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Phil Lesh Day
July 1, 2001

How does Phil's audience see him? His seventh department of life describes life long friends like Tibetan Culture House, legal partnerships, and audience perceptions of Phil & his Friends. The degrees - 15 Taurus to 14 Gemini - summon associations with the constellation Perseus, hero-rescuer called by Homer, "The most famous of all men." He fights the monsters of chaos with a sickle-shaped scimitar (like a crescent moon) and has wings on his feet.*
Honors given to Phil by his fans (seventh and tenth dept. of life) this bright, sunny day spring from heart felt friendship, mutual respect and shared community interests. Phil's audience is a clear personification of stimulated mental confidence at work with an accent on reciprocative exchange. The Moon (America's Sun Sign is Moonchild, Moon ruled) is exactly conjunct Pallas Athena, patroness of California. Through this thoughtful gesture on the part of the Berkeley City Council, the whole United States was represented and voted to give Phil a day of his own, 'Phil Lesh Day.'

Phil's Star Chart Progressed to December '65

Phil Lesh Chart Radix





Just as all relationships are represented within Wagner’s great Ring Cycle, all life patterns are represented within the great labyrinth, star charts and other forms of divine handwriting. Revelations that provide us with insight to understand something about the ‘handwriting on the wall’ only serve to reinforce the many common bonds shared by visitors dropping by ‘Terrapin Station.’

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Colour Palette Alignment for Phil and Friends: The Mountain Lake Wave






December '65 Band Changes Name
- Warlocks to The Grateful Dead

Moon in Taurus 22 the sextile: subconscious self under the spotlight; growth, simple cooperation as a solid basis for the band's new foundation and determination beginning this evening. New signals based on name change for band.
Growth, simple cooperation as a solid basis for the band’s new foundation, and determination began this evening. The new signals projected felt steady reinforcement (at first when Moon entered Taurus in ’64) throughout 1965, forward into 1966. By the time the group engaged their new identity on the evening under review, decisions to design logos art were well on their way to final drafting. Some were already implemented in the collective as of the time the band agreed on a new name. Avoidance of a blank white stage in favor of sound professional tools used for the legit stage, sealed the trade-off of images used by The Warlocks. Transfer of power from one identity to the new power name proved to be an excellent idea with perks such as band cohesiveness and their appreciative audience. While everyone may have the latent ability of the clairvoyant, it may surface at specific moments only, while everyone will have to consciously contemplate the concept of passing on to other dimensions daily. Life and Death are the same door, seen from a different angle. This is a power date for emotional communication as part of a musical/social stage routine.
Aspect: Opposite Neptune @ 23 Virgo Rx The need for balance is suggested by way of Neptune Rx because people often communicate truth and are not believed under this influence
The generation point has to be from within the zone. Also, a problem of higher octave perceptions interfered with ‘rational thought’ since the use of illusion or susceptibility to misleading packaging can interfere from points outside the painting and frame of the new picture. The name change may have appeared something of a compromise or perhaps, like a new pair of boots, it just required breaking in, but the audience most likely sensed a slight awkwardness intuitively. Regardless of health issues the resilient spirit shines through! There was a floating sensation throughout the crowd, almost like soft water rafting.
Aspect: Sextile Uranus @ 20 Taurus An excellent aspect when communing and large groups are introduced to new ideas
Good for paranormal, higher octave exchanges such as telepathic rapport with an audience so following the new direction, at least at it looked on the drawing board, would prove an easy challenge for those at the event. Uniqueness and somewhat eccentric styling can produce a persuasive or repulsive emotional atmosphere. The evening proved one of successful delivery at the musical, social and personally ambitious level. The commitment to the newest, avant guarde experimentation with sound would clearly be linked to The Grateful Dead for years ahead.
Aspect: Trine Pallas Athena @ Moonchild 25 degrees in Midheaven
The Midheaven is much of the first impression you make, and the event offered the band an opportunity to appear as a group of non-conforming musical rebels akin to the spirit of Beethoven, Chopin and List, who carried the torch during earlier cultural revolutions. This aspect figures significantly into Phil Lesh Day transits, when The City Council of Berkeley voted unanimously to name July 1, 2001 Phil Lesh Day. See comparison note in the write up.
Aspect: Sextile Vesta @ 26 Taurus The eternal flame associated with Vesta always suggests, at least on a subtle level of perception, a new era will be forthcoming
The symbol has always represented a new dynasty or era, and word of The New Aeon filled the atmosphere everywhere during the sixties, especially in San Francisco. Conceptualizations of the Olympic Torch and the torch held by The Statue of Liberty have been expanded by the band as part of the group identity over time. The band sponsored Olympic participants and have become synonymous with the ‘Free Concert’ having delivered more benefits, fund-raising concerts and free festivals than any other group in history.
Aspect: Square Vulkanus 17 Gemini conjunct Rigel @ 16 Gemini
The tremendous mechanical strength of dynamic equilibrium comes to the fore with the combination of both Mercury and Vulkanus acting as akasha conductors. Intensity of purpose is first and acts as a power plant that constantly renews energy reserves as they are being tapped.
Aspect: Square the Midheaven (Twins)
Something along the lines of Dylan’s ‘Series of Dreams’ with personal interactions approaching a waking dream. The dialog is within, talking with oneself as in deep reflection and introspection. These conversations are about the intellect and probably included various formations that involved measurement and timing in the course of the evening, especially while playing in the band onstage.
Aspect: Sextile The Peacock The alchemical implications have been divulge on pages about Capricorn and The Rainbow
Early Christians were known as peacocks through an alchemical symbol for Christ and the great work at the moment before alchemical gold is realized. This special event is synonymous with the rainbow and so relates the band identity again with the new promise and covenant, perhaps one of the reasons why tie-dye is still so popular with The Grateful Dead Family, even today.

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* Perseus (14 Taurus - 15 Gemini, the exact degrees of the seventh department of life on Phil Lesh Day!) Raoul Wallenberg, hero of WWII who saved many European men, women and children from certain death, had Saturn aligned; John F. Kennedy, who rescued his fellow seamen of PT 109 during WWII, had Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and Venus in these longitudes.

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