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Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

20 Question Trivia Quiz for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

1) The excavation scene in act one takes place in what state? a) Arizona, b) Utah, c) New Mexico
2) Indiana wants to retrieve what item for the museum? a) cup of Cortez given to Coronado, b) cross of Cortez, c) cross of Coronado
3) Indy escapes pursuers by a) hiding in a minstrel show, b) boarding a circus train, c) boarding a train headed for desert oasis.
4) Archeology is the search for ________
5) Three Knights of which Crusade decided to leave markers leading to the Grail a) first crusade, b) second crusade, c) third crusade
6) Donavan sends Indy and Marcus to Venice, Italy, to meet Dr. Schneider who is working with a) a secret religious sect that protects the Grail, b) high level officials in underground war effort, c) Donavan and Nazi officers
7) Henry Jones, Sr. is being held where? a) castle on the German-Austrian border, b) museum in Iskederun, c) Berlin stronghold
8) Part 1: Does Indy have a lucky charm? Yes or No; Part 2: If so, what is it? a) lighter, b) army knife, c) gri gri bag with bullets
9) Conversation about whether to retrieve the diary happens at what intersection? _________
10) Who signs the Grail Diary at the bonfire? __________
11) At the airport, who has his image in circulation by the Nazis - for detainment and interrogation? ____________
12) When Nazi planes strafe the Jones boys on the beach, what weapon does Jones, Sr. use in self defense?
13) In the tank chase scene, what is the weapon Henry Jones, Sr. uses to take control?
14) When Salla, Marcus, and the Jones boys arrive at the temple, Donovan and his Nazis cohorts have already started to take on what device?
15) Indy must pass two guardians so he can face the first test – who or what are they?
16) The Grail Sanctuary is filled with chalices, cups, large bowls, dishes, and shields. How does Donovan choose the cup he will drink from?
17) What warning does the knight give Indy?
18) Who drinks from the Grail?
19) What causes the earthquake inside the temple?
20) When Indy asks his dad what he gained from his experience with him, how does his father answer? ____________

True or False Bonus Questions: value 2 points each

1) The James Bond film sparked the first idea Lucas and Spielberg had as inspiration for an action film.
2) Three devices, or challenges, were the unique story-boarded sequence, first drawn in detail by Spielberg, then filmed verbatim, from the comic book version.

Your Spirit of Adventure Rating Guide

20-24 points: Spirit of adventure is a large slice of your life. You should have a tent, camp gear, and a reliable fishing pole to prove it. If you join in scavenger hunts, solve riddles, and read treasure maps you’re in 7th heaven when you watch Indiana Jones in action. Life spins, twists and turns often bring you to worthwhile conclusions.

16-19 points: You are cut out to discover something important whether you are a student of archaeology, you cruise ancient sites, or have a knack for unearthing hidden treasure at the beach. You could easily read, write and speak more than one language fluently. If not, you might improvise and create your own communication code to share it with friends. A CB radio in the basement is optional, but there is at least one box of collectable rocks quarried from around the world.

12-15 points: You can read a map and re-fold it without adding a new crease, but like Henry Jones, Sr. you may not be a field-person. Check out some power sites in your immediate neighborhood and see if you discover anything others may have missed – like the original purpose of the site, its landscape, buildings, etc., and why there were conversions of the locale that would serve in another context! Dig in and document your research in the same style as Henry Jones, Sr. in his detailed Grail Diary.

8-11 points: You should get out more – physically, mentally … once in a while take a walk about without a final destination until you find it! Armchair adventure is good too. Indy comics are fun too if your CD is on the blink. Try an architectural digest magazine. You can dig up a list of interesting and accessible sites under excavation that welcome visitors.

1-7 points: While visiting planet Earth, we recommend you stopover at the Star Wars museum going up in Chicago. Check the webpage for update information. Enjoy your stay!



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Decoded Trivia Quiz Answers in English


Highest possible score that includes bonus questions: 24 points

1. b), 2. c), 3. b), 4. Fact, 5. a), 6. c), 7. a), 8. Pt 1: Yes, 8. Pt. 2: a), 9. Berlin-Venice, 10. Hitler, 11. Henry Jones, Sr., 12. Umbrella – quoting Charlemagne, 13. His fountain pen, 14. The first one, the Breath of God, 15. Two giant stone lions with their mouths open, 16. Dr. Schneider chooses for him, 17. The Grail cannot pass beyond the Great Seal – that is the boundary, 18. Indiana Jones and his father, 19. Dr. Schneider tries to take the Grail beyond the Great Seal, 20. Illumination

Answers Bonus Questions: 1) True, 2) False

Answers in Latin or Ancient Greek available on request.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Choosing the Holy Grail (whole scene) 5:15

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