earth goddess Ceres. Naturally these dramatic events were superimposed on the physical anatomy within the inner circle of the temples, and this led to expertise in arts of healing, agriculture, the forge and furnace. Some composite figures celebrated during the ancient drama [especially Mercury and Kore as Psychopompas] could have established many techniques used in modern theatre, perhaps origin and basis for psychological interpretation useful for modern acting techniques.

Connery's Scorpio Midheaven resonates the companion characteristic able to facilitate veiling skill, charismatic and regenerative power drawn along the lines of transformation. The standing definition of Scorpio is 'sex and death' even though the adrenalin rush overpowers many lifestyle decisions. According to "The James Bond Story," essential DVD for 007 fans, Connery was recommended for the first James Bond film on the basis of his performance in "Darby O'Gill" so Cubby Broccoli checked the perception and quickly put Connery to work. Scorpio governs 'invisibility' and the 7th sense, radar, so Connery has a public image allowing projection of a larger than life character on the silver screen. See the fantastic Bond Aston Martin DB5 and others here.
Read more on Bond @ Legend ~ Sean Connery [includes the Connery star chart.]

Sean Connery Destiny Path is 1

Sympathetic tie with Aries and Trump I
Life lessons can take people with a 1 Destiny to a new, untrodden path up the mountain. They do not always begin as trailblazers but invariably get further when they learn to trust in their own ability to take on anything life hands them and succeed. Independent thinking, self-reliance, and an ability to transmute karma add to the charisma of an individual with a 1 Destiny.
Medicine Man – Trailer 1:32

Virgo Cities and Countries
Countries: Assyria, Brazil, State of California, Crete, Ethiopia, French Polynesia, part of Greece, Malaysia, Malta, Mesopotamia, North Korea, Papua New Guinea, Pensacola, Switzerland, Turkey, West Indies

Cities: Boston, Corinth, Heidelberg, Jerusalem, Kolkata (India). Los Angeles, Lyons, Manchester (NH), Monterrey (Mexico), Paris, Pensacola FL Sun 0°23' Virgo, Ponce (Puerto Rico). Rockford (IL), Singapour, Strasburg, Toulouse, Tunis (Tunisia)

Sean Connery Soul Urge is 8

Sympathtic tie with Scorpio and Trump VIII
An individual with the 8 Soul Urge is motivated and wants big affairs and the power to handle them. He wants success in all material matters but the world is not enough. All 8's need to open doors that lead to the power to cultivate justice and toleration for the weaker, less efficient, and disempowered among us. The 8 Soul Urge is normally fond of money and display but is a Cornerstone of the Community. He has vision and imagination for making his efforts pay. Excellent judgment, reliable executive skill, a power for order in the universe, the undercurrents may carry a determination to struggle with adversaries and achieve victory in a fair fight.

The cell salt of Virgo is potassium sulphate, which regulates the supply and distribution of oils in the physical anatomy, and aids in carrying oxygen to the skin. Herbs and teas associated with Virgo include Chamomile, Lapsang Souchong, soothing Ginger Tea, Rosemary, Siberian ginseng, Smoked Paprika, St. John’s Wort, Summer Savory, and Valerian. Breakfast should be lite with English or Scottish Tea instead of coffee. High tea with slice of saffron lemon chicken, orange chicken, Dolmades (Stuffed Grape Leaves), or salmon fillet is easy to prepare in advance. Alternates include Eggs Benedict, Scrambled Eggs and sandwiches: Chicken salad with crushed cashews on freshly baked bread, Tea Sandwiches with cream cheese and asparagus.

Sean Connery - official homepage and IMDb filmography

Ian Fleming biography [Pisces intercepted in Ascendant] and Jupiter information
Sean Connery @ Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones page




Rising Sun

Director: Philip Kaufman
Stars: Sean Connery, Wesley Snipes, Harvey Keitel, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, Kevin Anderson, and Mako

007 - no stranger to the Eastern Arts - and Sean Connery have a lot in common in this unusual foray into the subterranean layers in back of and interwoven with Japan's modernization culture. Golf is a natural constant, and other not so surprising interests, such as high tech toys, techniques, and global communication craft.

Marshall Fine's Summary: Author Michael Crichton and director Philip Kaufman had a falling-out over the script for this film, based on Crichton's best-selling novel (which was controversial for its take on the Japanese invasion of American business in the early '90s). Kaufman ultimately won, doing an above-average job creating a murder mystery based on the culture clash between Los Angeles cops and Japanese multinational business interests. When a prostitute is murdered at the opening of a new L.A. headquarters for a Japanese company, detective Wesley Snipes is forced to call upon retired cop (and Japanophile) Sean Connery to help solve the murder. But he runs into obstruction from the Japanese, as well as a high-tech cover-up, while having to deal with anti-Japanese sentiments from people on his own team. Intriguing if overlong.

John Connor [Connery]: We may come from a fragmented MTV rap video culture, but they do not.
Big meeting In the board room 1:57

watch Rising Sun online
At the offices of a Japanese corporation, during a party, a woman, who's evidently a professional mistress, is found dead, apparently after some rough sex. A police detective, Web Smith is called in to investigate but before getting there, he gets a call from someone who instructs him to pick up John Connor, a former police Captain and expert on Japanese affairs. When they arrive there Web thinks that everything is obvious but Connor tells him that there's a lot more going on. Movies online free




The Untouchables Director: Brian De Palma 1987
Sean Connery as Jim Malone, a composite character who represents the moral code of the Untouchables. He is a long time Chicago cop walking the beat, dissatisfied with the corruption and violence caused by the gangland activity created by Al Capone's syndicate in his once beautiful city. 1988 Oscar for Best Actor in a Supporting Role. click picture for more info about the movie.
Sun: 1°45' Virgo conjunct Regulus and Moon in Virgo
Mars 28°15' Gemini, in the Sixth House of career, service, karma, and to a great extent exorcism with Mars present. Many Connery films refer to this predisposition. The aspects that support an exorcist appearing in the radix star chart include: Mercury square Mars w/i a degree of perfect, Moon square Mars, and Sun sextile Mars.




Scrambled Eggs James Bond

Britain's Favourite Breakfast Companion

. . . The Edwardian Room at The Plaza, a corner table. They didn't know him there, but he knew he could get what he wanted to eat - not like Chambord or Pavillon with their irritating Wine and Foodsmanship and, in the case of the latter, the miasma of a hundred different women's scents to confound your palate. He would have one more dry martini at the table, then smoked salmon and the particular scrambled eggs he had once (Felix Leiter knew the head-waiter) instructed them how to make:

For four individualists:
12 fresh eggs
Salt and pepper
5-6 oz. of fresh butter.

Break the eggs into a bowl. Beat thoroughly with a fork and season well. In a small copper (or heavy bottomed saucepan) melt four oz. of the butter. When melted, pour in the eggs and cook over a very low heat, whisking continuously with a small egg whisk. While the eggs are slightly more moist than you would wish for eating, remove the pan from heat, add rest of butter and continue whisking for half a minute, adding the while finely chopped chives or fines herbes. Serve on hot buttered toast in individual copper dishes (for appearance only) with pink champagne (Taittinger) and low music.

Edinburgh U Film Society [Scott M. Keir] EUFS Review of Bond Films
Dr. No. won the Golden Globe for Ursula Andress * Most Promising Newcomer


Famous Senate Restaurant Soup? Try this fancy Peanut Soup from West Virginia!
Oysters Rockefeller




When you've found Forrester, get your name on his map by preparing this soup for an early evening
Garnishes For Soups * Guarnizioni per minestre

Garnishes for soups may be simple or very elaborate depending on your menu. They are sometimes cooked in the soup itself, or added to the top of the soup at the last moment just before serving. Keep garnish tray in kitchen; some garnishes may be served on the side.

Consommés Aurora

Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Wild Mushroom Tortellini
This delicious soup recipe is courtesy of Gordon Ramsay.


Sean Connery Great Scot - TIME BANDITS

TIME BANDITS, a Terry Gilliam film about an English boy who tags along with a band of the world’s most unorthodox traveling companions, to invade a place in our universe that exists between spaces. Time displacement adds an elastic texture to the adventure, as Kevin and the dwarfs boldly go where no map has taken anyone before - through holes in the cosmic blueprint to magical people, places, and things. Within a short time they encounter Napoleon, Robin Hood, and Sean Connery as the Greek King Agamemnon, just as he faces off against the mighty Minotaur





King Arthur of Britain and Arthurian Mythology

... Gaelic Divinities have in their character the range of Fairy-Folk of popular Gaelic tradition... we proceed to consider the Brythonic Divinities in the same way, beginning with the greatest of them all, Arthur. Even a superficial acquaintance with the Arthurian Legend shows how impossible it is to place upon it any one interpretation to the exclusion of other interpretations, for in one aspect Arthur is a Brythonic divinity and in another a sixth-century Brythonic chieftain. But the explanation of this double aspect seems easy enough when we regard the historical Arthur as a great hero, who, exactly as in so many parallel cases of national hero-worship, came—within a comparatively short time—to be enshrined in the imagination of the patriotic Brythons with all the attributes anciently belonging to a great Celtic god called Arthur. The hero and the god were first confused, and then identified, and hence arose that wonderful body of romance which we call Arthurian, and which has become the glory of English literature.

Arthur in the character of a culture hero, with god-like powers to instruct mortals in wisdom, and, also, as a being in some way related to the sun—as a sun-god perhaps—can well be considered the human-divine institutor of the mystic brotherhood known as the Round Table. We ought, probably, to consider Arthur, like Cuchulainn, as a god incarnate in a human body for the purpose of educating the race of men; and thus, while living as a man, related definitely and, apparently, consciously to the invisible gods or fairy-folk.

... the Celtic Doctrine of Re-birth, that anciently among the Gaels and Brythons such heroes as Cuchulainn and Arthur were also considered reincarnate sun-divinities. As a being related to the sun, as a sun-god, Arthur is like Osiris, the Great Being, who with his brotherhood of great heroes and god-companions enters daily the underworld or Hades to battle against the demons and forces of evil, even as the Tuatha De Danann battled against the Fomors. And the most important things in the traditions of the great Brythonic hero connect him directly with this strange world of subjectivity.

-W. Y. Evans Wentz, The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries

King Arthur awakened from his long sleep, in which were many fevered dreams, and he rose and looked about him. Deep bowered and fair, the green landscape stretched away upon all sides. Sweet apple trees grew by the banks of a shallow stream, and white blossom was upon them like snow. But though the season should have been winter, the air was balmy and soft, and above, in the sky, the sun and moon shone forth together, and there were stars. Then Arthur knew that he was in Avalon, the Region of the Summer Stars, where rain and snow fall not, and where the great ones of the world await to call to arms. Smiling to himself, Arthur stretched his muscles and set off to walk by the stream, listening of the murmur of voices that would tell him that the Round Table was met again amid the trees.


[Here Lies Arthur, the Once and Future King]

Truly it is like an island entirely surrounded by marshes, whence it is called in British Inis Avallon, that is "Apple-tree Island." Truly that place abounded in apples, what are called by the British tongue aval.

Glastonbury in Somerset was called the Isle of Avalon in ancient times, the place where Britain's legendary King Arthur was conveyed for healing after his final battle. Avalon is first mentioned in Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britanniae (c. 1136). The "Island of Apples" may be connected with Celtic legends about an "isle of glass" inhabited by the bravest heroes.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade explores many of the stories that link Arthur's Quest for the Holy Grail, Celtic Saints, and the Crusades with European mystery rites linked to clues that track the sacred relic. Some have been handed down in writing and others via tradition, as illustrated in the film. The Grail diary, recorded and kept by Henry Jones, Sr., was considered the ultimate compilation of known and available information on the subject. In the movie, the Jones diary is almost a character in the development of the theme - with it's own personality, spiritual quality, and destiny path.

Joseph of Arimathea

One of the most popular legends suggests Joseph of Arimathea, the uncle of Jesus, was an ancestor of King Arthur, providing an explanation as to Arthur's Quest and many facts that contribute to Grail legend. Glastonbury Tor and Glastonbury Abbey represent original mystery sites of the cauldron and mystical intersections of power. They would logically be an appropriate resting place for the Holy Grail. The Abbey is "traditionally the oldest above-ground Christian church in the World," which according to the legend was built at Joseph's behest to house the Holy Grail. Another background story suggests that Joseph, a wealthy merchant in the ancient world, visited Glastonbury during his travels. On one of his trips he brought his nephew Jesus [during the 'lost years' when Jesus was still a child] and they built the first above ground church at the site. Word of mouth stories like these are considered 'tradition' and, in some cases, just as valid as written accounts. Also, from an objective observer's perspective, the story would explain the miraculous healing waters that pour forth from the Chalice Well spring at a rate of 25,000 gallons per day. William Blake had mentioned the legend in a poem that became a popular hymn, Jerusalem.

The Wind and the Lion
"It's 1904, but Mulay El Raisuli (Connery), Sheriff of the Riffian Bergers, belongs to a much earlier time, a time of desert chieftains and acts of legendary courage."




Connery’s Sun is in Virgo @ 1 degree in his 7th house of blueprints (Tarot students ~ the 7th house or department of life corresponds to Trump VII in The House System * The Drawing Room and Gym.)
Gere’s Sun is @ 1 degree Virgo in his 10th house of construction. It's amazing both actors have appeared on the screen together in only one film. Both have a desire to spiritualize the terrestrial.
The late night scene with torch-lit sky highlighting rows of ancient standing stones stuck in my mind long after I left the theatre. There are signs of serious reflection about both technical and historical features by cast and crew. Connery as King Arthur has the plan for Camelot and Gere actualizes the vision in the public view via 10th house action on his march to Leonesse as spirit takes Lancelot.

Edinburgh - some mystic ancestors

Sean Connery Special for Dinner Banquet [angels in kitchen - see Nutrition above]


The power of Regulus @ 29 Leo, conjunct Connery’s Sun/Neptune and Gere’s Sun/Saturn, fuses the mystical heart chamber in the ideal of nobility, clearly emphasized in the lives of both actors and their character development through this film.

First Knight 1995: The great speech of King Arthur of Camelot

Lancelot holds off a full scale attack almost single-handedly. Connery’s Neptune @ 3 Virgo in his 7th house (drawing up templates) conjuncts Gere’s Saturn in Virgo @ 3 degrees in his 10th house of fame and reputation, credible action, and his legacy. This Virgoan degree adds additional emphasis to the 'psyche bond' between Arthur and Lancelot. The degree is an indication of clairvoyant ability. This is the only scene in which we see King Arthur in command of his army on a battlefield. He wears the brass breastplate, symbol of exorcism, as the perfect general. As sons of darkness scatter, Arthur's army shapes itself into an arrow aimed at the target centre. Traditionally, King Arthur was born during the month of the Centaur-archer, Sagittarius. In order to reach the status of an exorcist, he found Merlin an ideal guide as he began to develop transcendental awareness beyond ordinary sixth sense perception. Precise discipline of Neptune is necessary. [Recent discoveries show that Merlin built Stonehenge, with stones he brought over from Ireland.] Connery, as the King Arthur we want to believe in, delivers solid confirmation that we become what we envision when we invest in our self-wish. Richard Gere ‘gets it all together’ and is able to overcome his 'backward looking' tendency. He clearly understands Saturn (structure, the rules, life lesson) before the curtain goes down so he can tie into an elite, romantic Celtic legend.


The 3 Pillars above right, re: The Man Who Would Be King
Director: John Huston
Stars: Sean Connery as Daniel Dravot, Michael Caine as Peachy Carnehan, Christopher Plummer as Rudyard Kipling, and Shikira Caine as Roxanne
Based on the short story by Rudyard Kipling, The Man Who Would Be King took 25 years to reach the silver screen. Originally it was intended that Clark Gable and Humphrey Bogart should play the leads. Huston said, “Connery and Caine are ideal.”
With their British military training they can teach the locals, usurp the king, and make off with all the treasure. The theme refers to Trump V and Trump XI generally, the two brothers: hindsight and foresight.
Quest: The Legendary Lost City of Alexander the Great in Kafiristan, Skirandergul, the ancient Holy City
Location: Morocco, foothills of the Atlas Mountains

Motivation: 1880 time window when a change in global cultural awareness made this story possible. The influence of the Masonic Temple, Theosophy, and Spiritualism prevailed in the metaphysical-social community, as also evident in the teaching of Dr. Joseph Bell reflected in the short stories of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

From the text: The distinction between the esoteric and exoteric doctrines (a distinction purely Masonic), was always and from the very earliest times preserved among the Greeks. It remounted to the fabulous times of Orpheus; and the mysteries of Theosophy were found in all their traditions and myths. And after the time of Alexander, they resorted for instruction, dogmas, and mysteries, to all the schools, to those of Egypt and Asia, as well as those of Ancient Thrace, Sicily, Etruria, and Attica. -Morals and Dogma


The Tarot - The Minor Arcana, the Suit Cards
Character: King or Knight of Disks, Sean Connery Sun - secondary influence from Leo-Virgo cusp
The Knight of Disks represents the fiery part of Earth, and refers in particular to the phenomena of mountains, earthquakes, and gravitation; but it also represents the activity of Earth regarded as the producer of Life. He rules from the 21st degree of Leo to the 20th degree of Virgo, and is thus concerned greatly with agriculture. This warrior is grounded and sturdy in type. He is clothed in great solidity of plate armour; but his helmet, which is crested with the head of a stag, is thrown back, for at the moment his function is entirely confined to the production of food. His view of the horizon, across fertile land, takes into account distant hills that are a continuation of cultivated fields. Many of these symbols are a solid reference to nutrition, linked with the idea of Avalon a perfect place full of apple orchards [reference to Garden of Eden?], and the Arthurian character known as The Green Knight.

This influence rises from Mercury in Virgo, corresponding very closely indeed with the Fire of Earth attribution in the Qabalistic system. The smouldering fire is part of the process of growth [when the harvest arrives]; the whole system of symbolism is based upon Realities of Nature written in the scroll of Trump II The Priestess. Such coherence, romance and imagination are primary ingredients in the legend of The Green Knight.
see The Occult Anatomy of Man


Now the time of rebirth has come upon the world again, and though these years open wide their solstices and eclipses as windows to the ideas, yet, finally, the manner in which we present ourselves in that cumulatively intense final moment may well be a personal decision. Time grows ever more short; in the cosmic year-day of history, dawn is already breaking over Jerusalem.

-Dennis J. McKenna and Terence K. McKenna, The Invisible Landscape


The legendary chivalric knights were prepared for the ‘conversation’ in the lower left ventricle of the heart. The mortal and immortal self will continue to exchange verse, and retain inner child qualities, including the search for the heart’s desire in an objective world. Perhaps that is why so many took vows to find the Holy Grail. (The quest for the Grail is a frequent theme for Connery, but that is another story.) These qualities of vulnerability were protected by the knights’ willingness to submit to the direction of (law) Saturn. Saturn is personified, in FIRST KNIGHT by Connery, who has Saturn in Capricorn just above his horizon, indicating first rate steel retrofitting for his Capricorn Ascendant. In FIRST KNIGHT, Connery represents the friendly judge, the judge who is not pitching a tent on the Pillar of Severity. King Arthur also has access to, and uses the Pillar of Mercy equally well. Equilibrium is a very rare quality to find in a ruler, and may be the reason Arthur was so well loved. And this, of course brings in the ancient Celtic system. Archeological references to ancient Celts as Qabalistic (and probably Mithraic as well, judging from the various names of Gandolf the wizard, in Tolkien’s LORD OF THE RINGS) – are surfacing daily, even in Christian research, as Dr. Gene Scott observes. There is also a bit of Solomon, The King because of the exorcist reference while doing battle with Malagant (Ben Cross) that so vividly depicts polarization in the kingdom.

Into this polarization of forces at play enters the element of the wanderer, suggested by Trump 0/22 and balanced by the Leo heart. Gere plays two parts, just as Sean Connery does. Gere is both the wanderer and the knight in training. The film suggests that in order for Lancelot to complete his training as the greatest knight in history, it was necessary for him to understand Saturn and be guided by Saturn in the person of King Arthur.

Jerry Zuker (also directed GHOST), in his presentation of Camelot, simply terrestrializes his eloquent illustration of the two extreme rewards that are available to mortals as they leave this incarnation. The first vision is the beauty and elegance of Camelot, shining in the light above ground as the perfect city, reminiscent of New Jerusalem and Trump XXI, Chapter 21 of The Apocalypse. The other less desirable, submerged domain of Malagant, the interior of a slate mine complete with a bottomless pit, is the alternate option.

In this presentation of the story, Guinevere (Julia Ormond) plays the vulnerable, weakest link in the chain, always testing the strength of the individuals who encounter such people. Any society is tested by the attitude and treatment of those who are weakest in the system. Perhaps this refers us to the saying, ‘The meek shall inherit the earth.’ (provided they don’t take a left at Albequerque and keep on going.) The concept being that those who trust that the strongest knights will appear when the darkest hour is upon us, are the ones who ultimately win the day. This of course was one of the strongest beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and the founding fathers, and that is why religious freedom is written into the Constitution of The United States.


Kevin J. Harty believes King Arthur, his Queen and his knights should have no specific chronological limitations or predictable "chemistry" based on their life experiences. Harty writes, "What then are we to make of the ages of the principals in First Knight? Despite several literary suggestions about the ages of the principals, there is clearly no one literary tradition that First Knight runs counter to. Interestingly, there is, it turns out, no cinematic tradition that is being violated either. From Edison's 1904 Parsifal through more than seventy other film versions of the legend of Arthur, there is no one tradition about how old the principal characters can or should be."

You Tube scene from Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
1983 Sword of the Valiant -- Sean Connery plays an iridescent Green Knight -- with an almost ancient Trevor Howard as Arthur to Miles O'Keefe's forty or so years younger Gawain.


   Heraldry/clip art






Trump XVIII The Moon

Indiana Jones Star Menu


Harrison Ford - Indiana Jones


Title: The Name of the Rose
Directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, 1986
Based on The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco
Stars: Sean Connery, Christian Slater,
Michael Lonsdale, Ron Perlman, and F. Murray Abraham


Sean Connery and Christian Slater
navigate 'the dark times'
The Name of the Rose (making of)
you tube 46:00

The Name of the Rose is set in a medieval time window so different from the 21st Century the characters might as well be in a mazed paradigm with the scifi properties of an alien, off-world race. Put simply, the story unfolds in 1327, retaining the poverty, tragedy, and blind power of the Dark Ages, when people burned at the state for suggesting blood circulates through the physical body. By precise tradition, this period of pain and sorrow lasted from the 400’s to 1000’s, and is frequently extended to include and augment the infamous raid on Knights Templar, Friday, October 13, 1307.

The pact between Church and State is still in effect when the story begins, only 20 years after the arrest, torture and massacre of all knights in the Templar Order across France. This corrupt atmosphere [you can’t fight city hall] is carefully established through the relationship between the Franciscan friar William of Baskerville [Sean Connery] and his apprentice, Adso of Melk [Christian Slater]. We are not told details about when and where a religious force was pressed by political connections to facilitate the tutor-novice arrangement but dialogue suggests a blessing from the collage of cardinals.

The production design. The threatening atmosphere is further reinforced by the interiors of the abbey, shot in the former Cistercian monastery of Kloster Eberback, in Germany - perhaps an allusion to the Templars’ betrayal. When William and Adso arrive at the remote abbey in Northern Italy, one Christian pope [in the West] had his papacy in Rome and the Emperor, who once intervened on William’s behalf in a previous chapter of his life, remained friendly to the controversial scholar.

William and his protégé travelled a slow, tedious, barren road to attend a monastic debate with other distinguished members of the clergy. Lord Bishop [Lonsdale] greets them and informs William of a recent, accidental, death of a popular young transcriber working in the library. The Lord Bishop asks William to inquire [as to a plethora of incongruities], to save everyone in the vicinity an unfortunate visit from the Inquisition. His affiliations come into question however, when William presents him with a specially treated parchment, prepared with lemon juice to conceal a secret message. The Lord Bishop burns the scrap of evidence that could prove something other than ‘the cloven’ is afoot and promptly sends for Bernardo Gui [F. Murray Abraham], a notorious sadist working for the Inquisition. Times like these, there is a thin line between devotion and superstition.

The plot thickens and a breakthrough is finally realized by William, once he and Adso gain entry to a hidden library that rests inside the tower labyrinth. Years ago, books long considered ‘lost’ and nonexistent were stashed deep within the inner walls of stone and abandoned, left to gather dust. This editing of scripture had extended to include a second book of Aristotle, of personal interest to William. But now the summons of a ticking clock calls forth ‘trials’ slated for the next day. This is a moment of rebirth for William Baskerville. He realizes he can ‘return’ to former times via the pre-written script ahead, and redraw the tapestry design of his life. Perhaps he can also save the lives of others.

Note on the Piscean Era and its sado-masochistic ladder system: During this era, especially in the final stage, the debate between positive Mars and negative Mars still holds us fast. Some people believe a civilization may choose to employ a negative Mars instead of positive Mars and not be diminished thereby. The Name of the Rose is built on a foundation of arguments for both viewpoints in the same way the scholarly debate about the true owner of Christ’s garments is developed. The sub-text judgment of the film that describes a tug-of-war, Divine Law v Mortal Law, favors the enlightened approach to a search for truth. Too bad the last two thousand years didn’t contain edits and rewrites by Umberto Eco.

I personally found the location of the secret cache of wisdom, inside the labyrinth, a profound statement about the plan to govern by withholding knowledge that was once available to the general public [BCE]. During the Crusades, when pilgrims could not visit the Holy Land safely, labyrinths were constructed throughout Europe to provide temporary means for the faithful to ‘reach Christ consciousness’ – via the sacred journey to the center of the labyrinth. Most artists reserved the center of the circle for the throne of Christ, encircled by apostles, signs of the zodiac, months of the year, and so on. What better place for the librarians to conceal the wisdom, inspiration, and knowledge the faithful need to reach illumination? The possibility of reintroducing the lost tomes into exoteric public life emerged via the presence of the clergy on the event of their great debate. Instead the abbey tower was set on fire and the golden pages within burned to dust.

It is true we learn from our mistakes, through pain and sorrow, through trial and error, because the military era [Pisces] favors ‘the school of hard knocks.’ But little can condition some of us for the cruel torture of innocents. A once-heretic hunchback monk, Salvatore [Ron Pearlman], who seems an echo of William Baskerville’s earlier torture, confession, conviction, and repudiation of his change of heart, is difficult to watch. This script reads like a similar account of the testament of Templar Grand Master Jacques de Molay. Brought before a commission engineered by Phillip IV, established by Pope Clement V, de Molay and other leaders were judged relapsed heretics and sentenced to life in prison. The master protested and repudiated his confession and was burned at the stake, the last victim of a highly unjust and opportunistic persecution.




Sean Connery Star Chart

I am a leaf driven by the wind..... who are you ?


Music used in the "Robin of Sherwood" television series.

Came upon an ancient forest
A guiding power had led me there
Walking through the mystic forest
The legend, tale of times gone by.

Reflection deep in wooded lands
A floating mist that circles shadows
A legend, tale of times gone by.

Giant trees are are falling night and day
For many years and ages past
Will they ever share the answer
Of legend, tales, and times gone by?

Walking through the mystic forest.....
I'm walking through the mystic forest....


Clannad Songlist Ancient Forest Appears
on Legend, Themes, Rohga: The Best of Clannad




The Inheritance, Season 3

This episode is one of my favorites from the whole ROS series because it combines the legend of King Arthur and the legend of Robin Hood. Enchanting music by Clannad blends with unique special effects in the awesome final scenes.

In an old castle live a young girl Isadora and her father Agrivaine, who is the guardian of a priceless treasure. Agrivaine forsees conflict, a young champion on the horizon, and his own death in the Tarot cards. It is the immediate danger that troubles him in the first part of the story. Raven, a one-eyed ruffian, together with Mortimer, Agrivaine's ex-steward, specialize in pillaging anything of value. Isadora enters the forest and seeks the help of Robin Hood.
Guest stars Cyril Cusack, Derrick O'Connor and Cathryn Harrison
Written by Anthony Horowitz Directed by Ben Bolt
Jason Connery-Robin Hood

Acorn Media combined all ROS episodes in a 10-Disc Robin of Sherwood - The Complete Collection set.
This collector's edition features all 26 episodes, digitally remastered and running 22 hours. Plus over
17 hours of fabulous extras. source tv show on dvd Complete Collector's Edition Release

clip art Merry Doings of Robin Hood Champion, Fighter, Gladiator


Jupiter and Ian Fleming bio
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Robin Hood Star Charts for ROS and Movie Robins

Director George Lucas - hand comparison Lucas and Harrison Ford



* REGULUS (Alpha Leonis). Regulus, glowing at the heart of Leo the Lion, one of the great constellations of the Zodiac, is near the end of the list of first magnitude stars. At a distance of only 79 light years (second Hipparcos reduction), it shines in our sky at magnitude 1.35, just marginally brighter than the next one down, Adhara, the second brightest star of Canis Major. The Latin name means "the little king," the reference to a kingly star going back to ancient times. Regulus marks the end of an asterism called the "Sickle of Leo," a sickle-shaped figure that outlines the head of the celestial Lion. The star is almost exactly on the ecliptic, the path of the Sun, and is regularly occulted, or covered over, by the Moon. To the southeast of Regulus, find the brighter star Spica. The autumnal equinox, where the Sun crosses the ecliptic in late September, lies right between the two.




Sean Connery death hoax spreads on Facebook
UPDATE 08/09/2015 : This story seems to be false.

News of actor Sean Connery’s death spread quickly earlier this week causing concern among fans across the world. However the September 2015 report has now been confirmed as a complete hoax and just the latest in a string of fake celebrity death reports. Thankfully, the former James Bond is alive and well.


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