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AOL LIVE: Welcome Jimmy Page & Chris Robinson.
Chris: Rich is here as well!

Question: Chris and Jimmy, are you planning on making a tour of the Southern USA? (praying and pleading....PLEASE!!!) -Ariel
Jimmy: We are discussing, it would be nice if it happens.

Question: Good Evening to you both...Mr. Page, Mr. Robinson. I just want to know what the basis for this collaboration was. Whose idea initially was it, and do you foresee any other tour dates...because Oklahoma loves you... both!! God Bless! Thanks.......vonda
Jimmy: The culprit is me! It was me who called! I asked The Crowes if they would like to do a charity event with me and it spiraled from there. That was how it came to be. The catalyst was a charity event in London.

Question: Your recent projects in the Internet has surprised some of your fans. It seems that you are devoting a lot of energy exploring this potential market. What future cyberprojects do you anticipate?
Chris: We can't anticipate any more projects because we are exhausted from the energy we put into this one.

Question: Chris, I was wondering if there were any plans for the Crowes to record and release some of the great songs that were played over the past few tours, like Title Song or Another Roadside Tragedy?
Rich: Yes, those songs will be on some future works of ours, Maybe? There is a possibility! It's a good idea and I will look into it.
Chris: If it doesn't happen we will sue ourselves!

Question: Question for Jimmy: How did you feel being mentioned in Paul McCartney's song, "Rockshow"?
Jimmy: It was a while ago, that's right - it was fine, it was actually cool.

Question: Jimmy--what do you find most rewarding about performing live?
Jimmy: Well, it's actually going out there and relying on spontaneity is where it is, really. It's sort of living dangerously cause you never know what is going to happen.

Question: I used to play bass for a rock group called the treadgills in the 70's, and i lost a little hearing,have any of you guy's have an hearing lost result of the loud amp's?
Jimmy: WHAT WAS THAT? Actually, my hearing is very good, believe it or not.
Chris: So's mine.

Question: What new qualities do you feel your collaboration brought to the Led Zeppelin classics?
Jimmy: What it brought was the Black Crowes, the piecing of it worked very well and it brought a definite vibrancy to it.

Question: Question for Jimmy: What is YOUR favorite Led Zeppelin album? Why?
Jimmy: I haven't got a favorite, they all mean something different, every track is different and they are all like statements of where we were at that time and it brings memories to me. So I can't choose. I'm not being flippant, they just have a lot of memories to me. It's really because of the times they were recorded and where and all the rest of it.

Question: Is the album more of a Zeppelin sound, or Black Crows? Or a collaboration of them both?
Rich: Obviously it's not Zeppelin. it wasn't them playing, it was the Black Crowes and Jimmy. We had a lot of respect for Jimmy and his songs, but brought a lot of our stuff into it just because we are us.

Question: Chris--are there any other people you would like to collaborate with?
Chris: Thelonius Monk is dead so it would be Christine Aguilera.

Question: Hello Jimmy... I think everyone's always wanted to know this one: Are you ever going to shed some light on your "zoso" symbol for the public? Thanks!
Jimmy: NO, I can't even pronounce it.

Question: What are some of the records you guys are listening to these days?
Chris: D'Angelo
Jimmy: George Formby
Rich: Blue Jeans of Freedom, a tribute to Levi Strauss! LOL. No, really it's Dreams of Freedom, a Bob Marley tribute.

Question: Chris-were there any songs that you wanted to do from the zep catalog that Jimmy didn't?
Chris: I'm sitting next to Jimmy and I really don't want to get into this right now. But thanks for your concern. This question is for Rich & Chris....

Question: At this point where do you see yourself and the band in five years?
Chris: I have no idea, I'm not making on planning on making any career changes.

Question: For Jimmy--if you could play a duet with any blues artist of any era who would you choose and why?
Jimmy: That would be Robert Thompson, such an enigmatic character, it would be nice, except through his music. I would grovel at his feet.

Question: If your new Live At The Greek live album sells well, is there a chance that you (Mr. Page) will record a studio album with the Black Crowes?
Jimmy: It's got nothing to do with whether the record sells well, we are enjoying playing together. Everything has been so positive, so that's got nothing to do with it.

Question: Hey, what are your favorite songs to play live?
Rich: Rock songs! I don't know there are so many songs and so many records. From this album, Ten Years Gone and Noboby's Fault But Mine.

Question: Will the live cd be avaliable anywhere aside from the Internet?
Chris: Call Musicmaker because they are trying to get it on the phone line.
Jimmy: If you call Musicmaker.com on the phone and they will sort it out for you...if enough people
call they will take orders, I'll bet.
Chris: Get off your computer and go play some music.

Question: Chris what was the inspiration to the the song "she talks to angels"
Chris: Let's go on to another question.

Question: Chris, you've got an awesome voice & I love the Crowes. Keep wailing! Love, Theolyn

Question: Hi guys! What's the most striking difference between your US and European audience? (i am French!) thanks
Chris: Thanks!
Rich: There is a lot less Europeans in our American shows.
Jimmy: You have to be careful about the language.

Question: Hi guys. I love your live at the Greek stuff. Thanks. I saw mention today on Billboard mag that you might be headed out with the Who in a rotating summer festival. Any truth to it. Tim
Jimmy: No comment on that one..Billboard jumped the gun.

Question: I was curious to know where your favorite place to put on a show
Jimmy: In front of any good audience.
Rich: All shows are fun, especially when the crowd is enthusiastic; it's fun to play then.

Question: What do you guys think of todays music from Britney Spears to Korn?????? Do you think rock is going in the right direction?
Rich: I don't think about that music because I think about things that inspire me and that isn't pop music.
Jimmy: Music apprears to be very disposable in this day and age. So there is no consideration for longevity. It's purely a transient thing.

Question: Chris and Rich...........any plans for a new fan club?
Rich: Not right now. It's a good idea, let me get back to you.

Question: Chris and Rich......do you'all ever visit your many, many web fan sites?
Rich: I've seen our website, the one that we do
Chris: I don't have a computer

Question: Jimmy, Chris, Rich: What have you enjoyed the most about working together.
Jimmy: Having a good time, a laugh, and making good music together. The fact that I should have been dead in 1992.

Question: I hear the Black Crowes are in the studio working on a new album. Is this a rumor or true, and what will the feel of the new album be?
Rich: No comment. No it's not true, we are writing the next record.

Question: Jimmy what is your favorite crowes tune?
Jimmy: Horsehead, when I heard that it blew me away.

Question: Jimmy....do you plan on playing for as long as your able, or do you plan on retiring one day?
Jimmy: As many musicians have said. I'd like to think that I could go on and on and baring a physical or mental illness, I intend to do so.

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