Star Menu in Honor of Mel Gibson



Constructed for January 3, 1956, 4:45 PM in Peekskill, New York
Sun: 12° Capricorn 30' and Moon 0° Libra 01'
Ascendant 14° Moonchild 59' and Midheaven 24° Pisces 22', The Two Fish - ruler Neptune, the Search for Utopia

Destiny Path 7

see Saturn 29° Scorpio 10' [House V, great depth of feeling related to acting, theatre, amusement, heart, and inner child] exact sextile Mercury 29° Capricorn 17' [the weeping degree, House VII], figures prominently in recent film, Edge of Darkness

The sextile is 60 degrees of separation between two heavenly bodies, an indication the power of positive features associated with both planets has reached a significant level of proficiency. Growth is promoted and health will be consistently maintained. Intellect and awareness of opportunity blend well. Communication is imparted in the most practical way, so people enjoy doing business at work; there is usually a pleasant and productive relationship with boss and co-workers.
Constructive organization is utilized in most departments of life, marking a course for a better deal, often because a minimal use of raw materials is the standard rule of the road.

Subtle energy dominates the movie because it directly involves a choice the hero [Mel Gibson], a downtown veteran detective, makes. He thinks the formula best suited to limit the boundless unknown in this suspense filled drama, is the management, at least locally, of a basic ‘cosmic’ rule.

The opening scene provides a visual reference to the adept power that may control the fluid principle in the world, i.e. in the micro- as well as the macrocosm. Several themes are linked to Saturn, the power of cleared lead ore – the foundational philosophy that guides all life away from danger and protects us. First, we view a beautiful night in midnight blue [Saturn] over silver water with a full moon reflection [Mercury] that appears to be a broken white strip down the watery highway that leads to the horizon.

The metaphysical ability to perceive fully the plus and the minus of breathing in and out operates on a sub-text level. It is quite clear that nothing has been made in vain and that the negative as well as the positive will exist - without these contradictions the one could not be told from the other.

The film portrays this version of Saturn with the required tendency for crystallization, as a cooperating agent with Mercury, or quicksilver [with virtually endless options], so they co-exist at the point energy takes on form. Two of the main characters, Thomas Craven [Mel Gibson] and Jedburgh [Ray Winstone] refer to the combination of Saturn and Mercury, with the same ratio of 2 to 1, but in reverse order. The absence of the usual addiction to security blankets suggests the major characters are using positive and constructive Saturn characteristics.

Not only is the adept able to comprehend, with his consciousness, everything fluid in its original principle; but he is also made a master of it. This faculty, repeatedly alluded to in Edge of Darkness, makes him master of the magnetic fluid and of everything that is connected to it. Thus, for instance, he may, if he pleases, control a variety of semi-firm, sometimes nebulous laws.

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Jedburgh [Ray Winstone]: Now, you know better than anyone, cases like these are never solved. They're simply too complicated, too much hard work. There's a lot going on out there in this world. And you just never can connect A to B.

Thomas Craven [Mel Gibson]: How do you know that?

Jedburgh: Because I'm usually the guy that stops you connecting A to B. It's part of what I do.


Mercury 29° Capricorn 17' exactly trine Moon
Mercury sextile Saturn exact
Mercury square Neptune exact
Mercury inconjunction Pluto exact, Mercury inconjunction Jupiter w/i 2 degrees

Mars 23° Scorpio 20'in the Fifth House of the heart's desire
Mars Aspects: Mars conjunction Saturn, Mars square Pluto, Mars trine Uranus,
Mercury 29°17' Capricorn [House VII] sextile Mars

Neptune 0° Scorpio 11' on the cusp of Scorpio, in the Fifth House of children, pleasure, acting, and amusement
Neptune Aspects: Mercury square Neptune, Uranus square Neptune
Jupiter sextile Neptune, Neptune sextile Pluto



Alba, the sword of William Wallace
[some 5 feet 4 inches long] is very similar to
Anduril, the sword of Aragorn.



Mel caught during 'smokin' guitar break on the set of Braveheart

Mel Gibson's Star Chart is based on a pattern that is similar to the one used most by the Tribe of Dan, Celts, and the Tuatha de Danaan, who were, beyond doubt, of the tribe of Dan. The connection with the tragedy of HAMLET, the saga of BRAVEHEART, and others like THE ROAD WARRIOR [MAD MAX] and the hero of MAD MAX BEYOND THUNDERDOME, is evident in the scripts of each production. The triad formed by both lights and his ascendant, associated with many of the famous European power clans, is natural for an individual with ideal chemistry for the judge, metaphysical architect [qabalah], and reformer.

Opposites will meet and merge, the beginning and end will work in seamless fashion, and the bi-polar world can be transcended. The flip side of the coin spins under the category of character development like Jerry Fletcher in CONSPIRACY THEORY.



Dan, who "abode in ships," were shipbuilders and a sea-faring people. They made common concourse with the Phoenicians, intermarried with them, and established colonies throughout the Mediterranean region. They carried their name and symbol [seal of the judge] throughout Europe. Denmark, the name of the modern country in Europe north of Germany, means, literally, "Dan's mark."

According to Yair Davidiy: Danes from Dan were recorded together with the Naphtali in Scythia. From Scythia the Danes (moving via Sweden) conquered Denmark. The Danes and the Norwegians formed the Vikings who invaded England. The Danes settled in the northeast of England and the Norwegians in the northwest. They also conquered and settled in Ireland and in parts of Scotland.



Jacob, when he was growing old, prophesied of Dan, "Dan will provide justice for his people as one of the tribes of Israel. Dan will be a serpent by the roadside, a viper along the path, that bites the horse's heels, so that it's rider tumbles backward. I look for your deliverance, O Lord" (Gen.49:16-18). The King James Version has this last verse, "I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord."


"The Patriot"

Mel Gibson plays Benjamin Martin, a widowed family man with 7 children, living in the South near Charleston when the Revolutionary War opens up. His eldest son Gabriel Martin [Heath Ledger] set off to enlist without his father’s permission, starts a chain reaction that leads to the family entanglement in the war. Several articles about "The Patriot" provide in depth close ups of Mel’s “glimmer-of-madness”* [Scorpio planets in his fifth house of children, the heart, drama] and aesthetic sacrifice. The traits seem content within the Martin Riggs character of "Lethal Weapon" fame, and surface again in augmented mode when Jerry Fletcher is stirred up in "Conspiracy Theory."

The spirit or 'breath of God' as passed from The Absolute to Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel animates all we see - everything within all Tarot Arcana is infused with this essence. Trump I The Magician contains part of the power of Trump 0/22, so most of Gibson's portrayals embrace the power of akasha instead of trying to justify or downplay the inescapable. Gibson is so popular because he uses the dark and also the deeper parts of unconsciousness as that human frailty we all recognize somewhere within ourselves, as William Wallace especially; also in Martin Riggs, The Road Warrior, and several others like Jerry in "The Conspiracy Theory" we glimpse the life force as it connects all in ever present vigilance beneath the veil.

Entertainment Weekly #549, July 14, 2000

... Gibson’s such an easygoing prankster, it’s easy to forget his more serious side. He is, for example, a notorious conspiracy theorist (Oliver Stone’s "JFK" is one of his favorite movies). He’s also a fundamentalist who’s said he doesn’t believe in evolution.
His convincing workingman’s aura and his politics clearly owe much to his father, Hutton, 82, a railroad brakeman, who started a conservative group called the Alliance for Catholic Tradition. While recovering from an injury in 1968, the elder Gibson won $21,000 on Jeopardy! and with his wife Ann moved his brood of 11 children from Peekskill, N.Y., to Sydney, Australia, in part to spare his sons from the Vietnam War draft. "What parent wants their kid to go off to a war? I know that [my father] didn’t think that it was a justified conflict. And many people agreed with him. Others still think it was the right thing to do," says Gibson before blithely segueing into Stone territory. "A couple Kennedys died because they were going to pull out of there, you know."

Road Warrior, successful
Mad Max sequel

"I think anybody who has any sense of family would understand that the main focal point of the film is the personal story," he continues. "Other things grow out of that – personal freedoms. People may take it for granted here, but the people who live in countries where they don’t have that sure don’t. This country, with all its warts and imperfections and everything, it’s still the best place to live."

…he says he added just a single line to the screenplay, heard first in a voice-over during the film’s opening frames, then later in Martin’s deepest moment of despair: I have long feared that my sins would return to visit me. "That’s what I wanted that guy to be – tormented and scared and just waiting for karmic retribution to bite him on the ass," the actor says. ...


Dept. of Vive Australian Archetypes

Solar: Apollo or Herculean

Rare Australian or New Zealand Male who may also be known as, The Bloke.
Speaks Strine, the unique communication style characterized by speech patterns best described as infrequent but colourful. Mel Gibson, in possession of a truthsayer gift, and a student of energy conservation, referred to his director as "slick as ell snot." And this was a director he liked.

Note: Ridley Scott’s first choice to play the gladiator was Mel Gibson, who told Scott he was "too old, mate." Instead Mel went on to the patriarch in The Patriot. Ridley Scott stuck to his text, went back to fields of celluloid, and found a Bloke who helped lead the production to Oscar gold.


* Paranoia on Parade
Dr. Daniel's review of Conspiracy Theory

Starring Mel Gibson, Julia Roberts, Patrick Stewart, Cylk Cozart, Stephen Kahan. Directed by Richard Donner. Rated R.

.... Mel Gibson is at his best when he's a touch wack-o. His character in the LW series was all the more acceptable 'cause he was about two tacos short a combo plate. Here though, we're given a double dose of that Martin Riggs mentality in one character. Jerry Fletcher is a man possessed, yes, and he is dang near as certifiable as anything that could share a cell with Brad Pitt in 12 Monkeys. But, and a very big "but," there is so much more subtlety here it makes Jerry almost pitiful at times. He talks to anyone who will listen, and when there's nobody there, he talks to himself. He carries on entire conversations with himself, asking questions and answering them, tossing himself riddles, and doing everything he can to keep himself contained as much as he can. In Riggs, we had the vial of nitro, waiting to be shaken. In Jerry, we get the time bomb, ticking loudly sometimes, and quietly at others, but always ticking. Only we never know where the timer's been set. This performance is a blast. ....


MacBraveheart - cool site if you're looking for Scottish lore * includes Mel's "Braveheart"!

Megalithic Portal to Macbeth's Stone in Scotland ~ HAMLET - difficult choices - Shakespeare fans speak
The Queen Mum's Star Chart and Star Menu * descended from Robert The Bruce, her family history is of interest
to those who love the Scotland story!

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Cream Cheese Biscuits ~ South Carolina recipe
Charlotte's Homemade Mincemeat




People have asked and offered so many opinions about the film and the 'rock solid' source material, New Testament gospels, that I'll make an exception to the rule and comment briefly. There are IMHO, so many questions about the first "mock trial" of Jesus documented and on record, it seems bizarre everyone has focused on the Roman Trial that is hotly debated in the press. It is clear the required number of Jewish elders necessary for a legal verdict never appeared at the "trial." Joseph, the uncle of Jesus, one of those elders who should have been present was unaware there was a trial on the agenda. It is clear the lynch mob mentality should not be referred to in context with legitimate trial procedure.
The climate of the event was more like "The Ox-Bow Incident" than a court of law. Pilate had the responsibility of handing down the death penalty after considering all the evidence, however he failed to note the treacherous conspirators faked a legitimate court proceeding. One might think Rome was hesitant to let Jesus go once he was brought before Pilate because freeing him would guarantee a national folk hero, at that point. I believe that, to avoid red tape ritual and for preservation of appearances, Rome went forward with the execution of an innocent man.
Remember that Jesus was all about eliminating dependence on the superficial and the need to keep up appearances felt to be vital by so many during the Roman occupation.

The constant squabbling between the formal religious factions of the day were mostly about the commitment to the Lunar calendar [on tradition, the established system] and the Roman’s Solar calendar, initiating the annual twelve month system. Temple factions were constantly trying to trap and push Jesus into taking sides because, as the master of Qabalah [Moses also gave scholars an esoteric law, the spirit of the law, at the same time he delivered the exoteric Ten Commandments for the mainstream] what he endorsed made a difference. I’ve always considered the Eclipse on Good Friday a sign or symbol that the superficial bi-polar bickering between both religious groups failed to offer the people a way to transcend the bruising reality of the Roman yoke. The mystics interpret the Eclipse as the time when the Divine walks among us – it is predicted by the number of Lunation cycles between the Eclipses that occur every nineteen years. Many ancient observatories were constructed to study this magic Sun-Moon cycle. This is one reason why Tarot Trump XIX The Sun has always been associated with The Christ, Soul Mates, and The Piscean Age.

Trump XII The Dying Water God, aka The Martyr, Sacrifice, The Hanged Man, and other names that refer to The Incarnation.
Note that in ancient temples of wisdom the initiation ritual included crucifixion as part of the last rites before final ceremonial names, titles, and honors were conferred on the candidate. We can assume Jesus studied all world religions of the era prior to public life, perhaps even participating in national Greek initiation rites and those of other countries. St. John escorted Mary, the Mother of Jesus, to Ephesus at a point in her life after the trial and execution. Her apartment near the great library and theatre of Ephesus is still intact and perfectly preserved.

See also Michelle Pfeiffer, Ladyhawke, Floating Island, and Trump 0/22, linked with The Zone and the Eclipse.


The Passion Of The Christ
Official Website

Newsweek article about The Passion of the Christ "For Christians, the Passion—from the Latin passus, the word means "having suffered" or "having undergone" — is the very heart of their faith."

Hopefully this powerful film will put to rest many questions since the Pope viewed the film and said, "It is as it was," according to WSJ reporter Peggy Noonan and several others. With all the new translations of scripture and The Lord's Prayer as spoken by Christ, it is not difficult to understand the tremendous interest in Mel Gibson's film about the last hours of Jesus incarnate. Gibson is the ideal director for the film, IMHO because he always stays out of the way of his movie production and this is a subject that requires precise objectivity.

"He began meditating on the passion and the death of Jesus," James Caviezel, the actor who plays Jesus in "The Passion," told NEWSWEEK. "In doing so, he said the wounds of Christ healed his wounds. And I think the film expresses that."

Official Shroud Website

Visit The Shroud of Turin page and examine the Shroud yourself

Roger Ebert Review February 24, 2004


People Talking About "The Passion"

Hey friends and family,

Last night I attended a private screening of Mel
Gibson's movie at Ricky Skaggs' church in
Hendersonville... There were about 200 people
in attendance.

Well....let me just say that I am speechless, moved
beyond words and sobered by what I saw last night.
I'm sure many of you will be receiving emails from
some of your friends who were there as well...and
you'll probably be bombarded with their own personal

There were many country artists as well as Christian
artists there, along side some radio and press
folks. The movie was in a rough cut version but
still I thought a very finished state...special
effects had not been added yet, nor was the music
complete, still it brought uncontrollable weeping
from everyone. I couldn't stop crying through the
whole movie. And when the movie was over, there was
complete silence in the church. I wanted the story
to go on and on for another two hours. I think the
movie was about 2 hours long. Every moment of the
movie was captivating,...breathtaking....still there
are no words.

The scenes with flashbacks of Jesus when he was a
little boy and a scene of his mother running to
comfort him and then cradling him in her arms after
he had fallen down about the age of 4 or 5 was
interlaced with scenes of him falling to the ground
carrying his own cross, so bloody and
unrecognizable...and then her holding him in her
arms after he had been taken down from the cross.
Her face then stared into the camera while she was
holding him and you could just imagine the things
she was thinking Every parent who was seated near
me ... fell apart...

... There was a question and answer period last night
with Mel himself. We had heard rumors that he's been
showing up to these screenings. I got brave enough
to put my hand up and ask a question about the
miracles that we had heard about, on the set. And he
began to talk about so many I couldn't really keep
track. I remember hearing about one of the actors
being hit by lightning twice yet walking away from
it with only smoking fingertips..healings,
conversions on the set, but I especially remember
him talking about a two-year old child's hearing and
sight being restored.. and he said, "you know you
can't fake that when you're two. So we know it was

.... The movie comes out February 25, 2004, Ash
Wednesday, in theaters nationwide. And the movie's
official title is The Passion of the Christ. Mel
said that he spent 35 million of his own money to
make this movie....




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