The 20th century began with Enrico Caruso and ended with Luciano Pavarotti.


Princess Diana and Luciano Pavarotti in 1975. They were friends and, together,
raised money for the elimination of land mines worldwide. During the funeral,
Luciano had to be supported by two women; one his then-23-year-old secretary
Nicoletta [later his wife.] He was too overwhelmed to sing at Diana's funeral.


Pavarotti Last Performance "Nessun Dorma" @ Torino 2006 4:04 "The Truth" Superbowl 2014

Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge
Interview at Les Avants

Bonynge: "Luciano has been very intelligent in managing his career. For a long time he sang the very high roles and made his big reputation. Now, as he becomes more mature, he has started gradually and carefully to undertake roles in the dramatic repertory that he can tackle. He doesn’t do anything without first giving it a great deal of thought. So far, he has not put a foot wrong. He’s brought off Gioconda, Turandot, Trovatore. These are all very tough roles. Where many other tenors have been tempted by Otello, Luciano has not been. He certainly could sing Otello later – he could sing it today if he wanted to, but I think he is very smart to wait; he will last longer. His voice still has all the bloom, all the blossom, and he’ll keep that for a long time. He cares about singing and he’s very conscientious about the way he sounds."

Sunderland: "And he makes these decisions himself. He’s the master of his own career. His manager, Herbert Breslin, has given him much good advice and I think his old singing teachers in Italy, Campogalliani and Pola, were an enormous influence on him about using and taking care of his voice."


Luciano Pavarotti
Journeyman in Miami

Pavarotti: "In June 1965, just four months after our Miami Lucia, I met Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge in Australia to begin rehearsals for the four operas I would sing on their tour; La Traviata, La Sonnambula, Lucia di Lammermoor, and L’Elisir d’Amore--each with a difficult tenor role. The tour would also present (without me) Faust, Eugene Onegin, and Semiramide to make seven operas in all. If I was eager for work, I now had it.


I saw in this impossible schedule a very big opportunity for me. Despite the successes I had been having in opera houses around Europe, one thing about my singing still bothered me. It was the consistency of my vocal quality…

Joan Sutherland has one of the most remarkable voices of our age, perhaps of all time. It was amazing for me to watch her, night after night, on that backbreaking schedule of performances sing the most difficult music written for her voice, and never vary in the superb level of her singing. I said to myself, "She must know something."


Joan Sutherland
TOB: November 7, 1926 - 5:30 PM
Sydney, Australia

Sun 14°08' Scorpio, sign of Isis, Goddess of the Windpipe - Planet: Pluto
Scorpio, sign of initiation is the Fixed Water Kerub - Luna 4°05' Sagittarius, the Centaur
Ascendant 3°06 Taurus, Fixed Earth Kerub - Midheaven 7°04' Aquarius, Fixed Air Kerub
Colours include: Ultra-violet, Infra-red, akasha black-silver or akasha black-gold, blood red & jet
Tone: spirit choir
In the occult anatomy and development of the human race: Pluto builds the cells of the emotional, astral body.
Destiny Path 9

Joan Sutherland's Last Song - Her Final Farewell


Luciano Pavarotti
TOB: October 12, 1935 - 01:40 AM
Modena, Italy

Sun 17°46' Libra, Cardinal Air - Luna 15°25' Aries
Ascendant 22°29' Leo, Fixed Fire Kereub - Midheaven 13°02' Taurus, Fixed Earth Kerub
Libra City and Country: Derby (UK), Orlando FL, Paris, Richmond VA, Westport CT, Yuma AZ, Zamora (Portugal)

Pavarotti’s Seventh House cusp is ruled by 22° Aquarius 29' with Saturn 4° Pisces 07' retrograde just inside the house.
Saturn is opposite Venus in his ascendant - the orb -5°13'. This Saturn opposition Venus tension may have contributed
to the choice of professional partners throughout his career. One case in point is his frequent co-star Joan Sutherland.
Sutherland's Venus in her star chart is deposited in her seventh house in the same place as Pavarotti's Saturn is found
in his seventh house of partnership. Antidotes united, when of this magnitude, often prove to be the foundation of a
relationship destined to remain unshakeable throughout time.

Pavarotti and Sutherland
Note the combination of “players” in the seventh house [objective reality, partners and audience, especially the significant other; choice of stage, style of delivery] of both Pavarotti and Sutherland. Their charts provide a conjunction of antidotes, Saturn and Venus, just inside the seventh house cusp, that helped to define their professional partnership. This power conjunction between Pavarotti’s Saturn 4°07' Pisces rx and Sutherland’s Venus 10°36' Scorpio [orb 5° - with proximity of 5 degrees] co-created a safety net that guaranteed the strengths of both, as individuals, would compensate for any possible weakness that could arise during a production. Their perform-precision appears to be effortless because this formula for equilibium is indistinguishable to a live audience or even when viewing the recorded performance on tape. It is a phenomenon that may be glimpsed at by observing both performers without the other in film productions. The extra magic happens when they appear on stage together. This is true even with Sutherland's last public appearance in a gala performance of Die Fledermaus on New Year's Eve, 1990, at Covent Garden, with friends Luciano Pavarotti and Marilyn Horne.
Pavarotti’s Saturn could crystallize the moment [Saturn is the Lord of Time] or steady the atmosphere in the opera house while freeing Sutherland’s Venus to spark the collective imagination of an audience. Together they would reach out to global collectives well beyond the walls of the venue itself. They offered a balance for the sensorium of opera aficionados today and countless audiences in the future.



I wanted to learn her secret, to be able to sing as well and as strenuously without showing signs of wear. Until I could, I would not feel comfortable in an opera career. I would spend half my time worrying that I might lose my voice, the other half worrying because I had lost it.

I began studying her and asking her questions. She was wonderful about it, but warned me not to try it her way unless my body was ready, unless I was in the proper physical shape. Basic to her method was the support she gave her voice from the diaphragm. Joan is a big woman and she is very strong. Her torso muscles work hard when she is singing. She seems just naturally strong and doesn’t appear to work at it, but she knows others are not so lucky; they must first develop the muscles needed for support.

If your body is not in shape to sing this way, she told me, you will push and push but keep falling back on your throat to make the sound. This will ruin your voice. That is why you shouldn’t try it, unless you are in the right physical shape.

She showed me a number of exercises that would strengthen the key muscles. I worked very hard at them. I also watched her constantly, often putting my hands on her rib cage to feel what was happening when she sang. (I did this only off stage; I doubt the action would have helped our director’s conception of Lucia.)

All voice students hear of the importance of strong support and correct use of the diaphragm. If you are young, however, and blessed with a strong, beautiful voice, you don’t worry too much. Why work so hard when the sound that emerges pleases everyone? The answer is that without working hard and supporting the voice from below, it will tire quickly and it may not be there the day you need it. Then eventually it will not be there at all.

On this Australian tour I needed my voice all the time. Everytime I turned around, it seemed, I was making my entrance for another four hours of death-defying singing. Joan could do it; I was determined that I could too.

That Australian tour was a great period for a self-improvement attempt by me. In addition to vocal technique, I continued to work hard on my acting…"

La Fille du Régiment
[Met Performance] CID:228510
Metropolitan Opera House: 02/17/1972
Joan Sutherland as Marie - Pavaroti as Tonio


Pavarotti: 17°46 Libra Sun conjunct Sting's Moon @ 19°46 Libra

Aspect: Partnership, friendship, successful creative collaboration,
exploration of strengths and the ability to summon, combine, and share
resources with the audience. Wish to look inward and discover personal
soul power and guiding principles. 'Gestalt,' translated into exoteric
language, refers to the combination or organization of many parts into
a meaningful whole. Also, popularity, storytelling, and open dialogue.


Pavarotti and Friends - Nessun Dorma 02:59


Luciano PAVAROTTI [12/10/1935 Sun in Libra 17° 46', Ascendant Leo 22° 29'] has Mars in his fifth house, the department of life linked with the heart desire. The fifth house can provide emphasis on the Apollo or Herculean Leo characteristic, sometimes both. The Apollo type has an interest in all the arts that provide amusement, entertainment, and inspiration to children of all ages.

Other well known male entertainers with the same Sun and Ascendant, who have Mars in the fifth house include:

Franz LISZT [22/10/1811 Sun in Libra 27° 42', Ascendant Leo 29°34' conjunct Regulus, the 'King Maker']
Christopher REEVE [25/09/1952 Sun in Libra 2° 09', Ascendant Leo 19° 07']

Other well known male entertainers with Mars in the fifth house include:

Richard Dean ANDERSON [23/01/1950 Sun in Aquarius 3° 14', Ascendant Gemini 11° 03']
Woody ALLEN [01/12/1935 Sun in Sagittarius 9° 03', Ascendant Virgo 2° 18']
Jon BON JOVI [02/03/1962 Sun in Pisces 12° 00', Ascendant Libra 17° 43']
Eric CLAPTON - Mars in Pisces in the Fifth House [ 9° Aries 44’ comparison with George Harrison
and B.B. King - and information detail for those with Mars in Pisces in the Fifth Department of Life]
George CLOONEY [06/05/1961 Sun in Taurus 15° 33', Ascendant Pisces 12° 01']
Mel GIBSON [03/01/1956 Sun in Capricorn 12° 30', Ascendant Moonchild 14° 59']
Mark KNOPFLER (DIRE STRAITS) [12/08/1949 Sun in 19° 47', Ascendant Pisces 27° 38']
Michael MOORE [23/04/1954 Sun 3° Taurus 01', Ascendant Leo 16° 41']
Jack NICHOLSON [22/04/1937 Sun 2° Taurus 06', Ascendant Leo 1° 43']
PRINCE [07/06/1958 Sun in Gemini 16° 41', Ascendant Scorpio 16° 43']
Ringo STARR (BEATLES), [07/07/1940 Moonchild 14° 41', Ascendant Pisces 25° 02']
John TRAVOLTA [18/02/1954 Sun in Aquarius 29° 38', Ascendant Moonchild 29° 07']

Metaphysical personae [male] with Mars in the fifth house include:

Edgar CAYCE [18/03/1877 Sun in Pisces 28° 24', Ascendant Leo 24° 30']
Georges GURDJIEFF [13/01/1872 Sun in Capricorn 22° 0'2, Ascendant Libra 17° 25']
Johannes KEPLER [27/12/1571 Sun in Capricorn 15° 28', Ascendant Gemini 24° 32']
Jiddu KRISHNAMURTI [12/05/1895 Sun in Taurus 20° 48', Ascendant Aquarius 18° 53']


Keywords of the Departments of Life

First House, Ascendant or Rising Sign: The beginning of life, childhood environment, personality, the physical temple, and to a certain extent the concerns of Aries.

Fifth House: Education, children, courtship, pleasure, speculation, flirting that leads to romance, and to a certain extent the concerns of Leo.



The Planet Venus in the Ascendant

When Venus is in the First House or in what is usually termed a ‘rising position’ it shows, irrespective of Sign, that the natural desire for companionship and association with others is greatly intensified and, therefore, the importance of associations, friendships and attachments will be very great indeed. The practicality or otherwise of the rising Sign will, in many respects, give the decision as to the nature of the attachments etc., and whether they will be productive of happiness or unhappiness. From a general standpoint Venus rising will always give a more or less natural degree of cheerfulness and charm of manner and bearing and, therefore, exercises a vibration of attraction so that many people come into the life more or less automatically and there will be contact with social and pleasurable conditions.

The Three Tenors are united by 'Pavarotti bonding power' that mirrors the Ascendant Venus in the star chart of José Carreras and at the same time finds simpatico with the Ascending Neptune [higher octave of Venus] in the star chart of Placido Domingo. The three Ascendants combined during performance provide a triple chord effect, that link three different ways with the audience psyche, regardless of the local colour and the specific event. José Carreras is a magnetic connection with the audience using a Venusian note that will often expand reception capability of the sensorium. Domingo transforms the atmospheric condition by virtue of the multi-layers that transform ordinary objects via the spiritual eye view of the terrestrial world. Both Venus and Neptune tend to hypersensitivity, perhaps clairvoyance, and certainly to inspired realizations. Pavarotti glues his own Venus and Neptune with the Venus of Carreras and Domingo.

Keep in mind that it is easy to make associations with others when Venus is activating the First House, but more is required if an acquaintance is going to solidify and become a solid relationship; friendships as a rule can be discovered by influences of Eleventh House.
see famous people with Venus in the Ascendant above the index


Additions for Zodiacal Signs

Leo, the Lion, Libra, the Scales, and Pisces, the Two Fishes

Zodiacal Signs in Horary Astrology [usually dowser search or location of lost articles – where to look] and Spiritual Keywords of the Zodiacal Signs [superphysical forces or agencies in the causal nature] and Planets in Mundane Astrology [zodiacal signs in Mundane Astrology signify those divisions of the earth’s surface which are affected by celestial phenomena…the planets may either signify definite conditions or personalities corresponding in temperament to the planet which is their significator.]

Horary Astrology - Leo: Jungles, forests, forts, palaces, government buildings, fireplaces, smelters, chemical laboratories, distilleries, glass factories and places where explosives are manufactured, bakeries and all places having ovens, parks.
Spiritual Keywords – The life principle, the will to illumine, the faith which is sufficient, the will to rule. Spiritual Keywords of the Sun [Gold], ruler of Leo: he who constructs, universal consciousness, the life giver, the father-god, electric.
In Mundane Astrology, the Sun presides over: the royal sovereign, or president, nobles, magistrates, members of privy councils or cabinets, the government, and all who administer governmental duties, judges. Short list of Sun occupations: positions of authority, responsibility, and dignity; jewelers, goldsmiths, money-lenders, judges, connection with public utilities, archeology, competitive games. Short list of Leo professions and trades: athletes, executives, pioneers, government officials, jewelers, judges, money-lenders, brokers, supervisors, and electricians.

Horary Astrology - Libra: The boudoir or private chamber, attics, mountain tops and the sides of hills, forests, plains, rocky ground.
Spiritual Keywords – symbol of the power of sex, consciousness of judgment, the order of creation. Spiritual Keywords of Venus [Copper, Brass], ruler of Libra: she who allures, the human consciousness, coalition, sex and love, unification; magnetic.
In Mundane Astrology, the planet Venus presides over: artists, musicians, marriages, children and births, courtships, public festivals, theatres, society, promoter of good feeling between classes and preserver of peace. Short list of Venus occupations: musicians, painters, singers, dancers, poets, actors, makers of toilet accessories and luxury items, clothing designers and dealers, botanists, domestic servants, mediators and negotiators. Short list of Libra professions and trades: financiers, diplomats, navigators, alternative medicine, poets, acting [the player], artists, dilettantes, architectural drafts, salespeople, judges, and schemers.

Horary Astrology - Pisces: Places where fluids are kept or sold, hermitages, fish ponds, fountains, seas, mills, rivers, cisterns, places where water fowl are bred, pumps.
Spiritual Keywords – the will to renounce, that which knows, the supermental power which is capable of contemplating the face of Cause. Spiritual Keywords of the planet Neptune [Radium, Platinum], ruler of Pisces: he who annihilates, the absolute consciousness, the initiator, the imminent divinity; magnetic.
In Mundane Astrology, the planet Neptune presides over: socialism, hospitals, and charities; women’s rights, plots, bogus companies, political movements, fluctuations of popular opinion, sensationalism, political instability, clairvoyants, mystics, use of illusion for constructive or destructive consequences. Short list of Neptune occupations: inspirationalists, artistic and literary geniuses, occupations in connection with water and ether; ascetics, philosophers, occultists, students of sympathetic magic and lower octave [lower mind or self taught] magic. Short list of Pisces professions and trades: Clairvoyants, creative geniuses, saints, healers, spokespeople, writers, philosophers, ascetics, entertainers, physicians, poets, water pursuits.

Aspects by position listed below

Pavarotti's First and Fifth Departments of Life are equally strong. Both departments, with 12.5% of influence each , when combined, constitute 25% of power accent in the whole star chart. The most aspected Dept. of Life is the Third @ 26.7% influence in the whole star chart.

Fixed Stars:

Leo [Ascendant Leo 22°29’]
Regulus: 29° Uncertain Fortune: ‘the King Maker’, idealism, fame, command, violence.

Libra:[Sun 17°46’]
Spica: 22° 49’: Fortunate: Wealth, fame, the arts, science, ecclesiastics, honors.
Arcturus: 23° 23’: Fortunate: Fame, honors, prosperity by navigation, water travel.

Pisces: 7th Dept. of Life [Saturn 4°07' and Vesta 7°10' - objective reality, partner, audience]
Formalhaut: 2° 49’: Fortunate: Gain through inheritance, power, injuries by venomous creatures, immortality.
Markab: 22° 29’: Uncertain fortune: Wealth, eminence, dangers from fever, cuts, and fire.



"I am extremely particular about some aspects of food preparation.
For instance, I am convinced parsley chopped very fine adds
a completely different taste to a dish –
and a far better taste than parsley chopped coarsely."
A big sign in Pavarotti’s kitchen:


PAVAROTTI - MY OWN STORY With William Wright Doubleday & Company, Inc. 1981

Every performer needs to know that he has pleased the public and for Luciano this is perhaps particularly true. After a performance of L’Elisir d’Amore at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin on 24 February 1988 a piano was brought onto the stage and he gave an impromptu recital because the audience simply refused to leave. They applauded for an hour and seven minutes and he was called back to the stage 165 times. This remarkable event has been recorded on the safety curtain of the theatre, and appears in the Guinness Book of Records for 1991 as the longest applause ever received by a solo performer.

-Adua Pavarotti, PAVAROTTI Life With Luciano


Sept. 6, 2007, 2:05 AM EST
The Associated Press

ROME -- Luciano Pavarotti, whose vibrant high C's and ebullient showmanship made him the most beloved and celebrated tenor since Caruso and one of the few opera singers to win crossover fame as a popular superstar, died Thursday. He was 71. Full Article.

Young Luciano joined his father, also a tenor, in the church choir and local opera chorus. In 1961, Pavarotti won a local voice competition and with it a debut as Rodolfo in Puccini's "La Boheme."
He followed with a series of successes in small opera houses throughout Europe before his 1963 debut at Covent Garden in London, where he stood in for Di Stefano as Rodolfo.

Having impressed conductor Richard Bonynge, Pavarotti was given a role opposite Bonynge's wife, soprano Joan Sutherland, in a Miami production of "Lucia di Lamermoor." They subsequently signed him for a 14-week tour of Australia. The rest is history...


Luciano Pavarotti Interview with Francesco Scavullo
world-famous photographer and best-selling author

Mr. Scavullo: When did you become interested in opera?

Mr. Pavarotti: I was born interested. My family was very musical. My father is still a beautiful tenor. He did not study to become a solo singer, but he sang in the church choir. His voice is quite beautiful and exciting, even now.

Did your mother sing too?

No, but my mother liked music very much. She had a very tiny little voice, but a very good ear and a great sensibility. In fact, my mother is too sensitive. She is the kind of lady who takes care of other people, and suffers because the world is not as gentle as she is. So she is always sad.

What is your day like when you perform?

On the day of a performance I try to stay in bed as long as I can – before lunch. After lunch, if I feel a little tired, I go to bed, but I try to be sure not to stay more than one hour –to aid the digestion and relax. I try not to speak very much. Speaking is worse than singing, because when you sing you always use your diaphragm. But when you speak, even if you don’t know it, unconsciously, you don’t support your diaphragm enough and it’s more tiring.

After a performance I am totally up; I am never tired. My nerves just stay up. The dream for me would be to drive a car for three hours—with Italian speeding—in the middle of traffic, not on the highway! I don’t really work very much in hours, but I take all my power—body power, immense power—and concentrate it in the three hours of the performance. I cannot be down during the performance and up before. I must be up at the right moment. And I have to change myself into another person every night. One night I am a poet, the next a painter, another a killer like the Duke of Mantua. I have to go inside these roles. Even if I have the help of the music, I still have to believe in the role. That means changing myself and it takes even more concentration. Don’t talk to me about concerts. I sing twenty pieces of music by ten different composers: I have to go from baroque to modern. But it is exactly what I like and it is not difficult for me, even when I think it is.


The Met on CD
L'Elisir d'Amore ~ Conductor: James Levine
Adina: Kathleen Battle ~ Nemorino: Luciano Pavarotti

DVD Donizetti - L'Elisir d'Amore
Rescigno, Pavarotti, Blegen, Metropolitan Opera (1981)


Pavarotti and Friends for War Child

IMDB Biography records the Special Achievement Award was presented to Luciano Pavarotti on 27 October 1997
for raising $8.2 million for the war children of Bosnia.

Pavarotti and Friends 2003! * classical CDs and the Heartwarmers


Pavarotti has performed Canio's famous aria, "Vesti la guibba" from Leoncavallo's I Pagliacci many times, and in 1981 appeared in costume to do so for a television program entitled, 'Pavarotti and Friends'. Adua Pavarotti writes, “Making his debut as Canio, Luciano appeared in a concert version of Leoncavallo’s I Pagliacci, conducted by Riccardo Mutii (and recorded in 1991), in Philadelphia on 5 February 1992, with further performances in New York the following week. This is to be followed by a full costume production at La Scala in 1993. It means a lot to Luciano to take on a role for which one of his greatest heroes, Caruso, was famous, and it strengthens his sense of belonging to a continuing tradition of Italian tenors, but it also heightens all the usual anxieties inherent in undertaking new work. It would not be normal or even advantageous to be free of such doubts, but so far I believe – and have been reassuring him throughout our married life – he has always produced something in a class of its own.” -Adua Pavarotti, PAVAROTTI, Life With Luciano


(with fagioli della regina, Queen’s beans, and all fresh vegetables)

Note: New York restaurateur Gene Leone shares more than 300 of his family recipes in one of the best cookbooks ever written, Leone’s Italian Cookbook A list of frequent celebrity diners includes Enrico Caruso (helped family open the restaurant), George M. Cohan, Dwight D. Eisenhower (penned foreword to book), Victor Herbert, Giacomo Puccini, Harry Truman and Arturo Vigna, to name a few. The story begins before WW I and continues throughout the history of New York, with colourful background tips on management (over 100 specialists assisting in the kitchen) and fine cooking.

Although Pavarotti is known for his belief, "wine with food is ruinous" he loves wine. This recipe might appeal to Pavarotti without the wine:


1 pound dried cranberry beans   *     3 medium-sized garlic cloves, mashed
5 quarts water   *     1/2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 pound fresh green beans,;   *     1 teaspoon salt
broken into halves   *     1 medium-sized carrot, scrapped and diced
6 ounces salt pork, diced   *     1 celery stalk with leaves, minced
1 pound potatoes, peeled and   *     1 pork hock or hambone
diced   *     1 ounce spaghettini per person
3 tablespoons olive oil   *     1/4 cup butter
1 pound onions, peeled and diced
2 cups (one 1-pound can) peeled plum tomatoes or 2 pounds ripe tomatoes, chopped


Soak the dried cranberry beans in water overnight. Drain and discard water. If using fresh beans, shell 2 pounds to have 1 pound shelled. Do not soak the fresh beans. Add beans to the water and bring to a boil. Lower the heat and add all other ingredients except butter and spaghettini. Cook slowly for 2 hours.

When beans are cooked, measure 1 generous cup of soup for each person into another pot. Bring to a boil and add 1 ounce spaghettini, broken into 1 ½-inch pieces, for each person. Cook for 8 minutes. Add the butter, stir and serve. Serve grated Parmesan cheese on the side and for wine, a Valpolicella.

Pour the remainder of the soup into several containers, and cool. When cold, freeze for serving at a later time. When ready to serve the frozen soup, just reheat it slowly, stirring occasionally. Serves 15 or 16.


From The Metropolitan Opera Archives:

Caruso as Samson

Since its first opening night, October 22, 1883, the Metropolitan Opera has enticed writers into testing their descriptive power to evoke the atmosphere, the singers, the audience. The eccentric critic for the New York Telegram, Algernon St. John-Brenon, sharpened his account for several seasons until November 1915, for the opening night with Enrico Caruso and Margaret Matzenauer in Samson et Dalila, he found its perfect expression.

".... During the last years of his career Caruso revealed depths that had not been suspected when he first came to New York in 1903. One observer reported in awe of a 1919 Samson et Dalila that " .... as the opera progressed he rose to heights of vocal splendor and dramatic intensity in song and action such as even he seldom scales. It was predicted some years ago of his enactment of Samson that it would be recorded as one of the greatest impersonations of the operatic stage. It can be so recorded now. Were his voice but half of what it now is, his Samson would enthrall the hearer and the spectator as few operatic achievements have ever enthralled. He is often at his best in French operas ... but his Samson tops them all. It ranks as high as Jean De Reszke's Roméo, Siegfried and Tristan. Caruso is now ripe for the Wagner operas. Ten years ago few believed he would ever be. If any doubts it now, let him witness his fervid exhortations to the discouraged Hebrews; his manly efforts to resist the allurements of the temptress; his utter abandonment to despair when he realizes how he has been entrapped; his woebegone prayer for release through death when blinded, shorn of his locks, barefoot, he turns and turns the mill wheel and finally, his supplication to the God of Israel before he takes hold of the two middle pillars and in making the house collapse slays more at his death than he slew in his life. A touching detail was his kissing the boy who had taken care of him and sending him away to escape the slaughter."

(New York Evening Post)

Enrico Caruso (February 27 (sometimes Feb. 25), 1873 – August 2, 1921)

Caruso was a double Pisces with Capricorn ascending, if born on February 27, 1873 at 2:10 AM in Naples, Italy. On this day, Sol is listed 8° Pisces 36' with Luna 7° Pisces 53' @ 2:10 A.M.
This birthdate gives Caruso a midheaven governed by the sign Libra, The Balance, that is conjunct [by degree] Pavarotti's Sun 17° Libra 46'.
Caruso was born with the 3 Destiny Path.



1 1/2 oz Gin
1 oz Dry Vermouth
1 oz Green Creme de Menthe

Mixing instructions:
In a mixing glass half-filled with ice cubes, combine all of the ingredients. Stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass.

source: The Webtender

Link to Neatly Turned Phrases About Food & food for thought - Pavarotti

Pavarotti and Friends CDs ~ The Blue-Violet Wave and Silver Rose

Pavarotti and Friends Samplers, includes Celebrate Life Always! Concert For Peace (9/07/02)

Pavarotti & Friends 2000

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Position Aspects:

Combust: When planets are within 3 degrees of the Sun, their influence is partly destroyed by the solar forces. This position is considered very unfortunate.

Conjunction: when two planets are within orb of each other in the same sign, they are in conjunction. A very powerful position, fortunate or unfortunate, according to the nature of the planets.

Planets may form aspects with the cusps of each house but only aspects to the first and tenth houses [ascendant and Midheaven] are generally considered. Progressed and transiting planets form aspects to planets in the radix [natal] chart.


Men with Venus in their Ascendant include: Alan Alda, Ben Affleck, Meher Baba, J.M. Barrie, John Belushi, Orlando Bloom, José Carreras, Lewis Carroll, George Clooney, Joe Cocker, Jean Cocteau, Peter Cook, Billy Crystal, Danny Davito, Bruce Dern, Donovan, Mahatma Gandhi, Allen Ginsberg, Hugh Grant, George Frideric Handel, Ed Harris, Richard Harris, Isaac Hayes, Benny Hill, Judd Hirsch, Aldous Huxley, Jeremy Irons, James Joyce, Larry King, Helmut Kohl, T.E. Lawrence, Jay Leno, Tobey Maguire, Ray Manzarek, Groucho Marx, Arthur Miller, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, Jimmy Page, Luciano Pavarotti, Norman Vincent Peale, Gregory Peck, François Rabelais, Steve Reeves, Richard the Lionheart, Arthur Rubinstein, William Shatner, Oliver Stone, Lech Walesa, Wagner, Walt Whitman, and Michael York

Women with Venus in their Ascendant include Joan Allen, Evangeline Adams, Yasmin Aga Khan, Lucie Arnaz, Lauren Bacall, Shirley Bassey, Carol Burnett, Ingrid Bergman, Sandra Bullock, Dyan Cannon, Laura Dern, Cameron Diaz, Queen Elizabeth II, Linda Evans, Judy Garland, Teri Garr, Rita Hayworth, Billy Holliday, Angelina Jolie, Gelsey Kirkland, Dolly Madison, Giulietta Masina, Linda McCartney, Sarah McLaughlan, Margaret Mead, Helen Mirren, Margaret Mitchell, Kim Novak, Merle Oberon, Eleanor Parker, Leontyne Price, Charlotte Rampling, Lynn Redgrave, Sally Ride, Helena Rubinstein, Grace Slick, Nancy Wilson

10 Forward Trek galley, Indiana Jones Menu, Innholders' Company, It's All In The Sauce
Jupiter Table, magic spice, Mercury Table, Oracle's Lab, shrmx, smoothie, Starshine Inn Star Wars,
tangerine, vittles, Western Inn .

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