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Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum Open in Thal, Austria

left, Arnold and his bronze likeness as Mr. Universe

Childhood environment provides an insight into the success of Arnold Schwarzenegger. He lived with his family in the modest first floor flat from his birth in 1947 until 1966 when he left to pursue his dreams of winning the Mr. Universe competition. He comes from a farming community outside the city of Graz, Austria. The family home did not have running water or electricity. Despite these limitations, he started pumping up at an early age and his bedroom displays some of his exercise equipment. This dedication eventually led him to becoming Mr. Universe.

There are also mementos from his movie career like Conan's sword, a Harley Davidson motor cycle and a couple of statues from the Terminator movies. Another section documents his time as governor of California.

~ DVD review for Conan
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Arnold Schwarzenegger was born with his radix Sun 6° Leo 05'
Luna 3° Capricorn 31'

Ascendant 19° Moonchild/Cancer 03' * Midheaven 24° Pisces 17'

Note: Robert E. Howard was born with his Mars 19° Pisces 59', conjunct Arnold’s Midheaven [fame, reputation, public image]. When the first Conan movie, Conan the Barbarian, was shot Arnold’s progressed Moon was transiting his own Midheaven point, and Howard’s radix Mars in Pisces. The combined influence of Mars and the Moon at the highest point in Arnold’s star chart, created a ‘doubling effect.’

Mars-Moon combinations increase the intensity of both the aggressive urge and the intuitive/psyche power urge. The impact on the general public was a vision of an explosive Conan; so Arnold seemed to burst onto the big screen and appear at least twice as strong as in reality - not that he needed any help in that department, of course!

Arnold’s personal progressed star chart while making the film, and during the year of its release, was perfectly paced with several storylines in the first Conan film. Arnold had his own progressed Moon [personal renewal, new career path] at the top of his star chart when the film was shot and released to the public. His progressed Moon sojourning this point guaranteed all Lunar birth-death-rebirth cycle characteristics could shine and contribute an extra layer of veracity to the story. Rescue of King Osric's [Max von Sydow] wayward daughter is a sub-text reference to an eventual deconstruction of Moon-Mars power. The King was once a great warrior, much like Conan, and must now employ others to perform tasks he easily accomplished during his early career.

In fact ‘survival of the grave’ is a common theme that connects the three main characters of the film. Conan rescues the thief and archer Subotai [Gerry Lopez] from the witch. Conan restores harmony and vigor to Valeria’s [Sandahl Bergman] life. Subotai and Valeria save Conan from the tree of woe and defend him against night demons. When Conan seems outmatched, Valeria keeps her promise and returns to fight by his side. The scene where Valeria vows to come back from the dead to fight with Conan and then does so is drawn from Robert E. Howard’s, Queen of the Black Coast, the story of Conan and the Pirate Queen Bêlit.

Bêlit appears in Marvel Comics' Conan the Barbarian comic book, Issue 58, adapted from first part of Robert E. Howard's story. Marvel then took their time and developed her character immensely, filling in the three years that Howard merely glosses over. She exits in issue 100, wherein they adapted the rest of Robert E. Howard's Queen of the Black Coast. The original Conan movie adapts the theme of Bêlit in combination with Valeria, heroine of Howard's final book, Red Nails.

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Looking for Stygian black lotus? * These are even better! Enjoy!

RX ~ for your own army of warriors, gladiators, archers and thieves ... food for thought fit for a king.

Austrian Schnitzel

Classically, veal is used, but the country folk who came here
from Austria often used pork. (4 servings)

4 loin pork chops, cut 1-inch thick
1 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 eggs, slightly beaten
1 1/2 cups bread crumbs (San Francisco sourdough, light herb sprinkle)
3 tablespoons margarine or pure cooking oil
2 small lemons, quartered

Pound pork chops, leaving bone on, between sheets of wax paper, with a meat mallet or rolling pin, until about 1/4-inch thick. Sprinkle with salt and pepper; dredge with flour.
Dip pork chops in the beaten eggs, then in breadcrumbs, pressing firmly until coated. Refrigerate about 1 hour to set coating.

Brown the pork chops in margarine in a large skillet over medium heat, turning several times, for thorough cooking and browning. When the chops are crisp and evenly browned, lower the heat; cook chops another 10 minutes, turning them several times.
Squeeze the juice from 4 of the lemon quarters over the pork chops. Serve the chops on warm plates with the remaining lemon quarters.

Ready for a walk in the park? Picnic in style with this family favorite!

German Potato Salad

1/2 lb. bacon ~ 1 egg
6 C frozen hash brown ~ 1 T sugar
potatoes ~ 1 t celery seed
1 C chopped onion ~ 1 t salt
3/4 C chicken broth ~ 2 T chopped pimento
1/2 C vinegar

Cook bacon until crisp and drain on paper towel. Add potatoes and onion to bacon drippings. Cook 6-8 minutes until tender.
Mix remaining ingredients except pimento in a bowl and pour over potato mixture. Cook, stirring constantly until dressing thickens, 3-4 minutes.
Place in a serving dish and sprinkle with bacon and pimento.
Serves 6.


2 egg whites * 1/2 tsp lemon or vanilla
1 cup almond paste * 1 cup confectioners’ sugar more or less

Beat the egg whites and mix with the almond paste. Add the flavoring and enough sugar to make the mixture stiff enough to handle. After it has stood overnight, it may be molded into small shapes of fruits or vegetables such as pears, apples or carrots and colored with vegetable colors, or it may be cut into small pieces and dipped in chocolate or other coating, or used as the center for candied cherries, dates, prunes, etc.
The almond paste may be bought at a confectioner’s, or the almonds may be blanched and pounded. Two and two-thirds cups shelled almonds make one cup of paste.


Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Interview with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Jonathan Roberts ~ ‘Commando Performance’
Prior to the release of ‘Commando’ (co-star Rae Dawn Chong, directed by Mark Lester)

Does America want to see Arnold play in films with comedic threads or as a character with comedy? Basically the discussion with Jonathan Roberts for INTERVIEW magazine, referred to the issue of Arnold’s public image and how he absorbed an American sense of personal-on-screen-charisma.

Arnold: … now I have new points of view on various things. I think that I have become much more liberated in the way I feel about women being equal and having the rights to be equal. Before I came over here all I saw and grew up with was the mother being the ‘hausfrau’ and that was it. That had also a tremendous effect on the way I felt about women in sports. It started with the whole creation of female bodybuilding…. In Munich, I had around ten girls convinced that they should train with weights. There was one experimental program for airline stewardesses and girls who working in bars and nightclubs and students - a mixture of different girls. For them it was totally outrageous, the idea of working out with weights. Then I convinced them of all the reasons why they should try it. That women also have muscles and should keep them in shape, but that they don’t have to look like guys. That they should train their muscles and that they would need it when they’re out there in the work force doing the same jobs as men….

JR: A lot of people describe bodybuilding as art, but I never know if they are just puffing it up. Did you see it as art or as a sport?

Arnold: You have to understand that when you have something so new, like bodybuilding was for the American public, in order to explain and show them various different ways of looking at it you have to really come in with different hooks, so to speak. You have to make it spicy to get them into the gym. One of the ways to make them understand is to speak from the point of view of art; that some people create a sculpture from marble or wood, whatever it may be, clay… and the bodybuilder does it with his own body. That made people think, “That’s true.” It’s amazing. Then, different people started writing about because they got the hook. You throw these ideas out to the journalists; they get an idea and then they elaborate on it, and all of a sudden we had the first art exhibition of live bodies where Ed Korney, Frank Zane and I posed in the Whitney Museum in 1976 or ’77.
In the Whitney Museum they compared it to Greek art, Roman art and stuff like that. They were comparing bodybuilding today with sculpture of the past, which made it very interesting – a lot of headlines in the papers and magazines and so on. It was a good thing for bodybuilding. Personalities were very important, but there was also the whole fitness side. It was one thing to look at these guys on stage, but that’s not really what we tried to sell to the general public. You couldn’t sell that. It was like selling downhill ski racing - you can’t sell that. You have to sell the recreational skiing. It took a lot of thinking to sit down, compare it with other sports and then really explain it properly and get them into the gym….


Terminator 3 Interview

COMMANDO page complete with pix gallery, sounds and wallpaper!

Roger Ebert Review

'CONAN The Barbarian' Directed by John Milius
Writing credits Robert E. Howard (original book) and John Milius * This is one of the best DVD versions of an overall film structure background out on the market. Missing scenes, the alternate ending and great comments from director Milius and Schwarzenegger - I highly recommend the DVD version over the video version of the original film.

'CONAN The Destroyer'
Directed by Richard Fleischer. The sequel with it's own unique bite and sting - logical follow up on theme about an unconquered warrior with a vulnerability to magic. Alchemical formulae woven throughout, an excellent source for anyone working on heavy metal research. Excellent casting.


'Eraser' This 1996 suspense-thriller, directed by Chuck Russell delves into the modern day conception of 'justice' and our legal system in an all too stunning film about TRUMP VIII sub-text. Recommended for Tarot students weighing the allocations of power associated with TRUMP VIII and TRUMP XI. Special performance by Arnold as U.S. Marshal John 'The Eraser' Kruger.

'Total Recall,' directed by Paul Verhoeven. Recommended for several reasons, not the least of which resonnates with Roger Ebert's comment, "... the performance is one of the reasons the movie works so well. He isn't a superman this time, although he fights like one. He's a confused and frightened innocent, a man betrayed by the structure of reality itself." See story summation. For Tarot students reviewing TRUMP XVIII and TRUMP V variations on mystery themes.

End of Days official site for video/dvd Questions Y2K Compliant for Sacred Tarot Circle * Go to official site to find out which scenes have been edited out?
Scenes that were never filmed? Why?
If you have seen END OF DAYS which should prevail? Practical mindset would be either the military mindset or a spiritual mindset? Did you think the script reflected either one well? What about the end of KNOWING? Would you change these films, and how? Please email your comments and suggest movies you'd like to discuss now






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