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Eric Clapton has won 18 Grammy Awards and has enjoyed
3 different inductions into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
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Eric Clapton

George Harrison

B.B. King


 9° Aries 44’

 5° Pisces 27’

 Sol 23° Virgo 20’


 2° Scorpio 26’

 0° Scorpio 09

 Luna 7° Virgo 07’


 27° Aries 07'

 9° Aquarius 52'

 Mer 7° Virgo 10'


2° Taurus 59'

29° Pisces 19'

Venus 0° Scorpio 47'


 4° Pisces 24'

 21° Capricorn 23'

 Mars 22° Virgo 14'


20° Virgo 24'

15° Moonchild 33'

Jup 12° Capricorn 46'


 4° Moonchild 24'

5° Gem 55'

 Saturn 11° Scorpio 00'
[with Venus, balanced
pillar of Severity &
pillar of Mercy]


22° Libra 32’

28° Libra 27’



 0° Leo 29’

 9° Leo 05’



Destiny: 7

Destiny: 7

Destiny: 33


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Mars in Pisces

Pisces is governed by Neptune, the Utopia Search

Mars 4°24' Pisces, the Fifth House, Dept. of Life associated with the heart's desire [follow your bliss], open heart center, children, pleasure principle; teachers, school & education, romance, amusement, pomp and ceremony, strategy [especially competitive], travel, archeology, the mystic; stage performance, especially live events and the variable audience, more. The location of Mars in a star chart helps define the general interest, type of investment & dedication that will eventually be streamlined to perfection. Honours and awards, popularity, and personal satisfaction with a job well done. Brief encounters with a type of monastic lifestyle, perhaps an urge to embark on a quest or adventure into unknown territory.
Mars Aspects
Moon trine Mars orb +1°58'
Venus sextile Mars orb -1°25'
Mars trine Saturn orb +0°00'
Mars inconjunction Neptune orb -0°31'
Mars square Uranus orb +5°29'

Destiny Path 7

Quick insight into new possibilities; when tact, intuition, and diplomacy prevail, profitable career in big companies, industrial matters, professions that employ the skills of Apollo, or public works.

When there is confrontation, Mars in Pisces does not count losses, but rather, even against great odds, will be so engrossed in his fight, a battle supposed to be a losing one may after all be won. You will fight courageously for the rights of others, you tend to neglect your own right to be free and strong. There can be a display of passion and deep emotion while the desire for harmony and balance is an important consideration as well. This position often leads one to feel misunderstood or to be misunderstood [nebulous influence of Neptune], especially under the parental roof. 

Each month, when the Moon in Pisces transits Mars, there may be a greater energy, physical vitality, and desire to take up tasks that require physical exertion. Hobbies, amusements, and holiday events help to work up an appetite [usually for the Mars innervating diet with hot, spicy foods that further activate the system.] Good time for home improvement, garden schemes, spending time with little people, and sharing creative ideas with friends. When Mars above transits radix Saturn a strong tendency to form alliances with, or enter business transactions, with people who are in established positions of power and authority.

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 was a day-long musical celebration featuring legendary guitarists and artistic collaborations by Eric and his friends including Allman Brothers Band, BB King, Buddy Guy, Jeff Beck, John Mayer, Sheryl Crow, Steve Winwood, Vince Gill, ZZ Top, and more.

Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 took place on Saturday, June 26 at Toyota Park in Chicago.




Star Chart Shift 1 August 1971


George Harrison (guitar / vocals), Eric Clapton (guitar), Ringo Starr (drums), Bob Dylan (guitar / vocals), Klaus Voorman (bass), Leon Russell (piano), Jim Keltner (drums), Billy Preston (organ), Jesse Ed Davis (guitar), Carl Radle (bass), The Memphis Horns (Jim Price, Jim Horn, Chuck Findley), Claudia Linnear (backing vocals), Jackie Kelso (backing vocals), Dolores Hall (backing vocals), and Badfinger (backing vocals).

After Clapton’s birthday in 1971 and about a year or so before his first lunar return, George Harrison rounded up some of his best friends to perform a special charity event with him: The Concert for Bangladesh. The band consisted of a ground-breaking line-up of talent determined to help counteract the impact of devastating floods and natural disasters throughout Bangladesh.

My midnight ephemeris shows Clapton's progressed Sun was moving through the fourth degree of Taurus, in quincunx aspect with his own radix Mars, indication of his ability to 'step outside' himself when it became necessary to compensate for a sweeping tragedy. The aspect reveals strength of will and his moral fortitude - in essence, the core of his leadership ability.

During the same 1971 time window, Clapton's progressed Moon @ 7 Libra, was quincunx his own radix Mars and his progressed Sun in Taurus, providing physical and emotional energy for the concert. His long established, self-imposed seclusion had resulted in a lapse in personal regulation. He lost track of the way he should have been pacing himself in the public eye. The request from Harrison came at a crossroad of awakening for Clapton when he had an opportunity to bond with a universal audience, beyond the halls of music. Naturally this is the conscious acceptance of the 7 vibration [Clapton's Destiny Path], the ambassador, motivator, the 'Krishna Consciousness' of compassion.

The progressed 1971 star chart pinpoints progressed Mars entering the 24th degree of Pisces and quincunx Clapton's radix Ascendant @ 22°-23° Libra, another aspect that emphasizes an ability to sway people to your point of view - and a willingness not to abuse that talent. The sub-text interpretation of the energy is called "prayer sticks." They are the hymns that are used to stir Soma, the liqueur associated with the brow center of energy and the power of the unfolded rose of a thousand petals. Naturally, George Harrison was the ideal man to bring Clapton to the band since he was immersed in eastern philosophy at the time. Based on the friendship of both musicians, Clapton was inspired by a kind of 'contact high.' The door opened and Clapton went through. He caught a glimpse of his first 'rebirth' [little over a year away] via this benefit.




Rolling Stone 100 best of all time:    3.   "Crossroads"

Cream (1968)

Eric Clapton once described Cream's music as "blues ancient and modern." This track is what he meant. He was not yet 23 when he played this high-velocity version of the Robert Johnson song at San Francisco's Winterland on March 10th, 1968. Everything in Clapton's solos is grounded in the blues vocabulary but pointed to the future. "When Clapton soloed, he wrote wonderful symphonies from classic blues licks in that fantastic tone," Little Steven Van Zandt told Rolling Stone in 2004. "You could sing his solos like songs in themselves."




Clapton: The Autobiography

Eric Clapton: Clapton recounts his childhood (he was raised by his grandparents, not knowing for years that his sister was actually his biological mother), his time with Cream and the Yardbirds and his solo career. Stops along the way. If Clapton wasn't really, as the graffiti of the 1970s insisted, God, he wasn't exactly the devil, either.




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