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Versatile A-list player Bruce Willis is an established action star who delivers a unique screen persona.

He is perfect in an action-crime-thriller series, as Die Hard cop John McClane, and Det. Jack Mosley in 16 Blocks. Action-drama-thriller-war story Tears of the Sun, stars Willis as Special-Ops commander Lieutenant A.K. Waters. He is compelling in such action-sci-fi-thrillers as Surrogates, Unbreakable, The Fifth Element, and Twelve Monkeys. He wins the audience over in action-comedy gems that include a cameo in Ocean's Twelve.

The three planets that most define an actor's style, popularity, and theme interests are Mars, Uranus, and Neptune. All three are prominent in the star chart of Bruce Willis, with several supporting features provided by his Moon 2° Aquarius 31', deposited in his fifth house of live performance and theatre.

The KEY word to all of the above is ACTION: provided by Mars 14° Taurus 48' in the eighth house [initiation, mystery, secrets, surrender, matters of life and death] sextile Jupiter [lightning-thunder]. The Sixth Sense is one of the best about the other side, a drama-mystery-thriller with Willis as a disheartened child psychologist whose empathy and compassion helps transform the characters in the film.

Bruce Willis talks about reprising perhaps his most famous role, as Detective John McClane, in Live Free or Die Hard, the fourth installment in the fabled, Die Hard action franchise.

Kam Williams: So, where does this rank in the pantheon of Die Hard films?

Bruce Willis: It's right up there. I would put this one-two with the first film. And it's an interesting thing now, over twenty-one years, to have four films that are book-ended by two really great episodes in the storyline.

left, Bruce Willis and Justin Long encounter very bad company
Champions, Fighters, and Gladiators

Top 10 Bruce Willis Performances from Mojo


Real American Hero
The analog awesomeness of Live Free or Die Hard.

By Dana Stevens

... This is a movie that believes in doing things the old-fashioned way, hurling real cars at real helicopters and dangling real SUVs down real elevator shafts. Sure, there's computer-generated enhancement, but only as much as necessary to keep those hurtling vehicles from killing the equally real (and certifiable) stuntmen and women who agree to climb behind their wheels...

theatrical trailer Live Free or Die Hard 2:18 youtube
Live Free or Die Hard Insider attack on the U.S. infrastructure threatens to shut down the
entire country over Independence Day weekend.



LA Times ad August 17, 2006

Bruce Willis and 84 colleagues took out an advertisement in the Los Angeles Times that condemned organizations Hamas and Hezbollah. They support Israel's efforts in the 06 conflict between Israel and Lebanon. scroll down

Bruce Willis Day! October 21, 2006
Star in front of Mann's Theater

The Sixth Sense Bruce Willis and Haley Joel Osment
watch Trailer

Today the popular composite champions, the hero/heroine as Mars, Mercury, Luna, and Pluto may be written with a combination of characteristics associated with a hero/heroine caliber skill set for multi-tasking. There are examples of shape shifters in camouflage who intertwine with ornamentation or are even central to the plot action. Willis has portrayed all these heroic types, and then some. His action [Mars, Mercury, Luna, and Pluto] and rescue [Mars, Luna, Neptune, and Pluto] roles contain 'the phoenix' [Luna, Pluto] because self-Resurrection is as important as his magnetism, courage, creative thinking and sexual intensity. We all fall on the battlefield, and must be able to self-resurrect in order to be effective on a continual basis. The trench coat Willis wears, above right, is his street smart camouflage [Mercury, Pluto] in The Sixth Sense. Unbreakable David Dunn learns how he can best participate in a community he has lived in all his life. His costume, a security cape [Mars, Mercury, Luna, Pluto], is similar to that worn by the hooded man, Robin of Sherwood, but the reference to the hiding cape is associated with Mercury and Pluto as two interactive agents. In both The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable the hero has a subterranean 'fortress of solitude' [Pluto, Mercury and Luna] not unlike the kiva employed by Hopi men from the dawn of the military era, c. 03 AD. The ladder leading to and from this retreat calls to mind Jacob's dream [Mercury, Luna] as described in Exodus. In his solitary environment, Bruce Willis, like Jacob, was forced to wrestle with an angel.

Bruce Willis has demonstrated remarkable versatility in a career that has included such diverse roles as the prizefighter in Quentin Tarantino’s "Pulp Fiction"; the philandering contractor in Robert Benton’s "Nobody’s Fool"; the heroic time traveler in Terry Gilliam’s "Twelve Monkeys"; his Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of the traumatized Vietnam veteran in Norman Jewison’s "In Country"; the compassionate child psychologist in M. Night Shyamalan’s Oscar®-nominated "The Sixth Sense," for which Willis won the People’s Choice Award; and, what could be considered his signature role, detective John McClane in the blockbuster "Die Hard" film series. Willis brought John McClane back to life in the highly-anticipated fourth installment of the franchise, "Die Hard 4.0."
see Bruce Willis action hero star chart vibe, number 7
check Bruce Willis
destiny path 33 here

What is the role of Night's vision regarding modern mythology in movies?

Willis: Movies are morality plays and they are about good vs. evil, and how good triumphs over evil. People want to be reassured that good does exist in the world. You guys may know that there are very, very few movies where the bad guys win at the end. If you want that, you just watch the news!

Several years ago, you said you lost your passion for action movies. Is this movie a way for you to get away from the genre?

Willis: I said something to that effect. But I think I said I was bored with action movies. The genre that you call action movies has sort of run itself into the ground and I'm waiting for it to re-invent itself. I did this movie because I wanted to work with Night again. Ninety percent of what gets filmed today comes from modern fiction, new novels, sixties fiction, old TV shows and old movies that they think they can money out of if they think of new version. Night makes these things out of his head. That's rare -- it's really rare in Hollywood. While I could understand why he could write about David Dunn, I have no idea what he was thinking when he came up with Sam [Jackson]'s character. But that's really compelling for actors because there are a lot of bad scripts --bad scripts that you want to wish along and help them to get better. This script showed up fully in tact.

Would you do another "Die Hard"?

Willis: I can't answer that. If there's a great script, I'll take a look at it.

Source: The 'Unbreakable' Bruce Willis
Interview By Veronica Mixon
NEW YORK, Nov. 14, 2000


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"The Fifth Element", and "Twelve Monkeys", two of my favourite action-fantasy flix,
will be in an upcoming issue of The West Coast Magazine
about Energy Management.



Bruce Willis, favorite action-suspense player in the cinematic world, was born
March 19, 1955.
Arrangements of planetary magnetism in his star chart will always facilitate the
well placed Sun in Pisces, sign of the master illusionist.

Piscean Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is more important than knowledge."

Soul Power Trump XIX The Sun refers to higher soul awareness,
the brow or spiritual eye, soulmates, collectives at various levels
with their unique properties, and so on. Zodiacal sign: Pisces



PISCES, The Two Fishes Ruler: Neptune [Poseidon], The Search for Utopia

Tarot: Trump XII The Hanged Man, The Sacrifice, The Martyr, as directly tapped into Soma and stirring up Soma
PISCES, The Two Fishes
Ruler: Neptune [Poseidon] The Search for Utopia
Tarot: Trump XII The Hanged Man, The Sacrifice, The Martyr and other titles and when double Pisces is in effect [see 1984-85 below] Trump XIX Sun, search for soul mate, success in that which pertains to spiritual alchemy, self-realization activity, and self-expression with soul mate.

References to Pisces include the wounded healer, yogi, true prophet, poet, illusionist, and distant rescuer

Power Symbol of Neptune and Poseidon: Trident, three pronged spear or sword is a symbol of exorcism
Natural symbols: Olibanum, linked to soul mate connection; the perfume combining the idea of Fire and Sol; a symbol for the Sun [in the Age of Pisces] is similar to a symbol for soul mates, that is, a circle with dot in centre.

Sign of the current Aeon of The Dying Water God, Pisces: learning through pain and suffering or transcendent freedom from desire in the material world.

References also link up the poet, interpreter, and ecologist. Pisces is the sign of the current Aeon of The Dying Water God, the archetypes most associated with the military era. Pisces: learning through pain and suffering often in a SM ladder system; status and position at the the top or bottom of the food chain, in front of the herd or at the back of the herd, and so forth. The basic rule for success during The Age of Pisces is to do everything 'the right way.' This philosophy was expanded in the fourth Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard.

Bruce Willis Sun 28° Pisces 20', in the Seventh House of Partners, your objective reality, treaties of war and peace, confidence with your audience

Bruce Willis solar aspects include:
Sun opposite Ascendant, Sun inconjunction Neptune [both aspects are exact]
Sun square Midheaven [exact]
Sun trine Uranus, wide trines to business planets: Sun trine Saturn, Sun trine Jupiter
Sun sextile Moon adds healthy internal boost to systems that rebuild physical anatomy, and provides balance when systems are overwhelmed or there is little time to unload emotional stress.

"Pisces is the common sign in the water group, and this means that it reveals, in every horoscope, the characteristic way in which the native seeks to enlarge or unify his rapport with everyone who has any place in his own immediate world. The keyword for this mode of action is SYMPATHY. Here is the point of maximum personal touch with humanity in general, or with people in the mass. It is where human rapport becomes a necessity of conscious selfhood, and where all feeling or emotion gains its greatest emphasis as a part of everyday experience. This is the mansion in the zodiac which shows how far a man is inclined to depend upon others rather than himself, or is led to exalt social relations and to do everything possible to encourage the ordinary graces of life, both his own and those he can call forth in people around him. The sign rules poetic sensitivity and spiritual understanding, and indicates the degree to which anyone can enter into the consciousness of others in a truly creative way, hence developing their confidence and an inner and often unsuspected faith in him and his works. The universal potentials of human relationship, uncovered here, are the basis of fellowship in its most spontaneous form, making it possible to unite the most diverse of individuals into a joint experience.

-Marc Edmund Jones, Twelve Tribes of Individuality, ASTROLOGY: How and Why It Works [Pelican Books Inc., 1945]

Power metal and gemstone: Aside from the Amethyst power to induce visions and waking daydreams that are traditionally resonant with Pisces and planet ruler Neptune, Bruce Willis has a star chart tuned into multi-dimensional frequencies charged by gemstones. The theatrical benefits for a native of this sign may be eloquence, inner equilibrium, and cosmic audience 'rapport' when wearing Peridot or Tiger Eye. Both higher octave stones bless the wearer with calm, harmony, and confidence. They enhance clairvoyant [brow] and energy mastery skill. Once in a Blue Moon is it possible to track the green variety of Tiger Eye (aka Cat's Eye) the chrysoberyl, considered a balancing stone par excellence. Personal power stones in accord with long range career plans are (all three together) Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst and either the Peridot or green Tiger Eye. Either an attractive tie bar and cuff links or a belt buckle with all three stones would be ideal for business meetings. Ancient rulers carried pieces of Lapis (sometimes as amulets) or wore them on their breastplate as a sign of connectedness with eternal truth, fairness and peace with all the Gods. The dark grey or black diamond set in platinum can assist Bruce Willis when he communicates directly with fans and the press because they steady his stress intake and displacement system.

There's so much violence, noise, and mayhem in Live Free or Die Hard that the overall effect is strangely Zen (just as the din in Times Square can be so deafening sometimes that it resolves into a gentle hum).
-SLATE movie critic

Star Chart aspects that involve reflex action, like the relationship between Venus and Pluto in opposite departments of life suggest some interest in binary solutions may be of interest to Bruce Willis.

For example, the ideal balance stone for Venus opposite Pluto is the Cullinan I - aka the Star of Africa. 530.20 carats. The fifth and eleventh houses suggest the two departments of life [foresight and hindsight] in harmony, as the co-created present. Of course, the manipulation of the relationship between Venus and Pluto, at the level of this star chart, is excellent 'food for thought' in our modern action-suspense summer blockbuster.

Fifth house and eleventh house compliments are often enhanced via

a) platinum and black diamond as tie clasp and links or a ring; transparent and opaque dark grey and black diamond

b) combined samples of tangerine quartz [= Moon and Venus in fifth house] and clear or smokey quartz [= Pluto in the eleventh house] in an arrangement ideally set in rose gold or white gold. Tangerine Quartz has clear quartz properties as well as its' own properties and may sometimes be an effective balance factor for skull senses.

Gemstone gallery

'The Sixth Sense' Moving film - you'll have no spoilers at this location, though! See it and open your psyche to a new paradigm!

Bruce Willis Hollywood Walk of Fame
Star of Motion Pictures - Inducted on Oct 16, 2006
Address: 6915 Hollywood Blvd.


Sometimes the truth doesn't matter like it ought. But you'll always remember things right. That's gonna mean a lot to me.
But stay away, Nancy. They'll kill you if you don't stay away. Don't visit me. Don't write me.
Don't even say my name.
     -John Hartigan, Sin City





Bruce Willis has his radix Sun 28 Pisces 20' in his seventh house, ASC Virgo 42'
Moon in fixed air sign 2 Aquarius 31' with his 27 Gemini 04' MC

TOB March 19, 1955 at 6:32 PM sets up radix T Square within two degrees of perfect

 25 SEPT

 Bruce Willis
 Personal Year
 33/6  after birthday
 Trump VI
 and Trump XVII
 The Star

 Writers (WGA):
 Michael Ferris
 John D. Brancato

 ... Director Jonathan Mostow


 27 June



 Personal 22/4
 after birthday
 Trump IV
 and Trump 0/22

Number 4: Form & pacing; order; regulation, management, supervision, good timing, National & Cosmic Order; protective codes, dream programs, clan karma, 4/4 time


 Live Free or Die Hard

 Director: Len Wiseman
  Bruce Willis .... John McClane

Len Wiseman was first introduced to BW as the wisecracking, singlet-wearing cop, John McClane, in Die Hard. Wiseman has directed Die Hard 4.0 for the big screen, with a budget of $100 million; he got to play around with fighter jets, flying trucks, and lots of cool things in the Warlock's 'command center'.


 Personal 11 Year
 after birthday
 Trump XI

  Sin City
 ... aka Frank Miller's Sin City
 [USA: complete title]
  Bruce Willis .... John Hartigan

 USA premiere

 Personal 6 Year
 after birthday

M. Night Shyamalan [The Sixth Sense] wrote and directed this riveting thriller.


Bruce Willis is excellent as security guard David Dunn, who not only survived a devastating train wreck, but escaped miraculously unharmed. He married his high school sweetheart Audrey, who is beautifully portrayed by Robin Wright Penn, after they both survived a terrible car accident.
Enter Elijah [Samuel L. Jackson], the owner of a gallery of comic-book art whose bones break easily because of a rare genetic disorder. Elijah sees David as a mysterious protector who has a higher calling because of his special powers. Although David is dubious, he springs into action when his son [Spencer Treat Clark] reminds him that you "can’t let bad things happen to good people."



 Personal 5 Year
 after birthday

 The Sixth Sense
  .... Dr. Malcolm Crowe
 Official Site



 Personal 22/4 Year
 Power Year
 Trump 0/XXII

 .... Harry S. Stamper

 Go to Liv Tyler site

 also see
 Mercury Rising
  Bruce Willis .... Art Jeffries

 Cannes Film Festival

 Personal 3 Year
 after birthday

Number 3: Multiplication; increase, activity, growth; luck; expansion; amplification, extension; productiveness; communication, wit, harmonic formulae, waltz tempo; transfiguration

  The Fifth Element
 ... Korben Dallas
 Go to Ian Holm site

 TV series

 3 March



 Miami Vice

 Original Air
 9 Nov 1984

 Pisces Moon

 Trump XIX
 The idea of soul
 mates & the
 taming of wild


 Personal 8 Year

 after birthday in 1984
 and before
 birthday in 1985

Madeline 'Maddie' Hayes, a wealthy former model, discovers one morning that her business manager has stolen all the money she has in the bank. She still owns some non-liquid assets -- money-losing companies which were maintained as tax write-offs -- one of which is a detective agency run by David Addison.
 ... David Addison
 Miami Vice episode
 No Exit

 Tony Amato




Neptune/Poseidon Temple entry [Strawberry Hill] San Francisco
Rules global consciousness, marine life, and higher octave law.


Linda Goodman writes, "If you should happen to see a Pisces behind a teller’s cage, or sitting at a bank president’s desk, you’ll be viewing a rare kind of fish. Very few of these people can stand being confined for long in one place. You’ll have better luck if you wander into a spiritual séance, visit an art gallery, walk through a convent or a monastery, attend a concert or catch a floor show in a nightclub. You might check an Authors’ League meeting, drop backstage after a play, or try some sunbathing on a yacht.

The chances are you’ll come up with a pretty good catch in any of those streams of life. The more creative and artistic, the more leisurely and esoteric the surroundings, the more fish you’ll find. The net will be full of colorful, shimmering types, if you spread it out at cocktail parties or gala balls…"

-Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs

Pisces is seen along the ecliptic between Aries and Aquarius. The brightest star in Pisces (Alpha Psc) is Al Rischa (or Alrisha), the second-brightest-star (Beta Psc) is Fum al Samakah. The spiral galaxy M74 is in Pisces.

Visible between latitudes 90 and -65 degrees
Best seen in November (at 9:00 PM)
Named Stars : Alrisha, "rope" (Alpha Psc); Fum al Samakah, "the fish's mouth," "muzzle of the fish" (Beta Psc); Torcularis Septentrionalis (Omicron Psc).

SURROGATES Johnathan Mostow 25 SEPT 2009
CAST: Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell, Rosamund Pike, James Francis Ginty,
Boris Kodjoe, James Cromwell, and Ving Rhames
Running Time: 88 minutes


Surrogates is linked with three Tarot Trump: Trump XV, Trump XVI, Trump XVIII

HOUSE SYSTEM: Baby's Bedroom

* The baby’s bedroom in the Greer apartments is in impeccable condition, with the door closed.

* The second child’s bedroom of central significance to the plot is revealed later in the film;
it belongs to the son of surrogate creator Canter [James Cromwell].

Surrogates is multi-layered, a cement world, life-size version of three dimensional chess. The themes associated with Trump XV that compare the physical temple we desire and have [we are bodies or "meatbags," etc.] are part of the world we mold in the millenium. Tom Greer [Bruce Willis] and his wife, Maggie [Rosamund Pike], are in a struggle to cope with the addictions to structures, thought forms, and past memory. Maggie has dropped off the grid in the real world.

We have folded illusions into the world that addict us in daily life, as if expected to add an individual alottment of "mystic chalk" powder to our online profile, cosmetic make-up, wardrobe, and legendary resume. Trump XV anchors us to a physical temple in a Kafka-esque water and dust culture. Surrogates either surrounds us with techno-tendrils, or equalizes physical mobility for everyone in the mainstream.

Trump XVI character issues, addressed in Surrogates, involve self-acceptance and our feelings of loveability. The home station [surrogate program, system and setting] dictates rules common to all using a surrogate or walking around as a non-surrogate incarnate. If the life that is lived is inspired, just, and correct then life is good. Part of the reward is personal satisfaction with work at the end of the day. Consequences that come when dishonesty, treachery, or cruelty determine lifestyle – the cause of pain and suffering for others, saddles us with bad conscience, broken legacy, and fragmented, life-long regret. Fate is considered an equal opportunity employer in that regard, for royalty, surrogates, and commoners alike. Sometimes the symbol is that of a high place other than a tower, such as a mountain, but the idea remains constant.

Trump XVIII provides insight into one of the inner keys to the subtle engine that generates power to the surrogate system. There are often two towers in this design, one white and one black. In some ways they represent a positive and negative picture. Artists would refer to the visual appearance of a painting viewed with eyes wide open, and then with the eyes closed. The co-created perception is a "double" view. Sometimes we see images on the back of our eyelids as we enter the dream state. Generally, this idea is suggested by the personal tour of bedrooms that belong to several central characters. We have access to their action monitoring "screens" that record the night life of those who are "out and about." Because of the need to recharge surrogates [not to mention the physical vechile] on a ritual basis, we even look into their closets. Two children are key to the story and their bedroom décor and tone say everything about who they are. They are considered "perfect treasures" by their parents, who love them unconditionally, in contrast to everyone else in the film, hoping for love as the "perfect surrogate" model.

The story begins with the first murder in years. Everyone is taken by surprise because surrogates cannot "die" and users should be fully insulated from harm via an internal fail safe device. Murder is surreal in a world that has, to date, cleaned up its act. FBI agents Greer and Peters [Radha Mitchell] have little evidence to go on – and what they have doesn’t compute. The two units with non-responsive users are a big mystery - one is not even registered. The pace of the film is fast, like a dream. A lot of action is compacted into a short time.

Return Trump XVIII The Moon

Tears of the Sun Antoine Fuqua 2003

Tears of the Sun for Bruce Willis
Lieutenant A.K. Waters character developed along the line of Bruce Willis Sun and Moon

Bruce Willis portrays Lieutenant A.K. Waters as a disciplined military man with textural insistence and determination to complete his mission against the odds. His adaptability is drawn from a tough representation of Pisces Sun and Aquarius Moon, the ability to successfully navigate the unknown. Waters leads an elite squadron - they have followed him to the ends of the earth more than once. The story begins at the close of their last mission; all are exhausted and ready for R & R when they receive an order straight from Captain Rhodes [Tom Skerritt].

Lieutenant Waters and his team are to collect, and transport safely, Dr. Lena Kendricks, an American widow [Monica Bellucci] serving with Doctors Without Borders in a Nigerian jungle hospital. Dr. Kendricks is caregiver for civilians in the area who have managed to stay one step ahead of an advancing military force.
Pisces and Aquarius often answer the call to rescue missions, found in lexicons of Trump XI and Trump XII. Lieutenant Waters and Dr. Lena Kendricks fulfill archetype and keywords for a composite of both trump.

The US government will not interfere with the military coup but must save the doctor caught in range of an attack on the small village hospital. Waters arrives while Dr. Kendricks is in surgery. She refuses to leave her patients behind. So the first wrinkle in the basic plan appears. After Dr. Kendricks insists on political asylum for all in her care, 'things' are more complicated. When reason does not work, Waters tries rolling with the punches. The villagers are packed up with the promise they will also be shuttled to safety in the rescue choppers and the team moves everyone out.

The rebel army tracks their path through the jungle, once again forcing Waters to regroup and recalibrate to meet the chopper on time with his ‘package.’ This is typically the point in a sequence of action when Pisces/Aquarius will take action. The superficial clarity of the story and all underlying layers of truth, about complex characters and their identity, is lifted. Waters and his SEALS learn rebels planted a spy among the refugees, back at the hospital, who updates the troupes determined to annihilate them.

Waters must reassess the situation as related to his commander, his team, the safety of Dr. Kendricks, her patients, and the growing military threat ready to overtake them in the wild. Each time he receives an explosive revelation from those in his care everything goes back to square one and he has to organize everything anew in order to save his team and the refugees.

Revelations continue to surface like the incoming tide, until Waters realizes some degree of soul power will be necessary to move everyone from their position at Point A, through the hostile jungle to the military base, designated Point B. Waters must ask every member of his team, as individuals, what they are willing to risk. He cannot order them to continue.


Our persecutors are swifter than the eagles of the heaven:
they pursued us upon the mountains,
they laid wait for us in the wilderness.

Lamentations 4:19

Bruce Willis with Trump XIX


Trump XIX The Sun may or may not indicate the union of soul mates. But it certainly indicates the union of souls harmonious on all planes, not merely for the purpose of spiritual advancement, but also for the production and rearing of children and to experience the joy of a home. Yet in fact, the harmonious vibrations set in motion, and the sacrifices necessary in the rearing of offspring, are most potent factors in developing the spiritual nature.


Many decks are drawn with two figures, to represent the masculine and feminine principles in the material world. Above the children is the Sun, pictured with a human face in order to convey the idea that it is a center of conscious energy. The traditional Sun has eight salient, or pointed, rays, and eight wavy rays. Each of these is double, to indicate the duality of positive and negative, creative and destructive, expressions of the Life-Power. Since there are 16 rays, and each is doubled, the total number suggested is 2 x 16, or 32, and this is the number of the paths on the Tree of Life.

Between the larger rays are groups of smaller rays, three in each group. There are 16 of these groups, so that the total number of these smaller rays is 48. Thus the total number of rays, large and small, is 64, the number of the Greek word meaning, "truth."

Should there be a doubled status of the large rays, so that they correspond to 32, then the total number represented by the large and small rays will be 32 plus 48, or 80; at the age of 80 Moses returned to rescue Israel (Exodus 7.7).

Note: Regression work sometimes yields 'recall' of young warriors and boys during their initiations in high grass. Some are as young as eight years old. They are given a long spear and told to go into tall grass to find their first lion. In astrology, this type of tribal initiation, from boyhood to manhood, is considered the reflex action of Aquarius to Leo, the Lion.



Some of the things Pisces and the Twelfth House rule:
Pisces governs the 12th Department of Life: Karmic responsibilities, illusion, imagination, absentee healing, the astrosome, inhibiting elements, the effect of marriage and litigation on the health, institutions for the care of unfortunate, prisons, exile. The 12th is the Dept. of Life wherein the poet, prophet, healer, translator [scribe], and mystic reside.

In Mundane Astrology, Pisces and the 12 Dept. of Life govern hospitals, reformatories, charitable institutions such as safe havens for battered women and children, shelter for the homeless, and so on. The same house also includes crime, spies and secret foes, secret societies, the occult, and religion in general. Metaphysical resource lists utilize subtle body energy [Poltergeist] and various conditions during or after incarnate status such as conscious cognitive ability outside the physical vehicle [The Sixth Sense], and the use of the elements to establish order or compromise chaos [The Fifth Element]. In Horary Astrology, the 12th Dept. of Life reveals the secret of the enemy and success of their schemes.


Famous people with strong planetary influences in the twelfth house, unless otherwise noted: Mohammed Ali with Neptune [Virgo]; Bonnie Bedelia [Die Hard series] with Mercury in Pisces [solar chart, position in star chart unknown]; Halle Berry [The Perfect Stranger] with Saturn in Pisces [in fifth house]; George Clooney with Mars [0 Leo]; Russell Crowe with Moon and Vesta [Aquarius]; Eleanor d'Aquitaine with Ceres [Capricorn]; Michael Douglas with Venus [Libra]; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle with Sun [Gemini] in his twelfth house; Bob Dylan Part of Fortune [Sagittarius]; Ian Fleming with Pisces intercepted in his Ascendant [first house]; Jane Fonda with Mercury [Capricorn]; Harrison Ford with Neptune [Virgo]; George Harrison with Neptune [Libra]; Katie Holmes with Jupiter and Moon [Leo]; Mick Jagger with Sun [Leo]; Milla Jovovich {Fifth Element, The] with Ceres, Moon and Mars [Gemini]; Persis Khambatta with Saturn [Virgo]; Thomas Moore with Mars, Moon and Saturn [Scorpio]; Bill Moyers with North Node [Aquarius]; Cybill Shepherd [Moonlighting] with Saturn [Virgo] and Luna in Pisces in the sixth house; Audrey Tautou with Saturn and Mercury [Virgo]; Judi Trott with Jupiter in Pisces [solar chart, place unknown]; Jeffrey Wigand with Neptune [Libra] @ Russell Crowe page.



Star Menu in Honor of Bruce Willis

When you're ready for a little bit of action-adventure that's new and different, yet low calorie, legal and - guaranteed - won't fill you up or out, this is a keeper.

When company drops by and wants to whisk you away to the Fhlostin Paradise for a fantasy vacation, you'll want to whip things out and into the fridge really quick.

Formula #1 works best for a technological advantage, if you chill in advance - before your ensamble cast of characters knock at the door.
Formula #2 will keep you moving the bar so you continue to hit your check points at the precise time.

Rocky Road Trail Mix

(My speciality for Mr. W)


walnuts or pecans 1 small bag loose banana chips
almonds (halves) tin of date bars in coconut
filberts or macadamia 1/3 handful coconut & pineapple (dried)
Brazil nuts 1/4 pumpkin seeds
1 pack mini cotlets (cubed) pistashio nuts (shelled)
1 lg bag assorted, dried small sprinkle candied ginger or
apples, pears, peaches jellied orange sticks, both
1 box gold raisins are optional
1/2 unit cashews 1/3 measurement unit of cracklin oat bran (cereal)

Decide on unit of measurement. In a large bowl, combine the first four ingredients
in equal parts and then in order and amount indicated by spec, stir in remaining
ingredients. Set aside.

The Sauce

1 stick unsalted butter, room temperature
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp almond extract
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
1/3 cup confectioners sugar

Cream together all five ingredients. Stir into trail mix with wooden spoon, taking care with date sweets. When ingredients are evenly covered, spoon onto greased baking sheet and bake for 5 minutes. Do not nuke. Remove from oven and cool on rack. Divide trail mix into sturdy party bags. Tie with bungie cord. Stash remaining mix in fridge (if not already filled with stuffed-in military major-generals)


Question: You’ve played with music greats like The Pointer Sisters and the Nevilles. If you could play with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Bruce Willis: I would like to play with Eric Clapton – think he’s about my favorite guitar player. Dead? Dwyane Allman – big fan of the Allman Brothers.


Roger Ebert Review of 'The Fifth Element'

'12 Monkeys' Terry Gilliam, Director 1995 ~ 12 Monkeys page * review of films by EUFS ~ Screening Time and Space Films

'The Story of Us' Directed by Rob Reiner
Plot Outline: Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfieffer play a married couple who go through hard times in fifteen years of marriage.

Game Plan Revision ~ Study Reset 2d under construction, check back, thank you

My Space fun: 01:20
Description: Bruce Willis Doing A Little Harmonica Solo At B.B. Kings In NYC 6-24-07

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Halle Berry page dedicated to X-MEN film
Comparison: Eric Clapton, George Harrison and B.B. King
Michelle Pfeiffer page dedicated to Ladyhawke
Tattoo art - Celebrity short list Neptune, higher octave of Venus ruler of the Search for Utopia; The Rocking Horse of Neptune - Wrist Bracelets


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